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Chapter 2: The calm before the storm.

The cold air of Northrend continued to blow across Icecrown, even with the tear above the sky. Near the Argent Tournament Grounds at Sindragosa's Fall, Denasar stood as Frostbrood Whelps surrounded him, holding the Twinblades of the Deceiver in the Demon Hunter battle stance with a scowl.

A week has passed since Anduin, Jaina, Thrall and Baine were all captured by the mysterious dark winged creatures, Nathanos Blightcaller's death by his mother, the Night Warrior Tyrande Whisperwind and the heroes of Azeroth's return to Northrend. Since then, Denasar and his comrades have been in Northrend, doing all they can in hopes to find their captured friends.

Currently, Denasar was in the middle of doing a quest to lower the Scourge's numbers and was doing well. The Frostbrood Whelps cried out as they charged at Denasar, who smirked at the foolish creatures. Denasar covered himself in fel energy, before transferring it over to his Twinblades. The Twinblades spot out of Denasar's hands, spinning around the son of the Betrayer as they sliced through the Frostboord Whelps, slicing their bodies into two.

The undead dragons fell to the ground, dead with the Twinblades returning to Denasar's hands. "That should be enough for now. Guess I should return to the Argent Tournament and report back to the Justicar". Denasar said as he placed the Twinblades on his back, before he proceeded to summon Invincible.

The undead winged horse cried out as it appeared, with Denasar already mounted. Invincible took to the skies with Denasar urging his horse to the Agrent Tournament. The flight was short as Denasar and Invinicble soon arrived in the Argent Tournament Grounds, with them landing in front of Justicar Mariet Trueheart, who wasn't surprised by their sudden appearance.

"The Frostborn Whelps won't be too much of a problem at the moment". The son of the Betrayer told the Justicar, who looked pleased. "A job well done, Denasar. That should grant us a brief respite". Mariet praised the Slayer, before she noticed a few familiar figures land behind them. "And your friends have returned". The Justicar added, getting Denasar to turn around to see his comrades.

Denasar saw Marken, Keirrastia, Reugus, Ilthiel, Vahrazlyphii, Bobor, Kenatherick, Camiann, Kelvalbim, Voleimm, Deathsword, Xandreni, Alcouris, Gortkaluz, Makuskrar, Herin, Relathedra, Melannet, Harruag, Dengarunk and Crazak landing their mounts, standing 5 feet away.

Vahrazlyphii was atop her Enchanted Fey Dragon, Marken was riding on his Highlord's Golden Charger and Keirrastia was on her Silver Covenant Hippogryph. Reugus was on his Azure Drake, Voleimm was riding atop a Armored Blue Dragonhawk, and Kelvalbim was flying on his Argent Hippogryph. Kenatherick was on his Hearthsteed, Borbor was mounted atop his Ban-Lu, Grandmaster's Companion and Camiann was flying on his Drake of the West Wind. Ilthiel was in his purple flight form, but transformed back to his normal form.

Deathsword was on his Frost Deathlord's Vilebrood Vanquisher, Xandreni was mounted on her Ashes of Al'ar and Alcouris was flying on his Shadowblade's Lethal Omen mount. Gortkaluz was on his Corrupted Dreadwing, Makuskrar was mounted on his Farseer's Raging Tempest and Relathedra was flying on her Armored Red Dragonhawk.

Harruag was in his brown bird flight form, Crazak was mounted on his Cobalt Pterrordax, Melannet was on his Archmage's Prismatic Disc and Dengarunk was flying on the Battlelord's Bloodthirsty War Wyrm. Finally, Herin was on his Bronze Drake.

"We have all done our missions". Deathsword told the Justicar as he and everyone else dismounted their mounts, which disappeared. "Good, because we need all of you". Mariet said with a pleased smile, making the champions narrow their eyes. Crusader Renn then stepped forward, a serious expression on the Blood Elf's face.

"Our preparations are complete. It is time we take the fight to the Scourge. Justicar Trueheart has tasked me with leading our efforts at the forward camp. Meet me there and we shall continue our work together". Renn told the champions of the Alliance and Horde, making them all smirk. "About damn time". Makuskrar said as he cracked his knuckles, ready to deal some damage.

Remm nodded to Makskrar, before she summoned her own Argent Hippogryph. "Let's get moving". The Crusader said to the champions, before she took off on her Hippogryph with the twenty two champions watching her. "You guys heard her. Let's get a move on". Melannet said as he resummoned his Archmage's Prismatic Disc, before he flew after the Blood Elf. The other heroes of Azeroth resummoned their mounts and flew after their comrade and Renn.

The flight took a bit of time, but eventually they all reached Ironwall Rampart, where had indeed been created, full of Argent Crusaders. The twenty two champions dismounted their mounts as they walked over to a table, where Crusader Renn, Crusaders Lenuvas and Crusader Blair were, with the female Blood Elf facing one of her comrades.

"Excellent work. Continue the investigations. We will see to this at once". Renn commanded her comrade, who nodded to her. The Crusader then turned her attention to the heroes of Azeroth. "Our scouts report increased activity among the Cult of the Damned. I believe it is time we learn exactly what our fanatical friends are planning". The Blood Elf informed the champions of the Alliance, making Marken nod in agreement as he walked up to the table.

"Agreed, the Cult of the Damned is too dangerous to leave alone. What needs to be done?" The Highlord questioned the Crusader, ready for whatever needs to be done.

"Though our scouts have been able to infiltrate the cultist forces at Aldur'thar, sneaking into Mord'rethar has proven all but impossible. Perhaps it is time to explore other methods of ingress. Start by investigating the cult's nearby ritual chambers. You may find something of use". Renn told the champions of the Alliance and Horde, making Keirrastia frown, before she turned to face Deathsword.

"To infiltrate Mord'rethar, we'll need a disguise. Perhaps the cultists's clothes could handle that problem". The Huntmaster informed the Deathlord, making Deathsword turn his attention to Keirrastia. "Indeed, that would help. But something tells me that those cultists won't just hand them over". The former Paladin replied to his niece, though he didn't sound too worried.

Denasar turned to look at his comrades, specifically eight of them. "Reugus, Vahrazlyphii, Kelvalbim, Kenatherick, Dengarunk, Crazak, Melannet, Xandreni, will you handle this?" The son of the Betrayer questioned his eight comrades, with them all turning to face Denasar before they nodded. "Leave it to us". Dengarunk replied to the Demon Hunter with a smirk as he cracked his neck.

"How many cultists' clothes should we take?" Reugus questioned his comrade, making Denasar turn to face him. "Four sets should do it". The Slayer answered the Battlelord, making Xandreni raise an eyebrow at her old friend. "You don't wish us to collect a set for all of us? Why?" The Archmage questioned the Slayer, having thought he'd tell them to collect a set for all of them.

"All of us infiltrating at the same time would be too risky. It is best that Deathsword, Alcouris, Voleimm and Camiann. Their... conditions should help them blend in". The Slayer explained to his old friend, catching the attention of the four undead heroes, while the Blood Elf princess nodded in understanding. "I see. We'll collect four sets and return". The last Sunstrider told her friend, who nodded to her.

Marken watched Xandreni and Denasar, before he turned back to face Renn. "Is there anything else?" The Highlord questioned the Blood Elf, who nodded to him. "Maintaining a watchful eye on the Cult of the Damned has proven challenging... and perilous. Several of our hippogryph riders recently ran afoul of the cult's winged terrors. Though a few were able to escape, the others were captured and brought to Aldur'thar. Do what you can to free them from their captors. We cannot afford to lose any more of our forces". Renn told the Ashbringer about her captured comrades, making Marken frown before he turned to face Denasar.

