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Kashyyyk, a Mid-Rim planet and the homeworld of the Wookiees, along with a planet that had initially remained non-aligned during the first eighteen months of the Clone Wars. With the Wookiees having managed to repel any attempts at an invasion by the Separatists.

The decision on what role the planet would play in the conflict was left in the hands of a number of Wookiee Royal Families, acting through a council dominated by King Grakchawwaa. He initially advocated neutrality, engaging in limited negotiations with both the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The latter of which wished to control hyperspace route planning and to use the Wookiees' secret trade routes to disrupt Republic trade and communication, giving them an advantage in the war.

Though it wasn't long until General Grievous grew tired of waiting and ordered the Trade Federation officials to launch several probe droids to help "persuade" Grakchawwaa to make the right decision. The king being on the verge of agreeing to join the Confederacy out of self-preservation, when news came that his son, Prince Rikummee, had accidentally been killed by Separatist Droids. Leading to Grakchawwaa, in his anger, allied himself with the Republic against the Separatists.

Despite this, the Separatists haven't given up trying to capture Kashyyyk, with another such battle currently taking place within the wroshyr tree-filled forests on the planet's surface. With the Republic having sent the 501st Legion, under the command of Jedi General Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan Ahsoka Tano, to force the Separatists back and off the planet.

They had also been accompanied by another Jedi General and Padawan, though being rather different compared to Anakin and Ahsoka. With the Jedi General being a mysterious, yet respected Master of the Jedi Order and is completely devoted to the Force, having even given up her name in service of the Force, now simply being known as the Dark Woman.

But while the Dark Woman was a respected Jedi Master, she also had a reputation for being the one to train difficult or troubled Padawans. With her teaching methods also being considered brutal and to some, disturbing. With her newest Padawan being one such difficult student that no one in the Jedi Order knew how to train.

The Padawan in question was a young boy the same age as Ahsoka, with spiky blonde hair, lightly tanned skin, bright blue eyes, and three unique whisker marks on his cheeks. With his attire consisting of an all-black version of a Jedi Knight's uniform.

This was Naruto Uzumaki, a Jedi Padawan, and a close friend of Ahsoka's, the two having grown up together as younglings at the Jedi Temple. With Naruto having also become acquainted with Anakin and his former Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, after Ahsoka became the former's Padawan.

Like Ahsoka, Naruto was also unusually skilled for one his age, possessing near unrivaled skill with a lightsaber and even comparable to most Jedi Knights, like his friend. While his connection to the Force rivaled Anakin's own, who's connection was stronger than even Grand Master Yoda's when he was just a child. The fact that Naruto's connection to the Force rivaled Anakin's already, only showed the boy had a vast amount of potential.

But the reason for Naruto being considered a difficult Padawan and assigned to the Dark Woman as his Master, was that many other Jedi Masters were wary of the whiskered blonde. For the sole fact that he also possessed an unnaturally strong connection to the Dark Side of the Force. One that had most Jedi wary and suspicious of Naruto, along with leading to him being assigned to the Dark Woman. Hoping she'd be able to curb any attempts at him accessing the power of the Dark Side.

Currently, the four Jedi were grouped together on the battlefield as Clone Troopers and Separatist Droids fired at each other, with the Jedi slicing apart any droids with their lightsabers. Though Naruto and Ahsoka had also started their own competition to see who could take out the most droids first.

"That's now thirty-six for me Whiskers, looks like you're falling behind." Ahsoka taunted with a smirk as she deflected blaster bolts back at the droids, while Naruto glanced at her before smirking, as he held his blue lightsaber in a reverse grip.

With the Uzumaki then throwing it and guiding the weapon with the Force, causing it to spin around, slicing through numerous droids. Before it soon came back to Naruto, as he immediately turned around and deflected blaster bolts back at five more droids.

"I believe that's forty-four for me. Who's falling behind now, Snips." Replied Naruto with his own smirk, while using the nickname that Anakin had given Ahsoka, as the said Jedi Knight glanced at them while shaking his head with an amused smirk on his face.

"I think only you two would turn a battle into a competition to see who could get the most droids." Anakin stated, before thrusting his hand forward, unleashing a powerful Force Push that ripped through multiple droids.

