*✲⋆. *✲⋆ *✲⋆. *✲⋆. *✲⋆. *✲⋆. *✲⋆. *✲⋆. *✲⋆. *✲⋆. *✲⋆. *✲⋆. *✲⋆. *✲⋆. *✲⋆. *✲⋆ *✲⋆. **✲⋆ *✲⋆. *

"No!" Cordelia screamed as she caught her daughter in her arms. They were running through the bunker toward the rest of their sisters when a disfigured man jumped into the hall in front of her daughter and plunged a knife deep into her stomach. Amelia fell backward into her mother's arms, and Cordelia gently brought them down to the floor. "No, no, no!" She cried, broken sobs escaping her chest as she felt her child's life force fading.

A gun fired off, and Cordelia—out of instinct—shielded her child with her own body. She screamed, bracing herself for the impact of the bullet—but nothing. She heard a thud from behind them, and quickly snapped her head around to see the man who stabbed Amelia. He was lying in a pool of blood, less than three feet from the spot she and Amelia were currently huddled in. Coco stood with a still smoking gun in her hand, her eyes wide. She dropped the pistol and brought her hands to her mouth in shock.

"Ms. Cordelia!" Mallory cried, running to them and dropping down to her knees. She watched as her Supreme leaned over her daughter's limp body, blowing gently into her mouth in an attempt to perform the Vitalum Vitalus. Cordelia cried out a broken scream, and Mallory put a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Let me try," Mallory suggested, and Cordelia nodded desperately, choking back a sob. Mallory leaned over Amelia, shutting her eyes and putting her hands on both sides of the girl's face. She manifested all of the power she could, and blew a breath into Amelia's partly open mouth. She was hit with a familiar, overwhelming feeling of dread when she opened her eyes and saw the girl was still unconscious. Mallory closed her eyes and leaned in again, this time letting her lips gently touch Amelia's while she blew into her mouth. She met Cordelia's desperate eyes, and shook her head sadly.

"The tub, Delia!" Myrtle called, running toward them. "We need to get her in the tub!"

"Ms. Cordelia…it's too late." Tears filled Mallory's eyes as she met her Supreme's gaze. "She's gone."