Finally, the first chapter is done. Listen I know I haven't been doing my Warcraft story for a while, but I'm gonna fix that. Now about this story, I just really wanted to do because someday I'm gonna make a Shadowlands story and I figured I'd do the pre patch events. Warning, this story has a few spoilers for my other Warcraft story, but you guys might like a few of them. I almost have the second chapter done, but I don't know if I'll be able to post it before Shadowlands release. For now, just enjoy the story.

Chapter 1: The Scourge, death of Nathanos and return to Northrend.

Seagulls cried out as they flew across Boralus of Tiragarde Sound in Kul Tiras. The sky was half full of clouds, the citizens were going about their lives peacefully and no trouble was occurring for Tiragarde Sound, Drustvar or Stormsong Valley. Standing atop the Great Gate was Denasar, looking up at the sky, wearing his armor called 'Felreaper Vestments' (Mystic) with the Twinblades of the Deceiver in its 'Demon's Touch' (Blue) form on his back.

It has been 10 months since N'Zoth's defeat, the Fourth War ended and the hunt for Sylvanas Windrunner continued. During this time, Denasar and his fellow champions have enjoyed the peace with the war over, but they continued to stay on their guard and train. During these 10 months, Denasar and Illthiel's people are still healing from Sylvanas' attack on Teldrassil and from their home being burned to the ground. Their mother, Tyrande Whisperwind, still hasn't let go of the Night Warrior's power and continues to hunt for Sylvanas, with Shandris and Illidan aiding her, but they were all beginning to worry about her as her hatred seemed to be consuming her.

When the peace treaty was signed, not many of the leaders of the Alliance celebrated, they just prepared for war again. Despite that, Anduin continued to believe that peace between the Alliance and the Horde can be established and stay strong, with Denasar sharing his friend's belief. The Demon Hunter had no wish to fight the Horde anymore, especially his friends.

Since then, the Alliance and Horde have not wedged battle, but tensions between the two were as high as ever. Queen Talanji still wanted revenge on the Alliance for killing her father, King Rastakhan in the Battle of Dazar'alor. The Forsaken has a new leader in Sylvanas' place, Calia Menethil, sister of Arthas Menethil, the Lich King. She was killed by Sylvanas at the Gathering in the Arathi Highlands, where she had hoped to reunite with her lost husband and daughter.

Calia was reborn as an undead infused with the Light thanks to the Narru Saa'ra. Following N'Zoth's defeat and the end of the Fourth War, she joined the Horde as a councilor for Lilian Voss. She has helped the Forsaken, comforting them for being undead, and what fate did to them.

Anduin appointed Turalyon as the Lord Commander of the Alliance forces, with the task of finding Sylvanas Windrunner and to use whatever means he must. For this task, he enlisted the aid of his love, Alleria Windrunner. The two sought their daughter, Keirrastia's aid, but she refused. Despite all that her aunt's done, Keirrastia still believed in her and wished to find her to talk, not to kill. Because of her faith in her aunt, Keirrastia was hated by the Night Elves and soldiers of the Alliance, but she paid them no mind. Her adopted daughter, Ilitheda was spared from the hatred because Denasar and the other champions protected her. Alleria and Turalyon were disappointed, but decided to respect their daughter's choice.

The two used whatever methods to find Sylvanas, even tortured an Orc. When Mathias Shaw was taken hostage by the Zandalari, Turalyon was ready to declare war on the Horde, yet Jaina Proudmoore stopped him. She managed to use the peace treaty for the Horde to return him, and deliver the undead Warden Sira to Anduin. Yet she wouldn't talk no matter what.

Despite these 10 months, there was no trace of Sylvanas, or Nathanos Blightcaller. Denasar and his fellow champions would occasionally run into the champions of the Horde and would fight together. They too have searched for the two undead with Deathsword and Keirrastia searching the hardest for Sylvanas, but have not found her yet. There were sights of Nathanos in Zandalari when he attempted to kill the Loa of Death Bwonsamdi, but he failed and managed to escape, using the same magic that Sylvanas used to kill Varok Saurfang.

Sometime has passed since Nathanos' last sighting, and no one has seen or heard anything about him or the Banshee Queen. Denasar and the other champions of the Alliance had arrived at Boralus of Tiragarde Sound earlier that day with the Demon Hunter's daughter and Keirrastia's daughter accompanying them.

Yet, Denasar has been having a bad feeling for the whole day. No matter what he did, he felt like something terrible was about to happen, so he's been on guard. The Slayer looked up at the dark skies that were full of dark clouds and frowned. 'Why is it that I feel like something terrible is about to unfold? Will Sylvanas finally make her move?' The Demon Hunter thought to himself with narrowed eyes, wondering just why he felt a disturbance.

"Father!" A familiar voice called out from Denasar's right, making the Slayer turn right to see his 11-year-old daughter, Vessaelaria running up to him with the other champions of the Alliance behind her. Vessaelaria had grown a bit since Denasar first laid eyes on her. She had grown taller and more beautiful. Her purple hair was still in a pony tail and her red markings still remained. She wore a special version of the 'Kaldorei Archer's Chainmail' armor that was designed for her, with the 'Black Bow of the Betrayer' strapped to her back and a black quiver full of arrows.

Leading the group of Alliance Champions was his cousin Illthiel, who was smiling at him. The green haired Druid was wearing the Druid armor, 'Bearmantle Battlegear' (Mystic) with the Scythe of Elune, in its 'Envoy of Goldrinn (Yellow or gold) strapped to his back.

Vahrazlyphii walked beside the Archdruid, wearing the 'Moonpriest's Vestments' with Xal'atath, Blade of the Black Empire and the Secrets of the Void strapped to her waist, both in its 'Vision of Madness' (Purple) form. In the battle against N'Zoth, Xal'atath, Blade of the Black Empire was badly damaged. The High Priest had taken the blade, deciding to wield it once more like she did against the Legion. The blade was repaired and Vahrazlyphii has been weilding it ever since.

Keirrastia herself wore the Void Elf heritage armor called 'Heritage of the Ren'dorei' with her family legacy, Thas'dorah strapped to her back in its 'Phoenix's Rebirth' (Purple) form with a purple quiver full of arrows. When the Ren'dorei created its heritage armor, Keirrastia was the first to wear it. It actually suited her, even though she nothing to cover her skin. That still didn't keep her from wearing the armor of her people, the Ren'dorei. Holding hands with the Huntmaster was her daughter, Ilitheda.

Ilitheda had light Void Elf skin, purplish eyes and her hair was in the pensive style and was blue. Unlike her adopted mother, Ilitheda was a Holy Priest, having wanted to become one since she was a child so that she could heal others. Keirrastia wasn't disappointed in her child's choice, understanding why she chose to become a Priest. She had Vessaelaria as her student, so she asked Vahrazlyphii to take her child as her student, which the High Priest accepted and has taught the young child ever since. The young Void Elf wore a special set of the 'Merciless Gladiator's Satin Armor' armor for her age, and the staff, 'Staff of the Redeemer' strapped to her back.

Marken wore armor called 'Light's Vanguard Battleplate' (Mystic) with the Ashbringer strapped to his back in its 'Burning Reprisal' (Yellow) form. Reugus was beside the paladin in his worgen form, wearing the 'Juggernaut Battlegear' (Mystic) armor with the Warswords of the Valarjar in its 'Valormaw' (Yellow) form on his back.

Denasar smiled at seeing his friends and comrades, before he looked at the new champions of the Alliance that joined after him. One of them was a male Lightforged Draenei Death Knight named Voleimm, but unlike Deathsword, he was an Unholy Death Knight. Denasar had met the Light Forged Draenei in the campaign on Argus, and he used to be a Paladin. However, the Lich King saw potential in him, so he requested Deathsword to bring the Light Forged Draenei to him. The Deathlord did as the Lich King requested and took Voleimm to the Frozen Throne, where he became a Death Knight.

Voleimm had light blue skin; glowing blue rune eyes, white hair in the 'brusque' style, His tendrils was in the 'splayed' style with his rune being the 'ardent' style. His 'Naga Lord's Warplate' (Mystic) armor covered his 'exalted' style tattoos and Apocalypse was strapped to his back in its 'Faminebearer' (Yellow) form.

Next to the Death Knight were two male dwarfs, the Tanks of the group. One of them was Kelvalbim, the champion of Ironforge that joined in the battle against the Legion. His black hair, mustache and beard were still in the 'short', 'bold', and 'pointed' styles. The only new change was the light blue sky style tattoo on his face. The champion of Ironforge wore the 'Cruel Gladiator's Scaled Armor' armor with the Truthguard shield and sword strapped to his back and waist, both in their 'Dark Keeper's Ward' (Blue) form.

The other Dwarf was a Dark Iron Dwarf named Camiann, a Blood Death Knight that joined in the Fourth War. Like with Voleimm, the Lich King saw potential in the Dark Iron Dwarf and requested the Light Forged Draenei to bring him to the Frozen Throne, where Camiann was turned into a Death Knight by choice.

Camiann had glowing blue rune eyes, pale white skin and dark grey hair in the 'Smolder' style. His facial hair was in the 'Pointed' style with his Dark Iron Dwarf tattoo in the 'Mask' style over his face. The Dark Iron Dwarf wore the 'Gravelord's Direplate' (Mystic) armor with the Maw of the Damned in its 'Touch of Undeath' (Blue) form strapped to his back.

Behind the two Dwarfs was their male Elemental Shaman Kul Tiran friend, Kenatherick. Kenatherick had fair skin, brown eyes, auburn colored hair, mustache and beard in the 'Tradewinds', 'Tuskarr', and 'Chops' styles. The Kul Tiran wore the 'Eternal Curator's Chains' (Mystic) armor with The Fists of Ra-den in its 'Stormkeeper' (Yellow) form hidden within.

Finally, Denasar looked at the returned champion of the Alliance, a male Pandaren Windwalker Monk named Bobor. Bobor was a champion of the Alliance before Denasar, having retired after the war on the alternate Draenor, but rejoined the Alliance's champions after Denasar and the others finished traveling through Val'sharah on the Broken Isles.

Bobor had white skin, whitish eyes with two claw scars on his right eye, white hair, mustache and beard in the 'Backbrushed', 'Bristles' and 'Banner' styles. Bobor wore the 'Chi'Ji's Battlegear' (Mystic) armor with the Fists of the Heavens in its 'Shado-Pan Legacy' (Red) hidden from sight, but the Pandaren could bring them out faster than the naked eye could follow.

"Hello everyone". Denasar greeted his fellow champions as Vessaelaria ran to his left leg and hugged it, making the Demon Hunter smile at his daughter as he rubbed her head. "What are you doing up here?" Marken questioned his comrade as he and the other champions stopped in front of the Demon Hunter, sounding concerned for him.

Denasar looked back at his comrades, allowing them to see the trouble in his eyes. "You seemed troubled my friend. What is the matter?" Bobor questioned the Demon Hunter with a concerned look, sensing the trouble his chi was giving out. "I've been feeling like something is about to happen. I came up here to think about what it is I'm sensing". The Slayer answered the Grandmaster as he knelt down and took his daughter into his hands, who looked worried about him.

The champions of the Alliance looked curious by their friend's words, while Ilitheda just looked confused. "Are you having a premonition?" Reugus questioned the Slayer, which Denasar gained a thoughtful look on his face. "Perhaps, but it could just be nothing". The Night Elf replied to the Batttlelord, honestly hoping that it was nothing.

"Maybe your bad feeling could be related to the Banshee Queen". Voleimm stated with his arms crossed, making Keirrastia bit her lip at hearing the Death Knight's words, something that Kelvalbim took notice of. "Lad!" The Champion of Ironforge snapped at his comrade, making the Light Forged Draenei widen his eyes as he remembered how the Huntmaster felt about whenever someone talked about her aunt.

"K-Keirrastia, my apologies!" The Death Knight apologized to his comrade, who looked away from him, getting everyone to look at the Void Elf in concern. "Mother…" Ilitheda said in worry for her adopted mother, who just gave her a small smile. "It's all right my dear. It's… all right for them to say whatever they wish about my aunt". The Huntmaster reassured her adopted child, but everyone could hear the sadness in her voice about what everyone thinks of her aunt now.

"Perhaps… Denasar's bad feeling could be related to something else". Vahrazlyphii suggested as she held her chin with her right hand, getting the champions of the Alliance and two elf children to look at her. "Like what, lass?" Camiann questioned the High Priest as he crossed his arms, wondering what else could the Demon Hunter's bad feeling be about.

The female Draenei hesitated for a moment, before she spoke. "Maybe it's related to that 'dream' that you had, Keirrastia". Vahrazlyphii answered, making Keirrastia widen her eyes in fear, while everyone else narrowed their eyes. The 'dream' that Vahrazlyphii was speaking about was something that was taboo for everyone, because every time that Keirrastia thinks about it, she would be filled with fear.

It happened 10 months ago after the peace treaty. After the leaders of the Alliance finished their meeting, Keirrastia had went out to take a small nap. However, she began to toss and turn with a look of pure fear on her face, worrying everyone, especially her parents when they heard word of this. When the Huntmaster awoke, she wrapped her arms around herself with a look of pure fear on her face.

Everyone was shocked to see the brave Void Elf shaking in fear as they've never seen her like this, even when she came close to battling Aggramar alone on Argus. Denasar told Keirrastia to tell them what her dream was about. It wasn't what everyone was expecting to hear. In Heirrastia's 'dream', she was in a dark place, with no knowledge of where she was.

Then, something appeared before her. It was covered in shadows, preventing Keirrastia to see what it was, but all she could identify was that it had what looked like chains and glowing blue eyes. When it spoke, its voice was devoid of life and promised death.

'You are one of her last links to life. I will extinguish you and him for her to fully be mine'.

Those were the words that the creature said to Keirrastia, who was filled with fear at its voice, eyes and the presence it gave out. Right after the creature finished saying its words, four black winged creatures appeared and lashed out towards Keirrastia, who awoke just before they reached her.

Everyone thought that Keirrastia's dream was just a dream, but Denasar, Ilitheda, the other champions, Illidan, Anduin, Shandris and Alleria could tell that wasn't a dream. A dream couldn't make Keirrastia look like she came face to face with death itself. Since then, no one has talked about Keirrastia's dream since.

"How can you even think that 'dream' that Keirrastia had could be related to this premonition that my cousin is having?" Illthiel questioned the High Priest with a frown on his face, getting Vahrazlyphii to turn to look at the Archdruid. "I am not certain that the two are connected, but who knows what will happen. With the Legion, N'Zoth and the Fourth War gone, we do not know what could threaten Azeroth next". The High Priest replied to the Night Elf, making him narrow his eyes at her.

"She has a point, Illthiel. All the threats that we know of have passed, and it is unknown what will threaten Azeroth next". Marken said in agreement to Vakrazlyphii, seeing the wisdom and truth in her words. "All threats, except the only exception being that filthy Banshee!" Reugus growled out in rage with his claws now fists, making Keirrastia growl as she shot her comrade a glare. Ilitheda looked at her mother in concern as she knew how sensitive she was about anyone insulting her aunt.

Kenatherick placed his left hand on the Huntmaster's right shoulder, before he narrowed his eyes at the Battlelord. "With her no longer the Warchief, Sylvanas Windrunner cannot threaten Azeroth anymore". The Shaman told the Battelord, who growled at him. "You do not know that witch as well as us. Even without the Horde, Sylvanas is just as dangerous as ever!" The Worgen growled at the Kul Tiran, who narrowed his eyes at the Warrior.

"Please, both of you, enough!" Bobor exclaimed as he stepped between the two champions, holding his hands out to the two. Kenatherick and Reugus glared at each other for another second, before they looked away from each other. "Despite Reugus's… words, he is right. Sylvanas is still dangerous and who knows what she's doing". Marken stated, getting Kelvalbim to look at the Highlord and nod in agreement.

"Aye, that undead elf is dangerous. But what could she possible be up to?" The Protection Paladin said to the other champions, wondering what Sylvanas could be planning. "Do you have any ideas of what your aunt could be planning, Keirrastia?" Illthiel questioned the Void Elf, who shook her head in response.

"I don't. Last time I saw my aunt was at Orgrammar in her battle against Saurfang, but we didn't get the chance to talk face to face. The last time we did was at Lordaeron, before she blew it up with the Plague". The Huntmaster replied to the Archdruid, who gritted his teeth at hearing she doesn't know what the Banshee Queen is planning.

Denasar looked up at the sky above, getting Vessaelaria to look up as well. "Whatever the Banshee Queen is planning, we must be prepared". Denasar stated with a frown, getting the other champions of the Alliance to nod in agreement, before they looked up at the sky above.

Suddenly, they all felt… a dark presence that came out of nowhere.

"Do you guys sense that?" Voleimm questioned his comrades, his voice in the form of a whisper from sensing the dark presence. "Of course!" Reugus snapped at the Death Knight, his voice also low from feeling the dark presence. "In all my years, I've never felt anything like this. Not even the Legion came close to releasing a presence like this". Vahrazlyphii whispered with wide eyes, her right hand reaching for Xal'atath.

Vessaelaria whimpered in fear at feeling the dark presence, before she hid her face in her father's shoulder. "Father… I'm scared…" The young Night Elf child told her father in fear, who tightened his hold on her in case something attempted to steal her. "It'll be alright my child. Nothing will happen to you so long as I'm here to protect you". The Slayer reassured her daughter as he drew one of his warglaves with his right hand.

Vessaelaria wasn't the only one afraid. Ilitheda was afraid of the dark presence as well. The young Void Elf child hid her face against her mother's left leg, wrapping her arms around Keirrastia's leg. "Mother, what's happening?" Ilitheda questioned in fear, afraid of whatever was creating this dark presence.

