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Chapter 3 the reunions.

Haru was running down the streets trying to get to the Yoon residence so he can reunite with his twin brother Hook. Haru was so worried for Hook because if the Jinn said was true about his and Hana's enemies remembering the other timeline too then there's no doubt Jeff Yoon would remember considering both him and Hana hates Jeff so much for how he treats everyone all due to being spoiled and insane.

Haru was having flashbacks of the times him and Hook spent together back when they were alive, from their introduction at the nurses office, to the schools race, to working at the restaurant, to having fun at the beach and dying happy knowing he'll reunite with their mother.

Haru wasn't just remembering the times they spent together alive but while in the afterlife too.

The other timeline

Haru remembers after he passed away in Hana's arms he woke up but not a snowed covered field but an endless one with flowers blooming everywhere, Haru saw many humans and werewolves laughing and singing in the vast open field together.

After a long moment of seeing a perfect peaceful human werewolf utopia Haru heard a familiar voice behind him "Haru, is that you?" Haru turned around and saw his recently deceased brother Hook with a beautiful white haired female werewolf standing right next to him.

Haru was glad to see his brother again "Hook?... I don't believe it." He said with joy after not just seeing his brother again but he then recognises the female Werewolf right next to him, tears of joy soon formed in Haru's eyes after realising his seeing his deceased mother again after almost fifteen years.

The twins mother turned her head to hook then asked "Is... is that..." Before she can finish her sentence hook answered her by saying in a teary voice "Yes mother, that's your other son." The twin's mother walked towards Haru and after a moment of looking each other in the eyes they then embraced in one another's arms finally being reunited after a lifetime of being separated.

Hook then walked towards the two and joined in on the hug, after a few moments of a heartfelt reunion hug the mother took a good look of her two sons and said WI never thought I would meet my little Cole and Snowy again." This surprised the Twins for a moment after they were on being called Cole and Snowy. "I didn't know we were given names from birth?" Said Haru as he turned to his brother "Neither did I." Said Hook

Their mother was surprised as she wasn't prepared on learning that her sons would get different names "You were given different names?" She asked, Haru moved back a little and said "Well we were both grew up in different families and were both given different names; our names are Haru and Hook now." Haru's mother was now having tears of joy again then said "I'm actually more surprised the fact that you survived the fall, but you still young though I just wish you and Snow... I mean Hook can change your fates and live a longer life that you both deserve."

Both Haru and Hook turned to each other feeling sad that they couldn't fulfil their mothers wish "Me too, I mean if I knew Hook was my twin brother from the start we would've had a better time together instead of fighting all the time." Said Haru as he was starting to form tears of saddens this time, Hook then lightly brought his brother and mothers heads together and said "Me too, I just wish we had a second chance of life."

Present Timeline

Haru was still racing down the streets and thought to himself 'You got your wish hook, we're going to live our lives together, but first I'm taking you home.' Haru was nearing the Yoon residence; he hid in the tree line so he wouldn't be seen. As Haru was about to jump the bricked wall he heard the front gate open, Haru peaked around a corner to see Jeff Yoon leaving the front gate with a smile on his face leaving for school, soon Jeff's father voice was heard at the front gate and said to him "Are you sure You don't want our driver to drop you off?" Jeff turned to the front gate and said "I'm sure dad, I see ya when you come back from the business trip."

Haru growled at Jeff as he couldn't forgive him for everything he did, beaten up that crimson haired girl, ruined Hook's childhood by constantly abusing him physically, sending Hook to those underground fight pits, tried to rape Hana and drugged Hook making him kill Choco. Haru truly does consider him one of his worst enemies and there's no doubt he will remember the previous timeline.

As Jeff left Haru's sight he preceded to climb the wall only this time in his human form Haru was impressed on how much he can do while not using his man wolf state yet. After Haru was done being amazed by his accomplished feet he regains his focus and began to rescue Hook from the abuse. As Haru landed on the other side of the wall and like the previous time line he hid in the many rose bushes trying to avoid being seen by the butlers and maids.

Haru snuck around the house while hiding behind the many bushed and finally found the window to the mansions cellar, after checking the coast was clear Haru snuck to the cellar wind and took a look inside. Because of the lack of light Haru manly saw darkness due to the fact that the cellars only light source was the one window that was ten above the floor in the room.