"But if we're keeping score, I'm at seventy." Added Anakin, while smirking at the two Padawans, much to their annoyance.

"Yeah…well you weren't part of the competition, so yours don't count Master." Ahsoka said, with Naruto nodding in agreement, knowing it wouldn't be fair if Anakin was part of the competition.

"How about you three focus more on actually ending the battle, than seeing how many droids you defeat!" Snapped the Dark Woman, while giving her Padawan a look, making Naruto groan quietly but resumed fighting the droids.

Though part way through the battle, Naruto caught sight of a woman wielding two red lightsaber shotos, along with a bipedal lizard humanoid using a standard blaster and a flamethrower. Naruto recognizing them as Saato, a member of Count Dooku's Dark Acolytes, and Bossk a bounty hunter.

"Saato and Bossk are here! I'll get them!" Said Naruto, before flipping over a line of droids to go after the Dark Acolyte and bounty hunter.

"Don't just run off in the middle of a battle!" The Dark Woman said, annoyed at seeing Naruto run off.

"Ahsoka, think you could give Naruto a hand?" Anakin asked as he cut down another droid, while Ahsoka nodded.

"Yes Master!" Answered Ahsoka, before leaping over the line of droids to go after Naruto and help him.

With Anakin then sensing a new presence behind him, before he quickly rolled out of the way just in time to avoid a barrage of flechettes, with the Jedi Knight looking to see a familiar masked face.

"Durge, why am I not surprised. Still doing Dooku's dirty work." Said Anakin, while standing up and holding his lightsaber at the ready.

"As long as there are Mandalorian clones to kill, you're simply a bonus Skywalker." Durge said, before pulling his spike flail and swung it at Anakin.

Ducking under the swing, Anakin slashed at Durge, who activated his energy shield blocking the attack, before the bounty hunter lifted his leg and slammed his foot into the Jedi's stomach. With Anakin grunting in pain, as he went skidding back before lifting up several destroyed droids and throwing them as Durge, who easily dodged them and blitzed towards Anakin. With the Jedi smirking before jumping over Durge's charging body, swinging his lightsaber across the Gen'Dai's back cutting into his armor.

"I don't think you'll be getting that bonus." Stated Anakin, as Surge stood up and fired his gatling gauntlets at the Skywalker, who began deflecting them with his lightsaber.

Durge then looked away and raised one of his arms as his energy shield activated, blocking the Dark Woman's lightsaber before shoving her back. Pulling out an energy bola, the bounty hunter threw it at the Dark Woman, who sliced it in half. With Durge then activating his flamethrower to keep her at bay, while still firing one of his gauntlets at Anakin.

Meanwhile, Naruto and Ahsoka had begun fighting Saato and Bossk, the two Padawan's working together with one keeping Bossk back and the other focusing on Saato. Occasionally switching places to keep their enemies from getting the upper hand over one of them. Though it was obvious that despite them being skilled, Saato was superior in skill and experience with her shotos, while striking with whirlwinding pinwheel acrobatics.

"Is that all you can do Padawan? I expected more from the "Hero with No Fear's" own student." Taunted Saato as she pushed Ahsoka back with her shotos, while the Togruta grit her teeth as she tried forcing the Dark Acolyte back before she held her hand in front of her and used the Force

Only for Saato to do the same locking them in a stalemate, with Naruto glancing at them in worry for his friend.

"You wanna switch Ahsoka?" Naruto asked, while deflecting Bossk's blaster bolts.

"No! I've got it handled!" Replied Ahsoka as she managed to break away from Saato and sidestep behind her, attempting to slash at her with her lightsaber, only for the Dark Acolyte to hold one of her shotos behind her, blocking the strike.

"Worry less about your friend and more about yourself, Jedi!" Bossk said, while pulling out his Mortar Gun and firing several micro-grenades at Naruto, with the whiskered blonde catching them in midair, before quickly propelling them into the air where they soon detonated.

Though he then had to dodge under a droid that Bossk had picked up and thrown at him, then having to deflect several blaster shots from the bounty hunter. Only for his eyes to widen, when Bossk pulled out several thermal grenades, throwing them at Naruto's feet. With the Uzumaki being forced to jump back to avoid the blaster bolts and the grenades.

