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Yuu and Mika were staring at eachother, they were sitting on the floor in the far corner of the room. They were silent, both not knowing what to say after such a long time. Finally Yuu broke the silence and smiled "I'm glad you're not dead."

"Me too"

"Listen, I know you're a vampire now, but I promise you I will find a way to turn you back into a human." Yuu said sincerely, looking into Mika's now slitted blue eyes.

Mika sighed "I'm not sure that's possible, Yuu-chan"

"I'll make it possible!"

"Yuu-chan, I'm sorry" Mika suddenly blurted out.

"What for?" Yuu asked, confused.

"I-I couldn't save you from the humans, they experimented on you and now you're not human either!" Mika said, angry with himself.

"Hey, It's ok"

"But they're using you!"

"I don't mind"

"Wha-how can you even say that?!"

"Listen Mika, we can argue about that later but for now I just wanna talk. I havn't seen my best friend in four years, then he randomly turns up as a vampire telling me to run away with him, not to mention this whole watching the future thing."

Mika's eyes darkened. "It seems pretty accurate so far"

"Yep, so...I guess we're going to watch our family die again huh?" Yuu felt his chest tighten when he said that, remebering all the fun times together.

Mika scowled. "Don't worry, it might be painful but let's just get it over with so we can move on, now that I have you that's all I need." Yuu told Mika.

"It was my fault, I was the one who killed them in the end, and now I've turned into a monster." Mika said quietly.

Yuu smacked him "Don't say that! If anything it's my fault for abandoning you."

Mika frowned "You didn't abandon me!" He insisted.

"I did, and I'm not going to again, you hear me? I don't care that you're a vampire now, I'll leave the army and we can run away together like we always planned!" Yuu said enthusiastically, ignoring Mika when he tried to protest.

Mika sighed but smiled "I really missed you, you know that Yuu-chan?" Yuu stared and him before he got up and enveloped Mika in a hug. Mika was shocked for a moment before sighing and relaxing into Yuu's warm embrace, wrapping his arms around him too.

"I missed you too, every day." Yuu mumbled into his shoulder and he smiled. His chest felt light, so light he thought he was floating. 'Yuu-chan is so warm' Mika thought.

"Mika, I want you to trust my friends" Yuu said

"Wha-but Yuu-chan they're humans! And they're using you! They're just pretending to be your friends." Mika told him

Yuu sighed "I don't care, they are my friends and while we are here you will get along with them, understood?" Yuu asked firmly.

Mika blinked "But-"Understood?"

He sighed "Yes"

Back in the kitchen, Guren's squad and the rest of the Shinoa squad were discussing what to do.

"I don't know, do you think we can trust her?" Sayuri asked worriedly

"She seems pretty harmless to me" Goshi shrugged.

"She managed to bring us here against our will, not to mention a couple of very powerful bloodsuckers." Guren scowled, leaning against the wall.

"And what about her sister, Asami was it? She doesn't look it but I'm guessing she's more powerful than she looks." Mito said looking around.

"No offence, but you're all missing the point. They both somehow know Yuu and Mika's past and they said they know the future." Shinoa said.

"What I want to know is how they know all this, and what happened that was so bad the girl wanted us to change it." Kimizuki said with crossed arms.

"The future must be pretty bad if they want us to change it huh Guren" Shinya said to his best friend.

"Lets just keep watching, I think they're telling the truth." Shigure said and Yoichi nodded next to her.

"I agree with the human" Krul said, suddenly next to them.

"Gah! Why are you so short?!" Goshi exclaimed, startled by her sudden appearance and she glared at him.

"Careful human, I could kill you all in seconds if I wanted to" She said threatningly.

"I'm sure you could my dear, but lets not kill them yet." Ferid said with his usual smirk and Crowley following behind him.

"Uhhh were you listening the whole time?" Yoichi asked them nervously.

"Why does this really matter, we watch the future then get out of here and forget about it" Crowley said.

"The girl said bad things would happen in the future." Kureto interrupted from where he was talking with Aoi

"And as much as I hate it this information will be valuble if it is true."

"It does seem true so far judging by Yuu and Mika's reactions" Mitsuba said.

"Oh it is" a voice said and they turned around to see Aiko and Asami were back.

"Alright lets continue, we've got alot to watch, I'm thinking until chapter 10 then they can go to sleep and continue." Asami said to Aiko who nodded

"Wait what? How many chapters even are there?!" Yuu asked, him and Mika making their way back to the others

"No idea, but we probably won't show you all of them, you'd be here for days!" Aiko said, running up and clinging to Mika's leg, who looked suprised.

"Days? But we have things to do and an army to command" Aoi said.

"Don't worry, time won't pass in your world, so you can stay here as long as we need." Asami smirked.

"Ok, we're ready" Yuu said and they all made their way back to the seat.

The screen turned on

Mika had his hand out. "We're leaving this place!"