"I will handle this". The Paladin told the Demon Hunter, getting Denasar's attention as he turned to look at his comrade. "Not alone". The son of the Betrayer replied to the Highlord, before he turned to look at Keirrastia, Gortkaluz and Herin. "Would you three aid Marken?" The Slayer requested from his comrades, getting Gortkaluz to look at him. "Need ya ask, man?" The Netherlord replied to his comrade, making him smirk at the Warlock.

"Hurry then. Who knows what the Cult of the Damned could be up to, so hurry and return". Denasar told his comrades, which the twelve champions nodded to him, before they all resummoned their flying mounts and took off.

Marken, Keirrastia, Gortkaluz, Herin, Reugus, Vahrazlyphii, Kelvalbim, Kenatherick, Dengarunk, Crazak, Melannet and Xandreni all flew to Aldur'thar: The Desolation Gate. Reugus, Vahrazlyphii, Kelvalbim, Kenatherick, Dengarunk, Crazak, Melannet and Xandreni all went inside, while Marken, Keirrastia, Gortkaluz and Herin stayed outside.

The four champions' mounts landed, before Marken, Keirrastia, Gortkaluz and Herin all dismounting their mounts, which disappeared. Vile Tormenters immediately took notice of the four champions, and thus charged at them. Marken, Keirrastia, Gortkaluz and Herin all drew their artifacts, before they charged at their enemies.

Marken threw a hammer of light from Ashbringer at one of the Vile Tormenters, striking him in the head, instantly killing him. Another Vile Tormenter paid no attention to his comrade's death as he continued to charge at Marken, who swung the highblade down at him, slicing down the undead man's face and stomach.

The vile tormenter fell to the ground dead, while Marken knelt down and searched his corpse. He soon found a key, a key that would free his comrades. The Highlord turned his head left and right to spot any Argent Crusaders and soon found a kneeling dwarf, chained to an empty cell. "I will free you in a moment!" Marken told the Argent Hippogryph Rider as he ran over, before he freed the dwarf from his chains.

The dwarf stood up on his feet as he drew a mace and a shield. "Go! Before more come!" The Dwarf warned the Highlord, who shook his head in response. "Not so long as the Cult of the Damned holds prisoners". Marken replied to the Dwarf, before he ran off, intending to free more Argent Hippogryph riders.

Nearby, Keirrastia pulled three arrows against Thas'dorah's string, before she released them, which pierced the heads of three charging Dark Cultists, sending their bodies to the ground from the impact. Keirrastia narrowed her eyes, before she let out a whistle. A void portal appeared next to her, before her Voidstalker, Nightmare, came out.

"Stick em, girl". The Huntmaster ordered her beloved pet, who cried out as it charged at another charging Dark Cultist. Nightmare leaped at a charging female Vile Tormenter, tacking it to the ground. While Nightmare had 'fun', Keirrastia checked the three corpses, retrieving her arrows and checking if they had any keys to free the Argent Hippogryph riders.

She found 2 keys, which she held up in front of her. "Two is better than one". The Huntmaster stated, before she looked over at Nightmare, who had finished the female Vile Tormenter and returned to her master. "We're not done yet, Nightmare. Stay frosty". Keirrastia told her Voidstalker as she drew her bow and arrow, before she charged off to fight and free more captors.

Meanwhile at the other side, Gortkaluz covered for Herin as the Vulpera worked on freeing an Argent Hippogryph Rider, using a key that he stole from an unsuspecting Vile Tormenter. The Netherlord drained the life from a Dark Cultist, while the Vulpera had just finished freeing the Argent Hippogryph Rider. "Light guide us". The Argent Hippogryph Rider said as he drew a mace and a shield.

"That light stuff doesn't work for us". Herin stated as Gortkaluz finished draining life force, before he fired fel energy at the female Vile Tormenter, obliterating her. The Troll walked over to the corpse and searched through it, finding a key. "Gotta wonder how da others are". The Netherlord said as he turned to look at the tower's entrance.

Inside of Aldur'thar, the place was a messed. Corpses of Cult Researchers filled the grounds as Reugus, Kelvalbim, Dengarunk and Crazak continued to slew the members of the Cult of the Damned, while Vahrazlyphii, Kenatherick, Melannet and Xandreni gave them cover fire, and checked the corpses they left behind.

Reugus roared as he slammed his swords on a male Cult Researcher, smashing him into the ground, while Crazak impaled a female one in the chest. Kelvalbim threw his shield at a Cult Research's head, creating a snap sound when it made contact before the shield returned to its owner. Dengarunk growled as he elbow tackled a male Dark Worshipper, spending him towards Melannet, who fired an ice lance, which impaled the undead man's eye, making him groan as he fell to the ground.

"Be careful! We still need their clothes!" The Frost Mage scolded his allies, reminding them that they didn't come here just to kill Cult Researchers. Xandreni ran past her fellow priest towards the dead Cult Researcher and pulled his hood and robe off. "That's three sets! Only one more to go!" The Archmage exclaimed with a smirk as she placed the robe and hood in her bag to safe keep it.

Kenatherick fired lightning at a female Cult Researcher, frying her, before he looked over his shoulder to look at the Blood Elf princess. "I think I got our last one". The Kul Tiran told his comrade, as Vahrazlyphii ran past him to the smoking corpse of the Cult Researcher that Kenatherick fried.

The High Priest turned to look at her comrade and shook her head. "This one's clothes won't work". The High Priest told her friend, before her eyes widened when she saw a Dark Worshipper charge towards an unsuspecting Kenatherick from behind. "Look out!" Vahrazlyphii exclaimed as she channeled a torrent of void energy at the Dark Worshipper, stopping him in his place.

Kenatherick turned around and growled at the Dark Worshipper, before he pulled his right fist back, then thrust it out as he slammed his fist into the Dark Worshipper's face. The undead man shot out towards one of the steel pillars, slamming right into it, before he fell down to the ground, dead. The Kul Tiran Shaman walked over to the Dark Worshipper's corpse and looked at the condition of his clothes, which looked fine. "This one's clothes are in good condition". The Shaman told the High Priest, who looked pleased.

"Good. Collect his clothes quickly!" Vahrazlyphii told her comrade, before she turned and saw Crazak swing Talonclaw around and slice a Dark Worshipper in half. "Crazak! Quit playing around and get everyone! We're done here!" The High Priest told the Zandalari Troll, before she ran off to help Kenatherick.

Crazak looked at Vahrazlyphii, while he held Talonclaw in a stance. "Bout time". The Hunter stated, before he turned to look at Reugus, Kelvalbim and Dengarunk, who were still going around, killing cultists. "Reugus! Kelvalbim! Dengarunk! We be done here, yer here!? Let's get out of here!" Crazak called out to his comrades, getting their attention as they ceased.

"I was just starting to have some fun". The Mag'har Orc said as his right fist shot out, punching a charging Cult Researcher in the face. "Let's just go. We're wasting time here". Reugus said as he placed the Warswords of Valajar on his back, before he took off towards the exit. Kelvalbim, Dengarunk and Crazak followed after the Battlelord, before they were joined by Vahrazlyphii, Kenatherick, Melannet and Xandreni.