Swiping his hand through the air, Naruto cleared away the resulting smoke, before being met by a wave of flames from Bossk's flamethrower. Raising his hand, Naruto pushed the flames back away from him while moving closer to Bossk to take him out.

Though just before he could reach the county hunter, he heard a sudden choking gasp, looking to the source Naruto's eyes widened when he saw Ahsoka holding her throat, while Saato made a choking motion with her hand.

"Looks like your little friend isn't doing so good." Bossk mocked as he quickly pulled out his blaster to shoot Naruto while he distracted, only for his eyes to widen when his blaster was suddenly ripped from his grasp.

Soon followed by his flamethrower being crushed and destroyed, with Bossk's eyes widening at seeing Naruto now looking at him with red tinted eyes. Before he could react, Bossk screamed in pain when Naruto suddenly swung his lightsaber and cut his arm off at the shoulder. The whiskered blonde then throwing Bossk across the battlefield and looked back at Ahsoka and Saato. Only to be angered further at seeing the Dark Acolyte about to kill his friend.

Acting on instinct Naruto raised his hand as Saato suddenly found herself frozen in place unable to move, only to cry out in surprise when she immediately flew through the air towards Naruto. The last thing the Dark Acolyte seeing being Naruto's lightsaber being swung towards her before her head fell from its shoulders.

Seeing Saato was dead, Naruto's eyes lost their red tint before he looked to Ahsoka and rushed over to her.

"Are you alright Ahsoka?" Naruto asked, while helping her stand up, with the Togruta nodding and coughing slightly.

"Yeah…yeah I'm fine. Just a little caught off guard by that Force Choke." Replied Ahsoka, with Naruto nodding while looking her over just in case.

Though he was suddenly grabbed and turned around, meeting his Masters less than pleased expression.

"What did you just do?" Demanded the Dark Woman, having sensed the Dark Side rise up within Naruto and then saw what he did to Bossk and Saato.

"He saved my Padawan." Anakin said, while walking up to them, having also sensed the Dark Side, but was glad that Naruto had saved Ahsoka, with the Dark Woman looking at the Jedi Knight before back at her own Padawan.

"We'll be discussing this back on Coruscant." The Dark Woman said, knowing she'll have to inform the Jedi Council of what happened.

*Timeskip-Two Days*


After the four Jedi and 501st had finished repelling the Separatists from Kashyyyk, they had headed back to Coruscant, with Anakin and the Dark Woman giving their report of what happened to the council. Along with the Dark Woman also telling them about Naruto's use of the Dark Side, something that didn't please many of the council members.

Given that they already didn't like Naruto's natural affinity for the Dark Side and the strength in the Force he possessed at such a young age. Strength that matched Anakin's own, the Chosen One, something none of the Jed thought was possible.

With another thing the council didn't approve of being Naruto's close friendship with Ahsoka and Aayla Secura, something the Jedi Order strictly forbid. Knowing such attachments will only lead one down the path of the Dark Side, which was proven by Naruto's actions after Ahsoka was choked by Saato.

This has led to the Jedi Council holding a meeting in order to decide what to do with Naruto, knowing they couldn't risk more incidents of him tapping into the Dark Side.

"He must be terminated, there is no other option!" Said Saesee Tinn, being in full agreement that Naruto has to be terminated before he could become a threat.

"After a single incident? You're calling for Naruto's death, because he used the Dark Side one time? Which I remind you, he did in the defense of a fellow Padawan." Obi-Wan said in defense of Naruto, knowing that despite his connection to the Dark Side he wasn't an evil person, nor was he a Sith or a Dark Jedi.

"And how long until there's another incident? And then another, and then another? Or what if when Dooku tries to get a new Dark Acolyte for the one that was killed?" Saesee retorted.

"All I'm hearing is "what ifs" and theories, no proof. Name one time Naruto has ever shown disloyalty to the Jedi Order or the Republic?" Obi-Wan challenged.

"And what about Dooku's loyalty to the order?" Questioned Mace Windu, who was also in agreement of Naruto's death, refusing the risk of a new Sith emerging in the order.