The little Void Elf girl received no response, confusing her slightly, before she looked up at her mother and was shocked at what she saw. Like her and Vessaelaria, Keirrastia was shaking in fear, but she had her teeth gritting against each other. "Mother? What's wrong?" Ilitheda questioned in concern for her mother, getting all the other champions to look at the Huntmaster and receive the same shock as the Void Elf child when they saw Keirrastia shaking in fear.

"Lass, what's wrong?! Why do yer seem so afraid?!" Camiann exclaimed in concern for the Void Elf woman, who didn't turn to face him or anyone else, just stared up at the sky. "Keirrastia". Denasar said in concern for his friend, who didn't even turn to face him, increasing everyone's worry for her.

Then dark clouds appeared out of nowhere and began to darken the sky, getting the champions of the Alliance to look back at the sky. "Where did these dark clouds come from?" Bobor questioned with narrowed eyes as he stared at the sky above him. "I don't know, Bobor. Everyone, stay on guard". Marken told his comrades as he drew the Ashbringer from his back and wielded the high blade with both hands.

The champions of the Alliance nodded to the Highlord, before they all drew their weapons, while Keirrastia was still shaking in fear. Lightning began to rumble as the ten champions, shaking Void Elf and two children stared up at the sky above them. Then, the lightning roared before four black winged armored creatures with black mist coming out of their wings, flew out of the clouds, making everyone widen their eyes in disbelief.

The four creatures split into two, with two of them flying in another direction of Boralus, while the other two flew towards the group of champions. "By the light!" Voleimm exclaimed in shock at the sudden appearance of the black winged creatures. The two black winged creatures cried out terrible screeches as they held out their hands towards Keirrastia, before black mist appeared, heading towards the Huntmaster.

The Void Elf looked up at the two black winged creatures, before she gritted her teeth as she pushed her adopted daughter away from her. Her skin turned glowing dark as she invoked the powers of the Void, before she disappeared, with the black mist striking where she just was, before it changed into black chains.

In the air above the black winged creatures, Keirrastia appeared in a purple light with Thas'dorah in her left hand. Quick as lightning, the Huntmaster drew four arrows from her quiver with her right hand, before she pulled them against Thas'dorah's string, hard. The Huntmaster released her grip on the four arrows, firing them at the two black winged creatures. The arrows pierced the wings of the two unknown creatures, making them screen in pain, before they began to fall to the ground, while Keirrastia disappeared in a purple light.

The two unknown creatures slammed onto the ground of the Great Wall in front of the surprised champions, while Keirrastia reappeared next to Denasar and Ilitheda in a purple light, surprising the two and Vessaelaria. "Mother!" Ilitheda exclaimed in surprise, having not expected her adopted mother to react as quickly as she did. "Well done Keirrastia!" The Slayer praised his comrade, with his daughter looking relived that her aunt wasn't kidnapped. Keirrastia paid the two no attention as she glared at the two unknown creatures that attempted to kidnap her

Suddenly, the champions of the Alliance heard more screeching, getting them to look back at the sky. To their horror, they saw the other two black winged creatures flying away, carrying a struggling Jaina with dark chains that came out from their hands. "JAINA!" Marken exclaimed in horror for his old friend, reaching out to the female mage with his right hand, but couldn't reach her. The two armored creatures flew back into the dark clouds that they came from with Jaina still trapped, before they all disappeared from view.

"By Elune, what were those things?" Ilthiel questioned with wide eyes at what just happened. "I don't know. Those weren't Val'kyr, that's for sure". Kelvalbim replied to the Night Elf without looking at him, his eyes focused on the dark clouds above. Kenatherick turned to look at Keirrastia, who was glaring at the two unknown creatures that were lying down on the ground in front of them.

"Keirrastia, do you know what these creatures are?" The Shaman questioned the Hunter, getting all the other champions to look at the Huntmaster. However, Keirrastia ignored her comrades as she began marching up to the two fallen creatures, drawing another arrow from her quiver and pulled it against the string.

Keirrastia stopped in front of one of the armored creatures, before she planted her left foot on its head, while she aimed at the other one. "Talk! How are you here and real?!" The Huntmaster questioned the two creatures with a hateful tone, showing just how personal this was to her. Everyone else was surprised at hearing the hate in her voice towards these unknown creatures.

Suddenly, the two creatures began laughing with their voices full of cruelty. Their laughter made Keirrastia frown, while everyone else had narrowed eyes, wondering why they were laughing. "He told you that he would come… come to extinguish you…" The armored creature laughed at the Huntmaster underneath her foot, making Keirrastia narrow her eyes in anger.

"We failed, but that won't stop him. He'll come to bring an end to you, just like he said. The Banished One is coming for you…" The second armored creature laughed, before both it and the other burst in black mist, making everyone widen their eyes in surprise with Keirrastia stepping back.

Denasar placed his daughter down on the ground as he returned his warglaive to his back, before looked at his comrade. "Keirrastia, what is going on? What were those things and why did you seem like you knew them?" The Slayer questioned the Huntmaster, wanting to know how she knew these unknown creatures.

Keirrastia was silent, staring at where the creatures disappeared. Eventually, she began to walk away, making Ilitheda widen her eyes in concern. "Mother…" The young Holy Priest said in concern for her mother, but Vahrazlyphii held her left hand in front of her student, preventing her from following the Huntmaster.

Ilitheda looked up at her teacher, only to see Vahrazlyphii to shake her head at her. "Your mother will tell us when she is ready. She just needs time to prepare before she tells us". The High Priest told her student, who looked at her mother who was still walking away, before she looked back at her teacher and nodded.

"Kenatherick, Champions!" A familiar voice called out, getting everyone's attention as they looked behind to see their friend, Taelia Fordragon running up to them with a look of pure panic on her face. "Taelia!" The Shaman exclaimed as the human female stopped in front of the Alliance champions.

"Somekind of winged creatures came out from the sky and took Lady Jaina away!" Taelia told her friend, getting the Shaman to narrow his eyes. "We know that, we saw her get taken away". The Kul Tiran told the daughter of the Lich King, as Camiann walked up to the two. "Lass, do you know what those creatures were?" The Blood Death Knight questioned Taelia, who turned to look at the Dark Iron Dwarf and shook her head.

"No, I do not know what those were. All my life, I've never seen creatures like that". The female answered the Death Knight, having never seen anything like those creatures. "Maybe this is the work of a new enemy?" Vessaelaria suggested, standing next to her father, who continued to stare at where Keirrastia walked off.

"Perhaps, but we don't if it is a new enemy, or the Banshee Queen". Taelia told the young Night Elf child, before she turned to look at Denasar. "Denasar, I'll head to Stormwind to report to Anduin what has happened. You and the other champions wait here until we send a message to you". The female human told the Demon Hunter, making Denasar turn around to face her, before he nodded. "Very well, we'll await in the Snug Harbor Inn until we receive your message". The Slayer replied to the daughter of the Lich King.

Taelia gave Denasar a nod, before she turned around and took off for the portal that will take her to Stormwind. "The clouds are still dark". Ilthiel stated, looking up at the sky that was filled with the dark clouds that the black winged creatures left behind. "The spirits are trying to tell me something. They're trying to warn me of a great threat". Kenatherick said with a worried look on his face, looking down at his hands as sparkles of lightning briefly appeared between his fingers.

"Let's head back to Snug Harbor Inn, and await for Taelia's message". Voleimm advised his comrades, thinking it would be best to wait for their friend's message. "Aye, that would probably be best". Kelvalbim said in agreement to the Light Forged Draenei, getting Reugus to look at him. "But what about Keirrastia?" The Battlelord questioned about their comrade, pointing in the direction where she walked off.

"She'll come find us when she is ready. Let us wait in the Inn and prepare for what is to come". Marken told his friend, before he began to walk off towards Snug Harbor Inn, strapping Ashbringer back onto his back. "Marken is fight. Let us take this time to prepare if a new enemy has appeared". Denasar said in agreement to the Highlord's words, before he took Vessaelaria's right hand with his left and followed Marken.

The remaining champions of the Alliance eventually followed their comrades, returning their weapons to their previous positions. The ten champions walked through the Tradewinds Market, passing through the Kul Tiran civilians, before they arrived at the Snug Harbor Inn. The Inn Keeper, Wesley Rockhold was absent, current back at his home.

Denasar, Reugus and Marken took separate spots to lean their backs against the wall, Ilthiel, Kelvalbim, Voleimm and Camiann took seats around the two tables, while Bobor sat down to meditate and Kenatherick sat down on the staircase. Vahrazlyphii had taken Vessaelaria and Ilitheda up stairs for them to rest from the ordeal that they just went through.

"Marken, Ilthiel, you two have been the longest champions of the Alliance. Have you seen anything like those creatures we just saw?" Denasar questioned the two oldest champions of the Alliance with his arms crossed, which the two shook their heads. "No, we haven't. All our adventures, we've never seen anything like that thing". Ilthiel answered his cousin, having never seen anything like the armored creatures he saw.

"You've lived for thousands of years Denasar. Surely you've seen more than we have. If anyone has any idea what that was, it would probably be you". Marken told his friend with his arms crossed, but the Demon Hunter shook his head in response. "I'm afraid I haven't seen anything like that. It was my first time seeing whatever that was". The Demon Hunter replied to the Highlord, shaking his head sideways.

"Do you think Keirrastia knows what that was?" Reugus questioned his comrades, getting everyone to look at him. "The hatred in her voice was very strong. That might be proof that she knows what those creatures are". The Battlelord explained to the other champions of the Alliance, getting Voleimm to look down in thought. "He has a point. Keirrastia talked to them as if she knew those creatures personally". The Death Knight stated, thinking back to how the Huntmaster spoke to the two black winged creatures.

"Perhaps she knew these creatures when she was trapped in the void?" Bobor suggested to his comrades, getting Denasar to look at the Windwalker Monk. Before he had a chance to answer, someone beat him to it. "I don't think so". A familiar voice said to the Pandaren, getting the champions of the Alliance to look and see Vahrazlyphii walking down the stairs that lead to upstairs.

The High Priest passed Kenatherick, before she looked down at Bobor, who didn't move from his meditating position and kept his eyes closed. "I sensed no trace of the void in those creatures. They were not from the void". Vahrazlyphii told her comrades with narrowed eyes as she took a seat next to Kelvalbim and Camiann around one of the tables.

The champions of the Alliance narrowed their eyes dangerously at hearing the High Priest's words. However, the sound of the inn's door opening caught their attention as they looked to see Keirrastia enter the inn. "Keirrastia". Voleimm greeted the Huntmaster, who was silent as she walked over to the second table and took a seat next to the Lightforged Draenei and Ilthiel.

The champions of the Alliance all kept their eyes on the Void Elf, who kept silent as she stared down at the table. "Keirrastia, we need to know what those creatures were". Ilthiel told the Huntmaster with his arms on the table, looking at Keirrastia with narrowed eyes. Keirrastia remained silent; she didn't even turn to look at any of her comrades, filling everyone with concern for her.

"Keirrastia, please. What were those creatures and how do you know them?" Bobor questioned the Huntmaster with a gentle tone, who stayed silent for a few more seconds, before she sighed. "I don't know what they were". The Huntmaster revealed to her friends, making Reugus narrow his eyes at her as he thought she was lying. "Don't lie! We all saw how you spoke to those creatures!" The Battlelord snapped at the Void Elf, who neither flinch nor turn to face the white Worgen.

Kelvalbim gave Reugus a small glare, before he turned to look at Keirrastia. "Lass, please…" The Champion of Ironforge pleaded the Void Elf, who still didn't turn to face him. "I'm not lying. I honestly have no idea what those creatures were". The daughter of Turalyon and Alleria replied to the Dwarf in a soft voice, making Denasar soften his gaze on her. "Could you at least tell us how you know those creatures?" Denasar requested, finally getting Keirrastia to raise her head to look at the Demon Hunter.

"I knew those creatures because they're the winged creatures from my 'dream". The Huntmaster revealed how she knew the black winged creatures, making everyone widen their eyes in disbelief, with Bobor finally breaking his meditation position. "From your 'dream?' That can't be possible". Camiann said in refusal to believe that the creatures they saw not too long ago were the same creatures from Keirrastia's 'dream'.

"Actually, it could perhaps be possible". Vahrazlyphii said as she stood up from her seat, getting everyone to look at the High Priest. Unknown to the Champions of the Alliance was that Vessaelaria and Ilitheda were listening in from upstairs. "Remember what they said. 'He told you that he would come… come to extinguish you…" The Draenei spoke the armored creatures' words, getting everyone to widen their eyes as they remembered the armored creatures' words before they disappeared.

"...'We failed, but that won't stop him. He'll come to bring an end to you, just like he said. The Banished One is coming for you…' That is what they said to you". Ilithiel said with narrowed eyes, thinking about the warning that the black winged creatures left them. "That must be proof that Keirrastia's dream wasn't a dream. It was real, a warning of some kind". Marken commented as he pushed himself off the wall, now wishing he had paid more attention to his friend's 'dream'.

Denasar looked at his comrades as they all thought about Keirrastia's 'dream' she had after their battle against N-Zoth. "I'm more concerned about this 'he' they were talking about". Bobor said as he stood up on his feet, getting his fellow champions to look at him, including the children upstairs. "They mentioned 'he' and called 'he' the 'Banished One'. Do you know who they're talking about?" The Windwalker Monk questioned the Void Elf Hunter, who turned her head to look at him.

"…The creature in my dream… I think that whatever it was, it's the 'Banished One' that those creatures warned us about". The female Hunter replied to the Pandaren, before she began to slightly shake in fear. "What can you tell us about this 'Banished One' that they spoke off?" The High Priest questioned her friend, who turned to look at her.

"I've told you all I know. When I saw him, his entire form was covered in shadows. He was large, perhaps the same size as Aggramar, maybe bigger. He had blue eyes that were devoid of life and had chains. It was like looking into the face of death itself". Keirrastia told her comrades and friends all she knew about the 'Banished One' from her 'dream'. "Well it's better than nothing". Reugus stated as he pushed himself off the wall, before he sharpened his claw by scratching the wall.

"If what you said is true, then this 'Banished One' and those winged creatures must be working together. Only why would they kidnap Jaina?" Kenatherick questioned as he sat up, having been silent for the whole conversation. "Don't know, but hopefully we'll know soon". Voleimm said as he sat up from his seat, turning around to face Denasar, who looked back at him.

Denasar looked at all his friends and comrades, who had all turned to face him, before he stopped at Keirrastia. "Keirrastia, why did you brush us off when those creatures attempted to capture you?" The Slayer questioned his friend, who looked down in guilt at how she paid no attention to her friends when they were worried about her.

"I'm sorry Denasar, everyone. I… I was afraid of those creatures taking any of you away from me. I wanted to kill them as soon as possible before they had the chance to even attempt to capture any of you". Keirrastia explained to her friends the reasons about her actions, making Marken frown in concern for her.

"Keirrastia, we've face many threats before. We've faced the Lich King, Deathwing, the Thunder King, Garrosh, the Iron Horde, the Legion, Titans, the Horde, Azshara, even an old god. We can handle whatever is coming". The Highlord told his friend to comfort her, getting Keirrastia to look at the human. "Compared to whatever this 'Banished One' is, they're all nothing compared to him". The Huntmaser replied to the former leader of the Alliance's Champions.

Everyone was surprised by Keirrastia's words, including the two elf children upstairs. The Huntmaster stood up from her chair, before she turned to face Denasar, allowing him to see the doubt in her eyes. "When I looked into his eyes, I felt absolute fear. I fought many threats, but none of them installed fear in me like he did. This 'Banished One' is more powerful than anyone we've ever faced". The Void Elf told her friend as she wrapped her arms around herself, slightly shaking in fear.

Denasar frowned at seeing his trusted friend shake in fear. He walked up to Keirrastia and placed his right hand on her shoulder, getting the Huntmaster to look up at the Slayer's friend. "Keirrastia, it is natural for someone to feel fear. It's a part of us, just like how bravery is. Fear isn't a bad thing though". Denasar began to explain to the young Void Elf, before he took his hand off her shoulder.

"What do you do when you find one of your own weaknesses?" The Slayer questioned the Huntmaster, who frowned in confusion at Denasar's words. Denasar then smirked as he held up his right fist in front of him. "You get stronger! You stand up and fight!" The Demon Hunter cried out; making everyone else, including Vessaelaria and Ilitheda, widen their eyes in shock.

"There isn't much you can do about being afraid, but… You've got us, your friends here with you. So there's no reason to be afraid! You're not alone!" Denasar finished as he lowered his right hand down, with everyone still staring at him in shock at hearing his words. Then, Keirrastia slowly began to smile at the Demon Hunter. "Denasar… thank you". The Huntmaster thanked her friend for telling her this, who just smiled at her.

"Whatever or whoever this 'Banished One' is, as long as we're together, we'll defeat him. That's why no matter what, never break away from us. We'll always be here for you, no matter what happens". The son of the Betrayer told his close friend, who instantly nodded to him as she began to smirk, one that was filled with confidence.

"I know, and I'll be here for you always". Keirrastia replied to her friend, before she turned to face the other Alliance Champions. "For all of you, always". The Huntmaster added, making the Champions of the Alliance smile at her. "There's the Keirrastia we know and love". Ilthiel said with a smile on his face, glad to see the Huntmaster back to her normal self. The feeling was shared by everyone else, including the two children upstairs.