The eight champions ran out of the tower, right as Marken, Keirrastia, Gortkaluz and Herin ran up to the entrance. "Have you acquired the disguises?" Keirrastia questioned Reugus, who nodded to her. "We have. What about you four? Have you freed the Argent Hippogryph Riders?" The Battlelord replied to the Huntmaster, who nodded to him.

"It would seem that we all have done our tasks. Let's return to the others". Vahrazlyphii suggested to her comrades, which Marken nodded in agreement. The twelve champions resummoned their flying mounts and took off towards Ironwall Rampart. In little time, they returned and saw their comrades, Denasar, Deathsword, Ilthiel, Bobor, Camiann, Voleimm, Alcouris, Makuskrar, Relathedra, Melannet and Harruag all waiting around the camp.

Deathsword was the first to notice the return of their comrades. "Took them long enough". The Deathlord stated, getting the other ten champions to finally notice their comrades return. Reugus, Kelvalbim, Dengarunk, Crazak, Vahrazlyphii, Kenatherick, Melannet, Xandreni, Marken, Keirrastia, Gortkaluz and Herin, before the human Paladin walked up to Crusader Renn.

"We've freed all the Argent Hippogryph Riders that were being held at Aldur'thar". The Highlord informed the female blood elf, who looked relieved at what she's heard. "You have my gratitude, Highlord. I assure you this will not be forgotten". Renn told the Highlord, relieved to hear that her comrades were freed.

Xandreni, Kenatherick, Melannet and Vahralzyphii walked up to the wooden table and placed the Collarborator's Hoods and Robes down on it. "Will these do?" Xandreni questioned her fellow blood elf, who looked at the clothes, before she looked back at the Archmage. "These should suffice, Princess". The Crusader answered her princess, which pleased the Sunstrider heir.

"Though we have been monitoring the cultist presence at Mord'rethar, we have not yet discovered what mysteries lie within its chambers. Take these robes. Make your way into the inner sanctum and see what you can discover. This may be our only chance to learn their intentions, heroes". Crusader Renn explained to the heroes of Azeroth, making Denasar narrow his eyes, before he turned to look at Deathsword, Alcouris, Voleimm and Camiann.

"This is where you guys take over". The Slayer told his four comrades, which Deathsword, Alcouris, Voleimm and Camiann nodded to their comrade as they stepped forward and grabbed the cultists' clothes. "We'll be back as soon as we can". The Shadowblade told his comrades as he summoned his Shadowblade's Lethal Omen mount and mounted it.

Deathsword summoned his Frost Deathlord's Vilebrood Vanquisher, Voleimm summoned his Armored Blue Dragonhawk and Camiann called his Drake of the West Wind, before the three chased after Alcouris. Denasar and the other champions watched their comrades fly away, hoping that they return.

The four champions flew their mounts to Mord'rethar: The Death Gate, taking shelter behind one of the destroyed catapults. Alcouris activated stealth as he took a look at the entrance to the castle and saw two Putrid Amalgamations guarding the entrance. The Forsaken Rouge deactivated Stealth and looked at his comrades.

"There's two undead guarding the entrance. Fighting them would be difficult". The Shadowblade told his comrades, who were kneeling down to not get spotted by the undead. "Good thing then that we're not fighting them". Voleimm stated as he brought out his cultist' outfit.

Deathsword, Alcouris and Camiann brought out their cultist outfits. The four champions then proceeded to change into their disguises, using magic. With their disguises on, they looked like cultists of the Cult of the Damned, only with black capes, had hoods, were barefooted and their Artifacts were invisible to complete the look. "I for one don't feel comfortable being barefooted". Camiann remarked, with the Dark Iron Dwarf looking down at his bare feet.

"Let's get this over with". Deathsword said as he looked over at the two Putrid Amalgamations, before he looked back at his comrades. "Follow my lead". The Deathlord told the three champions, before he walked out into the open and towards the chamber. Voleimm, Camiann and Alcouris looked at each other for a moment, before they followed Deathsword.

The four champions walked into the chamber, passing through the two Putrid Amalgamations who didn't even glance at them. "What do ya know? It actually worked". Camiann said in surprise that their disguises worked as he kept walking, but stopped when Alcouris held his left hand in front of the Dark Iron Dwarf.

The Forsaken was frowning at something, getting the Dark Iron Dwarf curious as he turned to look at what Alcouris was looking at. Inside the chamber were cultist and Shadow Stalkers. "Shadow Stalkers. That is not good". Alcouris stated with narrowed eyes, his tongue moving from side to side.

"If those things get close enough, they'll be able to see through our disguises". Voleimm said with his eyes narrowed, crossing his arms. "But it's worth it, because we've hit the jackpot". Deathsword stated with a smirk on his face, getting the other three undead champions to look at the Deathlord. "And how exactly have we've hit the 'jackpot', Deathlord?" The Dark Iron Dwarf questioned his fellow Death Knight, wondering why he was smirking.

Instead of answering, Deathsword pointed forward, getting Alcouris, Voleimm and Camiann to turn to see what he was pointing at, before their eyes widened in disbelief at what they saw. Flying in front of a few kneeling cultists that were called Death's Disciple was one of the armored winged creatures that kidnapped Jaina, Thrall, Baine and Anduin.

"You're right, this is the jackpot". Alcouris said, looking like he was smirking if he had his jaw. "Be that as it may, there's no way we can kill that thing here. There's too many members of the Cult of the Damned here. We try to fight that thing, we'll die". Voleimm told his comrades, frowning at the armored winged creature that was 10 feet away.

"We don't need to kill it now. We just need to learn what we can about it". Deathsword told his comrades with his eyes glued to the armored winged creature, before he looked at his fellow undead champions. "Follow my lead…again". The Deathlord told his comrades as he took lead and began running towards the armored winged creature, which Alcouris, Voleimm and Camiann followed after Deathsword.

The four champions careful avoided getting close to the Shadow Stalkers and soon reached the armored winged creature. "Lady Herald Dalora". One of the Death's Disciples said to the armored winged creature, revealing what its name was. 'So, it's a woman called Herald Dalora?' Deathsword thought to himself with narrowed eyes, before he knelt down in front of Herald Dalora, with Alcouris, Voleimm and Camiann following his example.

Suddenly the Death's Disciples were incased in darkness, with Herald Dalora beginning to speak. "His power rising… his chains broken. The remaking has begun. The remaking has begun! The hour draws near when the Banished One shall reclaim what is his. Death comes for the soul of this world. Make ready! Feed the lives of the unworthy to the hungering Maw!" Herald Dalora cried out before she disappeared from sight. The Death's Disciples stood up on their feet as they opened up portals, before they began to leave, one by one, leaving the four disguised champions of Azeroth.

"Well that was scary". The Dark Iron Dwarf admitted as he, Deathsword, Voleimm and Alcouris raised up from their kneeling down positions. "This news is unsettling". The Deathlord stated as he held his chin with his right hand, thinking deeply about Herald Dalora said. "Indeed. The words of whatever that shadowy herald were dark and foreboding. Whatever "the Banished One" intends to accomplish, it must not come to pass". The Shadowblade said in agreement, refusing to allow this Banished One to accomplish his goal.

The four champions then heard bubbling nearby, getting them to see something foul bubbling within the cauldrons nearby, with the cultists treating it with care. "Something tells me that whatever that is, it's important for their plans". The Lightforged Draenei commented as he watched a Zealous Neophyte carry a Plague Barrel.