"I don't think Dooku and Padawan Uzumaki can really be compared. Dooku was already a master and experienced Jedi by the time he left the order and became a Sith." Kit Fisto said, also defending Naruto, being one of the more accepting council members and knew he had no control over his connection to the Dark Side and was simply born with it.

"Then what about Aurra Sing? You all remember her? The same Master, the same talent, the same brutal nature? The only difference between her and Padawan Uzumaki, is that Aurra Sing never had his affinity for the Dark Side nor his power in the Force. What will happen should he turn out like her, how many Jedi will fall to a second Jedi Hunter? Or what if Darth Sidious and Count Dooku take the boy as a secret Apprentice to use against the other? As well as against the Jedi and the Republic as a whole?" Mace said, looking at Obi-Wan and Kit challengingly to see what they had to say, while many of the other council members looked worried at the idea of any of those things happening.

"Not clean, the Jedi's hand are. Padawan Massacre, you all remember? Repeating itself, history may be." Said Yoda, getting the others attention.

"With all due respect Master Yoda, the Padawan Massacre was conducted by a group of fanatics that allowed themselves to be afraid of a prophecy that they inadvertently ended up fulfilling. But Padawan Uzumaki presents a very real threat to possibly the entire galaxy. What would happen if he became a fully-fledged Dark Lord of the Sith? The power he could wield in his prime? If we do nothing, it could mean the end of all of us." Said Plo Koon, agreeing that Naruto is a threat that needs to be dealt with before it was too late.

"You sound very similar to those "fanatics", letting your fear of the unknown dictate your actions. When it could lead to its own self-fulfilling prophecy." Adi Gallia stated, not wanting to condemn and innocent Padawan for something out of his control.

"Thank you, Master Gallia. And if you all are so worried, then let me take Naruto as a Padawan. If I could handle Anakin, I'm sure I can handle Naruto." Said Obi-Wan willing to take Naruto as his Padawan if it'd makes the council feel better.

"Obi-Wan, given your biases and connection to Padawan Uzumaki, it may be best if you step out for what we do next." Mace said, with Obi-Wan looking at him in disbelief, before looking around to see the other council members were in agreement, making the man sigh and stand up.

"Very well. But just know that this is a mistake." Said Obi-Wan, before he exited the Council Chambers.

"Master Yoda." Mace said, nodding to the small green alien who sighed and looked at the council.

"To decide, vote now. Padawan Uzumaki, the fate of. Order 66 on, to initiate." Said Yoda.

Order 66 was a special order implanted within the Clone Troopers, set to be activated by the Supreme Chancellor himself for any Jedi that would go rogue and against the Republic. The Jedi had been made aware of this and agreed that it was necessary, given how one could fall to the Dark Side in the middle of a battle or seeing comrades die.

"In favor, those not?" Yoda asked, before raising his own hand along with Kit, Adi, and Even Piell, with the Grand Master sighing at seeing only four voting in favor of Naruto living.

"Favor, those in." Said Yoda with Mace, Eeth, a reluctant Shaak Ti, Plo, Saesee, Ki-Adi-Mundi, and the Gran Jedi Council Member.

"Decided, it is." Yoda said in resignation, before he and Mace left to inform Chancellor Palpatine of their decision.

*With Anakin and Ahsoka*

Meanwhile, Anakin and Ahsoka were in a training room working on the latter's training in Djem So and Shien. Though Anakin could see that something seemed to be bothering his Padawan, seeing how while Ahsoka went through the motions, she didn't look as focused or concentrated as she usually did.

"Alright, what's the problem Ahsoka?" Anakin asked, deactivating the practice droids, with Ahsoka looking at him in confusion.

"Problem Master?" Said Ahsoka, with Anakin nodding.

"Yeah, problem. You're doing good with your form and movements, but just by looking at your face, I can tell something's bothering you." Anakin replied, making Ahsoka sigh.

"Am I getting that obvious?" Asked Ahsoka, wondering if anyone else would have noticed.

"Nope. I'm just that good." Stated Anakin smirking, with the Togruta rolling her eyes.

"Yeah, sure, whatever you say Skyguy." Ahsoka retorted, making Anakin's smirk widen before he turned serious again.

"But seriously, what's the problem? You can tell me Snips." Assured Anakin, wanting to help his Padawan if there was something bothering her.

