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Chapter 4

There was thrill and excitement in the eyes of the young girl as she approached the building in which she would finally become what she always wanted to be. A star. The girl in question had bright blonde hair reaching just below her shoulders. Deep blue eyes, and a youthful face. There was no doubt she was beautiful, an innocent type of beautiful. She had a big smile, as she couldn't hold herself from giggling at the excitement of her dreams finally becoming true.

The girl approached the reception, where she could see a beautiful woman with big golden eyes and ruby red hair. Her hair covered a part of her face, but the girl could see a gentle smile on her.

"Welcome, my name is Xayah, what can I do for you?"

"Oh! My name is… Luxanna, but please call me Lux! I'm here for the interview!" Lux replied nervously.

"Ah, I remember now. Yes, of course, the 2:45 meeting. Please, allow me," Xayah stood up, and Lux quickly saw that the receptionist was big with a baby. At least 7 months pregnant.

"No, no! Please don't stand up! I don't want to bother!" Xayah only stared at her confused but realized what was the blond girl's reference too. Xayah could only smile softly as she stroked her enormous belly, where a baby was growing.

"I'm pregnant, not cripple," Xayah replied with a smile, making Lux awkwardly look away.

"It's just… That… Well, you must be careful," Lux said.

"You sound like my husband. I will have enough time to rest when I give birth. This is not my first baby, you know?" Xayah said, hiding a malicious smile on her face. Something Lux could not see.

Xayah guided the blonde girl to where the now new head of the company office was. A man with many talents. Talents, Xayah knew too well.

"Your husband must be happy, for a new baby," Lux said, embarrassed.

"Oh, yes, my love, it's happy for a new baby," Xayah said smiling since her beloved husband was not the father of the baby she was carrying now or the last one for that matter. And for a few more minutes, Lux could only stare everywhere. The building was massive in scope. Befitting for a big music company.

Soon they arrived at a lobby where Lux couldn't help herself but gasp at the size of it. Then, Lux almost squeal as she saw one of her heroes walking in her direction.

"Oh, my god! It's Kai'sa!" Lux whispered, hiding her blushing face behind her hands.

Kai'sa was wearing only a big shirt with yoga pants. Hiding her clearly growing belly. She was steaming with sweat. Clearly, the dancer of the biggest group on the plant was training her hardest. Lux wanted to jump and hug her no matter what. But she knew if she wanted to be taken seriously. She needed to act like a true professional.

"Ah, Xayah, how are you doing?" Kai'sa asked as she approached them.

"Great, but you stink, stay away," Xayah replied with a disgusted face.

"Sorry, about it, I was practicing," Kai'sa said with a smile. A lustful smile.

"Yeah, yeah. Now, I have to take this girl to the producer," Xayah said, while Kai'sa only looked at the cute blonde girl blushing deeply at her. Kai'sa smiled at her.

"A pleasure, my name is Kai'sa," Lux took the dancer's hand, and she let a small squeal in her mind. Not believing, she was holding one member of K/DA's hand.

"A plea-pleasure, my name is Luxanna, but you can call me Lux!"

"Alright, Lux, see you later, I am sure we are going to have an opportunity to get to know each other, really well," Kai'sa said huskily. That voice made Lux shiver, as she was not sure what does it mean. But she ignored for now, as she followed Xayah to the office where the head of the company was waiting.

"Here we are," Xayah said as guided the cute blonde girl to a big office, then Lux saw it. A man was sitting on a big chair while reading some paper. Lux blushed immediately. He is so handsome! She thought. The man had short black hair, he was tall and had a ripped body. Clearly, he worked out a lot. Then Lux saw a pair of green eyes, they were beautiful.

He looked a bit sweaty, in Lux's opinion. Then there was a smell in the place, just like Kai'sa. A weird thing indeed, but Lux ignored it.

"Sir, here is the girl you've been waiting for," Xayah said with a rather submissive tone that Lux could not notice.

"Mm, ah I see, thank my dear for being a good girl. Please, return to your post, and be careful, you are carrying… A baby," the man said with a knowing smile.

"Understood sir, good luck," Xayah whispered, leaving a perplexed Lux behind.

"Now, please sit, my dear. Want something to drink? Juice, soda, beer?" The man asked.

"Ah, not sir only… Juice," Lux replied timidly. As the man stood up and grab a couple of drinks for them. There is a mini-bar here? Lux wondered.

"Here you go, my dear, orange juice for good girls," he said with a gentle tone. Lux took the juice, feeling weird at being called a good girl. It was something strange. But the more she heard it. The more her body grew hot. The deep husky voice of the man was sexy in her mind. Lux felt so dominated just to hear it.

