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Chapter 4

"Can I land this time? Pretty please?" Magolor pleaded. "No," said Lor. "Not after the last fifty times you tried."

"Oh, come on! It won't be like last time! Just give me one more chance! Pleeeeease?" Magolor begged. "Oh, alright," Lor said, heaving a sigh. "Yay!" said Magolor. "This won't be like last time, right?" Meta Knight said warily.

"No, no, of course not!"

Five minutes later…

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA," Magolor shrieked (He was still going). Plumenaria looked out the window and saw… HOLY SMOKES WE'RE ABOUT TO CRASH INTO DRAGO.


Hiccup's POV

Hiccup never saw it coming, and neither did anyone else. One second Drago was screaming his head off. The next second… "Guys…" he said. "Do you hear that?"

"Hear what?" Stoick asked. "Wait, I hear it too!" Astrid said. They all heard it. In fact, it was pretty hard not to hear…



Hiccup saw a flying ship crash into Drago, and knock him down. He fell (rather painfully) down the Bewilderbeast, bumping into all of its spines and saying things like, "Oof!" and "Ow!" and "Ack!"

Finally, he dropped to the bottom with a very disconcerting splat.

End of POV


"I thought you said this wouldn't be like last time…" Meta Knight said. "It wasn't like last time!" Magolor said happily. "This time was a LOT better."

"Guys…" said Susie. "…Where are we?"

"Well, we're never gonna find out if we keep on standing here," said Meta Knight. "I agree with Meta Knight," said Kirby. "We need go find out where we are."

"Wait, you guys can't just go out there," Magolor said, worried. "What if there are bad people?" Kirby simply gave him a look and said….

Oh no… What did our adorable little Kirby say? Did he say something terrible? Did he scare poor little Magolor to death?! WHAT HAPPENED?!

Nothing. he said "Poyo."

"Oh," said Magolor, feeling slightly embarrassed. "You already know how to deal with that don't you


"I'll go with you," said Ria. "Me too," Blue said. In the end, Kirby, Meta Knight, Bandanadee, Magolor (Who, with some help from Lor, made up his mind to go with them), Susie, Plumenaria, Blue, and Nyla (It took much persuasion, but Adeleine finally said yes) went to go see where they were. When they got out, they were face-to-face with Hiccup, Astrid, Stoick, Valka, Eret, Ruffnut and Tuffnut, and Snotlout. Plumenaria was trying really hard not to fangirl. The Dragon Riders stared at them. Kirby said, "Poyo!"

One of Magolor's eyes twitched. "Mags, wait-" Lor said, but it was too late. Magolor started bawling. It was just too much for him. "Aww," Astrid said. "Come here little guy." Then she picked him up. "WHAT IS IT WITH PEOPLE AND PICKING ME UP," Magolor said, feeling very irritated. "First this lady named Zelda picked me up, then this other lady named Peach picked me up, and THEN Plumenaria kept picking me up-"

"Oh, for crying out loud," Ria said. "I did it the ONE TIME. You looked like you were about to smash King Dedede's head."

"And now you're picking me up! Put me…down…..this…instant…ahhhhhhhh," he said happily. "What's this Magolor? I thought you couldn't STAND being picked up," Lor said. "Shush…" Magolor said drowsily. "Um…Who are you guys?" Hiccup asked warily. "They're aliens," Fishlegs whispered loudly to Snotlout, terrified. Immediately, Susie jumped up and said "WE COME IN PEACE!" Everyone was a little confused. "That's Susie," Kirby said. "She used to be apart of the Haltmann Works Company, and they took over planets and harvested their resources. I mean, they don't do that anymore, but every time someone mentions aliens…"

"Aaaaaaaahhhhh…." Susie said, sounding absolutely horrified. "What about the rest of you?" Stoick said. "I'm Nyla," Nyla said. "This is Ria, Blue, Kirby…." She introduced all of them, pointing to each of them in turn. "And the little guy you're holding is Magolor," Nyla said, pointing said "little guy". Astrid put him down. "Noooooo…." He said. "I hate to burst everyone's bubble," Plumenaria said. "But don't we still have Mr. Enormous here to take care of?" She indicated Drago's Bewilderbeast. Said Mr. Enormous walked over to them. Everyone got their weapons ready, only to watch the Bewilderbeast do something very unexpected…Something that was extremely familiar to Blue and Ria…

They watched in awe as the Bewilderbeast…. turned into a human. Everyone went quiet. No one dared to break the silence until Blue said, "DAD?! Is that you?!"

"Blue!" The now human-ish Bewilderbeast called. They both ran and hugged each other. "What happened to you?" Blue asked him. "I was captured by Drago, the same way you were captured by Grimmel," his father told him. Now that the two were seen together, everyone could clearly see the resemblances between them. They both had similar hair, except Blue's dad's hair was more white than blue, with dark red spikes at the ends. He was human, but he still looked… Bewilderbeast-y. "I am Fintan- "


"No, not that Fintan! I am not associated with the other one."

"If you don't mind me asking, why are you called Fintan?" Bandanadee asked. "Fintan means fire, and your ability is based on ice."

"That's kind of a funny story," Fintan replied with a nervous laugh. "My parents called me Fintan because they thought I would transform into a phoenix like my mother. It was more likely. Obviously, that's not the way it happened," he said, smirking. "So, some shape-shifting abilities have a higher likelihood than others?" asked Taranza. "Bingo," answered Fintan. "The Bewilderbeast is a particularly rare one. Also…" He paused for a moment and looked at Plumenaria. "Did you call me enormous?"

"Uhmmm… When do you think called you enormous?" Plumenaria said sheepishly. "When I was walking over to you in Bewilderbeast form. You called me 'Mr. Enormous."

"Perhaps…" Ria said nervously. Fintan laughed. "It's quite alright," he said. "After all, I was pretty enormous, wasn't I?" Everyone laughed. "Okay, as nice as this is," Valka said. "I think we should be getting back to Berk and figure out what to do with the newcomers."

"It's kind of convenient that they just happened to drop right onto Drago," Hiccup pointed out. Ria and Blue knew exactly what it was. They were thinking the same thing…. Convenient plot device. They looked at each other and wiggled their eyebrows. No one said anything for a while. "Let the awkward silence-"

"NO," cried Meta Knight. "The last time you said that we stood there for what felt like an ETERNITY."

"Calm down Meta-Poyo," Kirby said (Hee-hee…Meta-Poyo). "It was only for a few seconds…"


A couple of hours later…

"We're Back!" Astrid said. "Yaaaaaaaaaay…"

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