(1 hour later)

An hour has passed since Denasar and the other champions learned how Keirrastia knew about the unknown black winged creatures. Since then, the 11 champions have stayed inside Snug Harbor Inn, waiting for a message of somekind. Keirrastia had taken the time to go upstairs to talk and apologize to her adopted daughter for her actions earlier. Ilitheda forgave her mother, understanding why she acted the way she did when those creatures attempted to kidnap her.

The eleven champions of the Alliance stayed inside the Inn, patiently waiting for Taelia's message. Currently Denasar, Reugus and Marken were leaning their backs against the wall, only Vessaelaria was sitting down on the ground next to her father, looking at her bow that Denasar gave to her two years ago. Ilthiel, Kelvalbim, Voleimm, Keirrastia, Vahrazlyphii and Camiann had retaken their seats around the two tables with Ilitheda sitting down on her mother's lap, while Bobor sat down to meditate and Kenatherick sat down on the staircase.

A sudden cry of an owl caught everyone's attention as they looked at the closed door. "I'll get it". The daughter of the Slayer called out as she climbed to her feet, before she placed the Black Bow of the Betrayer on her back, before she walked to the front door. The young Night Elf child grabbed hold of the handle with her left hand, before she opened it.

Vessaelaria looked and saw, to her surprise, her Crested Owl, Angel standing in front of her with a letter wrapped around her back. "Angel? What are you doing here?" The young Stormrage questioned as she picked her beloved owl up. She had last seen her owl when she sent her to deliver a message to her mother in Nodrassil.

The owl perched itself on her owner's left hand, before she looked at the latter on her back, making Vessaelaria realize why her companion has come. "A latter?" Vessaelaria said as she unwrap the letter around her owl with her right hand, before she looked at the wrapped up letter, before her eyes widened when she saw the signature of the Alliance on it.

"Father!" Vessaelaria called out as she rushed towards Denasar, getting his attention, along with everyone else's. "What is it?" The Slayer questioned his daughter, who stopped in front of him as she held the wrapped up letter to him, while her owl disappeared. "This letter has the Alliance's signature on it!" The young Hunter told her father, making Denasar and everyone else widen their eyes as they realized that this was the letter that they were waiting for.

Denasar took the letter from his daughter; before he tore the ribbon off, allowing him to fully open the letter. Denasar held the letter with both his hands as he began to read it out loud for everyone to hear him. "Champions, A matter of great urgency has arisen-one that requires your immediate attention. Due to the sensitive nature of recent events, I must withhold further details until we meet. We have much to discuss. King Greymane and I await your arrival at Lion's Rest. From Spy Master Shaw". The Slayer said out loud, reading the letter for him and his comrades.

"That doesn't sound good. To have to keep the details secret is a bad sign". Bobor commented as he sat up from the ground, having finished his meditation. "No doubt about that. But we're not gonna know what happened if we stay here". Marken stated, pushing himself off the wall, which Keirrastia nodded in agreement.

"Agreed, let us make haste to Stormwind to learn what has happened". The Huntermaster said in agreement as her daughter jumped off her lap, before the daughter of Turalyon and Alleria stood up from her seat. "What about the children?" The High Priest questioned, staring at her student, before she looked over to Vessaelaria. "We have little choice. We'll have to bring them with us!" Reugus exclaimed as he walked towards the open door that Vessaelaria left open, passing the Slayer and his daughter.

"He is right, Vahrazlyphii. We cannot leave them here without us here to protect them". Denasar told the Draenei as he and the young Night Elf child followed the Battlelord. The High Priest slightly gritted her teeth, before eventually she followed after her comrades, with the other champions of the Alliance and Ilitheda following after them.

The eleven champions left the Snug Harbor Inn and walked through the Tradewinds Market, before they arrived at the 'Sanctum of the Sages', where the portals that lead to Stormwind, Ironforge, Silithus, the Exodar and Nazjatar awaited. Denasar and the others didn't waste time and immediately went to the Stormwind portal, where they disappeared when they walked into it.

(At Stormwind Wizard's Sanctum)

Denasar, Reugus, Bobor, Marken, Vessaelaria, Ilthiel, Kelvalbim, Voleimm, Keirrastia, Vahrazlyphii, Camiann, Ilitheda and Kenatherick appeared inside the Wizard's Sanctum, where Mages created portals that lead to different areas of Azeroth. The champions immediately ran to the portal that would lead them to the exit.

The heroes of the Alliance eventually exited the Wizard's Sanctum, stepping out into the Mage Quarter of Stormwind on the spiral pathway. "Let's fly". Ilthiel said, before he transformed into his Archdruid's Lunawing form. The other champions nodded to the Archdruid, before they summoned their mounts. Denasar summoned Invincible and mounted the undead horse, before he helped his daughter onto the winged horse, with Vessaelaria sitting behind her father.

Vahrazlyphii summoned her Enchanted Fey Dragon and mounted it. Marken summoned his Heart of the Aspects mount, instantly ridding atop the golden dragon. Reugus summoned his Azure Drake and mounted his dragon. Keirrastia summoned her Silver Covenant Hippogryph, before she helped her adopted daughter onto her mount, making sure that Ilitheda was seated behind her.

Voleimm summoned an Armored Blue Dragonhawk, a mount that the others earned in the battle against the Legion. Kelvalbim summoned his Argent Hippogryph and mounted it. Kenatherick summoned a Hearthsteed, a mount that Keirrastia won in a Hearthstone game. Borbor summoned his Ban-Lu, Grandmaster's Companion mount and finally, Camiann summoned a Drake of the West Wind, a gift that Reugus gave to him.

The eleven champions took flight on their mounts, flying through Stormwind to Lion's Rest. In just a few seconds, they arrived there and saw Genn Greymane, Taelia, Mathias Shaw, Shandris and to their surprise, Sally Whitemane there, with the Worgen King kneeling in front of the cenotaph of Varian Wrynn. "How… How could I let this happen?" Genn questioned himself without facing anyone, his head low as if he was filled with guilt.

The eleven champions had their mounts land five feet away from their friends, before they dismounted them with their mounts disappearing. "Shandris, everyone". Denasar said out loud, getting Taelia, Mathias Shaw, Shandris and Whitemane to turn around to see the champions of the Alliance. "Ahh, champions". Taelia said with a smile to see her friends again, while Vessaelaria ran up to Shandris with a happy smile.

"Mother!" The Night Elf child exclaimed in joy, while Shandris held her hands out to her daughter, before she took Vessaelaria into her arms and held her with a relived smile on her face. "Thank Elune you're safe, Vessaelaria". The general of the Sentinel Army said in relief to see her daughter, before she turned to look at her mate, who gave her a smile.

Reugus walked up to his king, before he knelt down next to him. "Genn, are you alright?" The Battlelord questioned Genn Greymane, wondering what could have done this to him. However, the Worgen King ignored his friend's question as he stood up, before he turned to face the rest of the champions of the Alliance. "I knew all of you would not hesitate to answer the call, champions. I will be brief". Genn said to the heroes, getting the champions' attention as they looked at him.

"Genn, what is going on?" Keirrastia questioned the man who was obsessed with killing her aunt, who looked at her for a moment, before he looked at all the champions of the Alliance. "The very heart of the Alliance is under attack. The undead Scourge is swarming in numbers not seen since the return of Arthas Menethil". The Worgen King revealed to the champions of the Alliance, making them all widen their eyes in shock. "The Scourge is back?" Ilthiel questioned in disbelief that the Scourge has returned and was attacking.

Genn looked at the Archdruid and nodded. "Amidst the chaos, something... terrible has happened. What I am about to share with you has not yet been revealed to our allies. They will be told in due time, but I needed to speak to you directly before word gets out. Allow me to explain". Genn told his comrades, getting Marken to narrow his eyes as he stepped forward. "What happened?" The Highlord questioned the Worgen King, wondering what was it that happened that Genn would call 'terrible'.

The white haired king turned to look at the oldest champion of the Alliance, giving him a look of dread. "Two black winged creatures came out from the sky and they… they captured and took away Anduin". The old king revealed, making the heroes widen their eyes in disbelief and horror. "What!? But how?" Vahrazlyphii questioned in disbelief that her fellow Priest was captured.

"They… they carried him away with chains that appeared from black mist". Genn explained to the High Priest how Anduin was captured, making her grit her teeth in concern for her friend. "Anduin wasn't the only one captured". Taelia said, joining the conversation and getting Kenatherick to look at the daughter of the Lick King.

"Like you all saw before, more of those creatures came and captured Jaina as well". The young female told the champions of the Alliance, making Marken narrow his eyes in concern for his old friend. "Those creatures also came for Tyrande". Shandris added, making Denasar and Vessaelaria widen their eyes in concern. "Merciful goddess! Is grandmother alright?" The young Hunter asked in concern for her grandmother, making Shandris look at her daughter and give her a reassuring smile.

"Don't worry; mother successfully… foiled their attempt". The leader of the Sentinel Army reassured her daughter, who sighed in relief, while Denasar noticed his mate hesitating before she answered. "Where is the High Priest now?" Bobor questioned, noticing that Tyrande wasn't here. Shandris turned to face the Windwalker Monk. "After she foiled those creatures's attempt to capture her, Tyrande left to continue her search for Sylvanas. Illidan…" Shandris began, before she stopped and took a sigh.

"Father went with her in case more of those creatures came for her". The leader of the Sentinel Army told her comrades of the Alliance, answering the unspoken question on where the Betrayer was. "That is good to hear. Has any more of those creatures captured anymore key leaders of the Alliance?" Camiann questioned, wondering if the unknown creatures captured anymore of their comrades.

Mathias Shaw looked at the Dark Iron Dwarf and shook his head. "Fortunately, there haven't been any reports of anyone else being captured. It would seem that whatever those things were, they just came here for Anduin, Jaina and Tyrande". The Spy Master answered the Blood Death Knight, getting Kelvalbim to look at him.

"That be where yer wrong, lad". The Proection Paladin told the human, getting Shaw, Shandris, Genn, Whitemane and Taelia to look at the Dwarf. Kelvalbim looked at Keirrastia, who looked at him for a moment, before she looked at her comrades of the Alliance. "Two of those creatures came to try to capture me, but they failed". The Huntmaster revealed to the five, making them widen their eyes in surprise.

"Why would they try to capture you?" Genn questioned the Void Elf, who looked down at the ground for a few seconds, before she looked back at the Worgen King. "Those creatures… I know them because there were in my 'dream' ten months ago". The Huntmaster told the old king, who narrowed his eyes at her. "Keirrastia, for the last time! That was nothing, but a dream!" Genn snapped at the Void Elf, who didn't flinch at the Worgen King's outburst.

"Genn, I know it's hard to believe, that might have not been a dream at all. It might have been a warning". Reugus told his king, making Genn turn to face the champion of his people. "When Keirrastia defeated those creatures, they gave her a sort of warning, speaking as if they knew her". The Battlelord explained to his king, getting Whitemane's attention as she looked at the golden armored worgen.

"What did those creatures say to her?" The female Death Knight questioned the Battlelord, who turned to face her. Instead of Reugus answering her, it was Voleimm who answered his fellow Death Knight. "They said 'He told you that he would come… come to extinguish you…We failed, but that won't stop him. He'll come to bring an end to you, just like he said. The Banished One is coming for you…' Those are the words that those creatures said to Keirrastia". The Lightforged Draenei told the female Death Knight, getting Whitemane to look at him for a moment, before she looked at the Huntmaster.

"Perhaps this could be related". Whitemane stated, making Marken raise an eyebrow at her words. "Related? What do you mean that this could be related?" The Highlord questioned the Death Knight, who looked at him with narrowed eyes. "We've recently learned that Sylvannas Windrunner was spotted in Northrend". Whitemane revealed to the heroes, making them all widen their eyes, especially Keirrastia and Ilitheda at hearing Sylvanas was spotted.

"She cut a way to Icecrown, made her way to the Frozen Throne. She battled and defeated the Lich King". The female Death Knight continued, filling the champions of the Alliance with disbelief. "Impossible!" Camiann exclaimed in disbelief that Sylvanas defeated Bolvar Foredragon all by herself.

"That shouldn't be possible. The Lich King is too powerful to be defeated by one person". Vahrazlyphii said to Whitemane, unable to believe that Sylvanas defeated the lord of death by herself with no aid. "Believe it or not, Sylvanas Windrunner defeated Bol-". Whitemane began, making everyone but Taelia widen their eyes in panic, before Keirrastia quickly covered the female Death Knight's mouth.

Keirrastia gave Whitemane a small glare, before she gestured over to Taelia with her head, reminding her that Taelia still doesn't know the truth about her father. Keirrastia slowly removed her hand from Whitemane's mouth, who sighed before she straightened her posture. "Defeated the Lich King. However, she took the Helm of Domination and shattered it". The female Death Knight revealed to the heroes, filling them with disbelief once again.

The Lich King being defeated alone was unimaginable, but to shatter the helm was pure madness. "When the Helm was shattered, a tear formed in the sky above Icecrown Citadel. In the tear was some sort of spire". The female Death Knight continued to explain to the heroes of the Alliance, increasing their disbelief even more.

"Those creatures must have come from the tear above Icecrown. It is unknown where they've taken the King and the Lord Admiral, but Icecrown is our best option to search for them". Whiteman finished telling the champions of the Alliance, who looked down as they absorbed what they've learned from the Death Knight.

"We must find a way to rescue Anduin and the others. But in this moment, the safety of our citizens and our allies is our highest priority. As such, I have reached out to those experienced in dealing with threats of this nature". Genn Greymane told the heroes of the Alliance, getting them all to look at him with their full attention on the Worgen king.

"The Scourge's unbound hunger has been unleashed. It's only a matter of time before those monsters swarm our streets. We need expertise in dealing with this menace. The death knights of the Ebon Blade have stepped forward to aid us, but even they can't do this alone. The Argent Crusade has answered the call. I need you to work with them to keep our people safe, heroes. I have sent word of your arrival to their commander. He awaits you at their camp just inside the city gates". Genn explained to the eleven champions, surprising Marken, Reugus, Ilthiel, Keirrastia, Bobor and Vahrazlyphii at hearing that the Argent Cruade has returned as well.

"We will do what we can, King Greymane". Marken told the King of Gilneas, who smiled at the Highlord's words. "These abductions… the Scourge attacks… the Banshee will pay for what she's done. By Elune's fury, we will bring her to justice!" Shandris exclaimed as she stepped forward, getting everyone's attention as they looked at her.

"Right now, I don't give a damn about justice. I just want to find where she's taken our friends. King Greymane, what's the plan?" Taelia said, turning to face the Worgen king, who turned to face her as well. "We'll get them back, Taelia. I swear to you, we'll save them all". The old king reassured the daughter of the Lich King, which Camiann nodded in agreement. "Aye, we shall find them!" The Death Knight exclaimed, agreeing with Genn's words.

"The Ebon Blade has extracted the Lich… the Highlord from the battle in Icecrown. He is recovering in Acherus". Mathias Shaw told Genn and the champions of the Alliance as he stepped forward, taking a moment to stop himself from saying 'Lich King' since Bolvar wasn't the lord of the dead anymore.

King Genn Greymane turned around to face the Sky Master. "I prey he can help us find answers. Without that cursed helm, the Scourge are running rampant". Genn said in concern, hoping that Bolvar Foredragon can help them against this new threat. "We'll need the help of the Argent Crusade to stem the tide of the undead". The old king stated, knowing that they can't defend their homes without aid.

"If anyone can figure out how this all fits together, it's Bolvar". Shaw stated, making everyone widen their eyes in panic, while Taelia's eyes were wide in surprise at what she's heard. "Shaw!" Voleimm snapped at the Sky Master, who widened his eyes as he realized his mistake. "Did you say… Bolvar? Bolvar Foredragon? That's my father… is he alive?" Taelia questioned in disbelief to hear that her father was alive.

Genn turned around to face Taelia, his face showing uncertainty on how he will explain to Taelia what happened to her father and how he was the Lich King. "Taelia, I… will explain. But we can't afford to let our guard down. Not with so much at stake". The Worgen King told the young female, before he looked at the eleven champions with narrowed eyes, which Denasar understood what he was telling him.

Denasar turned to face his mate and daughter, who were both looking at him in concern. "Vessaelaria, stay here with your mother. You'll be safe here". The Slayer told his daughter, who still looked worried, something that Denasar noticed. The Demon Hunter placed his right hand atop his daughter's head and gave her a reassuring smile. "I'll be alright, my little princess. I can handle undead without difficulty". Denasar reassured his daughter as he rubbed his hand on Vessaelaria's head, who grew slightly less worried.

"Okay father, just be careful". The Night Elf child told her father, who nodded to her, before he faced Shandris, who still looked worried for her mate. "Shandris, look after our daughter, I'll take care of the Scourge". The Slayer told his mate, who slowly nodded to him. "Please be safe out there". The general of the Sentinel Army begged her mate. Denasar placed his right hand on Shandris's right shoulder, before he pulled her closer to him. "Nothing could ever stop me from coming back to you and our daughter". Denasar told his mate with loving tone, making Shandris smile lovingly at her mate.

Shandris held her daughter with her left hand, while she laid her right hand on the Demon Hunter's cheek, before she pulled him in for a kiss, one that Denasar returned. The two Night Elves kept their lips together for 10 seconds, before they pulled away.

Keirrastia gave Ilitheda a hug, before she looked down at her adopted daughter. "Stay with your grandparents while I'm gone. I will return for you soon". The Huntmaster told her adopted daughter, who nodded to her mother, having full confidence that she'll be alright against the Scourge.

The eleven champions resummoned their flying mounts, before they took off into the sky. The heroes of the Alliance soon reached the Trade District's gates, where three members of the Argent Crusade have made camp. Marken was the first to land his mount, before he dismounted with the Heart of the Aspects disappearing. "Commander Gregor!" The Highlord called out as his comrades stayed airborne on their mounts.

