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Chapter 1

The audience went wild at the sight of one of the hottest artists these days. Her violet hair, devilish smirk, and diva aura brought everyone to their knees. They all wanted to be with her or to be inside of her. She of course knew this. The devilish woman knew everyone's desires. How could she not?

She was, after all. Evelynn, The Diva.

"So, Miss Evelynn, what can the fans expect about the next enormous project of K/DA?" The interviewer asked with excitement.

"Well darling, it wouldn't be a surprise if we told you," Evelynn replied with a smirk, making the audience go wild.

"So there is nothing for us, the poor fans?" The interviewer joked.

"Our fans know how serious we take our job. Our next album is going to rock everyone's worlds. Be sure of it. But of course, we are only humans. We need a brief break once in a while. We have to take care of our skins," Evelynn said with a smile.

Oh! Please don't go!

We love you, Evelynn!

Please step on me!

The audience laughed at the sound of the fans in the front row. Evelynn couldn't help herself and laugh with them.

"We have the best musician on our side. We have the will and the energy, but we also want to give the fans what they deserve. Perfection takes time," Evelynn said.

"So we are going to have to wait for a while. You hear that fans!" The audience replied with screams of joy and happiness.

"What about the rest of the group? Are they on a break too?" The interview asked.

"My dear, haven't you see social media? Ahri is all over the place on Instagram. Kai'sa knowing her, would be dancing somewhere. Training like she always does, and my dear Akali. Well, there is a video of her in an urban rap battle. So we are still here. We are going nowhere," Evelynn said with a smile, earning the praises of everyone.

Evelynn felt the sudden glare of a person backstage. Then she felt it. Her body went stiff, and she couldn't help herself but let a small moan. Thankfully, not loud enough to be heard. She gave a panic stare at him, pleading him to stop. But he only smiled at her. Knowing full well, he was in control. Evelynn's nipples were getting hard. Her inner tight and the juices coming out of her pussy were going to be a problem for her.

The rest of the interview went normally. Evelynn was capable to keep a straight face without a problem. But she felt her orgasm coming. The vibrator was doing the job perfectly. Pushing her G spot without mercy. She wanted to scream, to moan loudly. But she couldn't. The desperation and horror of doing something like that on national television were alarming her.

Her body was trembling, she was close. Evelynn was about to cum. Everyone was going to see her like the whore she was. But then it stopped.

Her eyes saw the perverted smile of the man with the control of her body. He knows what he was doing. Bastard! Evelynn thought, frustrated.

Her face was red, she was sweating. Her body was crying in agony at the sudden stop of the stimulation. Evelynn could not look at anyone. She was ashamed of this.

"Everyone please thank our beloved Diva for coming. We hope to have you soon again!" The interview said, and Evelynn only pretended to be ecstatic for them.

She walked out, and Evelynn saw him. Standing there with a proud smile. He was tall, with green eyes and dark hair. He was a very handsome man. With muscles showing up, he works out daily and it showed. His business outfit only made him look better. But he was not a good person at all.

"You did well in the interview," he said with an innocent voice.

"Shut up, you bastard!" Evelynn hissed.

"Oh, that's not the way to talk to your manager," he said smiling at her.

Evelynn wanted to scream at him, but she knew it would only make him smile more.

"We have a lot to do, remember? Let's go," he said, guiding her outside of the building. Putting his hand on her waist and groping her and spanking her gorgeous ass every time she hissed at him.

Evelynn felt the hand on her ass, groping, squeezing. Like he owns her. When she tried to do something about it, he would give her a hard spank while telling her to behave. How humiliating! Evelynn thought while biting her lips. Her body was her worst enemy.

Her nipples, her skin, her wet core. All of it reacted at his touches.

"Get in the limo," he said.

"You don't order me around-Eak!" Evelynn let a small squeal when she felt the vibrator starting again. And with one spank more, she went inside the limousine. Like a child getting scolded. The manager laughing closed the door behind them.

Inside the luxurious car, the manager threw away every limit or boundary.

He kissed her without caring too much if she liked it or not. Evelynn let a small moan as she fought to get away from his touches and kisses but to no avail. He pushed his tongue deep inside of her mouth, dominating the poor pink-haired singer.

His hand went to her tights. To those thick thighs, every man wanted to touch and grope and play with. Only behind, to Evelynn's amazing ass of course.

"No, please stop~!" Evelynn moaned.

"You always say no, but you ended up liking it. Admit it, you're a slut. My slut," he said.

The manager pushed his pants down, caring too little for anything else. And forcibly he brought Evelynn's hand to his massive rod. The soft hand immediately brought life to the enormous cock. 9 Inches of pure thick meat. And two heavy balls, full of potent seed, ready to cum and impregnate everyone woman he could fuck.

"Jerk me off," he commanded her.

The size mesmerized Evelynn, no matter how many times she sees it. She can't believe this thing goes inside of her. Evelynn pride was shattered a long time ago. And this cock was responsible for it. So she obeyed him and slowly jerked him off. Just like he taught her, just like he wanted her to do it.