It showed all the kids sneaking around the city, Mika and Yuu leading with the map. They reached a big hall with a door at the end and statues on either side.

"I'm a little worried...we reached the gate to easily. Are you sure this leads outside?" Yuu asked worriedly

" least according to this map." Mika answered.

"Besides I don't think vampires expect the humans to try and escape. After all the virus is still raging out there." Mika said

"But this is way too close..." Yuu said, still cautious.

"You were right to be cautious" Krul said

"Livestock won't leave the pen even though it's full of cracks and openings. The same goes for us...they're taking us for fools."

"Well Ferid is" Crowley said.

"But we are going to escape." Yuu said firmly and Mika smiled at him.

"We're not livestock. And I'm a genius." Mika said to the kids.

"I'm a genius too!"Me too!" The other kids joined in.

"All members of the Hyakuya orphanage family are geniuses." Mika declared with his arms spread."All but Yuu-chan"

"Quit it already!"

Everyone except for Yuu either laughed, smiled or smirked. Yuu glared at Mika

Yuu smiled, eyes shining "Come on, lets go"

"Yes" Mika agreed.

Boots were suddenly seen along with the tapping of footsteps.

"Ah ah ah" Their eyes were wide as they watched the newcomer.

Mika closed his eyes and took a breath.

"Oh dear..." Shinoa said

"I was waiting for you, pathetic lambs" The screen showed Ferid smirking down at them. Yuu was shocked.

Mika's face was filled with horror and understanding.

"That expression...the expression humans make when their hope is suddenly shattered to pieces.

That's why I never grow tired of playing this game." Ferid said.

"You're sick" Mitsuba hissed

Mika's eyes widened. "Game...?" He asked.

"Don't tell me...this is a trap...?" Yuu exclaimed.

A whooosh and suddenly Ferid was behind them holding one of the kids. They didn't even have time to react.

Ferid bit down on her neck, blood spurting.

They looked back as he dropped her on they floor with a thump.

All the girls gasped in horror. Yoichi closed his eyes and Kimizuki just glared.

"Oh? I drank just one gulp and she's already dead?"

Yuu looked in shock at the body on the floor before he turned rage filled eyes on the noble

"You...BASTARD!" He aimed his gun at Ferid, but he just dodged the bullet.

Yuu held the smoking gun in his hand.

'He dodged...the bullet?" He thought in disbelief.

"Well I am a seventh progenitor" Ferid said and they all stayed silent.

"Whaat don't take it personally I had to!" Ferid whined.

"Ferid...just...shut up" Crowley said, he may not care what happened to humans but he felt very uncomfortable right now watching the them.

Ferid grumbled.

"I'ts usless Yuu-chan, you'll never manage to hit that monster from this far." Mika told Yuu.

"Isn't that my gun?" Ferid asked "So you stole the gun as well as the map?...Ah ha ha you kids are really something! You still have the courage to oppose us! I'll tell you something that may rekindle your hope." He smirked.

"What are you playing at?" Guren's eyes narrowed.

"That accurate. Which means that if you follow the road right behind reach the outside world.

"Once outside it won't be easy for me to follow you" Yuu and Mika were listening with wide eyes.

"I really want to here how you scream..." Ferid bared his fangs

"When you're trapped between hope and desperation."

"They're just kids!" Sayuri exclaimed close to tears.

Yuu was angry and scared. "G-get away! Run, all of you! You must run away!" He shouted at them waving his arm fiercly.

"Towards the exit! Hurry up!" The hyakuya kids were all scared and confused, but they listened to Yuu and ran away.


"Mika, you and I will keep Ferid busy! We've got to buy them some time!" He said to Mika desperately.

"No! Run away!" Aoi said

Mika was in shock. "uh.."

Ferid snickered listening to them and then whooosh between Yuu and Mika again.

"Didn't I tell you...that I wanted to see your faces distorted by desperation?" He smirked and cut one of the remaining kids neck.

Mika was horrified. "Stop it..." He started crying "Stop it!"

Mito closed her eyes. "Bastard..."

The screen showed scenes of the kids crying, running away, getting slashed.

Yuu and Mika tried to run and help. "Please don't!" Mika pleaded.

By now most of the girls had tears in their eyes and Yuu and Mika were surrounded by Yuu's team. Mika was uncomfortably close to the humans but he was a bit too busy reliving the worst moments of his life to notice.

Akane who was running away, looked back. "Ah!"

"Akane!" Yuu screamed.

Blood splattered. Yuu and Mika stopped, staring. Mika was still crying. "...Yuu-chan" Yuu looked back at him.

Yuu started crying, clenching his teeth in anger and Mika had tears too as they held eachother tightly.

Yoichi was sobbing and hugging Mika, who didn't even care.

Shinoa had her hand on Yuu's back. Mistuba and Kimizuki were next to them.