Haru was almost done looking around until he saw a figure on the wall where the window is and noticed the figure was chained by the hands to the wall while seeming wounded. Haru then instantly recognises the figure as his twin brother hook covered with wounds dripping with blood, Haru quickly opened the window and jumped down landing on his feet this time, after Haru stood up he stood in front of the white haired Werewolf and shook him a little hoping he wasn't too late.

"Hook... wake up please..." said Haru as tears were now starting to form in his eyes fearing the worse for his brother, after a moment of silence Hook began to cough a little giving Haru a sigh of relief knowing Hook will live to see the better future. After opening his left eye Hook noticed Haru was standing in front of him wiping away his tears "Haru, what's going on, why am I feeling pain again?" Asked hook as he wasn't use to feeling pain after living in the pain free afterlife.

After Haru was done wiping away his tears he turned to hook and said "It's complicated, I tell you after I get the cuffs off you, where's the key?" "On the table with the trophies." Hook answered. Haru went to the table and found the key, after getting it he walked to hook and said "Okay I'll try to summaries as much as I can so listen carefully."

After Haru got hook down and told him about Hana's wish, the people who might remember and his heterochromia eyes Hook had his back against the wall in disbelief as he was shocked learning all he needed to know. Haru walked up to hook and said "I don't blame you if you're still confused Hook, I know it's a lot to take in but" Before Haru can finish his sentence Hook interrupted him by saying "It's not just that Haru, I'm actually happy because this means Choco's back, we could never find him since the afterlife is bigger than our own universe, I mean hell it was a miracle that we reunited with that Miho woman."

What Hook said was true, because the afterlife is an infinite void of beautiful nature both Haru and Hook were very lucky to reunite with their deceased mother and Haru was even luckier after reuniting with Miho too.

Haru then realised Hook had more in his mind So he asked him what else was bothering him, Hook looked at Haru and said "It's just that, when both yours and miss Hana's closes friends and family would remember the previous timeline as well as your worst enemies, shouldn't master... I mean Jeff Yoon should remember considering what he did to you, me and Miss Hana?"

Haru was confused on what his twin was saying so he asked "You're making it sound like sound like he doesn't remember, hook?" The white haired Werewolf took a deep breath and said "On the last moments before that psycho died he completely lost all control and went insane, turning My shock collar no it's highest level, planning to kill me and said that I'm nothing to him and he'll get a new Werewolf much better than me before I grabbed a trophy and threw it at him crushing his brain killing him as a result. With someone as dangerously insane as that remembering everything from the previous timeline, shouldn't he have killed me before leaving for school. The monster went down stairs and do you know what he said to me?"

Half an hour before Haru showed up

Hook was chained to the wall confused on why he's back in this hell hole, Hook then heard the cellar door open and saw Jeff holding a wet towel.

Hook was confused on why he's seeing his former master again after he was sent to hell to what felt like a few months to him. Jeff walked up to Hook, used the wet towel to clean hooks wounds and said "I know I went crazy yesterday, I was just so mad because you almost lost that fight, but don't worry this doesn't change our friendship at all old buddy."

Present time

Haru was confused on what hook was trying to tell him, so he asked "What does that mean?" Hook looked Haru right in the eye and said "Those are the exact same words he said he said to me on this day back at the previous timeline, either Jeff has an amazing memory or" Hook paused hoping Haru would get it. After Haru heard that he finished what Hook was trying say by saying "He doesn't remember the previous timeline... Are you sure Hook?" He asked not knowing if the theory is true or not.

Hook answered by saying "With the look he had in his eyes before I threw the trophy at his skull, that is a guarantee that Jeff would the type of person who would come and finish the job when he gets the chance and since he didn't."Once again Hook wanted Haru to finish the sentence so he can catch on. Haru did catch on to what Hook was saying "Then he really doesn't remember the other timeline, meaning this'll be easier on us trying to fix everything." Said Haru

Hook nodded in agreement, after the brothers were done talking about what they needed to know about Jeff Yoon Haru stood under the window and said "First I'll throw you up to the window and then I'll jump up after your out, okay?" Hook was about go with Haru's plan then he stopped and said "Wait, where are we going to go after we snuck out?"