"Now, your name is Luxanna Crowguard. Right? That's a big family," he said with an honest voice.

"Well, we have many cousins, and uncles… And aunts," Lux replied nervously.

"I see, tell me how old are you, Lux?" The man asked as he sat at the edge of the desk, directly in front of her.

"Sixteen, sir," Lux replied softly.

"Mm, I see, please tell me, Lux. What do you wish to become, a star? For what I know, you could easily have your entire life made out for you. The Crowguard family it's rather rich, aren't they?"

"I want to be myself! I don't want to be another lawyer, or investor. My entire life as being controlled by my family, for just once… I want to do something I like," Lux replied with an honest tone, to which the man smiled.

"I see, then, what about this? Stay here for the day, I want you to look around the building. Meet people here, there is a lot of stars working here, you know? I was the manager for K/DA for years before becoming the boss. The big producer. See the place, talk to the people and the installations, then come here in an hour or so, and then we could talk about your future, what do you say?" Lux thought it was a good idea, she could clear her mind and think clearly about her decision. She only has one opportunity, and since her family has no idea, she was here. Lux would not screw things.

"I will, sir!" Lux said with a smile.

"Then, let's see each other in a few hours."

Lux did what she was told. She walked around the building, meeting people, seeing the installations. It surprised her. There were many studios and dance classroom where Lux could see trainees and back up dancer practices. They had saunas and massage parlors. Lux was sure about her response. She would take the offer to start as a trainee and work to achieve her dream. And nothing would stop her.

So taking her time, Lux walked to the office, where she would give the boss her response. It's been perhaps a few more hours than Lux wanted to admit. Hopefully, she would not disturb a meeting or something.

Lux knocks one time but heard nothing. So, deciding to open slightly, Lux was not prepared for what she would encounter.

"Yes, sir, fuck me! Just like that!" Lux's eyes winded, as she saw the receptionist Xayah bend over the desk while being fucked from behind.

Xayah was completely naked. Her big tits and pregnant belly were visible. Behind her, the ex-manager of K/DA was as naked as her. Clearly enjoying the tight pussy of the pregnant woman he was fucking.

"So fucking tight! Even after giving birth! How can you pussy be so tight?!" He groaned as he had a firm hand on Xayah's ass and another one on her tits.

He groaned as Xayah increased the rhythm of her hips, enjoying the fat cock deep inside of her. It didn't matter if she was 7 months pregnant. Xayah kept on fucking the man who impregnated her two times every day. It became to the point where she would not even bother to wear underwear. And she would sometimes walk around with his cum dripping from her pussy, and sometimes her face. Showing everyone how much of a whore she was.

Xayah moaned loudly as the producer spank her hard. Leaving a mark on her big ass.

"Fuck, move that ass more! Move it!" Xayah obeyed, as she moved her hips move, at the request of her man. She could feel the cock stirring her insides. Hitting every sweet spot.

"Shit, your tight pussy, it's incredible! I can't get enough of it," the producer moaned as he brought her to her chest, kissing her deeply while groping those incredible tits, full of milk ready to burst.

"It's your pussy, sir, only yours!" Xayah moaned.

"What about your husband? Mm? How can you go back home with cum of another man inside of you? With another man baby? Does he even see the marks I leave in your body after I fuck you?" The producer said while pushing his cock deep inside Xayah. The strength of the producer to hold her in her place while ramming his cock inside of her was amazing.

Her pussy clenched at every thrust, the cock was big and hard. Sometimes, Xayah wondered how could her poor tight pussy handle it. Nothing Rakan could do compared to the fat cock of the producer. She felt horrible to cheat on him, but Xayah was too far gone to care. She actually enjoyed cheating on him, to come back home with the marks of the producer on her skin. With the cum of another man inside of her.

Xayah knows that Rakan was suspecting something. Her first baby was nothing like him. And now a second one was on the way. She could see him starting to ask questions. But she does not care anymore. She would tell him the truth. That she was another man whore, and she loved it.

"Don't talk about him, like that~! He is raising your baby as his~" Xayah moaned, as the producer squeezed those tits, making milk come out.

"A cuck, does he knows I'm still fucking you? That you're carrying my second baby? Mm, you cheating whore?" Xayah groaned, feeling the producer's cock kiss her womb, where his baby was growing.

"I don't know! I don't care! Just keep ramming that delicious fat cock inside my cheating pussy!" The producer moaned as he did just that. He pushed Xayah to the desk, grabbing by the hair and spanking her ass at the same time. Thrusting his cock inside of her. The warm tunnel was squeezing his dick. Trying to milk it like many times before.