One hand on her shaft and another one massaging those enormous balls.

"Yeah, that's it. You know how I like it," he groaned.

Evelynn moaned feeling the vibrator deep inside of her still. And feeling the manager's hands squeezing her ass. The warmth of cock and the pulsating veins around the soft hands of Evelynn was a paradise.

"Put that mouth to work," the manager told her.

Evelynn sighed and prostrated herself before him. She gave a small kiss to the tip of that juicy cock and then; she started to suck it slowly. Like he wanted it.

"Slowly, I want to feel that tongue of yours around my cock. Don't stop massaging my balls. And look at me. I want you to see me when you are on your knees with my cock on your mouth. That's where you belong," he groaned.

Evelynn did every single step.

She sucked him hard, increasing the speed of her head going up and down. Using her tongue like crazy. Evelynn violet lipstick was leaving marks on the manager's shaft. Those thick lips were meant to kiss his cock. Her hand was fondling the manager's balls with gentleness. Giving them a small squeeze and sometimes using her tongue to lick them.

Evelynn's mouth was heaven.

"Keep going, and be a good whore raise that amazing ass of yours and want to see it," he commanded her.

Evelynn obeyed and put herself in a position in which she could keep sucking the delicious cock and where she could wiggle her ass from one side to the next. Just like he wanted it.

"Now that's a view," he said, putting both hands around her head. Forcing her to a deep throat. Evelynn's make-up was a mess. All the hours she spent preparing herself to look nice for the fans. Were gone thanks to her manager's face fucking her.

"That's it, take it all! Look at me! Look at me whore!" He groaned, feeling closer to the edge.

Evelynn allowed him to use her head as his personal fuck toy. She kept sucking hard, moving her tongue all over his fat cock and squeezing those balls to help him cum. And help him it did.

The manager did not bother to warn her about his aggressive release. He didn't have to. Evelynn just swallowed it all. The seed found its way into Evelynn's throat. She swallowed it all. Evelynn drank it all to the last drop. At that moment, Evelynn came too. Her body shiver thanks to the vibrator inside her pussy. But it was not enough for her to go crazy. Something the manager smiled at. He wanted to do that himself.

"That's it, suck it all. All of it you slut. You like it, don't you? You love my cum," Evelynn did not respond it. She was too busy sucking all the cum from his fat cock. She cleaned him, licking every corner of the shaft. From the balls to the tip of his cock. And giving a lovely kiss to the head of this juice cock.

"Good girl, you are a good girl," he said while patting Evelynn's head.

Evelynn gave one last lick to the cock before her. She wanted to hate him, but she was too addicted to this cock. She loves the feeling of his cum in her stomach. The feeling of him forcing her to suck him dry. But she could not allow herself to be used like that.

"Is that all?" Evelynn said, trying to sound cold and failing miserably. Especially with how her face was at the moment. The rest of cum on her cheeks and the disastrous make-up and her shredded clothes.

Not only that, but her pussy was craving attention. The vibrator was not enough for her anymore. But Evelynn did not want him inside of her today. Especially today.

"Is that all? My dear Evelynn, we are just starting. Did you honestly think you were going to leave like that? Without me enjoying your tight and warm pussy?" He said, noticing the panic look on Evelynn's face. The manager smiled. This was going to be a good night for him.

He dragged Evelynn to his penthouse, showing each of the other females who work there. Who he was going to fuck that night. Some cleaning girl blushed at how The Diva was being treated. The cum on her face, the look of humiliation, and how he fumbled her brought tears to Evelynn. The strong and confident idol was nowhere to be seen.

Before them, a submissive and fragile woman ready to be fucked was the only thing they saw.

Evelynn was thrown naked to the bed. And the manager did not wait to get naked himself. Evelynn felt intimidated watching the body of the men in front of her. The manager's body was of a stud.

A stud ready to mate.

"Spread those legs, and show me your pussy," he ordered her.

"Please put on a condom. I am not on pills, and this is a very dangerous day," Evelynn whispered, but she couldn't deny how she felt looking at that stunning body. The abs, the muscles, the monumental cock ready to fuck her. Her poor pussy was getting desperate. Evelynn was getting desperate. But she wanted to have safe sex. She can't afford to get pregnant. Again.

"My dear Evelynn, you know I don't fuck my whores with that plastic around my junk," he said with a mocking tone.

"Please! I can't get pregnant!" Evelynn pleaded.

"Can you at least pull out? Please, I beg you!" The manager ignored her.

"I won't repeat myself, spread those legs now," Evelynn whimpered as she obeyed. The manager licked his lips, watching the juices coming out of the beautiful pussy. He guided the tip of his cock to Evelynn's entrances, enjoying the feeling of the moisture around the head of his fat cock.

And without waiting anymore. He impaled himself deep inside her in one thrust. Evelynn let a cry of pleasure. She felt every inch of the cock inside of her. Pushing deep into her pussy and making her go crazy.

"Spread those legs more! You know how I like it!" He groaned as he kept trusting.