"Ahh, Highlord! I was told to expect the arrival of the champions of the Alliance. Let's get to work". Commander Gregor saluted Marken with his right hand, one that the human Paladin returned. "Indeed my old friend. What must be done?" The Highlord questioned the commander, ready to fight whatever threatens his home.

"The Scourge can strike anytime, anywhere. To counter their unpredictability, the Argent Crusade has secured key locations along the southern road heading east. However, I have yet to receive any reports from our scouts in the field. With the erratic nature of these attacks, I fear the worst. Travel the road and take stock of our outposts. I'll be expecting a full report when you return. Light be with you, Highlord". Commander Gregor told Marken what needs to be done, which the Highlord nodded as he summoned a different mount, Highlord's Golden Charger.

"It shall be done". Marken told his fellow Paladin, who smiled in response. "And make sure you bring Lieutenant Vernon up to speed before you return. He will be awaiting your initial reports in Darkshire". The commander told his Highlord, who nodded as his Golden Charger took flight. "We'll keep that in mind! Come!" Marken called out as he flew away, with the other champions chasing after him.

The eleven champions flew through the Valley of Heroes out of Stormwind, Elwynn Forest to Goldshire. Like last time, Marken was the only one to land his mount on the ground, before he dismounted and ran to the Argent Crusade camp, where a female human Paladin awaited. "Gregor sent me to gather reports. Do you have any news?" Marken questioned his fellow Paladin, who turned to face him and nodded. "Our patrols report outbreaks of Scourge activity to the east. Our forces are shaken, but holding the line. I sent a scout to speak with Guard Captain Josephine in Redridge. They have yet to return". The female Paladin known as Crusader Lenna informed her Highlord as she gave him a scroll.

Marken looked at the scroll, before it put it away in his armor. "We'll go and check on them. Stay here and remain strong". The Highlord told Lenna as he resummoned his Golden Charger and took flight off to Redridge, with Denasar and the others flying after them. It took them 3 minutes to fly to Redridge Mountian Three Corners, where they saw a few Argent Crusaders battling against a small group of Ghouls.

Marken had his Golden Charger landed down on the ground, but unlike the last few times, Kenatherick went down with him. The two champions landed their mounts on their ground, before they dismounted with the Highlord's Golden Charger and Hearthsteed disappearing. Kenatherick brought his hands together as a mall of lava appeared between his hands, before he launched it at a Ghoul, instantly killing it.

Marken ran up to a female Stormwind knight riding atop an armored horse, while Kenatherick laughed lightning from his hands at a nearby Ghoul. "Speak quickly". The Stromwind Knight, named Guard Captain Josephine, told Marken as he stopped next to her. "Gregor sent me. The Scourge… they're already here?" Marken told the female knight, looking left to see Kenatherick attach the claw of the Fists of Ra-den to his right hand, before he slammed it into a charging Ghoul's face, sending it flying.

"The Scourge's presence continues to grow. Without proper reinforcements, Stormwind may soon be under siege". Josephine told the Highlord as she handed him a wrapped up report. "Deliver this report; inform Gregor that the situation is more dire than we anticipated". The Guard Captain told Marken as he looked down at the report in his left hand, before he placed it in his armor.

"Understood, we'll deliver this as soon as we can". Marken told the Guard Captian, before he turned to look at Kenatherick, who fired a bolt of lightning that went from one ghoul to three more. "Kenatherick, we must go now!" The Highlord told the Shaman as he resummoned his Golden Charger and took flight. "Aye!" The Kul Tiran Shaman exclaimed as he resummoned his Hearthsteed and took flight.

The heroes flew to the bridge of Duskwood, where a few Argent Crusaders had made a barricade, with a few ghouls corpses around. Marken flew down next to another Stormwind Knight, who cried out as he spun around and pointed his weapon at Marken threateningly. The Highlord raised an eyebrow as the knight known as Guard Captain Fairbanks lowered his weapon.

"You…! Never sneak up on me like that again! I could have killed you! What are you doing here? It's not safe!" Fairbanks questioned and warned the Highlord. "Commander Gregor sent me to gather information". The Ashbringer answered the Guard Captain, who gasped in surprise. "What? Gather the reports? Our courier should have reached Stromwind long before now!" Farbanks said in surprise, making Marken and everyone else frown in confusion.

"They have yet to receive any reports. Give me what you have I'll make sure it gets delivered". Marken told the Guard Captain, who nodded to him, before he gave the Highlord a wrapped up report. "You should check up on Vernon in Darkshire. If it's this bad here, I can't imagine what his forces must be facing". Farbanks suggested to the Highlord, which Marken nodded as he placed the report in his armor. "We'll do that, stay strong". The Highlord told the Guard Captain, before his Golden Charger took flight to Darkshire, with everyone else following him.

The eleven champions of the Alliance flew through the dark forest of Darkshire, before they eventually arrived at the small town. However, their eyes widened when they saw many ghouls, Vengeful Geists and Risen Fiends attacking the town, even a Frostwyrm was flying above. "By the light…" Vahrazlyphii said in disbelief as she and the others had their mounts land in the middle of the town.

Marken turned his head left and right as he looked through the town, before he spotted an Argent Crusade camp. Marken rode his Golden Charger up to the Argent Crusade camp, Lieutenant Vernon awaited him. "Gregor sent you?" Vernon questioned the Highlord, who stopped in front of the lieutenant and nodded. "Yes. What is the situation here?" Marken answered the lieutenant, before he looked around the horde of undead attacking the town.

"This is far worse than we thought. Commander Gregor must be told of the true extent of the Scourge's resurgence". Vernon told the Highlord as he spotted a ghoul tackle one of his soldiers to the ground. "We'll return to Stormwind and tell him what is happening". Marken told the lieutenant as he drew Ashbringer from his right hand, before he hurled a hammer of pure light from the highblade to the ghoul, smashing right through the undead creature and killing it.

"Before you depart... we are in desperate need of reinforcements. These reports much reach Commander Gregor. But if you would help us thin the Scourge's numbers first, it would grant us a much needed reprieve". Vernon requested from the Highlord, who turned to look back at the lieutenant, before he nodded.

"We shall aid you as best we can". Marken replied to his fellow Paladin, before he looked towards his friends, who were still in the middle of the town. "Comrades, come! Let us push these Scourge monsters back!" The Highlord called out to his comrades, getting their attention as they looked at Marken, before they nodded to him.

The champions of the Alliance drew their artifacts and charged off into battle, Marken included. 10 minutes has passed since they started to battle against the horde of undead in Darkshine. Vahrazlyphii and Keirrastia were currently runing side by side, before they spotted the Frostwyrn flying above them. "Let's take that thing down". The Huntmaster said as drew an arrow from her quiver and pulled it against Thas'dorah's string. "Let's!" The High Priest exclaimed in agreement, before she channeled a torrent of void energy at the Frostwyrn.

Vahrazlyphii's Void Torrent made contact with the Frostwyrn, getting its attention as it flew down to the two female. Keirrastia's boyd glowed purple as the power of the void surged through her, before she unleashed 'Rapid Fire' at the Frostwyrn, landing multiple hits. Yet despite the hits it has taken, the Frostwyrn was still alive. The undead creature fired Frigid Blasts at the two females, forcing them to dodge.

Vahrazlyphii had jumped away to dodge the Frigid Blast, while Keirrastia rolled away. The High Priest's body was covered in shadows, signaling she's entered her Shadowform. Vahrazlyphii slowly levitated off the ground as she held her hands up, charging up a Void Eruption. Keirrastia rolled until she landed in a kneeling position, drawing another arrow from her quiver and aimed into the sky.

"Have a taste of 'Volley', you undead lizard!" The Huntmaster cried out as she fired her arrow into the sky, which disappeared on sight. A twinkle appeared in the sky, before a volley of arrows rained down on the Frostwyrn. The undead creature howled in pain, before it unleashed another Frigid Blast at Keirrastia, striking the ground in front of her and sending the Huntmaster flying.

At that moment, Vahrazlyphii finished charging up her Void Eruption and fired it at the Frostwyrn, making the undead creature cry out in pain. The High Priest closed her eyes as she sighed. 'Pain'. The female Draenei said in her mind, before she opened her eyes. The Frostwryn cried out in pain, though no sort of weapon stroke it. "Keirrastia, now's your chance!" Vahrazlyphii called out to her comrade, who spun midair and landed on her feet.

The Void Elf nodded to the High Priest as she drew another arrow and pulled it hard against Thas'dorah's string, taking aim at the Frostwyrn's stomach. Keirrastia released her arrow, which soared through the air and pierced through the Frostwyrn's bones. The undead dragon gave one final cry before it fell to the ground, dead.

"Great teamwork Keirrastia". The blue haired Draenei praised her teamwork, who smiled at her friend as she walked over to the Frostwyrn's body and retrieved all her arrows. Once turn, Keirrastia turn to look at her friend, before her eyes widened when she saw a skeleton running towards Vahrazlyphii from behind.

"Duck!" The Void Elf cried out as she drew another arrow and took aim at the High Priest. Vahrazlyphii didn't hesitate and knelt down, giving Keirrastia a clear shot. The Huntmaster released her arrow, which pierced into the skeleton's head, killing it with its body falling to the ground. "Thank you, Keirrastia". The High Priest thanked her friend, who nodded to her, before she took aim at a ghoul.

In another part of town, Voleimm and Camiann had teamed up like Keirrastia and Vahralyphii and were tearing through the undead. Camiann gave out a battle cry as he swung the Maw of the Damned, slicing through the bodies of three different colored ghouls. Ten feet away, Voleimm swung the Apocalypse at a Risen Fiend, crushing its bones, before holding up his sword as he fired unholy energy that took the form of a green skull at a ghoul, blasting it to pieces.

"How are yer doing over there lad?" The Blood Death Knight questioned his fellow Death Knight as he held out his right hand, releasing necrotic tendrils at a Risen Fiend, harming and getting its attention. "Last time I counted, eight". The Lightforged Draenei answered his friend as he swung Apocalypse at a ghoul, sending it flying.

The Dark Iron Dwarf raised the Maw of the Damned up, before he slammed it down on the Risen Fiend, smashing its bones. "I be ahead of yer, lad. I be on ten kills". Cammian informed Voleimm with a smug grin on his face, making the Unholy Death Knight narrow his eyes. "I may be behind now, but not for long!" The Champion of the Frozen Wastes exclaimed as he charged at a group of Risen Fiends.

Nearby, Bobor palm striked a ghoul, before he spun kicked a Risen Fiend that was coming from behind. "Haaa!" The Pandaren said as he waved his hands in front of him, creating a ball of Chi energy. "Chi Burst!" The Grandmaster called out as he fired a torrent of Chi energy at two Risen Fiends, blasting the two to pieces.

Bobor chuckled as he looked down at the Fists of Heaven attached to his hands, before he kicked upwards, hitting a ghoul without even looking at it and detaching its head from its body. The Windwalker Monk landed on his feet as he took a stance. "For Azeroth". The Grandmaster said with narrowed eyes, before he charged into the fray.

Outside the town, Marken and Ilthiel were back to back, guarding each other's backs. The Archdruid had transformed into his Moonkin Form and was blast any undead that came close to him, while Marken swung the Ashbringer on any that would get close. "Just like old times, wouldn't you say?" Ilthiel said to Marken with a smirk on his face, one that the Highlord returned as he held the Ashbringer with both his hands.

"Indeed". The Highlord said in agreement as he swung the highblade sideways, cutting through five Risen Fiends. "Let's get this over with and continue on". The Archdruid said as he raised his hands into the air, before he began casting Starfire, calling down bursts of energy that stroke a few undead. "I agree. We must continue forward". Marken said with narrowed eyes, before he cried out as he charged into the fray.

Closely, Reugus roared out as he swung the Warswords of Valarjar, beheading two ghouls with their bodies falling to the ground. "Filthy undead! Should have stayed hidden!" The Battlelord growled as a ghoul came charging towards him, but he lashed out and bite the undead's flesh, before it ripped it out, killing the ghoul.

A Risen Fiend cried out as it leaped at the Battlelord's back, but something then punched the undead creature, sending it smashing into a building wall. Reugus turned around to see that it was Kenatherick that saved his tail. The Shaman brought his hands together as lightning danced through his fingers, before he thrust his left hand out with lightning coming out.

The lightning went from one ghoul to another, zapping a total of 3 ghouls that were zapped to death. "I could have handled that". Reugus said as he thrust the right sword of the Warswords of Valarjar, impaling a Risen Fiend in the stomach, before he pulled the sword up, slicing its head in two.

Kenatherick turned around and gave the Worgen warrior a smug smirk. "Yet I got the chance before you did". The Shaman said as he pulled his right fist back, looking as if he was gonna pound Reugus. Yet, Reugus showed no panic as he knew his comrade well, so he just stepped aside.

A Vengeful Geist leaped from a rooftop to Kenatherick, who showed no concern and thrust his right fist out, punching the undead creature right in the eye. Keenatherick's punch was so powerful that it made the Vengeful Geist's head explode on contact. "Ha, not bad". The Battlelord commented with an impressed look, while Kenatherick began calling upon the elements' powers again.

Finally, Denasar and Kelvalbim were fighting side by side in the middle of the town. The Protection Paladin slammed the shield of Truthguard into a Risen Fiend, pushing it back, before it slashed at it with his sword, carving it into two. A Vengeful Geist leaped at Kelvalbim's back, only for Denasar to appear behind his comrade and slice right through the undead creature's body, with the two pieces falling to the ground.

"Are you hanging in there?" Denasar question his comrade without facing him as he took the demon hunter battle stance. "Aye, it'll take more than tis to take me down". The Protection Paladin replied to the Slayer as he hurled his shield at a Vengeful Geist at a rooftop, breaking its head off its body with the shield returning to its owner. "That's what I like to hear". The Demon Hunter said with a smirk, before he narrowed his eyes as five Risen Fiends charged at him.

Denasar continued smirking as he back flipped, transforming into his Winged Demon form and unleashed his Eye Beam, disintegrating the five undead creatures. "That should be enough". Denasar said in a gruff voice that he always has when he's in his Winged Demon form. "We have spent 5 minutes here. Might now be the time we left?" Kelvalbim questioned as he slammed his shield at a leaping Vengeful Geist, crushing its skull.

"Indeed. Go gather the others and tell them to head to Stormwind". Denasar told the Crusader as he transformed back into his Night Elf form. "Got yer, I'll see you back at Stormwind". The Dwarf replied to the Night Elf as he took off running to search for their comrades. Meanwhile, Denasar ran off to Lieutenant Vernon to tell him of their progress.

The son of the Betrayer found the Paladin right where Marken left him, in front of the church. "We've slew as many undead as we could. We'll be leaving now to return to Stromwind". Denasar told the lieutenant as he returned the Twinblades of the Deceiver to his back. Lieutenant Vernon bowed in thanks to Denasar. "Thank you, demon hunter. We will need all the strength we can muster in the coming days". The Paladin thanked the Night Elf for aiding him and his troops, before he straightened his posture.

"Deliver my report to Commander Gregor. He must be informed of what we are up against. The Scourge's numbers are on the rise, and if they do not abate... then the Light help us all". The lieutenant told the Demon Hunter, looking down at the end. Denasar resummoned Invincible and mounted it. "No matter what comes, remain strong". The Slayer told the Paladin, before Invincible spread his wings and took flight.

Denasar rode Invincible back to Stormwind and was eventually joined by the other champions, who were riding atop their flying mounts. "Were any of you harmed?" Denasar questioned his comrades, flying beside Keirrastia and Marken, who were flying on their Golden Charger and Silver Covenant Hippogryph, while the others were flying behind the three.

Marken looked at his friend and shook his head. "Everyone is unharmed. Although there were many undead in Darkshine, they were no match for us". The Highlord told his comrade, taking a moment to look back at their comrades behind them. "That's good to hear. But don't let your guard down yet, who knows what will happen next". The Slayer warned his comrades as he looked at the other champions flying behind him, whom they nodded to their leader, understanding that this was just the 'calm before the storm'.

The eleven champions soon returned to Stormwind and flew through the Valley of Heroes, heading to the Trade District. "…and I will reassure the justicar she has our full support. Our reinforcements will arrive shortly". A familiar voice said outloud, getting the heroes to look to Commander Gregor speaking to another member of the Argent Crusade, who nodded to the captain, before he ran off. The champions of the Alliance landed their mounts in the Trade District, with Marken being the only one to dismount his mount, before he walked up to Commander Gregor.

"Commander Gregor, here are the reports of the frontlines". The Ashbringer said as he brought out the three reports and hand them to Gregor, who looked pleased. "I will see to it that King Greymane and the Lord Commander receive these reports, though I fear this is only the beginning. This courier has just brought us dire news from Icecrown. It appears we are not the only ones under assault". Gregor informed Marken, who narrowed his eyes at what he heard. The Highlord wasn't the only one with narrowed eyes as the other champions narrowed theirs at hearing the Commander's words.

"We received word from our forces in Northrend. Justicar Trueheart requests our immediate assistance. As you all have experience dealing with the undead, I ask that you answer the call. The urgency of this summons cannot be ignored, even if it means braving the terrors of Icecrown itself". Commander Gregor told the heroes of the Alliance, getting Invincible's attention at hearing Icecrown.

Denasar noticed his undead steed's sudden attention, making him reach down and stroke Invincible's hair to help ease him, knowing how he felt about Icecrown as that was where his beloved first master was killed. Keirrastia looked worried at hearing that they'll have to leave Stormwind, something that Gregor took notice of.