Ahsoka fiddled with her fingers, wondering if she should tell Anakin, given what she had to say did go against part of the Jedi Code. But she also felt that she could trust her Master not to tell anyone as well.

"Well…it's nothing bad, I mean not really…but it's something that goes against the Jedi Code…particularly the part about no attachments." Ahsoka said quietly at the end, with Anakin taking a few moments to understand what she meant and nod in understanding.

"Ah, yeah I doubt any of the other Jedi would be happy to hear that." Said Anakin, knowing how the Jedi didn't approve of forming personal connections or attachments with others, something he never really liked, especially after how it lead to the death of his mother.

Even more so, that he has to keep his marriage to Padme a secret.

"Yeah, which is why I've never really acted on my feelings. It also doesn't help that he's…also part of the Jedi Order." Ahsoka revealed, with Anakin hiding a small smirk behind his hand, having a feeling he knew who she's talking about.

"Well, if you want my opinion, I say you should take a chance and see if he feels the same. As despite what the Jedi say about attachments leading to the Dark Side, I believe they keep us grounded and remind us of our humanity, rather than believing we're better than other because of our power and status. Plus, it's another reason to grow stronger and protect what you love." Said Anakin, with Ahsoka looking at him in surprise before she smirked.

"Have you been taking talking lessons with Obi-Wan?" Ahsoka asked teasingly, making Anakin roll his eyes and turned to leave.

"Just take my advice and give it a chance, you never know unless you try." Anakin said, wanting his Padawan to find her own happiness, like he found his with Padme, while Ahsoka nodded.

"I will, and thank you Master." Replied Ahsoka, while smiling at her Master in thanks.

"No problem. Just one other thing…say hi to Naruto for me, when you find him." Said Anakin smirking, as Ahsoka's eyes widened in shock.

"How did you-"

"-Know? Like I said, I'm just that good. And you just admitted it." Anakin said, laughing as he exited the room, leaving the blushing Togruta scowling at being tricked.

Though she eventually shook off her blush, before leaving the room to go and find Naruto to tell him how she feels.

*Palace of the Republic*

Yoda and Mace had soon arrived at the Palace of the Republic and met with Chancellor Palpatine, before explaining to him about their decision and requesting Order 66 be activated on Naruto. With the Chancellor listening to it all in surprise.

"Well…I admit this is rather unexpected, but after hearing everything you have to say Master Windu, I can understand the Jedi's concern." Said Palpatine, with Mace nodding.

"Thank you, Chancellor. I know this decision may not be easy, ordering the death of someone so young, but for the good of the galaxy, it needs to be done." Mace replied, with Palpatine nodding solemnly.

"I had truly hoped that Order 66 would never have to be used, merely exist as a precaution. But yes, I'll see it done and for what it's worth, you have my sympathy's that such a promising Padawan needs to be terminated." Said Palpatine.

Though on the inside, he couldn't help but smirk at getting such a golden opportunity.

He'll go through with executing Order 66 on the Uzumaki boy, but more as a test to see if he could prove a worthy Apprentice to replace Dooku and a better option than Skywalker. Given how powerful he was in the Dark Side, he'd make for a powerful Apprentice if molded properly, but only if he survives the clones that are trying to kill him. If he doesn't, then it won't be any real loss and he'll just continue with his original plan to recruit Skywalker.

"Though I have to ask, is there any specific plan in order to not cause a panic at the clones suddenly turning on the Jedi?" Palpatine asked.

"Yes, I'll be taking Padawan Uzumaki to deal with a Separatist fleet in the Mid-Rim. I'll contact you when it's time, so you may contact the clones nearest to him. It'll look like he died fighting the Separatists." Replied Mace, with the Chancellor nodding.

"He'll receive a hero's death, which is the least we can offer him." Palpatine stated, with Yoda nodding in thanks, taking a small comfort that Naruto will at least be remembered as a hero for fighting the Separatists.

*Later-Jedi Temple*

Naruto headed for the hangar after being contacted by Master Windu, that he would joining him and the 91st Reconnaissance Corps on a mission to deal with a Separatist fleet in the Mid-Rim. Something that excited Naruto, has he always enjoyed the chance to blow some Separatists into space dust.