Alcouris looked around with narrowed eyes and saw many barrels containing a type of plague unattended. A sudden thought then came to his mind as he turned to look at his comrades. "This could perhaps be our chance to sabotage". The Shadowblade suggested to his comrades, getting Camiann to look at the Rouge and nod in agreement. "Aye! This is the perfect chance". The Blood Death Knight said in agreement, seeing this as a perfect chance to sabotage the Cult of the Damned.

"The longer we're high, the risk of getting caught increases". Voleimm told his comrades as he pointed at a nearing Shadow Stalker, which the four champions ran to the left side of the chamber. "It's a risk we must take. We won't be presented with another chance like this, so we have to take it". Deathsword told the Unholy Death Knight, refusing to allow this chance to go to waste.

The Deathlord then looked Alcouris and Camiann as the four champions hid next to a wall. "Take a few Plague Barrels and throw them into the Bubbling Cauldrons". The Frost Death Knight told the two, before he turned to face the Lightforged Draeni. "You go wait at the entrance in case we're captured. If we are captured, fly back to Ironwall Rampart and report what has happened. The others must learn of what we've learned here". The Deathlord told the Champion of the Frozen Wastes, who frowned at the Blood Elf.

"You cannot honestly expect me to leave you all here". Voleimm said in denial to leave his comrades here. Deathsword gave an annoyed sigh, before he turned to face the Lightforged Draenei. "Reporting this information to the others is more important than our lives. Remember, to protect our home and the people we love, we must be willing to sacrifice everything". The Deathlord reminded the Lightforged Draenei, narrowed his eyes at those words, but nodded to Deathsword, knowing just how important it was to report back.

"Good. Now, spread out". The Deathlord commanded as he, Alcouris, Camiann and Voleimm all took off in different directions. The Lightforged Draenei ran to the exit of the chamber and waited there, for either his comrades to join him or to fly off and report back to his comrades. Deathsword, Alcouris and Camiann all picked up three different Plague Barrels and hurried to the three separate the Bubbling Cauldrons.

Alcouris ran to the Bubbling Caldron to the right, which was surrounded by two Defiled Engineers. The Shadowblade quickly threw the Plague Barrel into the Bubbling Cauldron, causing the plague inside it to go out of control and explode. "You fool! Our precious work!" A Defiled Engineer exclaimed in rage, before the Forsaken Rouge began to head to the exit of the chamber.

Camiann went to the Bubbling Cauldron on the left and threw his Plague Barrel into it. Like before, the Bubbling Cauldron went out of control and exploded. "You fool! Our precious work!" A Defiled Engineer exclaimed in rage, which Camiann struggled to not burst out laughing as he ran to the exit.

Now being the last one, Deathsword threw his Plague Container into the middle Bubbling Cauldron. The cauldron exploded from the extra plague, making the surrounding Defiled Engineers cry out in rage, while the Deathlord quickly joined his comrades. "Mission accomplish, let's get out of here before they decide we've overstayed our welcome". Deathsword told his comrades, which the three undead champions nodded in agreement as they all resummoned their flying mounts and took off back to Ironwall Rampart, tossing their disguise off.

Deathsword, Alcouris, Voleimm and Camiann all flew back to Ironwall Rampart as fast as their mounts could go to report back what they've learned. Soon they returned to Ironwall Rampart, where they saw their comrades spread out around the camp with Denasar, Keirrastia and Xandreni standing around the table with Crusader Renn, Crusaders Lenuvas and Crusader Blair.

Denasar was the first to notice the return of his comrades, making him smile at seeing them unharmed. "Ahh, Deathsword, Alcouris, Voleimm, Camiann, you've all returned". The Slayer said in a pleased tone to see his comrades, getting everyone else's attention as they looked at the four champions, who landed their mounts, before they dismounted them. "Thank the Light, you have returned unharmed! Were you able to learn anything about what the cult is doing?" Renn questioned the four undead champions, relived to see them return safely.

Deathsword, Voleimm, Alcouris and Camiann all looked at each other, wondering who will tell everyone what they saw. "This one is yours, Deathlord". Voleimm told the Deathlord, stepping back with Camiann and Alcouris following his lead. Deathsword growled a bit, before he sighed and looked at Renn, who was looking at him along with Denasar, Keirrastia and Xandreni. "In our little infiltration… we've learned a few important things". Deathsword began, before he began to explain everything about Herald Dalora, her plans, the 'Maw' she talked about and the 'Banished One'.

All the other champions had gathered to listen to Deathsword as he reported what happened. When the Deathlord was finished, everyone had concerned looks on their faces, especially Keirrastia at hearing that the 'Banished One' was indeed involved in this. "This is troubling news, Deathlord. Whoever this "Banished One" may be, it is clear he is behind the Scourge's return". Renn said with a concerned look on her face, thinking deeply about what Deathsword and the others heard from Herald Dalora.

"Did this 'Herald Dalora' say anything about our captured friends? Or about Sylvanas Windrunner?" Denasar questioned Deathsword, getting both the Deathlord and Keirrastia to look at him. Deathsword crossed his arms before he shook his head. "No. Whatever that thing is, she didn't give any hint about our friends or about Sylvanas". The former Paladin answered the Demon Hunter, who let out a drawn out sigh.

"We'll have to find this 'Herald Dalora' and get our answers, one way or another". Keirrastia told her comrades, getting both Denasar and Deathsword to look at the wielder of Thas'dorah, before they nodded. Xandreni looked at Renn, who knew her unspoken question. "The undead that are amassing in great numbers outside Icecrown Citadel cannot be a coincidence. Lead our hippogryph riders in surveying the area from above. Determine if the dark herald that Deathsword and the others saw is among them, and then clear a path for reinforcements. Let us hope she possesses the answers we seek". The Blood Elf told her princess, getting her to raise her eyebrow, before she nodded.

"How many hippogryphs can we take?" Denasar questioned with his arms crossed, wanting to know how many can lead the charge into Icecrown. Crusader Renn looked at the Slayer, before she frowned. "We've only got six hippogryphs available at the moment. All the other Argent Crusaders have taken the rest". Renn informed the Slayer, looking a bit disappointed for the lack of hippogryphs.

"Six are enough". The Slayer stated, before he looked at Ilthiel, Bobor, Harruag, Makuskrar and Relathedra. "Ilthiel, Bobor, Harruag, Makuskrar, Relathedra. You're all with me for this one". Denasar told the five heroes, getting Relathedra to smirk in excitement. "Finally! I was waiting for my turn!" The Vengeance Demon Hunter exclaimed in excitement, jumping up in joy. Ilthiel, Bobor, Harruag and Makuskrar chuckled in amusement at Relathedra's actions, while Denasar looked back at Crusader Renn.

"If we fail to prevent the spread of the Scourge this camp may be lost. Do what you can to buy us time". Renn told the Slayer, who just smirked as he turned around and walked to the edge. "I intend to". The Slayer said with a determine look on his face, while Ilthiel, Bobor, Harruag, Makuskrar and Relathedra hurried after him. The six champions mounted their separate hippogryphs and took flight to Icecrown Citadel.

Reugus, Kelvalbim, Dengarunk, Crazak, Vahrazlyphii, Kenatherick, Melannet, Xandreni, Marken, Keirrastia, Gortkaluz, Herin, Deathsword, Alcouris, Voleimm and Camiann all watched their comrades fly towards Icecrown Citadel, wishing them luck.

