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Chapter 5

Fon's POV, in a hallway near the ballroom

Fon froze. All his muscles loosened and his world turned orange yet again. So fluffy and soft. A strange warm feeling spread in his chest as his Flames buzzed with excitement. Instinctually he reached for them. A self-defence mechanism deeply ingrained in him.

His Flames reacted instantly. Though instead of them dissolving the invading Flame, they merely inspected it. Carefully probing the other Flame. Dancing around it and causing a red and orange swirl, Fon could see in front of his closed eyes. It was beautiful. It was magnificent. It was-

Fons breathing hitched. For years he had been hoping for this moment. For a chance for harmony. For a Sky to be finally strong enough for even a trace of Harmony. Unintentionally he loosened the control of his usually tightly contained Flames further. Felt them dance and could nearly hear them purring within his head. Free and happy orange Flames eagerly filled his system. Playful tugging on his own Flames. Nudging his Storm Flames into action, asking him to let them go completely. To let them merge completely. He was tempted, oh so very tempted. It was the first time his Flames had felt like this. It was incredible. He wanted-

"My Tuna-fish is really special." A voice said warmly. The orange Flames were torn from him abruptly and the warmth retreated. Only a slight buzzing in his head remains. His head pounded.

"I have always known that he is. My sweet little boy." The bundle disappeared from his arms, but dizziness spread so fast through him that he could not react.

A different and unwelcome Sky Flame began to pull the remaining orange out of him. The happily child-like Flames within him, desperately clinging to his Storm Flames. Seeking comfort and practically radiating determination. Fon was confused. Too many sensations and too little time to understand. He-

A familiar yellow Flame touched his skin. Slowly but steadily spreading over his whole body. Systematically removing the unwanted invading Flame. Harshly burning it when it tried to remain. Urging his Storm Flames into action.

A gasp could be heard. The yellow Flames guided his Storm into dissolving what should not be in his body in the first place. The Sun Flames practically radiated indignant protectiveness and what-are-you-doing-in-my-territory.

"Iemitsu…" A soft voice practically purred. Fon could practically taste the dangerous edge in Reborns voice. The childlike orange Flames were carefully pushed into a yellow bubble in the centre of who Fon was. He smiled. Reborn was so sweet sometimes.

There was a pause before Reborn continued. "Follow me." A small steadying hand touched Fons shoulder. The yellow Flames within Fon flared slightly and he could feel some energy returning to him. His head cleared a bit. It was only to an extent and merely temporarily, but it gave him the strength he needed to open his eyes and take one step after the other. He was thankful for the hand on his shoulder offering him continuous support.

Fon was glad that no matter how Reborn acted some times, he was always here for his own. The Storm was his since he became an Arcobaleno. The friendship between the Arcobaleno was one of the few good things that resulted from the curse. No matter how much they annoyed each other occasionally, they stuck together when it mattered most.

They were as much in Harmony with another as Elements without a Sky could be. Fon was grateful for this. It was more than he had ever hoped for. It was also more than the Triads could give him. The Arcobaleno were part of his family and he of theirs. Despite the situation, Fon's lips twitched up for a moment.

A small trail of Sun Flames steadily flowed through Reborn's hand into his body. It calmed him to know that Reborn had his back. It allowed him to sooth his own erratic Flames. It was also the only reason he was able to walk steadily.

Fon nearly stumbled as his movements jerked to a stop mid-movement. Before anyone beside Reborn could notice though, he walked on. His arms were empty, he realised. They were not supposed to be empty. The Sky-

"I have him." Reborn said only loud enough for him to hear. No elaboration was given and none was necessary. Fon could hear the 'he is safe with me' without it needing to be said.

Blearily glancing over his shoulder, he saw the spiky hair of the little Sky pressed against the hitman's cheek. He held Tsuna carefully, balancing him on one hip. The child had one tiny fist tightly holding onto Reborn's expensive suit. The thumb of his other hand had found its way in his mouth. The little boy was drooling and smiling in his sleep.

Fon smiled and could not help but to laugh softly when the Sun Flames bristled warningly against his back in response. He smiled apologetically and focused back on taking one step in front of the other. His strength was slowly leaving him, despite Reborns continuous support. At this point he had to depend more on the Sun Flames then he was comfortable with.

A door was opened and he was guided in. Within moments he found himself sitting on a bed. The little Sky was carefully placed beside him.

"Go to sleep." Reborn said before the removal of the safety of his gun could be heard. "Iemitsu has a lot to talk about with me." A thud and a shriek sounded loud in the quiet room. Before Fon could do more but glance down towards Tsuna, the door was gently shut.

The little Sky scooted closer to him in his sleep and Fon melted. His heavy body felt like it was about to shut down anyway. He carefully adjusted his position, so he could lie comfortably under the blankets. His arms automatically went around the Sky and he placed his chin on the fluffy head.

He fell asleep to the comforting sound of Iemitsus' nervous laughter turning into terrified shrieks. The image of the blank expression on Reborns face as he made Iemitsu sweat, was as calming as counting sheep. Having Reborn as a comrade definitely had its upsides. His sadistic protectiveness warmed Fons heart.

