Hi! THIS IS MY FIRST BIG FANFIC! I'm rather proud of it. You will like it. YOU WILL LIKE IT. YOU WILL LIKE IT BECAUSE I SAY SO. Please like it. I am new here. I do not deserve flaming criticism.(Insert pleading toothless eyes here) You haven't even read it it yet. Well what are you doing here then? READ IT.

Prolgue: The Escape

The Laboratory, World #467

Plumenaria was waiting in her cell (Actually, it was more of a room than a cell, but it sure felt like one). It wasn't very interesting that was for sure, but she needed to wait for just the right moment when he left… She looked at her friend Blue. He looked exhausted. As one would be when they just finished training, she thought. "Don't worry Blue," She told him. "We're escaping today."

"That's what you said the last time. And the time befo-"

"Yeah, yeah, I get it. But THIS time we're absolutely going to make it. We just have to time it right…"

Blue was a flightmare, but not just any flightmare. Blue could switch between human and dragon(Sort of. He still looked... Well, flightmare-y.), an ability he had since birth. He wasn't the only one either. Blue had come from a long line of people who could switch between creatures. His mother was where he got his power from. His grandmother could turn into a phoenix, and so on. As for Plumenaria…well, she wasn't exactly normal either, but that wasn't always the case. She had been kidnapped as an orphan by Grimmel at 10 years old, and since then she had never been the same. Grimmel had tweaked her genetics and experimented on her until she had turned into some sort of super soldier. Now she all kinds of different abilities. She pretty much had the basic powers of a superhero. Speed, strength, and flight. She could also teleport (Although she really didn't use that power very often). Oh, and lift things with her mind… Wow when she put it all together like that, it seemed like a lot.


The sound of a portal opening. Grimmel was back. From what exactly she didn't know, and she never asked. However you may ask, 'What on earth was Plumenaria waiting for?' I'm so glad you asked (Otherwise I would have no idea how to put this scene in here)! Every time Grimmel left, he always left through a portal that activated at the push of a button. However, it seemed that he hadn't figured out how to make it close, and now she understood why. Plumenaria had been reading up on portals, and she found out that portals were very easy to open, but extremely difficult to close. So the minute Grimmel got through the portal, Plumenaria used her power to burst out of the cell/room they were in. All that training they had gone through had paid off. Together, Plumenaria and Blue went into the portal.

In case you were confused about the description of the laboratory, it looks.. well, like a laboatory, except it has these cell-like rooms that look sort of futuristic. The wall facing the laboratory is greenish, almost see-through. I chose the name World #467 because I thought it had a nice ring to it. It doesn't have any significance in the fanfic or otherwise.