Denasar, Ilthiel, Bobor, Harruag, Makuskrar and Relathedra flew their hippogryphs past Corp'rethar: The Horror Gate towards Icecrown Citadel, where they were greeted with the undead of the Scourge gathering around. There were Bone Giants, Brittle Boneguards, Citadel Watchers, Colossal Plaguespreaders, Darksworn Summoners, Festering Rotguts, Frigid Spellbinders, Frostbrood Guardians, Frostmaw Scavengers, Infectious Scavengers, Lumbering Atrocities, Skeletal Footsoldiers, Skeletal Instructors and Death's Disciples all around the area.

"Look at how many undead there are!" Harruag exclaimed in surprise to see so many undead around Icecrown Citadel. "Forget the small fires! Look over there!" Ilthiel exclaimed as he pointed to the Cathedral of Darkness with his right hand's index finger. Denasar, Bobor, Harruag, Makuskrar and Relathedra looked at where the Archdruid was pointing at as their hippocryphs flew higher.

The five champions widened their eyes as they saw the creature, Herald Dalora flying in front of the Cathedral of Darkness' entrance, who took notice of them right away. "Ah, more defiant souls. In time, you all will serve the Banished One. Death will be the only power that remains!" Herald Dalora said to the six champions, her voice reeking of evil.

Denasar, Ilthiel, Bobor, Harruag, Makuskrar and Relathedra narrowed their eyes, before they urged their hippocryphs away towards the hordes of undead. "Let's do this!" Harruag cried out, before he, Denasar and Bobor started hurling hammers at the hordes of undead, while Ilthiel, Makuskrar and Relathedra brought out horns and blew into them, calling on their allies.

Argent Crusaders rode into the field, passing through Corp'rethar and began attacking the Scourge. Herald watched with interest as Denasar, Harruag and Bobor continued to hurl hammers at the smaller undead, while Ilthiel, Makuskrar and Relathedra marked the larger targets for their allies to attack.

"You show promise... like the others". Herald Dalora said, sounding impressed with the six champions' leadership and teamwork. Denasar, Harruag, Bobor, Ilthiel, Makuskrar and Relathedra ignored the armored winged creature's words and continued to assault the Scourge's forces. The assault lasted for a total of ten minutes with constant howling hammers and marking targets, before eventually the Argent Crusaders began to push the Scourge back.

"The Argent Crusaders are starting to gain ground!" Makuskrar stated with a smirk on his face, glad to see the Argent Crusade beginning to overpower the Scourge. "We're close to finally reaching Icecrown Citadel!" Ilthiel exclaimed in joy at seeing them closing in on Icecrown Citadel after a whole week of fighting undead.

"The only step left is her". The son of the Betrayer told his comrades, pointing towards Herald Dalora with his left hand, making the other champions look at the armored black winged creature. Herald Dalora looked impressed at watching the champions of Azeroth lead the Argent Crusaders to victory over the Scourge.

"Yes. You will all make fitting prizes". Herald Dalora said with a pleased tone, before she turned around and flew into the Cathedral of Darkness, with the six champions watching her. "She's retreating into the Cathedral of Darkness". Relathedra said with a glare on her face, making Bobor look at the Vengeance Demon Hunter. "I believe it's called a 'tactical retreat', Relathedra". The Grandmaster corrected the female Ilidari, before he looked at the Cathedral of Darkness.

"Let's return to the others. We'll need everyone's' strength to overcome this creature". Harruag suggested to his comrades, getting Denasar to look at the Guardian Druid and nod in agreement. "I agree. We know not what this creature can unleash. It is best that we have all our comrades fighting with us". The Slayer said in agreement to the Tauren, which the other champions nodded, seeing the wisdom in their words.

The six champions flew their hippogryph back to Ironwall Rampart, where they saw their comrades awaiting them with Crusader Renn, Crusaders Lenuvas and Crusader Blair still around the tables. "Well done, comrades!" Marken praised his friends with a wide grin on his face, while Denasar, Ilthiel, Bobor, Harruag, Makuskrar and Relathedra landed their hippogryphs and dismounted them.

Denasar walked up to Crusader Renn, who faced him with narrowed eyes. The Slayer stopped in front of the female Blood Elf, with everyone watching them. "The creature, Herald Dalora was spotted at the Cathedral of Darkness. We've pushed the Scourge back and all that remains is her". The son of the Betrayer informed the Crusader, who grew a pleased look at hearing Denasar's words. "With their numbers momentarily reduced, now is our chance to strike". Crusader Renn stated, which all the champions nodded in agreement.

"Aye!" Kelvalbim exclaimed in excitement, thrusting his hands up into the air in joy. "Don't celebrate yet". Reugus told his comrade, getting the Dwarf to look at him in confusion. "He's right. So long as that 'Herald Dalora' is still alive, our victory is still out of reach. To obtain victory, she must die!" Dengarunk roared out, full of energy and spirit, ready to face the unknown creature.

"Agreed! Herald Dalora must die!" Marken called out in agreement to what the Mag'har said. Deathsword, Xandreni, Denasar and Keirrastia all looked at Crusader Renn, who looked at all four of them. "We may not know who this dark herald serves, but it is clear that the message she brings has emboldened the Scourge and the Cult of the Damned alike. This cannot be allowed to continue. We must vanquish her and strike a definitive blow against her master's new minions. Lead the charge, champions. The Argent Crusade stands with you. Light willing, we will put an end to this madness here and now". The Crusader explained to the four heroes, making Denasar narrow his eyes.

"The light will have nothing to do with our battle against her. We'll defeat her with our strength, not with the Light's strength". The Slayer told the Argent Crusader, with the Deathlord, Huntmaser and Archmage nodding in agreement. "Be that as it may. Tread carefully, heroes. We do not fully understand the power of this being. When the time is right, signal our allies and we shall bring this monster down together". The female Paladin told the four heroes of the Alliance and Horde, with Blair and Lenuvas stepping forward, drawing their weapons.

Denasar, Xandreni, Deathsword and Keirrastia nodded to the Argent Crusader, before they turned around to face their comrades. "Comrades!" Deathsword began, getting the champions of the Alliance and Horde's attention. "Let us go forth and vanquish Herald Dalora!" Denasar finished for the Deathlord, causing the heroes of Azeroth to let out a battle cry.

"Let us be on our way!" Keirrastia exclaimed as she summoned her Silver Covenant Hippogryph and took flight. The other champions followed the Huntmaster's lead as they summoned their flying mounts, before they followed after the Void Elf. The twenty two champions all flew back to the Cathedral of Darkness, passing through Corp'rethar: The Horror Gate.

Soon they arrived at the Cathedral of Darkness's entrance, with Keirrastia being the first to land. She dismounted her Silver Covenant Hippogryph and charged head in to the Cathedral of Darkness with her mount disappearing. "Keirrastia!" Vahrazlyphii exclaimed in concern for her friend as she and the other champions landed their mounts, before they took off after the Huntmaster.

Keirrastia stopped running when she entered the cathedral, where she spotted Dalora at the far end of the cathedral. Seeing the armored black winged figure filled Keirrastia with rage, with her Night Elf inherited fangs starting to show. "Keirrastia!" Deathsword called out as he, Denasar, Marken, Reugus, Ilthiel, Vahrazlyphii, Bobor, Kenatherick, Camiann, Kelvalbim, Voleimm, Xandreni, Alcouris, Gortkaluz, Makuskrar, Herin, Relathedra, Melannet, Harruag, Dengarunk and Crazak stopped right behind the Huntmaster.