Timoteo's POV, ballroom

"The Eight has Federico. She is currently taking him to the Sun wing. The maid, Ciara, is being transported there as well. She is to be screened and watched carefully. One of the tests ordered by the Eight is one to check for traces of harmonisation." The servant paused in his report. Only continuing when Timoteo inclined his head. "The Storm Arcobaleno and the Sun Arcobaleno are taking care of Sawada Tsunayoshi and Sawada Iemitsu." Responding to the slightly raised brow of the Ninth, the servant elaborated. "It has something to do with the second wave of Sky Flames." He paused. "As of yet we have no further information on that, but as the Eight ordered, we are letting the two Arcobaleno handle the situation." He shuffled his notes. "Due to the high number of on-duty members of the Sun squad on the Alliance day, the Sun wing is ready to take in as many patients as needed. The Suns are already transporting the Flame-drunk guests to the wing as we speak."

Timoteo looked over at the crowd of busy Suns surrounding them. He knew some of his people were overly careful of mentioning every detail in their reports. This was a good thing usually, but sometimes it was frustrating when they insisted on stating the obvious. He made sure to keep his features neutral as he continued to listen.

"The number of those affected and their names are as of yet unknown. The severity of their conditions and any further injuries beside Flame-drunkenness are too." The servant glanced up at his boss. "An estimate should be in within the next half hour. Maybe faster depending on how many of our own were influenced by the Flame situation."

"The Sun squad members are coping remarkably well. They are activating their own cells to counter their drunken state. Depending on the strength of their Flame, their Flame control, how fast they reacted to the initial Sky Flame influx and the extent of their understanding of their own body and Flame lore, they are more or less effective in their attempts." The groan from one of the Sun squad members, who had reacted too slowly, emphasized the point. "While the second wave of Flames was merely a weak flaring, the ones that were still unstable, went right back down. Some of the younger guests are still unconscious."

After waiting for a moment to see if the servant had anything else to say, Timoteo nodded. "Make a list of the ones still standing. Prioritise Vongola members. Give a copy of the list to each of my Guardians. Make sure my sons are kept updated and that they and their Guardians receive copies too. Make sure to inform them of Federico's whereabouts and condition first." He paused. "Each of them is to act according to emergency protocol F. They are to keep track of and ensure the safety of the allied Families that were assigned to them ahead of time. Remind Xanxus to keep the Varia out of this." The servant paused in note making to nervously glance over at him. Xanxus was a touchy topic. Many felt uncomforable near his Wrath Flames.

"The second in command of the Sun squad is to report to me directly as soon as information is in. I want written reports from the Rain, Mist and Cloud Squad. Let the back up Rain team know they should be ready. They will be needed." Timoteo glanced at the crowd again. "Tell my mother I will send Massimo over to her." The servant waited a moment before nodding and hurrying off, his notes determinedly gripped in his hands.

Timoteo heard a thud beside him. Looking down he saw that the Sun before had attempted and failed to stand up. He sighed.

Tsuna's POV, shortly before arriving in the bedroom

He was warm and comfortable. He felt like he was floating. The yellow from before was dancing along his senses. The Flames were softly streaming through his body. Tsuna's Flames tiredly tried to reach out to them, but the yellow merely washed through him. The Flames were too focused on their task to even acknowledge his attempt.

The yellow felt nice though. While the Flames were powerful and intense, they felt incredibly gentle and careful to Tsuna. It was like their owner was handling something precious. It made him feel all kinds of fuzzy and warm.

Tsuna's orange bubbled tiredly in happiness. Dancing slowly and drowsily around and through the safety the yellow offered. It was a kind of safety Tsuna had always longed for. The one that made instinctively know that if the yellow ever was his yellow, then he could always rely on it.

Tsuna chuckled. He was more asleep than awake by now, but he stubbornly clung on to consciousness. He wanted to see more of the yellow, more of the red, more of all this pretty colours. He found them so funny and delightful. They made him so giddy inside.

"I have him." He heard the voice of the one holding him. It was another toddler-sized person. Tsuna's eyes closed on their own accord. For a moment he was confused when he had even opened them, but let it go. He could see the yellow even with closed eyes.

He wondered if all adults secretly had the ability to shrink. It would be so much fun to play with them all when they were his size! Though then again….the yellow felt cramped the way it was. Restricted. Like the red. It felt as if soemthing was missing. If he was just more awake, then he could help. He was sure he could help. He had to. He wanted the pretty colours to be happies…especially ones as warm and comforting as theirs.

Tsuna absently sucked on his thumb. The suit felt incredibly soft in his hand and the arms around him were so gentle with him.

"-to bed-" He suddenly found himself on a soft surface. For a moment he panicked. The yellow was retreating! He needed the yellow. It was so nice. Tsuna wanted-

A warm body cuddled against him and Tsuna felt the red surround him. He relaxed. He could feel the yellow just outside the room. It would come back. He was sure of it. There were some worrying sounds before he heard his cuddle-partner chuckle. He relaxed further. Everything was alright.

He fell asleep. In his dream he danced with red Flames and played chase with yellow ones. Beneath his lids his eyes glowed a faint orange.