I know you fear for the safety of everyone here, Huntmaster. I will continue to coordinate our efforts and call in additional reinforcements. Light be with you, champions". The Argent Crusade Paladin reassured the Void Elf, who still looked worried that somekind could happen to her family while she's gone.

Vahrazlyphii urged her Enchanted Fey Dragon forward next to Keirrastia and gave her friend a reassuring smile, one that the Huntmaster returned. "Ilitheda will be all right here. Your mother and father will protect their grandchild while we're away". The High Priest told the mother of her student, attempting to comfort the Void Elf. She succeeded as Keirrastia looked less worried now.

"Let us be on our way to Icecrown then". Reugus told his comrades, ready to set off to Northrend. However, before any of the other champions could respond to the Battlelord, an Argent Crusader ran into the Trade District, looking terrified. "I saw him. And… Light save me… he saw me too! Heroes, your aid is needed!" The messenger exclaimed in fear as he ran up to Denasar, getting his and everyone else's attention.

"What's wrong? Who did you see?" Voleimm questioned the human, wondering who he could have seen that terrified him so much. "I... we... I mean... he's..." The manager tried to speak, but was having trouble to because of the fear he was filled with. The manager then took a gulp, still looking terrified. "We found him. We found the Blightcaller". The messenger revealed to the champions, making everyone within the area widen their eyes in disbelief and shock, especially Keirrastia at hearing Nathanos was finally found.

"This is big news". Voleimm whispered to Vahrazlyphii, pointing out how important this news was. "That's an understatement". The High Priest replied to the Champion of Frozen Wastes, turning to look at Keirrastia as she knew how this could help find her aunt. "I was on patrol like I'd done a hundred times before only there he was sitting on the front porch of that old house with those terrible dogs and I swear he smirked at me and stared with those fiery red eyes and—". The young courier said, before he wiped his brow, his heart still beating from seeing Nathanos.

"He's at the Marris Stead. Our forces have him surrounded, but, uh... You should probably head over there. I don't think he plans to surrender". The messenger finished his report, making Kelvvalbim frown in confusion. "Marris Stead?" The Crusader questioned in confusing, making Keirrastia turn to face her comrade. "Marris Stead was Nathanos's home, before Arthas invaded our home. It's in the Eastern Plaguelands". The Huntmaster told the Dwarf about Marris Stead and where it's located.

"This changes things. We should head to the Eastern Plaguelands and finish the Blightcaller while we have the chance". Bobor said to his comrades, believing that they should handle the Blightcaller while he was still sighted. "Bobor is right. It is time for that monster to die for all he's done!" Reugus exclaimed in anger, baring his fangs as he refused to miss this chance to kill Nathanos.

"Very well then. We shall head to Marris Stead and finish the Blightcaller". Denasar told his comrades, agreeing with them that they should finish the Banshee Queen's champion. "But lad, the Blightcaller will be powerful with that mysterious power he has. I don't be thinking we be enough to handle him". Camiann said to the Demon Hunter, reminding him of the mystery power that Nathanos has.

Denasar turned Invincible around to face his comrade. "We won't be fighting him alone. If we have heard news of the Blightcaller, then surely the Horde has as well". The Slayer replied to the Blood Death, getting Keirrastia to look at him with slightly narrowed eyes. "You believe that Deathsword and the others will aid us, correct?" The Void Elf said to the Son of the Betrayer, who nodded to her.

"Deathsword and the others won't miss the chance to kill Nathanos, especially after all he's done. We will meet up with them in the Eastern Plaguelands and together, finish the Blightcaller once and for all!" Denasar explained to his comrades on how they'll, along with the champions of the Horde, will defeat the Blightcaller together.

The champions of the Alliance cried out at hearing Denasar's words. "Let us be off to the Eastern Pleaguelands and end the Blightcaller once and for all!" Denasar cried out as Invincible spread his wings and took flight. One after the other, the other champions flew after their leader with Marken remounting his Golden Charger as he hurried after his comrades.

The Eleven Champions of the Alliance flew together, heading towards the Eastern Pleaguelands. Their flight took 2 hours without stopping, but eventually, they reached the Eastern Pleaguelands. Even with the Lich King defeated and threats undone, the Pleaguelands was still full of undead.

Keirrastia lead everyone to Marris Stead, having visited there before in her childhood. The eleven champions flew above the almost run down house and indeed saw Nathanos Blightcaller standing a few feet away from his home with two Pleaguefangs next to him and a squad of Argent Crusaders surrounding him.

"That messenger's info was correct. There's the Blightcaller". Marken remarked as the eleven champions flew up above to not draw Nathanos's attention. "This time there will be no escape for him!" Reugus growled out at the sight of Nathanos, his claws itching to grab his warswords.

"On that we can agree on!" A familiar voice called out, getting the champions of the Alliance to look to see the eleven champions of the Horde flying up to them, riding their own mounts. Leading them was Deathsword, who was wearing the 'Gravewarden Armaments' (Mystic) armor with the Blades of the Fallen Prince in its 'Dark Runeblade' (Blue form). The Deathlord was riding atop his Frost Deathlord's Vilebrood Vanquisher.

Xandreni wore the armor of his people, the 'Heritage of the Sin'dorei' armor with Felo'melorn and Heart of the Phoenix strapped to her waist, both in their 'Pride of the Sunstriders' (Red) form. The Sin'dorei princess was flying atop her Ashes of Al'ar, a gift Denaasar gave her.

Alcouris wore the 'Deathstalker's Guise' armor with the Dreadblades at his waist in their 'Scoundrel's Last Word' (Blue) form. The Forsaken skin was still in the 'Bony', having wanted to remain the way that he was resurrected. His 'Demon Lock' purple hair blew in the breeze as he rode his Shadowblade's Lethal Omen mount.

Makuskrar wore the 'Regalia of Shackled Elements' (Mystic) armor with the Doomhammer strapped to the left side of his waist in its 'Stormbringer' (Red) form, riding atop the Farseer's Raging Tempest mount.

Gortkaluz himself wore the 'Diabolic Raiment' (Mystic) armor with the Scepter of Sargeras on his back in its 'Shadow of the Destroyer' (Green) form. The Netherlord was mounted on his Corrupted Dreadwing mount.

Denasar looked and smiled at his fellow Demon Hunter, Relathedra, who smiled back at him. The female Demon Hunter had her Demon Hunter tattoos and horns in the same style as Denasar, and had light blue long hair with a blue hair band. Her ears were long, had a black blindfold, a Phoniex necklace, silver chain bracelets and a phoenix armbands. Unlike Denasar, she was a Vengence Demon Hunter. She wore the 'Demonbane Armor' (Mystic) and had the Aldrachi Warblades on her back, in its 'Iron Warden' (Green) form. She was ridding atop the Armored Red Dragonhawk mount.

Denasar turned to look at the newest members of the Horde's champions. First he looked at a brown bird, which was actually the bird form of the Guardian Druid Tauren, Harruag. Last time that the Slayer saw him, Harruag was wearing the 'Stormheart Raiment' (Mystic) armor. Harruag wielded the Claws of Ursoc in its 'Guardian of the Glade' (White) form. Harruag had joined the Horde's champion in the battle against the Legion and joined them when they started their journey in Val'sharah.

The Slayer then turned to look at one of the Horde's newest champion, prince of Zandalari and younger brother of the new queen, Crazak. Crazak's skin was white, his black hair was in the 'Jani's Favor' style and his horns were in the 'Curved' style. He had light blue eyes and two gold earrings on his right ear and a single one on his left. His Zandalari tattoo was in the 'Radiant' style. Crazak had joined the Horde's champions to represent his people and has proven to be a powerful Survival Hunter.

The prince of Zandalari wore the 'Serpentstalker Guise' (Mystic) armor and had Talonclaw on his back in its 'Serpentstrike' (Green), a gift that Keirrastia gave him when the Horde and Alliance made peace after Sylvanas left the Horde. The Zandalari Troll was mounted atop a Cobalt Pterrordax, a mount of his people.

The son of the Betrayer then turned his attention to the Nightborne champion, the Frost Mage Melannet. Melannet had whitish colored Nightborn skin, grayish blue hair in the 'Vigor' style, white glowing eyes and earrings in the 'Edge' style. Underneath the 'Plaguebringer's Raiment' armor that he wore was Nightborn tattoos in the 'Astronomer' style. Strapped to his back was Ebonchill in its 'Archmagi's Will' (Purple) form. He was riding atop the Archmage's Prismatic Disc.

The Nightborne had joined the Horde's champions when they traveled to Suramar in the Broken Isle, refusing to join the side that the Night Elves had joined.

Denasar turned to look at another one of the newest champions of the Horde, the Arms Warrior Mag'har Orc, Dengarunk Hellscream. Dengarunk was the son of the Grom Hellscream of another universe. He came with Geya'rah, the daughter of Durotan and Draka from another universe when their home was conquered by the Lightbound. Unlike Garrosh, Dengarunk was an honorable man and wished for the best for the entire Horde, including all none Orc races. He's become good friends with Thrall, although he was nervous at first because he was afraid of making the same mistake he did with Garrosh, but the two became friends and allies.

Dengarunk had orange orc skin, black hair in the 'Unbond' style and orange eyes, a trait he inheritated from his mother. He stood up straight and wasn't hunched over. The Warrior wore the 'Titanic Onslaught Armor' (Mystic) armor and had Strom'kar, the Warbreaker on his back in its 'Wraith's Edge' (Green) form. The Mag'har Orc was riding atop the Battlelord's Bloodthirsty War Wyrm.

Finally, Denasar turned to look at the Subtlety Rouge Vulpera, Herin. Herin had black and white fur, a good combination, yellow eyes and sharp ears. His snout was short and his pattern was in the 'Forest' style. Herin had joined the Horde's in Vol'dun, and officially became a member of the Horde before N'Zoth began his crusade to take over Azeroth. The Vulpera wore the 'Honorbound Outrider's Leathers' armor and the Fangs of the Devourer in its 'Bloodfeaster' (Red) were strapped to his waists. Herin was mounted on the Bronze Drake, a gift Alcouris gave to his fellow Rouge.

"I knew you all would be here". Denasar stated as the champions of the Horde stopped their mounts in front of the Alliance's champions. "When we heard that Nathanos was sighted, there was nothing that was gonna stop us from making him pay". Xandreni told her old friend, glaring down at the Blightcaller.

"Stay out of this. This is Horde business". Alcouris told the champions of the Alliance, making Reugus growl at the Forsaken. "We were here first, so he's ours to kill!" The Battlelord exclaimed at the Shadowblade, making Vahrazlyphii glare at him. "Silence! Are you trying to let the Blightcaller find out we're here?!" The High Priest scolded the Fury Warrior, who lowered his head, but still growled.

"Nathanos hasn't done crimes against just the Horde. He's done crimes against the Alliance, especially against my people". Denasar told the Forsaken Rouge, refusing to stand by and allow Nathanos to avoid the justice of his people. "We know Denasar, we have no wish to stand in your way". Melannet replied to the Slayer as he waved his hands in peace, showing that he and his comrades don't wish to stop him from delivering justice on Nathanos.

"That is why it is best that we work together to defeat the Blightcaller and for all of us to claim our justice. Will you fight with us to bring an end to the Blightcaller?" Crazek questioned the champions of the Alliance, but he was glaring at them, still enraged at them for invading his home and killing his father.

"Very well Crazak, we will fight together". Kenatherick answered the Survival Hunter, which his comrades nodded in agreement. "Then it is settled. We will bring an end to the Blightcaller together!" Deathsword declared, with his comrades nodding to their leader, trusting his decision. "Before we kill him, we have to have him tell us where my aunt- Sylvanas Windrunner is and where she's taken our friends". Keirrastia reminded the champions of Azeroth, reminding them that Nathanos might have a lead on where Sylvanas is and all she has captured. "Agreed". Relathedra said in agreement, agreeing that they can't kill Nathanos without learning where the Banshee Queen is.

The heroes of Azeroth nodded to the two female elves. Denasar brought out the Heart of Azeroth and stared at it for a few moments, before he put it away. "Let us get to it, then". The son of the Betrayer said as he urged Invincible down, which the undead horse began to fly down to the ground. The other heroes of Azeroth followed the Demon Hunter, ready for the battle that's about to begin.

The heroes of Azeroth had their mounts land all around Nathanos, surrounding the Blightcaller with Ilthiel and Harruag returning to their normal forms, with the undead human smirking at seeing them all. "Well, well, well. If it isn't Azeroth's mightiest "champions". The Blightcaller began as Denasar and the others dismounted their mounts, with disappeared. "Congratulations! You've managed to track me to the most unlikely of places… my very own home". Nathanos continued, mocking the heroes of Azeroth as he gave a mocking bow, making them all grit their teeth.

Vahrazlyphii, Xandreni, Kenatherick and Melannet held up their hands, ready to begin casting magic. Keirrastia drew her bow and took aim at her aunt's champions, while everyone else drew their weapons, ready to charge at the Blightcaller. "Seeking retribution for all the bad, bad things I've done, I suppose? How frightfully predictable". The Blightcaller continued to mock the champions of Azeroth, further infuriating them all.

"Drop to your knees Nathanos and tell us where my wife is, then we'll grant you a painful death!" Deathsword threatened the Blightcaller, standing in front of the human that he fought over for the affection of his wife so long ago. Nathanos narrowed his eyes dangerously at Deathsword with his teeth gritted against one another, before he drew his bow and an arrow from his quiver.

"I've been waiting a long time for this, Nirel, ever since you stole Sylvanas from me all those years ago. Let's get on with it, shall we?" Nathanos said, before his Pleaguefangs and Blight Hounds lashed out at the Argent Crusaders, while he fired his bow into the air, before a set of arrows came down on the champions.

The champions jumped back, avoiding the arrows. However, unexpectedly the arrows burst into the plague when they made contact with the ground. The heroes widened their eyes as they backed away from the plague, before more of Nathanos's Plaguefangs and Blight-Howls came out, tackling Crazak, Bobor and Kenatherick to the ground.

Crazak used Talonclaw to keep a Blight-Howl from sinking its teeth into his neck, while Bobor and Kenatherick used their hands to keep Plaugefangs from killing them. "Crazak! /Bobor! /Kenatherick!" Dengarunk, Camiann and Kelvalbim called out as they ran to their allies. The Mag'har Orc shoulder tackled the Pleaguefang off Crazak, while Camiann impaled the one on Bobor with his axe, and Kelvalbim tackled the one off Kenatherick with his shield.

The three champions held their free hands out to their friends, who took them as Dengarunk, Camiann and Kelvalbim pulled Crazak, Bobor and Kenatherick to their feet. "Thank you Dengarunk". Crazak thanked his comrade, who nodded to him, before the two champions saw the Blight-Howl that Dengarunk had pushed off him was charging towards them.

The Zandalari Troll brought out his crossbow and fired at the Blight-Howl, impaling its left eye, making the undead creature cry out in pain as it stopped running. "Nice shot!" The Mag'har Orc praised his comrade as he smacked Crazak's shoulder, who smirked at his friend. A green blast came out and stroked the Blight-Howl, disintegrating the creature.

Both Crazak and Dengarunk turned to see that it was Gortkaluz who blasted the Blight-Howl, who turned to face his comrades as he drew the Scepter of Sargeras. "Get ya head in da game, yer two! Now be not da time ta let yer guard down!" The Netherlord told his two comrades, before he held his scepter up as a Plaguefang tackled him, using his staff to keep the creature from sinking its teeth into him. "Gortkaluz!" Crazak exclaimed in alarm, before he and Dengarunk rushed over to help their comrade.

In the middle of the plague mist, Nathanos was laughing in a crazy manner as he held his hands out, while still holding his bow with his right hand. However, Deathsword came out of the mist and began running towards Nathanos, who ceased his laughing. Nathanos took an arrow from his quiver and pulled it against his bow's string, before it was covered in dark energy. The Blightcaller fired the arrow at Deathsword, who held his swords up in an 'X' shape shield to block.

However, unexpectedly the shadow covered arrow proved to be powerful, sending the Deathlord flying from the ground and to the ground on his back, making the Blightcaller burst out laughing. "Hahaha! How the 'might' have fallen! How pathetic you are, Nirel!" Nathanos mocked the Deathlord, who narrowed his eyes dangerously at the Blightcaller as he sat up from the ground. "That's not my name anymore! My name is Deathsword!" The Deathlord snapped at the Blightcaller, who continued to laugh.

Suddenly, Reugus leaped out of the mist behind Nathanos, holding the Warswords of Valarjar to the side, attempting to behead the Blightcaller. However, he failed as the Blightcaller leaned down, causing Reugus to miss. The Battlelord growled as he rolled on the ground, turning to face the laughing Blightcaller.

An arrow shot out of the mist, heading towards Nathanos's head, but he leaned his head back, causing the arrow to only scratch his cheek. "Very 'nice' try, Keirrastia". Nathanos mocked the niece of his queen as he drew another shadow covered arrow at quick speeds, before he shot it into the plague mist.

The shadow covered arrow came close to piercing through Keirrastia, but Alcouris leaped in front of her and slice the arrow in half, holding the Dreadblades in his hands. "You will not harm her!" The Shadowblade exclaimed, before he leaped at Nathanos, holding the Dreadblades up to slice Nathanos's arms off.

However, the Blightcaller used his bow to stop Alcouris, making him narrow his eyes. 'He used his bow?' The Forsaken thought to himself in surprise at Nathanos' action. "Be gone!" The Blightcaller exclaimed as he kicked Alcouris away, making him grunt as his back hit the ground. "Hahaha! None of you are a match for me!" Nathanos laughed evilly, before he stopped his laughter and leaped back as ice chains erupted from the ground, almost successfully trapping him.