"Don't rush off like that, lass". Camiann told the Windrunner, before he noticed Herald Dalora at the far end of the cathedral. The other champions noticed the armoured black winged creature, who looked like she was waiting for them. "There she is". Crazak stated as he drew Talonclaw from his back and held it at a stance.

"Wait a moment, Crazak". Melannet said to his comrade as he held his right hand in front of the Survive Hunter, stopping him from charging at Herald Dalora. "This is an opponent unlike anything we've ever faced before. We can't just recklessly charge into battle. We need to plan this carefully". The Frost Mage explained to the Zandalari Troll, who grunted, but stepped back.

"What's the plan?" Voleimm questioned as he drew Apocalypse and took his stance, ready to charge into battle. Denasar looked down in thought for a few seconds, before he looked back up. "Xandreni, Melannet, Keirrastia, Vahrazlyphii, Kenatherick, Ilthiel and Gortkaluz. You guys keep your distance and attack safely from her and if needed, heal us if we're injured". The son of the Betrayer told the seven champions, which they all nodded to Denasar.

"Deathsword, Marken, Reugus, Bobor, Camiann, Kelvalbim, Voleimm, Alcouris, Makuskrar, Herin, Relathedra, Harruag, Dengarunk and Crazak, you guys are with me. We'll attack head on and keep Dalora's attention on us". The Demon Hunter told the fourteen champions, which they all nodded to Denasar.

Denasar, Deathsword, Marken, Reugus, Bobor, Camiann, Kelvalbim, Voleimm, Alcouris, Makuskrar, Herin, Relathedra, Harruag, Dengarunk and Crazak all took up their stances, while Xandreni, Melannet, Keirrastia, Vahrazlyphii, Kenatherick, Ilthiel and Gortkaluz took up their stances, ready to start casting spells at any moment.

Herald Dalora must have noticed them, because she brought out a giant axe. "Fate is upon you, mortals". Dalora told the champions of Azeroth, her voice lifeless and cold, yet the twenty two champions kept their ground. "FOR AZEROTH!" Denasar cried out as he, Deathsword, Marken, Reugus, Bobor, Camiann, Kelvalbim, Voleimm, Alcouris, Makuskrar, Herin, Relathedra, Harruag, Dengarunk and Crazak all charged to the armoured black winged creature, while Xandreni, Melannet, Keirrastia, Vahrazlyphii, Kenatherick, Ilthiel and Gortkaluz began casting their spells.

Herald Dalora charged at the charging champions of Azeroth and soon, they engaged in battle. Denasar, Deathsword, Marken, Reugus, Bobor, Camiann, Kelvalbim, Voleimm, Alcouris, Makuskrar, Herin, Relathedra, Harruag, Dengarunk and Crazak all surrounded Dalora as they attacked at the same time, while Xandreni, Melannet, Keirrastia, Vahrazlyphii, Kenatherick, Ilthiel and Gortkaluz all fired their spells at the armoured black winged creature.

"In the name of the Light!" Two familiar voices cried out, getting Keirrastia to look over her right shoulder to see Crusaders Blair and Lenuvas enter the Cathedral of Darkness and charge towards Herald Dalora, joining the battle against her. Yet despite the numbers and many hits she took, Herald Dalora was still in top condition.

Black energy started leaking out of Dalora as she pulled her axe back for a few seconds, before she thrust her weapon out, unleashing a beam of darkness at Deathsword. The dark blast stroke the Deathlord, pushing him off the ground and right into a pillar, making him gasp in pain as he slide down to the ground. Keirrastia gasped in horror at seeing her uncle get hurt, ceasing from firing more arrows.

"Uncle!" The Huntmaster called out in concern, as Deathsword struggled to stand up on his feet. The Void Elf turned her attention to Kenatherick and gave him a pleading look. "Kenatherick, please". Keirrastia begged the Shaman, who looked at her before he nodded. "Don't worry". The Kul Tiran told the Huntmaster, before streams of water surrounded him, before they lashed out to Deathsword.

The streams of water surrounded Deathsword for a few seconds, healing him before it disappeared with the Deathlord fully healed. Deathsword let out a confident smirk as he stood up fully on his feet, before he gave Kenatherick a nod of thanks. "My thanks". The undead Blood Elf said to the Shaman, before he rushed back into the battle.

Suddenly, Dalora leaped into the air above the champions, before she flew down towards Keirrastia and Kenatherick. The two champions quickly leaped away as Dalora slammed into the ground, but she took the chance to slam the side of her axe into Gortkaluz, sending the Netherlord slamming into a pillar.

"That does it! Let's pull out the big guns!" Relathedra roared out, before she turned to look at Denasar, who nodded in agreement to his fellow Demon Hunter. The two Demon Hunters leaped into the air as they transformed into their demon forms, before they slammed into the ground in front of Dalora. The Aldrachi Warblades disappeared from Relathedra's hands, but that didn't prove to be a problem as she used her claws to attack.

Ilthiel transformed into his Moonkin Form, before he began to heal Gortkaluz. Light infused wings form on Marken, Blair and Lenuvas's backs, before they charged to join the fight against Dalora. Light covered Kelvalbim, empowering him as he charged forth. The other champions continued to fight against Dalora with their comrades and soon, the armoured dark winged creature was beginning to lose ground against the heroes of Azeroth.

"The darkness comes..." Dalora said as she flapped her wings, creating a powerful blow of wind that blew everyone a little bit away from her. Dalora then took flight as she placed her axe on her back, before she held up her hands as darkness gathered around them, as if she was casting a spell. "Breathless Darkness..." She said as she held her hands up, before darkness covered the ground below her.

Reugus charged towards Dalora, stepping into the darkness, but he felt something incredible wrong, but still pushed on as the armoured dark winged creature flew back to the ground, drawing her axe. "This little trick won't stop me!" The Battlelord growled out, before he began to spin around, unleashing Bladestorm on Dalora, despite the darkness sucking his life away.

"You do not fight alone, Battlelord!" Dengarunk roared out as he, Makuskrar, Crazak and Bobor charged into the darkness and aided Reugus. Dengarunk unleashed his own Bladestorm, Crazak threw chakrams, Bobor attacked using Whirling Dragon Punch and Makuskrar called forth an Earthen Spike.

The combined attacks dealt massive damage to Dalora as she gasped in pain and was pushed away from her previous position. The darkness surrounding the ground disappeared, with Reugus, Dengarunk, Makuskrar, Crazak and Bobor returning to normal. "You will pay for that!" Dalora exclaimed as she pulled her axe back as dark magic began to cover it.

"Watch out! Here comes another one of her attacks!" Camiann warned his comrades, standing beside Alcouris and Kenatherick with all three of them holding their artifacts in their battle stances. "Stay on guard!" Alcouris added, before hem, Kenatherick and Camiann leaped away as Dalora unleashed her 'Darksworn Blast' at them, but they managed to dodge.

Alcouris rolled on the ground, before he landed on his feet. Suddenly, the Shadowblade charged towards Dalora with his blades out, before he reached her and slashed her across her stomach with the Dreadblades. Kenatherick waved his hands as he formed an element sphere in front of him. "Elemental Blast!" The Shaman cried out as he fired the elemental sphere at Dalora, striking her in the stomach and pushing her back.

