A/N: In this story many things are going to be turned updside down. Up to the starting point of the story it is mostly canon compilant.

POV means point of view. I intend to switch point of views to give a better insight. Looking forward to hear from you if you like it. :-)

Ciara is an OC, which means she is mine, while the KHR characters are merely borrowed.

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Chapter 1

Tsuna's Point of View (POV)

"Hello, I am Tsuna!" Tsuna said excitedly. The older boy in front of him merely blinked. "I lost my Papa. Can you help me find him?" After a pause Tsuna smiled and let the Warmth within him bubble. It always made people more comfortable when the warmth bubbled. "Please?"

There was a pause before the boy in front of him asked in slow Japanese. "Papa?"

Tsuna nodded enthusiastically, his stuffed bunny tightly hugged to his chest.

"Name?" The boy asked.

"Tsuna! My name is Tsuna!"

The blond haired boy in front of him made a frustrated sound. Then tried again. "Name? Papa?"

Tsuna's smile brightened. "Ah! Papa's name is Papa!" Seeing the bewildered look on the other boy's face, he added helpfully, "He does penguin traf-traf...he works with penguins! In a cold place!"

While the boy stared at him in utter disbelief, Tsuna asked, "And you, what is your name?"

"Federico Ferino Vongola." Interpreting the look on Tsuna's face wrong, he added, "Oh, Vongola, Federico Ferino in Japan."

"Feri?" The small boy asked confused, looking up with big eyes.

Federico sighed, but then held out his hand and smiled at Tsuna anyway. Tsuna brightened immediately and his Warmth as he called it bubbled excitedly along with him. When he reached for the offered hand, the Warmth coiled within him.

His hand touched Federico's and suddenly everything went fuzzy. He could faintly hear the other boy say something, but-

Federico's POV

Federico knew a lot about Flames for his tender age of nine years. He had started learning about Flames when he was four and had already awakened them last year, after all. So, when the little toddler, he found lost in the corridor, smiled at him and his Flames showed, he immediately recognised him as a Sky flame user.

Sadly this did not make the search for the boy's father any easier. Today was the "Alliance Day", which his grandmother, even in her old age, insisted happened every other year. This was basically a day of open doors for high ranking members of allied famiglias and their children. Only flame actives allowed.

For the new famiglias in the alliance it was a good way to be introduced and for bonds to form. For the famiglias that had been in the alliance for a long time it was a good way to present their flame active children to the heirs and other allied famiglias. For the Vongola the event had many uses, not the least of which, trying to find potential Guardians for the heirs.

Federico sighed mentally. He had been trying to avoid the masses for hours now. Having shoved potential Guardian after potential Guardian in his face got tiring fast. His brothers had blended into the crowd as soon as it was socially acceptable to disappear. He bristled mentally at having been left for the wolves.

"Please?" The little boy in front of him, Tsuna, pleaded. Focusing back on him Federico took a moment to lament having only just started his Japanese lessons. "Papa?" At the boy's nod he relaxed at having at least understood that much. "Name?"

As Tsuna repeated his own name, Federico started to regret insisting on learning French first. "Name? Papa?" He could only hope that the toddler would understand what he was asking of him.

Tsuna's smile brightened. "Ah! Papa's name is Papa!" Federico blanched. Obviously attempting to be helpful, Tsuna added proudly, "He does penguin traf-traf...he works with penguins! In a cold place!"

Now Federico really regretted choosing French. He could have sworn the toddler in front of him said something about one animal or another.

There was obviously a terrible miscommunication there. Now, if he could only figure out if he had simply misunderstood or asked the wrong question. How that was possible despite only saying two words, which he could have sworn were correct, was beyond him.

"And you, what is your name?"

"Federico Ferino Vongola." Seeing the confusion on the boy's face, he added, "Oh, Vongola, Federico Ferino in Japan." The last name being said first was still a new concept for him, but he was happy that he remembered it in time.

"Feri?" The small boy asked confused, looking up with big eyes.

The boy was probably too young to pronounce or remember his name, Federico realised. Sighing, he decided to simply focus on finding the boy's father.

Holding out his hand, he smiled. He startled slightly as he felt something strange happen to the Flames of the little boy, it felt like they were coiling up. Like a snake ready to strike. That was a highly strange behaviour of Flames, but what-

The boy's hand was in his. The Flames surged forwards. He brought his own out in self-defence. It was a purely instinctual reaction- The Flames were not behaving as they should- "What-?"


His and the boys' Flames snapped together so suddenly and so unexpectedly that Federico stumbled.

"But Sky's cannot-"

Before he could say or do anything else, he saw the eyes of the boy roll back and jumped forward to catch him before he could hit his he-


Apparently he was quite out of it himself as he sailed right past the falling body and hit his head on the wall behind him.

His last thought was that his brothers were going to tease him so much, then his world went dark.

Ciara, the maids POV

Ciara has had a wonderful day so far. Most of her friends were working today and they had had time to catch up a bit. Also, Morino, the cook, had gifted her with Mist Flame covered cookies. A speciality of his, which ensured that they had that extra edge in comparison to any normal baked goods.

The amount of Mist Flames and the way he added them ensured that whoever ate one, could taste one more flavour not actually present in the cookie. Exactly that flavour they would like for the cookie to have the most.

They have had many discussions about this and many of his other appliances of Mist Flames to his cooking. It was such a fascinating topic and the man even more so.

Ciara hummed happily as she went around the corner, thinking about whether or not Morino would have another treat for her tomorrow. She was just around the corner when she heard a thud and when she looked up, she was smacked in the face with two powerful Sky Flames.

She promptly fell on top of the human pile.