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Chapter 2

Reborn's POV, Vongola mansion, ball room

Sometimes Reborn wondered why he kept humoring Daniela di Vongoly by appearing at these events. He knew she hoped for him to bond with one of the heirs. Yet while he respected Enrico, the eldest, for his strength and determination to protect his family, he was too weak a Sky to hold Reborns Sun. Massimo, the second son, was a good tactician. Reborn could work well with him, despite his youth. As a Sky though, while strong, he was still weaker then his elder brother and not even close to being strong enough to bond with Reborn. The third son, Xanxus, was strong. Maybe even strong enough to bond with him. He was already showing talent as a leader as well. He even had a few Guardians already.

He would never consider a bond with Xanxus though. He was too volatile and cruel. Cruel to not only his enemies, but sometimes his own subordinates and even family members. The wrath in him burned so brightly that Reborns Flames avoided him, even before the teen found his Sun.

For the youngest, Federico, many held high hopes. He was a curious child and able to take in information at a fast pace. Loved to learn and talk to people. He awakened his Flames a bit later than his brothers, but understood them in a way that his brothers are still struggling too. He was not quite a genius, but very talented without doubt. His Flames also shone brighter than those of his brothers.

Reborn had hoped, and he could admit as much to himself, that he could bond with the child when he was older. It would have caused problems, of course with him being cursed, but he had still hoped. No matter how wrong it was or how much Luce betrayal hurt him, Reborn still craved harmonization. It just so happens that the Vongola Skys were the ones, he came the closest to harmonization with. Daniela in her youth, had come especially close. Yet it was not to be.

He had met Federico today. It was the first time he met him since the child awakened his Flames. He had sent a tendril of his Flames towards the boy, subtly so as not to be noticed. Reborn had especially taken care to keep the thread so thin that even the most Flame sensitive would have had trouble to notice it. It had merely been a careful probe, feeling out the boys Flames.

The results had been disappointing to say the least. While Federico's Flames had shone bright and felt welcoming and warm, they had not been strong enough for Reborn. It was true that they might grow stronger as the boy aged, but that would not happen for quite a while. It would also need some seriously traumatising events to cause such a change. As it stood, the chances for the child to ever be strong enough for Reborn were slim. He pulled his fedora over his eyes. He wondered whether he should be happy about that or not.

"Reborn, my friend, there you are!" An annoyingly familiar voice shouted from the crowd. "How is the hitman business going?"

Reborn carefully schooled his features into neutrality. "Iemitsu." He acknowledged, not deeming it necessary to answer the vastly inappropriate question.

Cheerfully smiling, Iemitsu continued as if Reborn had answered. "In the CEDEF everything is going fine. Basil, my adorable pupil, has recently-"

Reborn kept listening with half an ear. While he had rather not listen to the man at all, sometimes useful information could be found in the seemingly pointless babbling of Sawada Iemitsu. Sometimes he wondered whether the man was especially stupid or quite smart. Then he usually remembered that Iemitsu kept babbling about his beloved wife and child to whoever would listen. That made Reborn wonder even more. Either the man had no sense at all and was unnecessarily endangering his family, using his family as bait for the sake of his Family or felt their protection was sufficient. Most of the time Reborn didn't care though.

"-brought my cute Tuna-fish with me today!"

Slowly tipping his fedora upwards, he stared blankly at Iemitsu.

"You brought your four year old son to the Alliance Day?" He had to ask. Just to make sure. Even someone like Iemitsu should understand that-


"To the Alliance Day to which only Flame Actives are allowed?" His eyes fixated on Iemitsu with a hard stare.

"Yup!" Iemitsu popped the "p" and smiled broadly.

Narrowing his eyes, Reborn asked very slowly, "The four year old is Flame Active?"

Iemitsu nodded enthusiastically. "Yes! Isn't that great?!" The blond was so excited he nearly shouted, gesturing wildly. "Just awakened them in time for me to take him with me. I am so proud of my little Tuna-fish." There was a pause. "He is going to make so many friends here!"