"My tune now!" Camiann cried out as he charged towards Dalora with the Maw of the Damned in his hands, before it swung his axe at her legs, unleashing 'Consumption'. The power of Consumption proved to be powerful as it made Dalora gasp in pain, before she collapsed to her knees.

"She's down on her knees!" Voleimm stated, before turning to look at Denasar and Relathedra, with the two Demon Hunters still in their demon forms. "Now's your chance!" The Death Knight told the two Demon Hunters, which Denasar and Relathedra nodded to him, before they faced each other.

"Together". The Slayer told his fellow Illidari, which Relathedra nodded to him before they two faced the kneeling Dalora. Denasar back flipped before he unleashed his Eye Beam, while Relathedra unleashed Fel Devastation, roaring out the fel from her mouth. The two attacks stroke Dalora at the same time, who could do nothing to protect herself. She was beginning to feel herself lose her life, so she spoke her last words.

"You cannot... stop... his victory..." Dalora spoke her last words, before she dropped to the ground dead, with her axe lying down next to her. Denasar, Relathedra, Ilthiel returned to their normal forms, while the Light covering Marken and Kelvalbim disappeared. "A job well done, champions". Crusader Blair praised the heroes of Azeroth as she and Lenuvas walked up to Dalora's corpse, before they knelt down to it, getting a closer look.

"Let us return with news of our success". The human Paladin added as Denasar and the other champions returned their artifacts to their previous positions. "Indeed. Come". Marken said in agreement, before he turned around and ran to the entrance of the Cathedral of Darkness. The other champions of the Alliance and Horde followed after the Highlord, but Keirrastia stopped for a moment to look at Dalora's corpse, before she followed after her friends.

Once they were outside, the champions of the Alliance and Horde resummoned their flying mounts and took off to Ironwall Rampart. On the way there, most of the champions cheered for their victory against Dalora. "Haha! Victory is ours!" Camiann cheered, throwing his hands into the air as he rode his Drake of the West Wind.

"For the Horde!" Dengarunk cheered as he threw his hands into the air just like Camiann, flying atop his Battlelord's Bloodthirsty War Wyrm. "For the Alliance!" Kelvalbim cried out, riding atop his Argent Hippogryph. "For Azeroth!" Vahrazlyphii cried out atop her Enchanted Fey Dragon, celebrating their victory with her comrades.

The other champions watched their friends with amused, but happy small smiles, before Deathsword decided that they've celebrated enough for now. "The battle may be won, but the war is still on. Have you forgotten about that?" The Deathlord questioned his comrades as he pointed upwards with his right hand to the shattered veil, while holding the reins of his Frost Deathlord's Vilebrood Vanquisher.

The champions of Azeroth looked up at the shattered veil above them, realizing that their work is not done yet. "There was no sign of Sylvanas, Anduin, Jaina, Thrall or Baine in Icecrown. Meaning Sylvanas must have taken them to the realm of the dead". Deathsword told his comrades, reminding them of their missing comrades and how his wife might have taken them to the realm of death.

"Deathsword is correct. This is measly one victory. Many more battles await us. But together, we will be victories". Denasar explained to his comrades, joining the conversation. Vahrazlyphii turned her attention to the Slayer as a thought crossed her mind. "Denasar. If what above us is indeed the real of death and if we'll have to travel there, do you think we'll encounter old enemies?" The High Priest questioned the Slayer, getting Denasar to look down in thought.

"It is possible. But we'll only know for certain when we travel there and see the real of death with our own eyes". The son of the Betrayer replied to his comrade, now wishing to know if they'll encounter anyone they know in the realm of death. Having heard of Denasar and Vahrazlyphii's conversation, Xandreni looked down at the back of Al'ar's head as she thought about her brother.

'Could I really see my brother again in the realm of death? Kael'thas… I hope I have the chance to see you once more'. The Archmage thought to herself, feeling a longing to see her older brother again, even after all his crimes. The champions of the Alliance and Horde soon reached Ironwall Rampart, where they saw Crusaders Blair and Lenuvas already there with Crusader Renn.

The twenty two champions landed their mounts in the camp, before they dismounted with their mounts disappearing. Marken told Renn of their victory against Dalora, while the other champions stood a few feet away, awaiting their next assignment. Crusaders Blair and Lenuvas then informed Renn of the Scourge's defeat at Icecrown and the capture of the citadel.

"It seems that eliminating the herald has slowed the Scourge's advance. We will have to remain vigilant. Thank you for all you have done, champions". Crusader Renn thanked the champions of Azeroth, bowing in gratitude for all they've done to aid them. "It was our pleasure, Renn". The Highlord told his fellow Paladin, glad to do anything to protect his world from any evil.

Denasar walked up next to Marken and faced the Blood Elf Paladin. "Is there anything else that you need our assistance with?" The Slayer questioned the Crusader, getting Renn's attention as she turned to face him. "You must bring word of what we have uncovered back to Stormwind and Orgrimmar. One of our mages can open a portal for you at the tournament grounds. As for the Argent Crusade, we must remain a bulwark against the Scourge. If you wish to continue aiding us, I will see to it that your skills are put to good use. May the Light protect you, champions". Crusader Renn explained to the gathered champions around her.

Denasar looked at his comrades for a moment, before he looked back at Crusader Renn. "Very well then. We will return to Stormwind and Orgrimmar. Keep up the fight, Crusader Renn". The son of the Betrayer told the Paladin as he gave her a salute, one that Renn returned.

Denasar and the other champions proceeded to resummon their flying mounts, before they took off back to the Argent Tournament. On the way there, they had a small conversation. "De the next we be called ta fight together will probably be when it be time to travel to de ream of the dead". Gortkaluz told his comrades, holding the rains of his Corrupted Dreadwing.

"The Netherlord might be correct. It is likely that the next time we're called together might be when it is time to venture into the realm of the dead". Reugus said in agreement, thinking that Gortkaluz might be correct. "Be that as it may, we must be ready. However, it is likely that we're not coming back here". Deathsword told his comrades, getting Keirrastia to look up at the shattered veil above them.

"Unlike with Outland, Draenor, Argus and all other threats, we don't know anything of what we're facing, or what awaits us on the other side. The chances of all of us coming back are very slim. The chances of dying up there, extremely high". The Huntmaster explained to her comrades, knowing that the chances of all of them coming home are slim.

"That is why we should take what little time we have left to spend it with our loved ones. This might be our last chance". Denasar told his comrades, wishing to spend as much time with Shandris, Kor'vas and his daughter as he could. Xandreni nodded in agreement to what the Slayer said, before she turned to look at Melannet, who looked back at her.

The twenty two champions eventually reached the Argent Tournament. "Until we meet again, when it is time to journey to the realm of the dead". Denasar said to Deathsword as his comrades flew to the separate champs. The Alliance champions flew to the Silver Covenant Pavillion, while the Horde champions flew to the Sunreaver Pavillion. "Don't die until then, demon hunter". The Deathlord told the Slayer, before he flew his Frost Deathlord's Vilebrood Vanquisher to the Sunreaver Pavillion. Denasar chuckled at Deathsword's response, before he flew Invincible to the Silver Covenant Pavillion.

(3 minutes later)

Denasar, Vahrazlyphii, Marken, Keirrastia, Reugus, Voleimm, Kelvalbim, Kenatherick, Borbor, Camiann and Ilthiel have returned to Stormwind, having come through a portal that a High Elf called Silver Covenant Arcanist created for them. The eleven champions arrived at the Trade District, which had worsened from the last time they were there. Undead were getting past the gates, but they were getting killed on sight.