"Alone perhaps". Deathsword said as he and Reugus walked up next to the Shadowblade. "But together, we will succeed". Keirrastia added as she walked out of the plague mist, holding her right hand over her mouth to not inhale the plague, standing beside her comrades. Alcouris jumped back to his feet, before he smirked at the Blightcaller. "Together, we will end you, Nathanos!" The Forsaken told the Blightcaller, before he, Deathsword, Reugus and Keirrastia took their battle stances.

Nathanos narrowed his eyes and growled at seeing the four champions together. He returned his bow to his back, before he drew the two axes that were strapped to his waist. "Alliance… Horde… Pathetic, the lot of you!" The Blightcaller exclaimed as he charged at the four champions, which Deathsword, Reugus and Alcouris charged at him, while Keirrastia took aim with her arrow.

At another side of the field, Denasar, Relathedra, Vahrazlyphii and Xandreni were in a group huddle as they were surrounded by lots of Plaguefangs, with the four champions holding their artifacts in stances. "How many of these things does Nathanos have exactly?" Denasar questioned as he counted the Plaguefangs surrounding them, which is a total of 10.

"To be honest, I have no idea". Xandreni answered her old friend, having no idea how many Plaguefangs that the Blightcaller posses. "It doesn't matter how many he has! They'll all die the same way!" Relathedra exclaimed as she transformed into her Vengeance demon form and unleashed the fel within her by breathing it out on the Plaguefangs.

Relathedra's demon form was different from Denasar's. It had spikes instead of wings, her skin turned brown and finally her light blue hair changed to orange hair.

"She is quick to act". Vahrazlyphii commented as she was covered in shadows, before she began to leviate off the ground. The High Priest called upon the power of the void and unleashed three Void Eruption blades at three Blight-Howls, sending them sliding across the ground.

"That's just the way she is". Xandreni said with a smile as she held her hands up into the sky, casting spell. From the sky came a meteor that fell upon the Plaguefangs that the High Priest stroke, burning them to ashes. "But her punctuality is a good thing for the moment. We must wrap this up quick, return to report the Blightcaller's death and then make our way to Icecrown". The Archmage said as she narrowed her eyes, before took hold of Felo'melorn with her right hand and pointed it at another Plaguefang. From the runeblade came a fire phoenix that burned the undead creature to ash.

Denasar nodded in agreement to what Xandreni said, while Relathedra charged into a horde of Plaguefangs, still in her demon form. "Then let us be done with this". The son of the Betrayer said, before held the Twinblades out as he charged at a Blight-Howl, using Fel Rush to slice right through it.

Meanwhile, Camiann was joined by Harruag and Herin as they battled against Plaguefangs as well. The Tauren was currently in his Bear Form, shredding and biting on any undead hound that came close to him. "RRRAAA! Feel the fury of the wild!" The Guardian Druid cried out as he tore through a Plaguefang's head off with his right claw.

A Blight-Howl tried to jump Harruag from behind, but Camiann shoulder tackled it to the ground, before he brought the Maw of the Damned down on it, slicing it into two. "Watch yer back, lad!" The Blood Death Knight told his comrade as he swung his axe at a leaping Plaguefang, slicing through through its jaw.

Herin jumped on a Plaguefang's back, before he stabbed the creature's neck with both Fangs of the Devourer. Temporarily leaving the daggers in the dead Plaguefang's neck, the Vulpera brought out two shurikens and threw them in separate directions, which stabbed the eyes of two separate Blight-Howls.

Enraged, the two Plaguefangs charged at Herin, before they leaped at them. Smirking, the Vulpera Rouge grabbed the Fangs of the Devourer, before he disappeared. The two Plaguefangs slammed into each other, pushing the shurikens deeper inside and killing them. Five feet away, Herin reappeared, having used Stealth while he jumped out of the way without being seen. "Damn I'm good". The Vulpera stated with a smirk as he held up the Fangs of the Devourer, before he ran off to kill more.

Meanwhile, Kelvalbim, Bobor and Voleimm were handling uninvited Plaguehounds, who had heard the commotion and decided to join. Unlike the Plaguefangs and Blight-Howls, they were a bit easier. "I hate these things!" Kelvalbim exclaimed as the Crusader held up the sword of Truthguard, before the light came down and infused the ground below him, Bobor and Voleimm.

Bobor sent a barrage of chi infused punches at Plague Hounds that came charging at him, sending them back. "We cannot allow them to join the battle against Nathanos!" The Windwalker told his comrades as he kicked upwards, kicking the chin of a Plague Hound. "Bobor is right! Together with Nathanos's Plaguefangs, they'd prove to be a problem! Let us deal with these dogs!" The Champion of the Frozen Wastes exclaimed in agreement as he held the Apocalypse with his right hand, while he held up his left hand.

Dark energy came out of Voleimm's hand and stroked the ground in front of the Death Knight. Then, five small ghouls came out of the ground, crying out as they awaited their master's command. "Attack!" The Death Knight cried out as he pointed Apocalypse at more approaching Plague Hounds. The ghouls cried out as they charged at the Plague Hounds, ready to kill for their master.

At the second opening of the field, Kenatherick, Makuskrar and Marken were guarding the entrance to prevent more Plague Hounds from joining the battle. "I honestly thought we'd never come back here after we pushed the Scourge out of here!" Makuskrar exclaimed as he slammed both the Doomhammer and the flaming hammer into a Plague Hound's faces at the side.

A Plaguehound had tackled Kenatherick to the ground and was trying to sink its teeth into him, but the Shaman was using his hands to keep it from doing so. "Unlike most of you guys, I haven't been to this land before. But I believe it is clear to say that it isn't exactly a safe place to live". The Kul Tiran said as he punched the Plague Hound off him, before he grabbed its body and threw it away.

Marken held his left hand out for Kenatherick to take, while he held Ashbringer with his right hand. The Shaman took his comrade's offered hand, before the Paladin him to his feet. "This used to be a beautiful forest. But that all changed when the Scourge invaded". The Highlord told his friend as he twirled Ashbring in his right hand, before he impaled it on a Blight Hound's head from above, slamming it to the ground.

The Kul Tiran Shaman held his hands close to each other as a ball of lava appeared, before he blasted it at a charging Plague Hound, covering it in lava as it slowly melted. "I would have liked to have seen it in its prime". Kenatherick said with a sad look that a beautiful forest was reduced to this. "This land may never return to what it once was, but that fate cannot be allowed to fall on anymore lands. That is why we must end the Blightcaller and the Banshee Queen!" The Farseer exclaimed as he slammed the Doomhammer onto the ground, shattering the ground in front of him, sending a Plague Hound flying. "Agreed". Marken said in agreement as he held the Ashbringer with both his hands, with the three champions ready for whatever comes at them.

Back in the middle of the field, Alcouris grunted as he was pushed back to Keirrastia, Reugus and Deathsword, with Nathanos standing 10 feet away from them. So far, the four champions have been getting their rear ends handed to them by Nathanos, even with it being four on one. Even after a few minutes of battling, it was pretty much one sided. "This grows tiresome. Give me a real challenge!" Nathanos exclaimed with a bored look as he spun his axes around a bit, before gripping them again.

"We're getting our asses handed to us". Reugus stated as he spat out blood from his mouth to the ground, his grip on the Warswords of Valajar getting stronger from the anger he was feeling. "He's even more powerful than last time we fought". Keirrastia commented, sweating a bit as she picked up a nearby arrow of hers that Nathanos knocked down.

"Let's change tactics. If attacking alone won't work, let's try together?" Alcouris suggested to his comrades as he held the Dreadblades up. Deathsword glared at Nathanos's board face, before something caught his attention. In the plague mist, a blue light had appeared, making the Deathlord smirk as he knew what it was. "Let's give it a world". Deathsword told his comrades, who nodded to him as they all took their stances.

"My hounds will make a meal of your pitiful flesh!" Nathanos exclaimed as he glared at the four champions in front of him. However, a bolt of ice came out of the mist and stroke Nathanos on the side, making him grunt from the surprise attack. The Blightcaller turned to look at where the surprise attack came from as the plague mist finally cleared to reveal Melannet, who was responsible for the surprise attack, with the Nightborne smirking at the champion of the Banshee Queen.

"Now!" Alcouris cried out as he swiped his daggers out, before he disappeared. The Shadowblade reappeared behind Nathanos, before he swung his blades. The Blightcaller reacted quickly and blocked with his axes, resulting in a weapon lock with Alcouris. The two Forsaken glared at each other as they struggled to overpower each other, but Nathanos forgot one simple thing. Alcouris wasn't alone.

Taking the chance, Keirrastia took aim at Nathanos's back, before she released the arrow, which impaled the Blightcaller's back, making him cry out as he lost focus on his weapon lock with Alcouris, who took advantage as he pushed his former commander back, before he swiped his left dagger on Nathanos's right cheek, slashing it.

The Blightcaller grunted as he took a few steps back, his right hand going to the wound on his cheek. However, that was when Reugus charged at the Blightcaller and started swinging his swords at him, which Nathanos was forced to go on the defensive as he used his axes to block. However, Reugus unexpectedly thrust his head forward, head butting Nathanos, who cried out in pain. "That was for my friend, Liam Greymane!" The Battlelord exclaimed as he swung his swords at Nathanos's axes, knocking them out of his hands and into the air.

The axes flew into the air, before they stabbed the ground a few feet in front of the house. With Nathanos disarmed, Reugus leaped to the side, revealing Deathsword behind him. The Deathlord held his right sword up, pointing it at the Blightcaller. Suddenly, a small version of Sindragosa's Fury appeared in the sky, who breathed frost down on Nathanos as she flew over him, before she disappeared.

Sindragosa's frozen breath was so powerful that it blew the plague mist away, revealing all the other champions, who had finished off Nathanos's Plaguefangs and Plague Hounds. The Blightcaller knelt down, while all the other heroes of Azeroth turned to look as Keirrastia, Reugus and Alcouris gathered around Deathsword, who glared down at Nathanos.

"You've lost, Nathanos! It's over!" Deathsword cried out at the Blightcaller as he pointed the right blade of the Blades of the Fallen Prince at the champion of the Banshee Queen. "If you wish to live, you'll tell us where my aunt is and where she's taken our friends!" The Huntmaster added as she drew another arrow from her quiver.

Nathanos however, began laughing before he stood up on his feet, looking completely unharmed from Reugus, Alcouris, Keirrastia and Deathsword's assault. "Looks like he's still got some kick left in him". Xandreni commented with narrowed eyes as she drew Felo'melorn and the Heart of the Phoenix.

"Back into the fray with all of you!" The Blightcaller cried out as more of his hounds came out of his house and attacked the heroes of Azeroth, much to their annoyance. "How many of these things does he have?" Camiann questioned as he brought the Maw of the Damned down on a Plaguefang's head, killing it while a Blight Hound jumped the Death Knight. The heroes of Azeroth began to fight the hordes of Plaguefangs and Blight Hounds, while Nathanos brought out his bow and began firing arrows at the champions, laughing.

"Heh ha! Come on!" Nathanos laughed out as he fired arrows at Reugus first, then Dengarunk, which the two heroes blocked with their swords. "Is this the best you can do?" The Blightcaller mockingly questioned as he fired another arrow at Denasar, who blocked it with his warglaive, before he kicked a Plaguefang away.

Nathanos then turned his attention to Deathsword and fired another arrow, which penetrated the Demon Hunter's left elbow, making him grunt. The Blightcaller laughed, and then grunted as one of his Plaguefangs charged at the Deathlord. Deathsword raised his sword as the Plaguefang leaped at him, which the Death Knight stopped it with his right sword.

Nathanos took aim at the Deathlord, who was busy handling the Plaguefang. However, before he could fire it, the field darkened, surprising everyone with the Blightcaller stopping his laughter. Denasar looked up above and saw the moon of the Night Warrior cover the sun, making a lunar eclipse. However, a familiar spirit owl was flying in the air, one that Denasar recognized. "Dori'thur… mother". The son of the Betrayer said with wide eyes, now realizing that his adopted mother was here.

Suddenly out of nowhere, an arrow came out of the mist and penetrated Nathanos, which lifted him off his feet from the force. The arrow flew through the air, taking the Blightcaller with it until it pinned Nathanos' body to the wall of his home with all the champions having wide eyes at the expected aid.

Nathanos grunted with his eyes closed in pain, before he opened his eyes and chuckled, while the champions looked at the new arrival. From the mist that the arrow came from, walked out the Night Warrior, Tyrande with two glaives in hand, having a soul chilling glare directed at the Blightcaller. "Mother…" Ilithiel whispered with wide eyes at seeing his adopted mother, who paid no attention to him or the other champions.

"The Night Warrior". Alcouris said as he stepped back, treading carefully for his life. "Tyrande Whisperwind". Melannet whispered, before the Nightborn stepped back away from the approaching Night Warrior. Denasar felt a familiar hand placed upon his right shoulder, making him look to see his adopted father, Illidan Stormrage standing behind him, watching Tyrande.

"Father". The Slayer greeted his adopted father, who didn't turn to face him and continued to watch Tyrande. "Stand back and watch". The Betrayer told his adopted son, who nodded to him as he watched his adopted mother. "Ahh, now… Now it's getting interesting". Nathanos said with a chuckle as he tore the arrow in half, grunting as he pushed himself out of the half that was still stabbed into his house.

Tyrande continued to walk towards Nathanos, not caring about the Plaguefang and Blight-Howl charging towards her from behind. Two blight beams came down from the sky upon the two creatures, reducing them to dust in a matter of seconds. By now, the other champions had finished their Plaguefangs and Blight Hounds and were watching Tyrande.

Soon the Night Warrior stopped walking towards Nathanos, stopping ten feet away from him, who narrowed his eyes as he walked up to his axes and pulled them out of the ground. The two were silent as they glared at each other, before Nathanos made the first move. He ran up to Tyrande and swung his axes at the Night Warrior, who easily blocked and counter attacked, sending the Blightcaller on the defensive.

Nathanos tried to counterattack, but Tyrande easily blocked, then slammed her glaive's handle into his face. With an enraged cry, the Blightcaller swung his axes, only for Tyrande to easily block, before she spun around as she knocked Nathanos' axes back. The Night Warrior narrowed her eyes as she swung her glaive, coming close to beheading Nathanos, who just managed to dodge, but his right axe was knocked out of his hand from Tyrande making contact with it instead.

However, there was nothing Nathanos could do as Tyrande continued to spin around as she sliced through the Blightcaller's stomach with her left glaive, making him groan in pain as he knelt down on his knees and dropped his second axe. Barely a second later, Tyrande's right glaive's blade was pressed against Nathanos's neck, ready to end his life at any moment.

The heroes of Azeroth had wide eyes at watching the one sided fight and from seeing how powerful Tyrande has grown. Illidan looked both impressed and worried at seeing Tyrande easily defeat Nathanos. The Blighcaller however, chuckled, not looking the least bit afraid. "Your power… …has grown". The Blightcaller chuckled before grunting. Tyrande didn't even look at the kneeling form of Nathanos, while Dori'thur landed on a nearby wooden pyre to watch.

"Where is she?" The Night Warrior questioned the Blightcaller, with everyone knowing that it was Sylvanas that she was talking about. "With him, of course". Nathanos answered Tyrande, making Keirrastia and Deathsword frown, wondering just who this 'he' that the Blightcaller was talking about, but the Huntmaster had a feeling that she might know who.

"In the darkest place. Along with every soul burned to ash in your precious tree-". The Blightcaller continued with a sly look, only to be silenced by Tyrande pressing her glaive against his neck harder. Nathanos' words made Denasar, Illidan and Ilthiel growl in anger. "Where is she?" Tyrande repeated as she turned to glare down at the former Forsaken, her dark eyes full of hatred towards him.

Nathanos just laughed again, still not threatened. "Go on. Kill me". The Blightcaller told the Night Warrior, making the champions of Azeroth and Illidan frown in confusion at his words. "You'll send me right to my lady". Nathanos said as he grunted, further angering Tyrande. "Beyond the veil she shattered". The Banshee Queen's Champion added, while the Night Warrior gazed down at him with cold eyes.

Nathanos chuckled as he looked at Tyrande's cold eyes. "Oh, Tyrande!" The Blightcaller began as Tyrande's anger increased tenfold from his amusement. "High Priestess. Night Warrior. Completely powerless to stop the com-". The Blightcaller continued, only to be cut off as Tyrande had enough of his words and beheaded him, making Nathanos gasp before his severed head and body fell to the ground.

The champions of Azeroth, Illidan and Dori'thur were silent as they witnessed Tyrande end the Blightcaller's life, before the spirit owl took flight again. "For Teldrassil". Tyrande whispered as she turned around and began to walk away with Dori'thur flying close to her. "Report the Blightcaller's death to the Alliance and Horde. I'll keep an eye on Tyrande". Illidan told his son, before he walked after the Night Warrior, leaving the champions of the Alliance and Horde.

The Black Moon disappeared, returning the field back to normal. Denasar, Deathsword, Alcouris, Reugus, Xandreni and Keirrastia walked up to the severed head of Nathanos and looked down at it. "Well, that's it. Isn't it? The Blightcaller is finally dead". Xandreni said to her comrades, gazing down at the head of the Blightcaller.

"This wasn't how it was suppose to end! He was meant to face Gilneas justice!" The Battlelord exclaimed in anger that Nathanos died by Tyrande's hand and not by his king's. "He's dead, Reugus. Be happy about that". The Huntmaster told her comrade, looking down at Nathanos's head in pity that he ended up like this.