"And…" Reborn purred, fixing Iemitsu with cold predatory eyes. "...where is Tsunayoshi now?"

For a moment Iemitsu faltered before brightening again. "Well, right beside me, of course. Right Tsu-" Iemitsu gaped at the empty space beside him. "Oh…" He said. "...where did he go?"

Carefully considering the option of using the man as target practice, Reborn rested his hand on his gun. With the other hand he pulled down the hem of his fedora, shadowing his expression. "I see." Reborn said before searching for familiar faces in the crowd. Timoteo was not hard to spot-

The Sky Flames reached the room. Bodies dropped like flies.

Daniela di Vongola POV, Vongola mansion, hallway

Daniela was strolling through the Vongola mansion. In the distance she could hear the soft classical music, chatter and clinking glasses from the ballroom.

She had let her youngest grandson sneak away when she noticed how overwhelmed he was. Poor dear was still new to his Flames. Awakened them only a year ago. She frowned. It was beyond her, why her son thought forcing him to attend so young was necessary. They were currently in a good position, strong front to the outside and four heirs to choose from.

Her frown deepened. While it was true that none of Timo's children were as strong as her or even him, they were all Skys. Enrico had proven his capability many times over. Massimo had shown a strategic mind. Even Xanxus, her little firecracker, was slowly crawling out of his shell and making friends. He proved to be quite the leader while he was at it.

So, there was really no reason to force little Federico out into the show light. She clenched her fist as she tried to come to any other conclusion than the obvious. Timo was using his youngest to brag to his friends. She sighed. Her son was playing dangerous games, even for a mafia boss. She could only hope neither the family nor the Family would suffer for it. She was getting too old for this.


She stumbled as a huge wave of Flames hit her. For a beautiful moment everything turned orange. Her whole body was soaking in warmth and childlike happiness. Then the reality came crashing down on her and she nearly fell to her knees.

"Wha-?" She rasped. "What was that?"

For a moment she stood there baffled, then she straightened. Sky Flame usage of that magnitude usually happened only in two scenarios. The first being harmonization and the second-

Well if that was a Sky attacking them, then he was either very powerful, good prepared or very stupid. Using such intense Flames in such a large region would weaken even the strongest Sky.

Taking her surroundings in she waited. If the Sky Flames were meant as a distraction, then their window of opportunity was closing fast.

After a few more moments of nothing happening beside the expected thuds from the ball room, she released her breath. Then she heard another thud somewhere in the distance. Probably two or three corners away from her current position.

Fon's POV, Vongola mansion, hallway

Fon had been invited by Daniela. He had appeared, because he respected and honored the previous leader of the Vongola very much. She had once helped him out when no one else would or could. Danielas parties also always meant a break from the horrors of the Triads.

Despite her old age, Daniela di Vongola was in equal parts feared and respected in the Triads. A long time ago the best members of the Triads had fought against her and hers and lost. Since then no one from the Triads had ever fought her again. That gave her more leeway than most. It ensured that any from the Triads she invited, unless they were on important long-term missions, would come. The Triads were also trying very hard to stay out of her way. In exchange, she let them be too.

A rare true smile graced Fon's lips as he enjoyed the view of the moon through a hallway window. It was a clear night and the moon enlightened the Sky beautifully. His smile widened.

Everything turned orange. It felt warm and safe in the orange light. Like coming home and belonging-

His Storm Flames covered his body before his mind could catch up. In an instant his smile dropped. He moved so fast a bare eye would have missed it. Silently he rushed towards the source of what he saw as a threat. His hands covered in a slicing red.

Tsuna's POV, above his human pillow and below his human blanket

In a hallway a few corners away. A brunette toddler cuddled his stuffed bunny and smiled in his sleep. There were so many beautiful colours in his dreams! They were all so warm and fluffy. He giggled in his dreams as he chased and danced with the lights. Intent on cuddling the fluffiest rainbow he had ever seen.