This is my second story on Murdoch Mysteries. As well as the first one, which takes place months after this one, this story takes place in the same AU and its kind of an explanation for a detail i wrote in the first one.

Other than that, once i meantioned i´m not that familiar with the show, I decided to place this two stories I wrote after season 13, since season 14 will be an au for everyone, it will make me feel more comfortable to write more stories following this AU, rather to have something change.

Hope you like.

Good reading.


It was supposed to be a night of party, when Detective William Murdoch and his wife decided to go out fora night at the theater, to celebrate their 4th anniversary. However, things got terribly wrong and what was once a night of joy, turn out a night of tears.


Everything started a few hours before at Murdoch´s household, as the detective William and his wife Julia got ready to go to the party, letting their 2-years old daughter Sybil in the care of their neighbor Mrs. Jenkins, who once had helped with Sybil´s birth.

''Julia! I don't think it would be right for us to go!'' William said from the nursery door, while Julia put an already sleeping toddler to bed. ''I have a bad feeling.''

''If you wake her up, I'm sure it will be indeed impossible.'' Julia replied pushing him out of the room. ''Don't be a spoil sport William, it will be fun!'' the wife said helping him with his coat, when an older woman approach ''You sure you can manage, Mrs. Jenkins? Sybbie is sleeping already, but just in case.''

''Of course, Mrs. Murdock, I will be taking care of the little one, do not worry, have fun you two'' the old woman smiled.

''Thank you, Mrs. Jenkins, we will be back in a couple of hours!'' the couple said leaving the house, not realizing they have been followed.


The night itself was pleasured, the detective had bought one of the cabins, so they could watch the show better and they even met Officer Higgins and his girlfriend at the theater hall, to talk and have a few drinks at the 'between act'.

Once the show ended, the audience left, talking with excitement about what they had seen, when without notice, just as they step in the street, Julia throw her arms around Murdoch´s neck and give him a passionate kiss.

''Thank you!'' she whispered, and he responded the kiss.

''What are you thanking me for?'' asked the detective.

''For everything, for this night, for our life, for been my husband and father of our child'' she kissed him again. ''I love you so much!''

''I love you too my love'' he said kissing her back, when suddenly, a hand abruptly grabbed the detective's shoulder and turn him around.

It was a man with a mask and a gun pointing directly to Murdoch´s heart. Obviously even been a detective, Murdoch couldn't recognize the person and thinking it was a nervous burglar, he simply reach for his wallet.

''I don't want your money!'' the burglar snapped and in response the detective stayed calm.

''Alright, lets calm down and tell me what I can give you?'' he slightly placed himself between the man and Julia, protecting his wife.

''I told you I don't want your money!'' he snapped again.

''I see…'' Murdoch replied ''Alright, just keep calm and tell me what I can give you then?''

''Your life detective, you can give me your life!'' the burglar yelled this time calling others attention.

''What in the earth…'' Murdoch frowned.

''WILLIAN!'' he heard Julia scream. The burglar pulled the trigger, but instead of feeling the bullet hit him, the one-handed detective found himself been pushing aside, as the bullet hit another target.

Everyone around them start to buzzle into an uproar as the burglar, realizing he had shot the wrong person, ran away as fast as possible. It happened however that Dr. Julia Ogdon Murdoch, seeing that the man was going to shot her husband, quickly pushed him aside, taking herself the full blow from the bullet directly in her heart.

''No!'' Murdoch exclaimed, seeing his wife falling backyard he managed to act fast and got her before she fell on the ground ''Julia, Julia, answer me please, don't leave me"

''W-William…'' she gasped, glad to see him alright.

''I´m here, you will be alright!'' the detective chocked trying to stop the bleeding with his good hand, while supporting her body with his other arm. ''Don´t leave me!''

''I lov-e y…'' she whispered before going limp on his arms.


The detective starts to sob, calling for his wife. Someone, he couldn't say who had called an ambulance and the police. People around give information about the shooter and the paramedics as well as someone from the police, tried to pry the man from his wife´s body.

They arrived at the hospital in minutes and someone from the station, who Murdoch doesn't remember who, join him at the waiting room when the paramedics wheeled Julia to the Operation room. A minute later, a doctor came in, but the detective just looked at him in shock, as the doctor informed him that his wife was dead.

It was half of a blessing honestly that Murdoch didn't remember much what happened the rest of that night. The man who join him at the hospital, supported him as he walks through the door of his home, the same man, possibly the inspector, told Mrs. Jenkins about the murder, but the widower didn't remember if she cried or not, nor what she told him. He was broken inside, acting in autopilot, he just walk to his room, changed his clothes without even noticing and collapsed on the floor, exhausted by grief and sleep.


When he woke up next morning, Murdoch thought for just a second, that everything was just a nightmare, still, just a look at the tossed clothes on the floor next to him, the rash reality washed over him.

From downstairs, William could hear voices, he guessed that Mrs. Jenkins, after what happened, slept on the couch and early the next day, didn't hesitate in call the neighbors and tell them about the crippled widower and his daughter.

When Sibbie Murdoch woke up, she spot her Dada sitting next to her crib and he smiled at her, when she reach out to him, so he picked her up in his good arm and set her on his lap.

''My little flower'' he kissed her forehead as she wanted to play.

Of course, the detective didn't know how to change a diaper, much less having just one good hand, so he called Mrs. Jenkins again to hep him, while he walk back to his room to change. After that, both father and daughter had breakfast and after that the detective told his daughter what happened to her Mama. Sure, Sybil was too young to understand death and everything else, she got a bit sad that her father said they will take long to see her mother again, but as a small child, she quickly forgot about that and got excited with her toys and drawings, like nothing had happened.


The next few days, between the funeral, wake and burial, everything was a blur to William Murdoch. The inspector offered to pay for the cervices and during the whole week, family, friends, and people from the station came and goes to his house, trying to help with everything.

During the wake, he just stood still, in shock, acting in auto pilot again, receiving condolences here and there, not even knowing from who. His eyes were fixed on a black coffin in the middle of the room; however, he did recall let his emotions out during the burial.

''Murdoch!'' the inspector said shaking his hand before leaving. ''I´m really sorry lad, really sorry indeed, take the time you need to shallow this, I'm assure you we´re going to do everything to find who did this'' he said and in response William just nodded, not really wanting to talk.


Later that night, Sybbie was already sleep and Mrs. Jenkins decided to stay and help with the toddler any other thing he needed, despite his protests. This way, after managing to get into his pajamas and lied on Julia´s side of the bed as he have been doing this last week, the detective allowed himself to cry, he hold her pillow, trying to find her smell, memories of that night replaying on his mind and he swear he would do everything possible, to put behind bars, the man who had destroyed his life, by taking his love away from him.