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Chapter 3

The evening sun shone in through the window, brightening the whole room. Outside the chirping of birds and the wind rustling through leaves could be heard. The river was a steady and calming background noise.

"So, I died." Harry stated, taking yet another teacup Death offered. "This tea consists of greek mountain tea, hemp leaves, lavender and thyme." Death said as if that mattered, before answering Harry's question. "Yes, that you did."

Harry took a sip of tea and hummed appreciatively. "So, one of the Death Eaters," He paused thoughtfully. "or one of their family members now that I think about it, took their revenge by killing me."

"And now," He looked down on the open book in front of him. "I am in a world so unlike my own." Noticing his cup was empty, he began to pour himself another cup.

Death made a strange sound. It sounded like someone was digging their own grave. "So very different and yet so similar." With a start Harry realised that Death was laughing.

A few days ago

Harry accepted that he was in fact physically ten years old. The height difference between where his hand would go and where the door knobs actually were, was very obvious. It made denial impossible. No matter how hard he tried and he had tried. He did not like being small when he was ten and he certainly did not like it now.

This being real was also hard to deny. The pain when he had woken up, had been his first cue. He had also pinched himself afterwards, just to make sure.

His death had been easy to accept. After all, he had had time to come to grasp with that in limbo. Being alive again and forced to live in an unknown place with all his loved ones gone, was a completely different matter however.

"I want proof that this is not my Britain." Harry demanded out of the blue.

He had spent hours staring out the window at the unfamiliar landscape and trying to sort his thoughts. He had done his best to ignore Death's presence. Not so hard considering the entity had disappeared shortly after his musings began and had only recently reappeared.

Harry was still hoping that the physical differences to the ten year old, he had been, were simply accidental magic. His magic had grown out his hair overnight before after all. He could still vividly remember the face his aunt had made when she realised shaving it off would not work. A smile played across his lips.

Being in his ten year old body in the past would not be so bad. He would have the chance to meet all his friends again. He might even be able to prevent the deaths of his loved ones. Maybe live with Sirius this time around.

Death pointed behind him. Finally tearing his eyes away from the window, he turned around.

"Oh," Behind him was a door. A door that had not been there moments ago. He blinked.

Sighing, he cautiously entered the room. It was brightly lit and rows upon rows of bookshelves were lined up beside each other. No end of the room or the rows of books anywhere in sight.

"Magic," Death affirmed and Harry pointedly ignored that he had answered to his thoughts. Not ready to contemplate what that might mean.

Looking straight ahead, Harry saw a table and a chair some steps ahead of him. Walking closer he saw it piled with books. Many of them appeared to be history books, but some-

"Are those picture books?" Harry couldn't help but ask.

"Yes, it will take you some time to adjust to reading."

Feeling indgination, Harry protested, "I can read!"

While it was true that he complained a lot about it in the past and that he only went to the library when he had to, he could read. He had researched many topics with Hermione. He even read a few books in the Black library simply to try and distract himself from the numbness after the war.

"Is that so?" Death said and for a horrifying moment he reminded him of Malfoy. "Then read something aloud."

Harry rapidly shook his head to get rid of that image and went over to the table. Picking up a random book, he read, "Splindy whiny, quir-" Harry narrowed his eyes at the book. "These words make no sense."

"Like said before it will take your body time to adjust. That includes your brain." Harry waited for the shock to hit, but he really was beyond caring at this point. The day had been a long one. Not even to mention his time in limbo. He shuddered when he remembered holding the not-baby.

"As this world's English is different from the English you know, your brain is still incapable of reading or understanding it." Death picked up the book himself. For a moment Harry saw skeletal hands under the ominous shadows that surrounded it.

"This will however change." Death flipped through the pages. "A few days at most. You might even understand parts of it tomorrow." It stopped flipping through the book. "For now, focus on the pictures." With that said, he returned the open book to Harry.

Filling out the whole page was a moving picture. A picture of a bustling street. The sides of the street were lined with magical shops and artifacts. "Diagon alley, but what-?" He interrupted himself, staring at the many different kinds of beings that could be seen window shopping.

"In this world magic is stronger. It comes in more forms and shapes and-" Death pointed at the pale pointy eared beings crowding around a basket full of magical herbs, "so do the ones, who wield it."

A burning pain in his hand, brought him back to the present. He nearly dropped his overflowing cup. Cursing under his breath, he quickly wiped the spoilt tea away. His right hand cradled to his chest. The ring on his finger grew hot in reaction to his pain.

"Your time is running out," Death said. Harry froze where he was attempting to cool his hand. "What?" He breathed. He had just accepted that he was alive again-

"Your time in this house, that is." Harry slumped. "While your body is yet to fully adjust, your soul has finally settled." The entity pointed at the ring on his finger. "The resurrection stone-"

Then he pointed to the neatly folded invisibility cloak on the bed. Harry frowned, he could not remember having seen the invisibility cloak since his time in limbo. Had it just appeared there or had he merely overlooked it before, he wondered. "-the invisibility cloak," He pointed at the Elder Wand that had definitely just appeared on the table "and the elder wand shall accompany you."

The three hallows vibrated in place, as though in excitement. Yet another mystery he was not going to think about any time soon, he decided.

"Your magic will be volatile in the foreseeable future." Harry started at that. "Your magical core is that of a child, yet your magic is of an adult." Death's finger touched his chest. It felt like spiders were crawling over his skin. He shuddered.

"You will be prone to accidental magic and you will need to relearn spell casting. You will also find-" The entity took a step back. "that the very rules of magic are different here."

Death went over to the book, holding up the page showing the picture of diagon alley. "This world is different in multiple ways. More than meets the eye and more than is immediately apparent." He paused. "You have seen many of the picture books in the last few days. Have come to many conclusions, but even so-" Harry felt like the entity was staring at his very soul. ", you have barely begun to scrap at the surface."

Shadows spread in the room and it began to fade from his vision. He could hear Death's voice echoing around him, "Beware judging too soon, descendant of the Peverell, or you shall regret."

Like a whisper in the wind, he heard, "Let magic guide you, descendent of my own, Hadrian Potter."