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'Bzz special private Yuuichiro Hyakuya please report to shinjuku central army executive room one. Repeat, special private Yuuichiro Hyakuya'-

"Hm? i wonder what guren wants now" Yuu grumbled.

"No, it's probably the Hiragi family" Shinoa said.

Suddenly they both began feeling faint and right before he passed out yuu saw a bright light and a feeling of weightlessness before everything went dark.

-line break brought to you by shinoa hiragi-

"ughh my head" Yuu groaned rubbing the back of his head

"Yuu get up, quickly!" Shinoa hissed at him, she had her cursed weapon out and was in a fighting stance.

Yuu looked around and noticed as well as him and Shinoa Mistsuba, Yoichi and Kimizuki were also there along with Guren's entire squad, a tall brown haired man and a short blonde haired girl with a side ponytail. They were all in defencive stances and he followed their gazes to something that made fear pang in his chest, vampires. He immediately took his sword out and stood in an attack stance, watching wearily. Yuu looked around and saw they were in a reletively big room with comfy seats and a table with snacks infront of a big tv screen, from what he could see the room had no doors. It reminded him of that time the director took him and the rest of the Hyakuya kids to watch a movie at the theater.

"How did we get here? Was it you, vampires" demanded the brown haired man, his sword was sparking with yellow electricity and Yuu had to admit it looked intimidating. Maybe this was the Hiragi guy Shinoa was talking about?

"Now now let's not let a fight brake out, we don't know how we got here either" A vampire noble with long silver hair in a ponytail said with a smirk and with a start he realized it was him, the one who murdered his family and turned mika into a vampire.

Yuu felt anger and rage build in his chest and was about to attack when he saw the person standing slightly behind the noble holding his sword tightly and he forgot all about attacking as his heart leapt in joy.

"Mika!" he shouted in glee, then ran forward and tackled the blonde vampire in a hug, knocking him to the floor.

"Yuu-chan!" said Mika smiling and hugging him back. Yuu pulled away and noticed Guren glaring at him and his friends watching curiously.

"What are you doing idiot, did you forget there are enemies infront of you! Don't let your guard down, we need to figure out who brought us here and why." Guren said. Mika glared at him.

"I agree, whoever brought is here must be extremely powerful to manage to teleport high ranked nobles." said a short pink haired vampire walking forward confidently, 'huh she looks familiar'.

"How do we know it wasn't you that did it?" a man with silver hair standing next to Guren asked with narrowed eyes, Yuu remebered his name was Shinya.

"Well how do we know it wasn't you humans with your freaky experiments?" A tall red haired vampire with a long braid shot back that Yuu recognized as the noble they 'fought' on the way to shinjuku.

He stood and helped Mika up, as his team ran over to him, and Mistuba hissed "Yuu! Now isn't a good time to catch up, can't you see there are vampire nobles here?!"

"I agree with micchan, that noble is the poweful one we fought in Shinjuku, and somehow someone managed to teleport us here without us knowing." Shinoa said, uncharacteristicly serious.

Yoichi looked rather nervous but smiled at Mika and said "I'ts nice to finally meet you Mika."

Mika looked suprised and unsure on how to respond which made Yuu smile, until he was brought back to the reality of the situation.

Every one was looking at eachother tensely, the only reason Guren didn't attack right then and there was that it wasn't a very big room and his demon aura would affect his comrades as well as the vampires, and while he wouldn'd mind it if Kureto and the and the annoyingly loyal Sangu girl were affected he wasn't about to let his squad and the annoying kids be incapacitated.

"Please don't fight that's not the reason brought you here" a

A young voice said.

They all turned their eyes and weapons to stare at a- child? it was a little girl around 8 years old, with straight long brown hair, big green eyes and freckles, wearing a black and white dress similar to the livestock uniform. "You're the one that brought us here?" Kureto menacingly stepping closer towards the small girl. Yuu frowned and walked up to her. He crouched down to her hight and said "But how can a little kid like you bring us here, and where is here anyway?"

She smiled and simply said "magic".

Mika and Kimizuki frowned, Mika was still holding his weapon "Magic, are we really going to believe that" Kimizuki asked with a raised brow.

"And that doesn't answer the question of why you brought us here" The pink haired vampire said and stepped infront of Yuu and Mika.

"H-hey maybe we shouldn't fight and figure this out together" Yoichi said, not wanting to fight in such a closed space where he couldn't shoot his arrows without hitting his friends.

"I brought you here to warn you, about the future, and to show you some important things" the little girl said, still talking softly.

"Warn us?" Mitsuba asked "About what?"

"I can't tell you" the girl said, "but i can show you."

"How do we know your telling the truth? You can't expect us to believe everything you're saying, and why bring the bloodsuckers too?" Guren demanded.