"To my house obviously. It's the safest place we can go to right now." Said Haru, Hook stepped back and said "But if we did get out of here Jeff and his father would not rest until they found me?" Haru realised that Hook was right and nows not the best time for Hook to leave the Yoon's home, so he said "Then what's the plan, you can't just stay here always getting whipped and getting sent to that fight pit. I... I can't just sit back and... And let that happen to you again." Haru was starting to get upset because he doesn't want Hook to suffer again.

Hook grabbed a hold of Haru's shirt collar and said "If I endured years of this then I can handle a few more weeks of this, I will get out of here Haru and when I do we can finally make our mother happy by living the life she wanted to have." Haru looked at hook and asked "Are you sure you can handle this?" Hook nodded and said "You have to leave now; the servants might come here and check up on me."

Haru nodded as Hook moved back to give his twin enough room to jump, after Haru made the jump he turned his head to hook and said "When this is over me, you and Hana won't just visit the beach, we'll live there." Hook smiled and said "we better work hard to stay alive then." After Haru left Hook put the key back on the table, went back to the chains and cuffed himself back to the wall. After Hook was done a thought came to his mind 'Did Haru just jump ten feet off the ground in only human?'

It didn't took Haru long to successfully get out of the Yoon residence without being seen, while he went back to the streets hiding in plain with the public he thought to himself 'I wonder if Hana is telling her friends about what's going on.

At Naru Highschool

Hana was at the front entrance of the school while thinking about what Haru said about Hook 'I really hope Hook is okay' thought Hana because even though he's not living in the same roof as her, Haru, Miho and her dad she already considered him family.

As Hana made it inside the building she heard a familiar voice that sounded like a tough boy, but it wasn't a boy "HANA, WHAT'S HAPPENING!?" Hana turned around and saw her friend Nami Mo running to her with fear written all over her face.

Following Nami was Hana's other friends Heather Goo and Sarah Han. As the three friends reunite with Hana, Heather said "Hana somehow we're seven months in the past, my brother scar from the bullet wound is gone and the only person who remembers back home is Pring."

"Same here, my folks don't remember anything the past seven months but Thor does and when I check next door my neighbours don't remember besides Lammy." Said Nami as she was recalling what happened to her yesterday.

Hana didn't realise her friends would be just as scared as her dad when he saw Miho and Haru after she made her wish. Before Hana can find the right words she head Sarah sobbing.

Hana saw that Sarah was indeed crying, the two shared eye contact and Sarah said "He's back... Choco's back... I'm more happy than scared Hana, but what's going on?" Hana back away and said "It's going to sound crazy but what I'm going to say is the answer to everything."

And so Hana told her friends about being too grieve-stricken to keep playing her violin, to finding the Jinn's lamp in her sheds Cellar, to the wish she made and the side effects that came with it, to Haru been given a prime body and heterochromia eyes, leading them to right now.

As the Four friends stood in the Hall way Nami took a deep breath and said "I understand that you would do a lot to change our friend's fates, but did you really not consider what we would feel about this, I know you and Haru are madly in love but still."

Hana then realised her mistake, she didn't realise that her friends would be too scared and confused on what's happening, Hana just thought they would easily accept what was happening when they woke up this morning. The grief must've overpowered the logic.

Hana was starting to tear up as she knew that she made a huge mistake resetting time. Before she can apologize Sarah hugged Hana and said "Thank you. Choco is back and we can change his fate."

Heather and Nami were surprised that Sarah was quickly forgiving Hana. "But... But Hana just messed with the space time continuum; she even told us that both her and Haru's worst enemies will remember too meaning that psycho Jeff and the Warden might remember." Said Nami as she doesn't know how to deal with this situation.

Sarah turned to her two friends and said "I would do the same thing to save Choco and you would too if Thor or Pring where dead!" Heather and Nami both took a step back as they realised that Sarah was right

Nami tilted her head down in shame as she realised she was sorry for shouting at Hana. Nami looked up and said "Sorry Hana. It's just a lot to take in from the whole magical Jinn and resetting time. So what's the plan?"

Hana realised that she did wanted to change everyone's fates but hadn't thought on how to do it. "I... I don't know." Said Hana and before she can finish her sentence the girls heard the bell ringing signifying that class has started and they were late for class.