"Give me...that gun" He held his hand out.

Yuu's eyes were shiny for some reason.

"I'll attract his attention at the cost of my life. You at least have to escape."

"Eh? No way, you idiot! I won't let you do that!" Yuu yelled, but the gun was taken from his hand.

"You fool..." Krul said angrily.

"Remember, Yuu-chan...We are all part of the same family" Mika looked back at Yuu affectionately.

Yuu's eyes widened as Mika charged at Ferid with the gun.

"Mika..." Yoichi said

"Ah ah ah Mikaela-kun, you're blood tasted so good. A real treat!" Ferid smirked down at Mika and Mika glared up at him.

He pointed the gun at Ferid but Ferid slashed him then stabbed his hand into his stomach.

They all winced, espescially Yuu, who squeezed Mika's hand.

Mika coughed blood and Yuu cried out in shock. Even so Mika still managed to point the gun at Ferid, but it was slapped out of his hand.

"" Mika panted through the pain.

But Yuu caught the gun and with dark eyes pointed it at Ferid's head. Ferid turned around in shock. Yuu had tears in his eyes. "Die!"

BANG Ferid and Mika fell to the floor.

"Oh thank god it's over" Goshi muttered

Yuu dropped the gun and knelt down next to Mika. "Mika! W-"

Mika was panting hard.

"Go...Yuu-chan...if the map is accurate...the exit is near..."

"Shut up you're coming with me! We're leaving together!" Yuu held Mika's top half up and tried to drag him.

"You can't..." Shinya trailed off.

Shouts were suddenly heard. "There they are! Over there! Get them! Ferid-sama is down!"

Yuu looked down at Mika. "Hurry away" tears were leaking out of his eyes. "Or our sacrifice...will be usless..."

"I...can't" Yuu said, tears fell on Mika's face.

"You idiot, I couldn't just leave you..." Yuu said, tears leaking out.

Yuu was crying. "Now that I...finally...have a family..."

"I can't abandon you!" Mika saw vampire guards coming and, still panting from the pain, shouted "Hurry up and go! Idiot!" And used all his strength to shove Yuu away.

Yuu was shocked but, face flushed and still crying, got up and ran away, leaving Mika.

"Yuu-chan...called us family for the first time." Mika was lying in his own blood.

"oh yeah..." Yuu said and Mika managed to smile at him through his sadness and self loathing.

"You know, it wasn't your fault Mika" Yoichi told him and Mika looked away.

"And you did the right thing by running away Yuu" Shinoa said, Mitsuba nodding.

"Stop blaming yourself, idiots." Kimizuki said angrily.

Yuu was running as fast as he could. Tears fell from his eyes as he thought about his dead family and he screamed.


Suddenly he came out of a tunnel into the outside world. Yuu looked around at the grass and buildings in shock, panting for breath.

"Wh-what is this? It's not true that all adults died. The world did not fall into ruin." He fell to his knees. "L-look Mika, It was all a lie...made up by those vampires.

"What was the point...of everything...we did...?"

Boots were shown behin Yuu. "Here he is. Just as predicted by the prophecy." The screen showed Guren and two others.

Mika straightend up, wiping away his tears "Prophecy?"

"One of the test subjects...of the Hyakuya laboratory which caused the destruction of Japan, finally showed up."

"What are you talking about lieutenant colonel?" Shinoa asked

Yuu turned tear filled eyes on them in shock.

"Boy, you will help us exterminate the vampire race."

Yuu ground his teeth. "Sure, I could ask nothing better..."

Guren looked at him.

Yuu got up determinedly. "I want to destroy those damn vampires!"

And this is how...our fight against vampires, angels and prevent the destruction of the world began

It was silent for a while, everyone trying to comprehend what they just watched.

" bastard!" Yuu shouted at Ferid.

"Calm down Yuu-chan" Mika said quietly.

"You guys can have a half hour break before we continue." Asami said from her seat.

"So...that's what happened huh" Guren said. He sighed I'm not cut out for this crap.

"It wasn't your fault, so don't blame yourself idiot." He looked at Mika "Both of you."

Yuu took a deep breath. "I'm fine, It's already happened."

"I'm sorry Mika...for leaving you. I still regret it, but we are together now and nothing will seperate us!" He said.

"Yeah, and you have us too" Yoichi smiled. "We'll help you" The others nodded.

"Ok, what do we have to watch next?" Kureto asked.

Aiko brightened. "Oh! You'll be watching how Yuu met Shinoa and Yoichi!"

"Huh really?" Kimizuki asked

"It's important, we'll watch how the Shinoa squad was formed and some of your missions, then we'll get the the future."

"Well ok" Crowley said.

"Alright then! Let's do this so we can get out of here already!" Goshi said, helping himself to some snacks from the kitchen.

After they all calmed down everone sat in there seats waiting for the next part.

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