Deathsword was silent as he looked down at the Blightcaller's head, before he turned to look at Denasar, who had an uncertain look on his face. "Is something the matter, Denasar?" The Deathlord questioned the Slayer, making Denasar turn to look at Deathsword. "Something doesn't feel right. He practically told my mother to kill him. I was expecting him to show some panic that he was about to die, yet he seemed happy". Denasar explained to Deathsword, looking back at the severed head of the man who helped burn down his people's home.

"And the words he spoke. "Beyond the veil she shattered." What did he mean?" The Slayer added, making Deathsword frown, before he looked down at Nathanos's head. "Pay it no mind. Just the words of a mad man". The Deathlord told his comrade as he raised his left foot, before he slammed it down on the Blightcaller's head, squashing it completely.

"Was that necessary?" Keirrastia questioned her uncle, looking a bit disguised by his actions. "Leaving that mad man's corpse is too good a fate for him. Even his corpse deserves no mercy". The Deathlord explained to his niece, not the least bit guilty about his actions. "I agree with the Death Knight". Reugus stated, having enjoyed seeing Nathanos's head get stepped on.

Denasar turned to look at Nathanos's body, but before he could walk over to it, Xandreni held her left hand in front of him. Denasar looked at Xandreni, who shook her head at him. "Allow me; he was a general of my people after all". The Blood Elf princess told her friend, before she walked over to Nathanos' corpse, drawing Felo'melorn with her right hand.

Xandreni stopped in front of the corpse, looking down at it for a moment, before she held up Felo'melorn with the blade creating fire at the tip. "You shame both the Horde, and the Farstriders". The Sunstrider Heir said to the corpse, before she held her blade out to it. The corpse caught on fire from the flame on Felo'melorn, quickly turning to ash in a matter of seconds. Seeing the corpse gone, Xandreni returned Felo'melorn to her waist.

The remaining champions walked over to their comrades. "We should report this back to our leaders. They'd want to learn of the Blightcaller's death". Dengarunk told his comrades, getting Vahrazlyphii to look at the Mag'har Warrior. "Before you all go, could you tell us if any of the Horde's council leaders were captured?" The High Priest requested, getting Makuskrar to look at her with a frown.

"Thrall and Baine were captured by dark winged creatures". The Farseer answered the High Priest, before looking down with gritted teeth, angered that he allowed his friend to be captured. Marken placed his right hand on Makuskrar's shoulder and gave him a look of pity. "I'm sorry my friend, for your lost". The Highlord apologized to his friend, who smiled at the Paladin.

"Let us return to Orgrimmar and report to Lor'themar and the others". Melannet told his comrades, before he held his hands out as he created a portal to Orgrimmar. "Agreed". Herin said in agreement, before he and Melannet entered the portal, returning to the capital city of the Horde.

Alcouris, Crazak, Dengarunk, Harruag, Makuskrar, Gortkaluz and Relathedra entered the portal, returning to Orgrimmar, while Deathsword and Xandreni stayed behind. "Allow me to assist you in your return home". Xandreni said as she held her hands up as they were covered in magic, before a portal to Stormwind appeared behind her.

"Thank you, princess". Bobor thanked the Blood Elf princess, who smiled at the Windwalker Monk. "We will rendezvous in Northrend at the Argent Tournament after we report Nathanos's death". The Deathlord told the champions of the Alliance. Keirrastia walked up to her uncle, looking worried. "Will you be alright? With Bolvar no longer the Lich King and the Helm of Domination destroyed, will you be unharmed?" The Huntmaster questioned the Death Knight, worried for Deathsword's safety.

Deathsword pat Keirrastia on the head. "My powers are as strong as ever, I will be alright". The Death Knight told his niece, who gave an uncertain smile, still worried about him. Deathsword and Xandreni then turned around and walked into the portal of Orgrimmar, teleporting to the capital city of the Horde.

The portal closed after Xandreni and Deathsword entered, but the portal to Stormwind remained. "Come, let us return to Stormwind". Voleimm told his comrades, before he walked into the portal, returning to Stormwind. The other champions nodded, before they too entered the portal, leaving the home of the Blightcaller.

(At Stormwind Wizard's Sanctum)

Denasar, Reugus, Bobor, Marken, Ilthiel, Kelvalbim, Voleimm, Keirrastia, Vahrazlyphii, Camiann and Kenatherick appeared inside the Wizard's Sanctum, before immediately taking off to Lion's Rest. Once they were out of the tower, they resummoned their flying mounts and took off towards Lion's Rest.

They soon arrived at Lion's Rest and landed in front of Genn, Taelia, Mathias Shaw, Shandris, Vessaelaria, Ilitheda and Sally Whitemane, who were all waiting for them. Denasar and Keirrastia immediately dismounted their mounts, before the Slayer walked up to his mate and daughter, while the Huntmaster rushed to her daughter. Shandris and Vessaelaria hugged Denasar in relief with Ilitheda doing the same to her mother, before she ran up and hugged her teacher as she dismounted her mount, making Vahrazlyphii smile at her student.

Reugus walked up to Genn, who looked at him with narrowed eyes. It was silent for a few moments, before the Battlelord broke it. "Nathanos Blightcaller is dead". Reugus told his king, who widened his eyes in surprise. "We joined up with the Horde's champions against Nathanos and battled him. He proved to be a powerful opponent, but in the end, the one who killed him was Tyrande Whisperwind. She defeated him soundly and quickly, before she ended his life". Marken told the worgen king about their fight against Nathanos, walking up next to Reugus and stood in front of Genn.

"At long last, one of the most notorious enemies of the Alliance has met his end. Well done, heroes. Well done indeed". Genn praised the heroes of the Alliance as he applauded for them. Genn then stopped his applauding, before he gave a serious look to the champions of the Alliance.

"I have faced the Blightcaller before. A pity I wasn't there to help end him. At long last, one of the architects of the Fourth War has been brought to justice". Genn said out loud for the champions of the Alliance to hear him, making Keirrastia narrow her eyes as she turned to look at the old king, remembering how Nathanos didn't seemed to have been brought to 'justice'.

"I envy Tyrande for landing the killing blow. Though I fear it did little to bring her peace. The power within her seems to be growing stronger. More… insistent". The old king said as he glanced at Denasar, Shandris and Vessaelaria, with the three Night Elves having worried looks on their faces for Tyrande.

"Our hunt for Sylvanas continues. We must find where she's taken Anduin, Jaina, and the others. Do not relent, champions. Bring them home". Genn told the eleven champions, who all saluted him. "We will find our friends and bring them back. You have our word". Bobor told the old king, swearing to find the Lord Admiral and King of Stormwind.

"With the Blightcaller dead, we should head to Northrend". Camiann suggested to his comrades, getting Kenatherick to look at the Blood Death Knight and nod in agreement. "Agreed. Let us board the next Kraken ferry to Northrend". The Shaman said as he summoned his Hearthsteed, while Comiann summoned his Drake of the West Wind, before the two took off to Stormwind Harbor.

"Are you two gonna be alright in Northrend?" Ilitheda questioned her mother and teacher in concern, making Keirrastia smile as she pat her daughter's head. "We've both been to Northrend before; we know exactly what's there. Just stay here. Your grandmother and grandmother will looked after you while I'm away". The Huntmaster told her daughter, before she knelt down and brought Ilitheda into a hug, one that her returned.

"If it gets too dangerous in Stormwind, take the portal to Exodar. My father will look after you". Vahrazlyphii told her student, getting Ilitheida to look at her. "Okay". The young Void Elf child replied to her teacher, who smiled even more. "Just for safety, I'll lend you this". The High Priest said as she held up her right hand, before a bright light appeared.

The light cleared to reveal T'uure, Beacon of the Naaru in its 'Banner of Purity' (Purple) form. "Use this as a last resort". The High Priest told her student as she gave T'uure to Ilitheda, who looked at it with wide eyes. "You're… really lending me T'uure?" The young Void Elf questioned in disbelief that her teacher was lending her the Holy Priest Artifact.

"Consider this a test and if you succeed, I'll teach you how to wield the staff". The High Priest replied to her teacher, giving her a small wink. Ilitheda nodded excitedly at Vahrazlyphii, making both the High Priest and Huntmaster smile. Keirrastia and Vahrazlyphii stepped back as they resummoned their mounts, before they took off after Kenatherick and Camiann.

The other champions summoned their flying mounts and went after their comrades with Ilthiel turning into his flight form, leaving Denasar as the last champion, who was saying goodbye to his mate and child. "I will come back, with Anduin and Jaina". The Slayer told Shandris, holding Vessaelaria in his hands and giving her a small hug.

Shandris still looked worried for her mate though. "But who knows what's waiting for you at Northrend. Perhaps even more of those creatures". Shandris said in concern for her mate, who just smiled as he held her left hand with his right hand. "I've faced demons, titans and even the Old Gods. I don't fear whatever awaits at that frozen land, or beyond. I will return home to you both". Denasar told his lover, before he turned to look at Vessaelaria, who didn't look as worried as her mother.

"Look after your mothers and our people while I'm gone". The son of the Betrayer told his daughter, who nodded to him. "I will, father". The Night Elf child replied to her father, making him let out a proud smile as he kissed her forehead, before he handed Vessaelaria to Shandris. Both Shandris and Vessaelaria watched as Denasar summon Invincible and take off after his comrades.

(Later at Northrend)

5 hours has passed since the eleven champions set out to Northrend. Denasar, Marken, Keirrastia, Reugus, Ilthiel, Vahrazlyphii, Bobor, Kenatherick, Camiann, Kelvalbim and Voleimm had taken the Kraken ferry to Northrend, and five hours has passed until they arrived. Right now, the eleven champions had just arrived in Icecrown on their flying mounts, but their attention was currently on the sky, or what was meant to be the sky.

The sky had shattered, looking like shattered glass had fragmented the sky, revealing an ominous dark ream with what looked like a tower pointing right at the Frozen Throne. "By all that is holy, what is that?" Marken questioned in disbelief as he and the others looked up at the shattered veil, their mounts flapping their wings to remain airborne.

"I don't know". Kenatherick replied to the Highlord, his eyes wide as he stared at the shattered veil above them. "This must be the tear that Whitemane told us about". Voleimm commented, looking up at the realm above them as he could a powerful darkness coming from it. "It is unimaginable, isn't it?" A familiar voice questioned, getting the champions of the Alliance to look and see Deathsword, Xandreni, Alcouris, Gortkaluz, Makuskrar, Herin, Relathedra, Melannet, Harruag, Dengarunk and Crazak flying up to them on their mounts, with Harruag in his flight form.

"What took yer all so long, lad?" Kelvalbim questioned the Death Knight, who paid no attention as he looked up at the shattered veil. "I have never seen anything like this before". The Deathlord stated with wide eyes, feeling a great darkness inside the realm above them. "We won't get any answers flying up here. Let's head to the Argent Tournament". Alcouris said as he urged his Shadowblade's Lethal Omen forward to the Argent Tournament.

The remaining heroes of Azeroth flew after their comrade to the Argent Tournament, with both of them still looking up at the shattered veil above them. The twenty two champions soon arrived at the Argent Tournament, or what's left of it. It was being overrun by undead all over. "This is not good". Relathedra stated with wide eyes at seeing the Argent Tournament grounds overrun with undead.

"And it'll get worse if we don't stop whatever this is". Bobor told his comrades, before he urged Ban-Lu to the tournament. "You heard the Monk. Let's do this!" Denasar exclaimed as he followed after his comrade, which the other champions followed after them. The twenty two heroes flew around the Argent Tournament, until they found Justicar Mariel Trueheart on her Argent Charger mount in a discussion with Crusader Renn.

"Forgive me, but I believe that to be antiquated thinking, Justicar. We must act now, before it is too late. If we continue to delay our opportunity may be lost". The female Blood Elf said to the Justicar, who frowned as she looked down in thought. "What is going on here?" Marken questioned as he and his comrades landed before Justicar Mariel Trueheart and Crusader Renn, immediately getting the Justicar's attention.

"You've all arrived just in time. Commander Gregor spoke highly of all of you". The Justicar greeted the twenty two champions with a salute, one that Dengarunk returned. "What happened here?" Dengarunk questioned as he turned around to look at the nearby undead, which were ghouls, abominations and gargoyles.

"The Scourge's attack was as sudden as it was unexpected. Truth be told, they caught us unawares. Through swift action, we were able to rally our defenses... though not before the tournament grounds were overrun. We must secure the area before we can mount a counteroffensive. Vanquish these monsters in the name of the Light!" The Justicar explained to the twenty two champions, which Vahrazlyphii nodded to the human female Paladin.

"Very well, we will take care of the undead here. Is there any other missions that need to be accomplished?" The High Priest questioned the Justicar, which Crusader Renn stepped forward to the heroes of the Alliance and Horde and nodded to the daughter of the Prophet. "There is, indeed". The blood elf answered the High Priest, getting Makuskrar to look at her with narrowed eyes.

"It has been quite some time since we faced such a large number of Scourge. We were ill-prepared for an assault of this scale. While we managed to escort many to safety, there are some who were wounded in the chaos. Search the training grounds for any survivors from the onslaught. We need all the help we can get". The Crusader explained to the champions as she handed bandages to Makuskrar, making the Farseer nod to her.

"Leave it to us. We'll aid as many survivors as we can". The Shaman swore to the blood elf, making her smile in gratitude. Denasar turned around and walked forward, drawing the Twinblades of the Deceiver as he did so. "Let us not waste time and hurry with this". The Slayer told his comrades, before he ran off to battle the undead. The other champions of Azeroth drew their artifacts and ran off to fight the undead and aid any harmed Argent Crusaders along the way.

(10 minutes later)

10 minutes has passed since the champions of Azeroth began to fight the undead of the Scourage and heal any harmed Argent Crusders that were called Wounded Valiants. So far they've made progress, slaying many Chillbone Gnawers, Darksworn Sentries, Lumbering Atrocities, Darksworn Bonecasters, Brittle Boneguards and healing Wounded Valiants.

Currently next to the Aspirants' Ring, Denasar was facing a Lumbering Atrocity by himself, while the other champions were elsewhere around the Argent Tournament. The Abomination cried out as it swung its axe at Denasar, who back flipped away from the undead creature, and landed on his feet. "I hate abominations!" The son of the Slayer explained as he held up the Twinblades.

Denasar's runes glowed fel green as fel energy appeared over the Twinblades. The ground underneath the Lumbering Atrocity erupted with fel energy, striking the abomination underneath, both harming and stunning the undead creature. Out of nowhere, a large flaming fireball came out of nowhere and stroked the Lumbering Atrocity from the side, making the undead creature cry out in pain.

Denasar turned to see Xandreni standing not too far away with her hands on fire, showing that she was responsible for the large flaming fireball. The blood elf princess gave her friend a wink, making him smirk as he turned to look back at the abomination. The Slayer back flipped as he transformed into his winged demon form and unleashed his Eye Beam.

The Eye Beam struck the Lumbering Atrocity's gut, dealing major damage to the undead creature as it cried out in pain. Xandreni drew Felo'melorn from her waist with her right hand with flames appearing over the blade. The Sunstrider heir waved her runeblade, unleashing a phoenix of pure fire at Lumbering Atrocity, striking it and setting it on fire.

The flames and fel energy eventually burnt the abomination to ashes, latterly. Denasar returned to his normal form, before he looked at the blood elf princess. "I had that". Denasar said to his old friend, making Xandreni chuckle as she walked up to the son of the Betrayer. "Sure you did, nephew". The Archmage replied to her old friend, making Denasar chuckle at hearing her call him that.

The Sunstrider heir turned to look around and still saw undead around the Argent Tournament, but not as many as before. "It looks like we've made some progress. There isn't as many undead as before". The Fire Mage stated as she walked around Denasar, who looked around and saw that she was correct. "Indeed. But there's still a few more running around the place". The Slayer told the blood elf as he drew one of his warglaives and threw them at one Chillbone Gnawers, slicing its head off.

The Night Elf Demon Hunter held out his right hand as his warglaive returned to him. Xandreni had her arms crossed when she witnessed her friend behead that ghoul, before she looked over her right shoulder to see a healed Wounded Valiant charging off to battle the undead. "Be that as it may, a few of the Argent Crusaders have been healed and have joined the battle". The Archmage told her comrade, getting him to turn around to face her while placing his warglaive back on his back.

"The situation seems more under control now. I will go report this to Justicar Mariel Trueheart and Crusader Renn. What will you do?" Denasar questioned his old comrade, getting Xandreni to turn around to face him. "I'll stay here and continue to 'clean' up the place". The Sin'dorei princess answered her old friend as she drew Felo'melorn and the Heart of the Phoenix, before she took off to slay more of the undead.

Denasar began running back to Justicar Mariel Trueheart and Crusader Renn, avoiding any undead and eventually reached the two. First he went up to Crusader Renn. "Your comrades have been healed". The Slayer informed the Crusader, who let out a pleased nod. "We'll see to it they receive proper treatment". Renn told Denasar, reassuring him that her comrades will receive proper treatment.

The Slayer then walked up to the Justicar, who was still riding atop her Argent Charger. "Justicar! We've reduced the undead's numbers greatly! That should help your forces recover ground". The son of the Betrayer informed Mariel, getting her attention as she looked down at the Demon Hunter and gave him an appreciated smile.

"It appears we are making headway". The human female said, giving Denasar a bow in thanks for his aid. "Now to press the attack". Crusader Renn suddenly said, getting Denasar's attention as he turned around to face her again. "Isn't now a bit too soon? We just regained control of the battle here". Denasar stated with his arms crossed, thinking that it was too soon to start the counterattack.