Seeing that things were currently under control, Denasar and the others resummoned their flying mounts and took off for Lion's Rest. Currently, the eleven champions were flying right to Lion's Rest, where Genn Greymane, Taelia, Mathias Shaw, Shandris, Vessaelaria, Ilitheda and Sally Whitemane awaited them.

The eleven champions landed their mounts ten feet away from their comrades, before they dismounted their mounts, which disappeared. Shandris, Vessaelaria and Ilitheda's eyes brighten at seeing Denasar and Keirrastia, before they rushed to them. Denasar took his daughter into his hands and gave her a hug, one that she happily returned. Shandris placed her hands on her mate's face, before she brought him into a kiss, one that he eagerly returned as he wrapped his left hand around her waist.

Keirrastia had knelt down instead of picking her adopted daughter up, wrapping her arms around the younger Void Elf's body, who hugged her in relief. Vahrazlyphii walked up next to Keirrastia and Ilitheda, who were still embracing each other and pat her student's head, who looked up at her with a smile on his face.

Reugus, Marken, Ilthiel and Voleimm all walked up to King Genn Greymane, before they knelt down to him. The other alliance champions stayed a few feet away, believing that they didn't need to be a part of the conversation. "King Greymane, we have returned". Reugus stated as he looked up at Genn, who gave a small smile at seeing his son's old friend alive.

"Welcome back, champions. Have you found Anduin or Jaina?" The worgen king asked the four champions in front of him, which Marken shook his head. "I'm afraid not, King Greymane". The Highlord answered the old king, getting Genn to look at him. "We searched everywhere in Icecrown, but we couldn't find them, nor Thrall, Baine or even Sylvanas Windrunner". Ilthiel told the old king, getting his attention as he looked at the Archdruid.

"But in our adventures in Northrend, we came across something unimaginable". Voleimm took over and told Genn, making the old king turn his attention to the Lightforged Draenei. "Tell me everything". Genn commanded with a serious tone, his presence changing from a kind man to a dangerous warrior.

The champions of the Alliance spend the next 30 minutes telling Genn Greymane everything they encountered in Northrend from fighting the Scourge to fighting Herald Dalora. Shandris, Taelia, Mathias Shaw, Vessaelaria, Ilitheda Sally Whitemane listened in as the champions reported what had happened to them in Northrend, with Taelia, Shandris, Vessaelaria and Ilitheda growing worried at hearing there was no sign of Anduin or Jaina there.

"These are grim tidings, champions. It seems the Banshee has aligned herself with a darker power than we know". Genn stated with his voice full of concern at hearing Anduin and Jaina were nowhere to be spotted and of the power that Herald Dalora had. "Indeed". Reugus said in agreement as he, Marken, Voleimm and Ilthiel stood up from their kneeling positions.

"No sign of Anduin or Jaina. If they aren't being held in Icecrown, it can only mean that the Banshee has taken them into the realms of Death". Genn began, with everyone watching and listening to him as he spoke. "I will not rest until they are found. Work with our allies to keep the Scourge at bay. We cannot allow that menace to overrun our kingdoms". The worgen king continued, which Reugus nodded to his king as he gave a salute.

"I'll send word to the Knights of the Ebon Blade. If anyone can devise a strategy to rescue our friends, it's Bolvar Fordragon. When the hour comes, we will call upon you all to face the darkness... and bring our allies home". Genn finished, before he gave the champions of the Alliance a soft look. "But take whatever time you have to spend it with your loved ones. This may very well be your last chance". The old king added, believing that the champions should have the chance to be with the ones they love before it is time to venture to the real of Death.

Marken gave Genn a thankful look, before he bowed down in thanks. "Thank you, King Greymane". The Highlord thanked the old king, before he straightened his posture. "Your thanks are unneeded. You all deserve this before you all journey to the realm of Death". Greymane replied to the Ashbringer, who nodded to him before he, Ilthiel, Reugus and Voleimm stepped back.

The eleven champions gathered around with Shandris, Taelia, Vessaelaria and Ilitheda joining them. "So, what are we gonna do with our remaining time left, before our next adventure?" Voleimm questioned his comrades, wondering what their plans are until they are called upon. Denasar turned to face Shandris and Vessaelaria, with the general of the Sentinel Army holding their daughter.

The son of the Betrayer wrapped his right hand around Shandris' waist and brought her closer to him, making her giggle at his actions. "I'm gonna spend as much time with my mate and daughter as I can". Denasar revealed with a smile on his face, making Shandris and Vessaelaria return the smile, feeling happy to be a family again.

"I'm gonna spend time with my family and Ilitheda. Though I'm probably not gonna be with my parents for long". Keirrastia revealed, holding her adopted daughter in his hands. Ilitheda looked at her mother with a concerned look as she knew that Keirrastia weren't on good terms with her parents at the moment. The Huntmaster took notice of her daughter's concern look, which she gave her beloved child a soft smile.

"Camiann and I are gonna head to Ironforge to party the night away!" Kelvalbim exclaimed with an excited look on his face, one that Camiann shared. "Aye!" The Blood Death Knight called out in agreement, making the other champions chuckle at them. "I will return to the Exodar and spend as much time with my father and people as possible". Vahrazlyphii told her comrades, revealing what she is planning to do with their remaining time.

"Vahrazlyphii, would it be all right if I accompany you?" Voleimm asked the High Priest, getting Vahrazlyphii to look at him and gave a small smile. "It would be no trouble, Voleimm. You are more than welcome". The High Priest answered the Death Knight, who smiled at the female Draenei.

"I will return to Nordrassil to tell my people of what is to come. And to leave someone in charge until our return". Ilthiel told his comrades with his arms crossed, knowing that they can't leave without informing his people. The Archdruid then turned to look at the Highlord, wondering what he plans to do.

"What of you, Marken? What will you do?" The Stormrage Druid questioned the Paladin, who turned to look at him. "Do you really need to question? I plan to spend time with Alexstrasza". The Highlord answered, eager to be with his beloved after spending weeks at Northrend. Denasar let out a small chuckle at Marken's words, though he couldn't blame her as he and the Dragon Queen were really close.

"I'll be heading back to Kul Tiras with Taelia, to help her prepare for the journey and to eventually meet her father". Kenatherick revealed, getting Taelia to smile at her old friend, before she held his right hand with her left. "I will return The Wandering Isles to meditate and train". Bobor revealed to his comrades, wishing to see his birth home one last time before his next grand adventure.

The Huntmaster turned to look at Reugus, who had kept silent. "What of you, Reugus?" The Huntmaster questioned the Battlelord, wondering what the Worgen Warrior plans to do. "I'm gonna spend time with Lorna. She had spent a message to me, requesting that I come back as soon as possible". The Battlelord answered the Void Elf, revealing what his plans are.

Now knowing what his comrades were planning to do, Denasar spoke up. "Time this time to rest, train and be with your loved ones. This may very well be our last chance". The son of the Betrayer told his comrades, getting all their attention as they looked at the Slayer.

The ten champions saluted to Denasar, who returned it to his comrades and friends. "Until we meet again". Denasar bid farewell, before he and Shandris began to walk away with Vessaelaria still in her mother's hands. The remaining ten champions, Taelia and Ilitheda all went their own separate ways, with all of them heading to their own destinations.

The next time the champions of the Alliance would assemble would be when it was time to travel to the realm of Death itself.

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