Evelynn did as she was told. Her gorgeous legs were widespread, and she had her hands on the back of the manager's head. Holding him close to her. Feeling every trust and moaning like a wanton whore.

The manager licked the cute pink nipples of Evelynn. They were not as big as the rest of the K/DA line up. But she had something to work with. And the manager loves those tits. He sucked them hard. While keeping his pace, fucking the tight cunt of the idol.

"Fuck, you are tight!" He moaned. Pounding like a madman the tight cunt of Evelynn reacted the same way a whore would. By clenching her pussy tight. To make sure he loved it even more.

"You like this, don't you? Do you love feeling my fat cock inside of you? You love being my little whore, don't you?" Evelynn felt the cock kissing the entrances of her womb. Every trust and the way he treated her. Like she was her property. Made her even hornier. She hated to admit this, but she loves it. Every minute of it.

"Answer me whore! Do you love it?!" He yelled, pushing his cock farther inside of her. Evelynn let a squeal of pleasure.

"Yes! I love it!" She replied.

Her face was a mess, her tongue was out, and her eyes were only thinking of the manager's fat cock fucking her crazy.

"I love your fat cock inside me! Please fuck your whore! Fuck me!" Evelynn yelled as she moved her hips at the same rhythm as the manager trusts.

"Good slut, never forget to whom you belong!" He groaned, feeling his second release closer.

"On four slut, I want to see that amazing ass of yours!" He ordered her and without losing more time, Evelynn obeyed him.

The manager could only stare at the sight before him. The view men would kill to see. Evelynn's bottom was beyond this world. Those child-bearing hips and thick legs only add more to the beauty of it. And it was all his. He gave a hard squeeze, leaving a mark of his hand on her skin.

"This is mine, do you understand? This is mine to fuck, to grope to touch, only mine" he growled giving it a hard spank and squeeze.

"Say it. To whom this ass belong?" He asked.

"It's your sir, all yours," Evelynn moaned.

He grabbed those hips, and with one trust he fucked her like a rabid animal. Evelynn ass wiggle at each thrust. The sound of flesh hitting against each other, the moans and cries of Evelynn to be fucked harder were music by itself. And the manager was the producer.

He grabbed a fist of her hair, not caring if it hurts Evelynn at all. He was getting to cum, and he was going to cum hard.

"I going to burst! Do you want me to cum outside or inside?" He asked knowing full well, she was far gone in pleasure to think straight.

"Inside, please! Deep inside me! I want to feel your cum in my womb!" Evelynn cried in pleasure.

"Are you sure? Didn't you say this was a dangerous day for you?" He groaned, holding back his seed. He wanted to hear Evelynn said she wanted it inside of her. He wanted to hear her scream for his seed.

"I don't care, just cum! Knock me up! Breed me again!" Evelynn yelled as her body trembled hard. She was going to cum as hard as him.

"What about the fans? What about them?" He asked with a smiled while holding Evelynn hair with one hand and her hip with another one. Licking his face, knowing full well, he was going to make her a mother again. Just like last time.

"Fuck the fans! Fuck them! I want your baby again! Breed me, impregnate me again!" With a scream, the manager came. Evelynn was not far behind.

"Take it all slut!" Evelynn's womb was filled with potent and fertile seeds. Rope after rope of cum was getting inside of the idol. He hugged her from behind, forcing her to go to a prone bone position. While her body was still shaking.

"Yes! Have my baby again!" He moaned, kissing her neck and back. Enjoying the soft skin of his slut. Evelynn did not want him to pull his cock out. Her pussy was milking every drop of cum out of his balls. The feeling of so much warm cum inside of her was addicting. The feeling of her eggs being fertilized by his seed was even more so. Evelynn knows she was carrying his child now. There was no doubt in her mind she just got impregnated by him, a second time.

He enjoyed the feeling for a few minutes, fucking her slowly. Not wanting to end the feeling of the tight pussy around his cock.

"Beautiful," he whispered as he pulled out his cock from the love tunnel of Evelynn. The cum was getting out, just proving how much he came inside her.

He squeezes her ass one more time. As he played with his cock on Evelynn's soft bottom.

"To whom you belong to?" He asked one more time.

"You… To you… Sir," Evelynn replied with barely any strength left.

"Are you going to be a good mommy for my second child?" He asked with a more soft tone.

"Yes… Sir… I will be a good mommy for your second child," Evelynn said with a defeated voice.

"Don't worry, we are on a break, remember? A year can go very fasts," the manager said with a smile.

"Don't worry, you will not be alone. Now get ready for the next round, dear. I not going to allow you to sleep until I am sure you are pregnant with my second child. Get ready, slut," he said spanking the gorgeous ass of the future mother.

"Yes, sir~!" Evelynn moaned.

Not a single fan would ever know about their idol being fucked by her manager in a penthouse in the middle of the night. They would never know about such activity. They would never know that the manager of the famous pop group K/DA was, in fact, the man who broke them and made them his personal fuck toys.

For now, at least.