"You cheating whore!" The producer groaned as he couldn't keep his release at bay any longer. He came hard inside of Xayah, filling her with his seed.

"Yes! Yes! Inside of me!" Xayah's body trembled at the feeling of the hot baby batter being shot inside of her. Xayah's pussy squeezed the cock of the producer as he kept moving his hips. Not wanting to stop the ropes and ropes of his virile seed from going out.

"Oh god, so much…" Xayah moaned, as she could feel the body of the producer on her back, hugging her and caressing her enormous belly.

"Fuck your husband, I don't want him to put his tiny dick in your pussy. Tell him you are mine, I will let him be a good cuck and let him take care of the children," he said as he kissed her neck. Letting his hand roam all over her glorious body. The producer turned Xayah around and brought her over the desk, opening her legs and inserting his cock once again inside of her. Xayah moaned at the feeling of the producer's cock inside of her again.

They kissed shamelessly, without caring about anything else. The producer's cock was still hard, and ready to burst another charge of seed inside of Xayah, and she made sure to clench her pussy, so the producer could enjoy her cunt more.

Xayah smiled, looking at the muscles and abs of the producer. She caressed his chest, let her hand touch the abs she loves so much. She spread her legs more, so he could fuck her better. Even after a big release of cum, he was still as hard as ever.

"Let me drink some milk, dear," he said as Xayah moaned at the feeling of his mouth on her tits, licking and sucking her nipples.

"Leave something for your baby," Xayah whispered, as the producer kept on sucking the delicious maternal milk of her.

The producer kept on fucking her and sucking the milk out of her tits. It didn't take long for him to moan. Xayah, feeling another powerful orgasm coming, brought her hands around the producer, and locked her legs around his hips.

"Fuck, here I come again!" The producer moaned, loudly. As he started to fuck Xayah rapidly, moving his hips faster and faster. Making the poor pregnant whore lose her mind.

"Oh, god, yes! Fucking fill this pussy! Fill your pregnant bitch with your cum! Yes!" Xayah moaned as she felt another few ropes of cum being shot inside her already overflowing pussy.

It took a few minutes before they could say something. Xayah smiled at the feeling of being dominated by him. She cooed at the sight of him sucking from her tits, drinking her milk as he kept on moving his hips. It didn't matter if he had no more cum to shoot. The feeling of a tight pussy was too good for him to pull out.

"I love your tight pussy. I love to see young pregnant with my child, my dear. Don't be surprised if I put another baby in you after you give birth," he said, while latching on Xayah's breast, still drinking the delicious milk.

"You have a clear kink on impregnation women and fucking them while pregnant, don't you?" Xayah moaned in disappointment as she felt his cock leave her tight pussy. The amount of cum was visible. She groaned softly as she played with her pussy, trying to keep the warm seed inside of her.

"I do, is one of my kinks. What can I say? I love breeding beautiful women. To see them walk with my child in their belly, to watch them breastfeed them. I love to steal wives from their husbands too," he said, kissing deeply the pregnant woman before him.

"You're such a horrible man! Such a bad person," Xayah moaned between kisses.

"I bet you want to do the same to that poor girl, don't you? I bet you want to knock up that poor 16-year-old girl with your baby."

"And I will, my dear. I will stick my fat cock inside of her, and push my seed deep inside," the producer said, as he smiled at the small moans he heard outside the room.

"Perhaps it will be today," he said, as the door open, showing up at almost naked Lux being dragged by Kai'sa who had a satisfied looked on her face. Xayah let a small laugh at the sight.

"Did you have fun, my dear?" The producer asked Lux who face was all red. The blonde girl was trying hard to cover her nakedness, but to no avail.

"Where did you find her, Kai'sa?" Asked Xayah as she dropped to her knees and cleaned the cock of the producer with her mouth like nothing was happening.

"She was outside, watching everything and masturbating to it. I only help her finish," Kai'sa said while licking her fingers, tasting the sex liquids of the young girl.

"It's that true, my dear? Did you masturbate?" The producer asked while he was feeling his strength coming back. And not only because of Xayah's masterful work with her mouth on his cock. But the sight before him.

Lux did not respond, as she was still breathing hard, from the last orgasm she had with fingers of Kai'sa. Lux could only stare at the gigantic cock, while the pregnant receptionist was sucking it. Her entire body was on fire, as she wondered what was happening to her.

Lux saw how Kai'sa took her clothes off, and quickly went on her knees next to Xayah, as both women started to worship the producer's fat cock. Lux also noticed the small belly in Kai'sa. Then, she knew that the dancer of K/DA was also pregnant.

"Well, my dear… Do you want to join us?"

"Yes… ~"