"You misunderstand what I mean, champion. Allow me to explain". The Blood Elf informed the Demon Hunter, who narrowed his eyes but allowed her to speak. "The resurgence of the Scourge is troubling enough, but there are also reports that the Cult of the Damned has risen anew as well. If true, then that bodes ill for us all. We cannot allow the cultists' machinations to continue unchecked. I suggest we engage in some reconnaissance". Renn explained to the Slayer, telling him what she meant earlier by 'pressing the attack'.

Denasar, now understanding what she meant, gave a nod of approval. "So you wish for me to spy on them? Very well then. Where do you wish for me to spy?" The son of the Betrayer questioned the Crusader, willing to do this spy mission himself. "The Cult of the Damned are located at Aldur'thar: The Desolation Gate and Mord'rethar: The Death Gate. We have scouting parties located close by. Take this map and it'll help you find where they're located". The Blood Elf Paladin explained to the Night Elf, handing him a wrapped up map, which Denasar took.

"I will return as soon as I am able. If the others ask where I am, tell them what I've set out to do". The son of the Betrayer told the Crusader as he summoned Invincible and took off to the skies. High in the skies, Denasar opened the map that Renn gave him and looked at it. Thankfully, Aldur'thar: The Desolation Gate and Mord'rethar: The Death Gate weren't too far away.

Denasar looked in the direction where the hills were, before looking back at the map. "One of the scouting parties are nearby. We should start there". The Slayer said as he looked at Invincible, only to see the undead horse looking at Icecrown Citadel. "I know boy. This brings back memories". Denasar said to one of his favorite mounts as he rubbed Invicible's neck, making the undead horse let out an affectionate cry.

"Let us be done with this and return to the others". The son of the Betrayer said as he took hold of Invincible's reins and urged him forward, which the undead horse let out a cry as he flew to the mountains between Sindragosa's Fall and Mord'rethar: The Death Gate. The flight was short as Denasar soon spotted an Argent Crusade Goblim next to a telescope.

Invincible landed next to the goblin, making him cry out in surprise as he turned to face Denasar and his undead steed. "Hey, hey! Keep it quiet over here! We don't need everybody and their boney little friends comin' after us, okay?" The goblin requested from the Demon Hunter, who narrowed his eyes a bit as he dismounted Invincible.

The Slayer walked up to the telescope, before he knelt down and looked into it. Denasar saw Putrid Amalgamations, cultists, plague catapults and plague containers. "Looks pretty well protected to me, bub. I'd be careful if I was you". The goblin named Fizzix Blastbolt warned Denasar, who pulled away from the telescope.

The Slayer walked back to Invincible and mounted it, before the undead horse took flight again. Denasar urged Invincible further in the mountains and soon spotted a female gnome next to a telescope, looking down at Aldur'thar: The Desolation Gate. Invincible landed down next to the gnome, who didn't react like Fizzix and just looked up at Denasar. "You didn't happen to bring an extra blanket, did you?" The gnome named Binkie Brightgear questioned, shivering from the cold air.

Denasar chuckled in amusement as he dismounted Invincible and knelt down to the scope. The Slayer looked in the scope and saw cultists, captured Argent Crusaders and even humans wearing blacks of the Cult of the Damned. "What do you think they're up to in there?" Binkie questioned Denasar, who leaned away from the telescope that was called the Sight-O-Matic 3000 with narrowed eyes.

"No idea. Stay here and watch them. I'll go back and report this back to the Argent Tournament". The Slayer told the female gnome, walking over to Invincible and mounting the undead horse once more. Invincible took flight again and flew back to the Argent Tournament. The flight was very short, as Denasar arrived back at the Agrent Tournament Grounds and immediately made way to find Crusader Renn.

He found her where he left her, standing beside Justicar Mariel Trueheart. Invincible landed before the two, with Denasar jumping off, before he made his way to Renn. The Slayer told the Crusader what he saw at Aldur'thar: The Desolation Gate and Mord'rethar: The Death Gate. To say that Crusader Renn was surprised was an understatement; she was shocked at what she's heard.

"They must be planning something. Though what, I cannot say. I will instruct our scouts to observe and report". Renn informed Denasar, who nodded in approval, agreeing that they should watch the Scourge's moves. "Denasar!" A familiar voice called out from behind, getting Denasar to look over his left shoulder.

The son of the Betrayer saw Deathsword, Keirrastia, Reugus, Ilthiel, Vahrazlyphii, Bobor, Kenatherick, Camiann, Kelvalbim, Voleimm, Marken, Xandreni, Alcouris, Gortkaluz, Makuskrar, Herin, Relathedra, Melannet, Harruag, Dengarunk and Crazak all walking up to him with the Deathlord leading the way. "Where have you been?" Deathsword questioned the demon hunter, having been looking for him.

"I was on a scouting mission and found out that we're gonna be busy here in Northrend". The Night Elf answered the Blood Elf, turning around to face him. Before Deathsword or the other champions could question what he meant, Justicar Mariel Trueheart interrupted their convesastion. "There is still much to be done, heroes. Crusader Renn here will assit you in your endeavors". The female Paladin told the champions of the Alliance and Horde, getting them all to look at her.

Denasar then turned to look at Crusader Renn, who began to tell him their next assignment. "While the other crusaders regain control of the tournament grounds, all of you and I must press on. Our forces previously attempted to set up a forward camp farther into Icecrown, but they were overrun. With you champions by our side, I am confident we can reclaim the area". Crusader Renn explained to the twenty two champions of the Alliance and Horde, who all listened to her when she started speaking. Keirrastia spoke up, speaking on her comrades' behalf.

"You have our aid in reclaiming the area for your camp". The Huntmaster told the Crusader, looking over her shoulder to see her comrades nodding in agreement. "I await your signal. Travel to Ironwall Rampart". Renn told the champions, which Denasar nodded to her as he resummoned Invincible once again.

The other champions followed Denasar lead as they summoned their flying mounts once more, before the twenty two champions took off towards Ironwall Rampart, passing The Bombardment and The Valley of Fallen Heroes. Soon they arrived at the top of the wall, where the signs of a battle that took place, welcomed them. The twenty two champions dismounted their mounts once they landed, which disappeared when their riders got off.

Marken began planting the signal; a Banner of the Crusader to signal Crusader Renn to come. While the Highlord did that, the other champions looked around the ruined camp. Keirrastia meanwhile walked up to the edge and looked at Icecrown Citadel in the distance. 'Aunt Sylvanas… Just what have you done? What are you even planning?' The Huntmaster thought to herself, thinking about her aunt, her actions and what she's planning.

Keirrastia drew Thas'dorah, held it with both her hands and looked down at it. 'It's only because of you that I grew up to be who I am now. I became the Huntmaster, wielder of our family's legacy and one of Azeroth's champions because of your teachings'. Keirrastia thought to herself with sad eyes, thinking about her childhood. She thought about the lessons that she learned from Sylvanas on how to survive in the wilds, wield a bow and arrow and to protect the people she loved.

'I've always wanted to become like you since my childhood, but so many things have happened since those days. I became trapped in the void, missed the invasion of our homeland by the Scourge and the rise of the Forsaken. Of all things, I thought you'd never abandon the army you created'. The daughter of Turalyon and Alleria thought to herself, closing her eyes in sadness with a tear leaving her right eye.

Feeling a familiar hand being placed upon her shoulder, Keirrastia looked over her left shoulder to see that it was Deathsword. One look in her eyes told the Deathlord what she was thinking. "I miss the person she used to be, too". The former Paladin said to his niece, who began to grow tears as she looked back at her family legacy. "Just how did she become the person she is today?" The young elf mother questioned her uncle in sadness as she looked up at the shattered veil above them.

"I do not know, Keirrastia. She became so distant when she became Warchief. The woman I loved changed for the worse, she became something indescribable. We'll receive our answers the next time we see her". The Deathlord told his daughter with a sad look, before he brought Keirrastia into a hug. The Huntmaster was quiet, having stopped crying when her beloved uncle wrapped his hands around her.

"Get to your positions! These grounds will be ours soon enough!" A familiar voice exclaimed, getting Deathsword and Keirrastia's attention as they looked to see the Banner of the Crusader, the other champions gathered around it and Crusader Renn, along with Crusaders Lenuvas and Blair running forward to the middle of the path.

Deathsword let Keirrastia go, before he rushed to join the others. Keirrastia looked back at Icecrown Citadel and the shattered veil for another moment, before she joined her comrades, already drawing another arrow. A Darksworn Bonecaster appeared before the group, crackling evilly, before it turned around and created a portal.

From the portal came a handful of Risen Skeletons, before the Darksworn Bonecaster. "We take care of tis!" Crazak exclaimed as he, Gortkaluz, Ilthiel and Reugus stepped forward, all four of them drawing their artifacts. Crazak and Reugus charged at the Risen Skeletons, while Gortkaluz and Ilthiel began casting their spells, acting as cover fire.

"Stand together! They won't let us take it without a fight!" Crusader Ren called as she, Lenuvas and Blair took their battle stances with their weapons. Another Darksworn Bonecaster appeared and created a portal, which a Lumbering Atrocity came out with the Darksworn Bonecaster disappearing. "This is where we take over". Relathedra said as she and Camiann stepped forward, both drawing their artifacts.

"Leave this brute to us, lad. We'll take care of it. For Azeroth!" Camiann exclaimed, before he and the Vengeance Demon Hunter charged at the Lumbering Atrocity, intending to deal with it. A third Darksworn Bonecaster appeared and summoned another portal, this time with Risen Skeletons coming forward, lead by a Cult Shadowmage. The Darksworn Bonecaster disappeared as the undead creatures charged forward.

"We shall deal with these". Bobor said as he, Voleimm, Vahrazlyphii, Harruag, Alcouris and Herin, stepped forward, with them all drawing their artifacts. "For Azeroth!" The six champions cried out as they charged at the undead creatures. Once again, another Darksworn Bonecaster appeared, created another portal, one where a atrocity, a shadowmage, and some skeletons all came out at the same time.

"We've got this!" Kenatherick cried out as he, Marken, Kelvalbim Dengarunk, Makuskrar and Melannet drew their artifacts and charged at the undead horde. The only ones not fighting now were Denasar, Keirrastia, Deathsword, Xandreni, Crusader Renn, Crusaders Lenuvas and Crusader Blair, but that wouldn't last as another undead revealed itself.

From the ground came a Bone Giant, making the four remaining champions look up to see its face. "The size hardly seems fair". Xandreni commented, even though she has faced Bone Giants a lot in the past. "Don't let its size fool you. That thing is as brittle as they come. Bring it down!" Crusader Renn cried out as she, Crusader Lenuvas and Crusader Blair charged at the Bone Giant.

"Gladly!" Denasar replied to the Crusader as he drew the Twinblades of the Deceiver and charged at the Bone Giant. Deathsword drew the Blades of the Fallen Prince, before he looked past his right shoulder to look at Xandreni and Keirrastia. "Stay at a distance and don't get too close". The Deathlord told his comrades, before he ran off to join Denasar and the Crusaders.

Xandreni immediately began waving her hands as she started casting magic, before flames surrounded her hands. The Blood Elf Princess began firing fireballs at the Bone Giant, while Keirrastia began firing arrows. The Bone Giant took the two elves's fireballs and arrows, but its main attention was attempting to crush Denasar and Deathsword.

The Ironwall Rampart was filled with the sounds of battle as the heroes of Azeroth battled the undead minions of the Scourge. The champions of Azeroth eventually began to overwhelm the undead and push them back. Crazak, Gortkaluz, Ilthiel and Reugus easily defeated their opponents, before they aided Relathedra and Camiann.

Bobor, Voleimm, Vahrazlyphii, Harruag, Alcouris and Herin defeated their opponents and went to aid Kenatherick, Marken, Kelvalbim, Dengarunk, Makuskrar and Melannet. Meanwhile with Denasar, Deathsword, Crusader Renn, Crusader Lenuvas and Crusader Blair, they were still having a bit of trouble with the Bone Giant as it proved to be a challenge.

The Bone Giant roared as it lifted its axe up, before he brought it down on Denasar, who leaped away to dodge. While the undead creature was distracted, Keirrastia took aim at the Bone Giant with her bow, before she released the arrow. The arrow soared through the air, until it penetrated the undead creature's skull, but wasn't killed yet.

"This is not going well". The Huntmaster stated as she drew another arrow from her quiver. "Then let's change that". Xandreni said as she walked up next to Keirrastia, watching as Denasar and Deathsword dodge the Bone Giant swinging its axe at them, while Crusader Renn, Crusaders Lenuvas and Crusader Blair were attacking it from behind. "Denasar! Deathsword!" The Archmage called out to her comrades, getting the Demon Hunter and Death's attention as they looked at her.

"Our attacks alone won't defeat that thing! Let's try combining our attacks!" The Fire Mage suggested to the two elves, making them smirk as they looked at each other, before they nodded. Xandreni then turned to look at Keirrastia, who already had her arrow ready. "Keirrastia, use Volley in the air above the Bone Giant!" The Blood Elf Princess told the Void Elf as she drew Felo'melorn and the Heart of the Phoenix. Keirrasta raised an eyebrow at Xandreni, but did what she was told.

The Huntmaster aimed at the sky above the Bone Giant and released her arrow. The arrow soared into the air, while Xandreni pointed Felo'melorn in the same direction, before a pure fire phoenix appeared from her blade and flew to the sky. A volley of arrows then came down from the sky, going right through the fire phoenix.

The arrows didn't burnt to ashes, but instead were incased in fire. The arrows rained down on the Bone Giant, penetrating its bones and burning them, making the undead creature cry out in pain. But Xandreni and Keirrastia's assault wasn't done yet, the fire phoenix cried out as it flew around and stroke the Bone Giant's back, making it cry out in pain as it fell to its knees.

"Denasar! Deathsword! Now's your chance!" The Blood Elf called out to her two comrades, which Denasar and Deathsword nodded as they faced the Bone Giant that had fallen to its hands, having dropped its axe. Deathsword cried out as an icy form of Sindragosa's head appeared in front of him.

Sindragosa breathed out an icy breath at the Bone Giant, dealing damage and freezing the undead creature. Denasar back flipped as he transformed into his winged demon form and unleashed Eye Beam, merging it with Deathswor'd Breath of Sindragosa. The two attacks continued to damage the Bone Giant, until it couldn't take anymore and fell to the ground, dead.

Denasar and Deathsword ceased their attacks, with the Demon Hunter returning to his normal form. "The bigger they are, the harder they fall". Keirrastia said as she and Xandreni walked up to the Deathlord and Slayer. Denasar and Deathsword turned to face their comrades as the Huntmaster and Archmage stopped in front of them. "You can say that again". Denasar stated as he and Deathsword returned their artifacts.

"Well done you four!" Marken praised his comrades as he Bobor, Voleimm, Vahrazlyphii, Harruag, Alcouris, Herin, Kenatherick, Kelvalbim, Dengarunk, Makuskrar and Melannet walked up to their comrades with them all holding their atrifacts, having defeated their enemies. "We've taken care of our undead opponents". Alcouris informed his comrades, getting Xandreni to look at him and gave him a nod. "Well done". The Blood Elf princess praised her comrades, making the Forsaken look please as he gave a small bow to Xandreni.

Crazak, Gortkaluz, Ilthiel, Reugus, Relathedra and Camiann walked to their gathering comrades, with them holding their artifacts in hand. "Those scourge lackeys had no idea what hit them!" Camiann laughed out as he rested the Maw of the Damned on his right shoulder, getting Herin to look at him. "I assume that means you're done with your wave, correct?" The Vulpera Rouge questioned his comrade, which the Dark Iron Dwarf nodded to Herin.

Crusader Renn, Crusader Lenuvas and Crusader Blair walked up to the twenty two champions of the Alliance and Horde. "A job well done. I am sure the Justicar will be pleased. Let us share with her news of our success". Renn praised the heroes of Azeroth, before she, Crusader Lenuvas and Crusader Blair summoned their hippogryphs and fly off back towards the Argent Tournament.

Denasar turned to face his comrades with a proud look on his face. "Comrades, well done. We've pushed the Scourge back and one step closer to Icecrown. But there's still much left to do. Yet no matter what we face, we will overcome it and save our friends!" The son of the Betrayer called out to his comrades, reciving crys of agreement from them all.

"Let's return to the Agrent Tournament and report to the Justicar". Ilithiel said as he transformed into his Archdruid's Lunawing form, while Harruag transformed into his flight form. The other champions nodded to the Archdruid, before they all summoned their flying mounts and took off towards the Argent Tournament.

The heroes of Azeroth eventually returned to the Argent Tournament and reported their victory to Justicar Mariel Trueheart, who was pleased at what she heard. "Excellent work, champions. Preparations are underway. Soon the foothold will be stocked and ready for use as a staging ground. For the time being, there are other matters that require your attention". The Justicar told the twenty two champions that were standing in front of her with Denasar in the lead.

Denasar had his arms crossed, but nodded to the Justicar, who nodded back to him. "May the Light guide our blades!" Justicar Mariel Trueheart cried out out to the heavens. She then began handing out assignments to Deathsword and the others.

Denasar and Keirrastia however, looked up at the shattered veil above them, both with different thoughts. 'Anduin, Jaina. I swear that I will save you both and bring you home'. Denasar thought to himself, determine to save his friends from whatever dark forces that threaten Azeroth.

'Aunt Sylvanas… no, Sylvanas Windrunner. If you threaten my home and family, you'll leave me with no choice, but to end you. But despite all you've done, I can't help but still believe in you. I hope that my faith in you wasn't misplaced and that you aren't an evil person that the world thinks you are. If you are, I will end you'. The Huntmaster thought to herself with her eyes full of determination, willing to fight her aunt now if need be.

Denasar and Keirrastia then looked at each other, before the two champions nodded to each other. Whatever comes their way, they'll face it together.

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