"For once Ichinose, I actually agree with you, why should we not kill you right now and find a way out ourselves ." The brown haired man (he really needed to learn this guy's name)


"Ooooh how exciting, watching the future! What an unexpected twist!" The noble with the silver hair exclaimed and the other three vampires deadpanned at him.

"Uhhh Ferid are you not going to question this at all?" the red haired vampire asked.

"Well why should I? It would be very interesting to watch the future." He smirked coldly at the little girl. "Of course there might also be a couple of things that no one should find out about, don't you agree?"

"Don't worry Ferid, that won't be for a long time. Alot of things happen in the future and I want you to prevent those things from happening, since you can save many lives, but I can't show you anything if you attack eachother." Said the little girl

"Well I guess if the bloodsuckers promise not to attack then we could." Yuu shrugged.

"Wha- Yuu!" Mika shouted.

"What? She said bad things would happen in the future! Maybe we can help people with this information." Yuu said

'And maybe I can find a way to destroy the vampires and turn you back into a human' he thought.

Guren sighed, "Whatever, this isn't the craziest thing thats happened to me." And promptly sat down in the comfy red seats. Shinya rolled his eyes but did the same. The rest of his squad, as in Goshi, Mito, Sayuri and Shigure also sat down. Ferid claps his hands and sits down too, pulling the red haired vampire with him, who rolls his eyes but sits down anyway. The pink haired vapire sighs and mutters something under her breath that sound like 'I can't believe I'm doing this' and sat next to the red haired vampire.

Kureto narrowed his eyes at the vampire but sat down.'This is an opportunity to know the future, even if it is alongside the filthy vampires.' Aoi sat down next to him.

Yuu took Mika's hand and sat down, Yoichi and Mika on either side of him, with Shinoa, Mitsuba and Kimizuki next to Yoichi.

"Oh! I forgot you all neet to introduce yourself" the little girl said. "My name's Aiko." (i just searched japanese girl names and this was one that came up)

Yuu smiled at her and said "I'm Yuuichiro Hyakuya" He introduced himself and everyone followed suit

"Mikaela Hyakuya"

"The charming, beatiful Shinoa Hiragi"

"Mistuba Sangu"

"Kimizuki Shiho"

"Yoichi Saotome"

"Guren Ichinose"

"Shinya Hiragi"

"Kureto Hiragi"

"Aoi Sangu"

"Sayuri Hanayori"

"Norito Goshi"

"Mito Jujo"

"Shigure Yukimi"

"Ferid Bathory, fabulous seventh progenitor"

"Crowley Eustford, thirteenth progenitor"

"Krul tepes, third progenitor and vampire queen".

'So that's the queen, interesting.' Kureto thought.

"Alright let's get started, but first, Yuu and Mika, this first part will be about your past, and what happened to your former family, are you ok with that?"

"What!? Why would you even show that?! No I am not ok with that! I'm not going to watch that again, and I don't want anyone else watching that either!" Yuu said angrily.

"Yuu-chan wait-"

"Mika are you really ok with this? Watching that again?"

"Of course I'm not but you need to calm down!"

He said.

Yuu took a deep breath and looked at little Aiko again, and felt a little guilty when he saw her sorrowful look, but not enough to make his anger vanish.

"Hey listen I'm really sorry, but why do we have to watch that?" He asked, trying to keep his temper in check.

"I'ts ok, I understand it's very painful for you and Mika, but it will be important for the future."

She said. "You and Mika don't have to watch if you don't want to."

Yuu hesitated, then took a deep breath. "If it really is important and will help save lives I'll do it. Besides I have Mika with me and this is just as painful for him as it is for me." He gave Mika a soft smile and Mika returned it. 'Ok, i can do this with mika.' He saw Yoichi and Shinoa smiling at him and felt more confident when he remebered he had such good friends.

Guren would never admit that he was a little worried for Yuu since he knew about Yuu's past was but pretended he wasn't. 'there is no way in hell I'm worried about that idiot kid' he scoffed.

Kimizuki had kept silent until now bit couldn't help bit feel something painful in his chest when he heard what they were going to watch first.

'that idiot better get over himself fast'

Mitsuba, Shinoa and Yoichi felt the same as Kimizuki, they all remebered how angry and self loathing Yuu got when he talked about his past and figured Mika would be the same way.

Yoichi squeezed Yuu's hand comfortingly when he sat down again and smiled at Mika. Mika narrowed his eyes, he might look friendly but he's only using Yuu-chan.

"Ok lets begin watching seraph of the end!" Aiko said happily and Krul jolted when she heard the name. Ferid and Kureto both smirked.

Yuu took a deep breath to calm down as the lights turned of and the show started.

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