"We need to discuss this after class okay, see you girls at lunch." Said Sarah as she as ran to her class room. Hana, Heather and Nami ran in the opposite direction so they can get to class too.

Hana arrived to her homeroom only two minutes late but it didn't bother the teacher. Once the teacher got the black board ready saying Werewolves and education all the students were asking questions that Hana wasn't paying attention too because she was too busy thinking on 'how' to change everyone's fates.

While Hana was thinking one of the students in her class asked "And you know the virus epidemic that spread all over the world thirty years ago?" This brought Hana off her train of thought and back into reality as she was starting to remember this moment that's happening.

"Sadly when it was discovered that the virus was originated from Werewolves, they had to be culled." Said the teacher not knowing the truth. Hana rose from her seat and realised that if she wants to change everyone's fates she must take a stand try to do something instead of complaining while not doing anything about it.

"That's not true; my dad found out that the humans could never find the cause of the virus, so they blamed the Werewolves because humans always blamed Werewolves for anything when they get the chance too!" Said Hana as the class then asked the teacher if what Hana said was true or not.

"What are you doing Hana?" Asked the teacher as she was not pleased seeing one of her students acting like she a rebel. Hana took a deep breath and said "I'm tired of always being the type of person who complains about a problem but never does anything about it. If we want Werewolves to live better life's, we need to take responsibility on our own actions and not hate them forever if they do the slightest thing wrong."

After Hana finished her sentence a male student from the other side of the classroom stood up and said "I had a Werewolf once... We were playing catch in the park, but when he threw the ball back it hit my face by accident. I never saw him again even though I forgave him and told my parents it was an accident... MY DAD SAID HE WAS FAMILY TOO, BUT THE MOMENT AN ACCIDENT OCCURED MY WEREWOLF TRISTEN WAS SENT TO THE SHELTER! I never saw him again."

The entire classroom was having a conversation starting to realise that maybe humans are the problems and not the Werewolves.

Hana was feeling proud upon herself knowing that she's making a difference so early. As Hana sat back down she heard one of the female students outside saying "GO JEFF." Hana turned to look outside and noticed that Jeff Yoon was playing soccer with his class.

Hana felt a lot of hatred for the guy because she knows the type of person Jeff is 'I guess our first objective is to let everyone in our school know that Jeff is a psychopath.' Thought Hana as she was trying to prepare herself to reject the guy when she has the chance.

Hours later

When it was lunch break Hana and her friends were eating at a bench. "So what do you think?" Said as after telling her friends about her plan letting everyone in school know the truth about Jeff and the fight pit as early as possible.

"That is a good plan Hana, but we all know how that almost all the girls think Jeff is a saint. Meaning it's almost impossible for them to believe us even if the evidence against that bastard is right in front of them." Said Sarah as she made a good point.

Nami turned her head to Hana and said "I can't believe you use to like that douche." Hana then held her head and said "I feel sick just thinking about it and since me and Haru hate him so much there's no doubt he's going to remember. The only reason I'm going to talk to Jeff is so we can talk to Hook."

"Plus that Warden person is going to work nonstop trying to get Haru's head on his wall." Said Heather as she was worried her brother might get shot again. At that moment an idea lit in Heathers mind, she got up and said "That's it. We can have Hook sneak a camera in the fight pit and take pictures of the place so the authorities can have proof."

"That could work." Said Sarah as she was surprised that even she couldn't think of an Idea that clever even though it's so simple."That means the Jeff and his dad would be found out and Hook would move into my house after convincing the cops he's Haru's twin." Said Hana as she likes the idea too.

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's wait for Hook to come to school, give him a camera and we'll say bye bye to Jeff and senator Yoon and the fight pit." Said Nami as she stood up liking her friends Idea.

"We should give this a name." Said Hana as she loves this plan. After a moment of thinking Sarah thought of something and said "How about, Operation spy in the wild?" The group of friends agreed and went to Discus on what to do to reinforce their plan.

At the Hana veterinary clinic animal hospital

After six and a half Hours of searching Mr. Lee and Miho finally found a few boxes containing hazel coloured contact lenses so Haru can hide his left blue eye. "I remembered that there will be no patient's today sir. Shall we go and see if Mungchi remembers you and Miss Hana?" Said Miho as she is hoping Mr. Lee and Hana's new friend still remembers the other timeline too.

After Mr. Lee put the many boxes of Coloured contacts in a plastic bag he turned to Miho and said "Let's Hope he does remembers, Miho. Even though Mungchi was only living with me and Hana for a few weeks, we already considered him family." And so Mr. Lee and Miho left the clinic and went to the apartment buildings Mungchi lives so they can see if he's still living there or was sent to the shelter after the little accident with his adopted brother Hansol.

It took an hour But Mr. Lee and Miho Found the Apartment Building Mungchi lived and found his Families sir name in the building door bell list. Mr. Lee rang the bell and in the intercom came a man's voice saying "Hello, Who's this?"

During the walk to work and the walk to the apartment Mr. Lee was trying to think on excuse to so he can talk to Mungchi and luckily he thought of one. "Hi, my name is Dr. Lee. You see Your Werewolf Mungchi and my Werewolf Hare are actually good friends and I would like to see how Mungchi is doing."

After a moment has passed the man at the other end of the speaker said "I... I don't believe it, our little Mungch has friends? That's wonderful. The Door will be unlocked, so please come inside."

After the intercoms were disconnected Mr. Lee and Miho went to the Elevator so they can get to Mungchi's family quicker. "Miho, I never got the chance to ask you this. What was it like, the afterlife?" Said Mr. Lee as he was too curious to know what it's like on the other side.

Miho closed her eyes remembering the time she spent being gone and said "It's an infinite void of a field with very few trees and it's not just a field, it can also be an infinite forest, an infinite American prairies and even an infinite mountain range. It's larger than our own universe since death existed since the dawn of time and you can easily get lost there. It was a miracle that I found Haru in the afterlife and not just Haru, I also met Hook and their Mother too."

Miho was smiling as she remembered the beauty of the afterlife, spending long days and nights with her loved ones. Mr. Lee was starting to feel sad knowing that Haru and Hooks mother was probably worried sick not knowing what happened to her boys.

After a few minutes Mr. Lee and Miho reached the floor where Mungchi's family lived. Mr. Lee knocked on the door where Mungchi was living then a middle aged man opened the door and said "Welcome, you must be Dr. Lee? I'm Gerald."

Gerald led Mr. Lee and Miho inside; introducing them to his family "This is my wife Diana and our new born son Hansol. Our werewolf Mungchi is currently in his room. I think something scared him and we don't know why?"

"Maybe you should let me talk to him, while my other werewolf Miho, who is also my assistant, will tell you all about Haru." Said Mr. Lee as Gerald led him to Mungchi's bedroom then left the doctor to help his adopted werewolf son.

Mr. Lee knocked on the bedroom door and said "Mungchi, it's me. I know you have a lot of questions but I can answer your questions if you let me in." After a minute or two had passed, Mungchi finally opened his bedroom door getting a good look on Mr. Lee.

Tears were starting to form in Mungchi's eyes as he was happy to see a familiar face, one he could trust. "What's going on Mr. Lee? It feels like a nightmare and a dream made reality." Mungchi said with fear in his voice.

"It's complicated. Can I come in?" Asked Mr. Lee, receiving a nod from Mungchi. After the bowl hair cut Werewolf opened the door further letting the Dr in the two sat down on Mungchi's bed ad began to talk.

Twenty minutes had passed and Mr. Lee explained to Mungchi why time was reverted seven months ago and why Mungchi remembers the previous timeline and not his old family.

The two were sitting in silence after Mr. Lee was done explaining things to Mungchi, He turned his head to the Werewolf and said "I know it's scary and confusing but on the bright side, you won't go to the shelter since we both know you always learn from your mistakes."

Mungchi smiled after hearing that and said "You're right Mr. Lee. Even though my trust for my parents isn't as strong as before, I know that as long as nothing bad happens to Hansol, then I won't go to the shelter and no Humans won't get hurt because of me."

Mr. Lee grabbed Mungchi's shoulder and said "That's the spirit. I have to head back to the clinic to finish signing some papers, but I'll see you again soon to make sure you're safe from the shelter." As Mr. Lee got up, Mungchi stood up too and said "Oh and Mr. Lee. Tell Hana and Haru I'll see them soon and that we'll see the world of human Werewolf equality together."

Mr. Lee smiled and said "I will." After that the two left the bedroom and saw Mungchi's adopted parents being amazed at Miho's stories about Haru. Gerald turned to his Werewolf son and said "Why didn't you tell us you had such an amazing friend Mungchi?"

Mungchi took a step back and said "I... I didn't know what to say because you never met him before." "I'm surprised you did because you never left our side every time we go out together." Said Diana as she was holding a tired Hansol."

"Um... Okay. Bye Mr. Lee and you too Miss Miho." Said Mungchi as he gave his goodbyes to the doctor and his assistant. Mr. Lee and Miho said their goodbyes and head to the elevators with smiles on their faces. "That went really well sir." Said Miho as she was proud on what they did.

"By the way, Miho, What did you say about Haru to Gerald and Diana?" Said Mr. Lee as he was curious on why the middle aged couple seemed to happy "I told them everything, sir." Miho answered. Mr. Lee was confused and asked "What do you mean by everything?"

Miho Turned her head and said "I told them About Haru being a great baker, knowing how to read and Wright and that recently his physic is by far second to none, now."

Mr. Lee realised Miho was right and he feels proud for having a son who did so much and with the timeline being reset Haru can do more now with both his new strength and memories of the other timeline.

Mr. Lee realised that this isn't the right time to feel joy. He needed to fix his mistakes and make sure nothing bad will happen again. So he Turned his head to Miho and said "Miho, I'm no longer ashamed of myself for doing that to you because you're a werewolf. I'm only ashamed because... Well, I took advantage of you."

Miho was confused on what her master was trying to say and said "What do you mean? I actually enjoyed it." Mr. Lee covered his eyes with his right hand and said "Yes, but only half way through you enjoyed it. At first you resisted and didn't want it, but I kept going. I know I was drunk, but it was still... rape."

Miho tried to think of something to say, but she can't because she knew Mr. Lee was right about Miho enjoying half way through. "Miho, You deserve to be with someone that'll make you happy, Werewolf, Human, it doesn't matter as long as that person would not make the same mistake as I did." Said Mr. Lee as he was trying to make a straight face so when the elevator door opens and in case other people were on the other side weirded out on what was happening. Once the two left the building, they went back to the clinic so they can finish all the paperwork.

The following evening.

After a long day of school Hana was walking home while thinking about Operation spy in the wild. Once Hana opened the front gate she was too busy thinking that she didn't notice she walked into Haru.

Hana took a step back as she was confused for a moment on what she bumped into. "What's wrong Hana? You seemed scared." Said Haru because he wasn't sure why his love seemed so scared. Hana cleared her head a little and said "I... I'm just not used to seeing you back here since, well..."

Haru could tell Hana had a lot on her mind, so he hugged her and said "I'm not going to die Hana, not again." Hana hugged Haru back feeling happy for knowing that there is a chance to make things right.

"Was it boring while I was gone?" Asked Hana because she didn't want Haru to feel lonely for being at school from eight in the morning to half nine O'clock. (Yes that's how long highschool lasts in Korea.) "Well no, actually not really. I found out Hook still remembers and he promised he'll come live with us as soon as possible."

This shocked Hana as she didn't understand what Haru meant at first and then she caught on and firmly said "You went out and talk to hook at Jeff's house didn't you!?" Haru nodded with guilt because he knew Hana would be upset about this. "I'm glad to know hook remembers but you know nobody should see your heterochromia eyes." Said Hana as tears were starting to form in her eyes in worry that Haru would be sent away.

Haru wiped Hana's tears away and said "I know that Hana. That's why I wore my red hoodie, so no one could see my collar and ears. There's nothing suspicious about seeing a heterochromia human, right?" Hana knew Haru was right but the thought of losing her true love for a second time breaks her heart. Hana held Haru close and said "If you're going to sneak out and see how Hook is doing, let me know, Okay?"

"I promise." Said Haru, the two sealed their promise with a kiss and as they head into the house Hana said "Good because me and the girls had thought of a plan."

End of chapter 3

Boy that was a long chapter, I just had to think on how each reunion would play out for each characters, for example how would they react suddenly waking up one morning seven months in the past with only a few people remembering the previous timeline.

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