"Naruto!" Ahsoka said, while running up to him and getting the whiskered blonde's attention.

"Oh, hey Ahsoka. Sorry I can't really talk, Master Windu is having me join him on a mission. But listen, there's actually something really important I wanna tell you when I get back." Said Naruto, having finally decided that he wants to tell Ahsoka how he feels about her, rather than never getting the chance.

"Oh, well there's actually something I wanted to tell you too. But…it can wait until you get back." Ahsoka replied, not wanting to distract Naruto on his mission by suddenly telling him she liked him.

Plus, this would give her a chance to prepare something special for when he returns.

"Really? Well I'll be sure to finish the mission quickly." Said Naruto, now curious of what Ahsoka wanted to tell him.

"You do that. And good luck." Ahsoka said as they waved at each other as Naruto headed for the hangar.

*Timeskip-One Day*


'Twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three…' Naruto thought smirking as he destroyed Separatist fighter after fighter, while around him the clones and Master Windu targeted Separatist ships as well.

While it wasn't a very large fleet they found, it was still big enough to warrant them taking care of it now rather than letting it continue moving.

"Padawan, I see some fighters breaking off from the rest. Continue targeting the ones here, while I'll go after the ones trying to escape." Ordered Mace.

"Yes Master." Naruto replied, while seeing Mace and some clones fly off to deal with the fighters that were getting away, leaving only him and three other clones.

Though partway through the battle, Naruto noticed that the clones seemed to be pulling back slightly to fly behind him.

"Uh guys, we aren't done yet…hello, can you hear me? Were your ships damaged?" Naruto asked, when he didn't get a response.

Frowning in confusion, Naruto suddenly cried out when his starfighter was suddenly shot from behind.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Demanded Naruto when he saw the clones were now firing at him rather than the Separatists.

Maneuvering his fighter, Naruto's eyes widened when the clones actually began following him and were still shooting!

"Come in, can you hear me, why are you firing at me?!" Naruto said, only to not get a response, before having to quickly veer to the left to avoid more blaster fire.

"Master Windu, something's wrong with the clones, they're firing at me! Master…hello?!" Said Naruto, only to be shocked that he wasn't getting a response, when his communicator wasn't damaged.

Before realizing what was happening, he wasn't supposed to come back from this mission!

With Naruto being shocked and angry that he had only been brought on this mission to die.

'Just because I used the Dark Side to save Ahsoka, they're trying to kill me?!' Naruto thought angry, before he was reminded of his current situation when he was hit again.

Knowing his fighter couldn't take much more, Naruto began setting a course for his hyperdrive, only to curse at seeing his navigator was damaged along with his hyperdrive. So there's no way of knowing where he'll end up.

'Any where's better than here!' Naruto thought, just narrowly managing to dodge another hit.

Not wasting another second, Naruto activated his hyperdrive, his fighter immediately vanishing from sight as it entered lightspeed. The whiskered blonde gritting his teeth as his ship rumbled dangerously, but thankfully still held together.

With it not being long before he came out of lightspeed, unfortunately he had no way of slowing down as he headed straight for the planet he arrived at. Grunting in pain as the starfighter crashed into the ground, carving a deep trench into it.

Once it came to stop, Naruto panted before opening the cockpit and stumbled out of the ship, looking around at the planet he landed on. Seeing only a vast desert with rock formations and dead, withered trees.

"Z-Ziost?" Naruto said, confused at how he knew the name of the planet, despite never being here.

But before he could contemplate it further, he fell to his knee and grabbed his head, crying out in pain, feeling the Dark Side within him reacting to the planet around him. With the betrayal from the Jedi and the Republic making his connection to it grow even stronger, resulting in him regaining something that had been locked in his mind since he was born.

"Easily the most ambitious, and therefore the most dangerous of my rivals is Kallig. Therefore, he shall be the first to die."

"Only those who rival my power will have my secrets."

"Rest now my most loyal servant, for you will one day be free again."

"Darkness and Hate, they can never be destroyed, they will never disappear, they merely take new forms. And so shall I."

"You will forever know my name. Know the name of the Dark Lord of the Sith and the one who has achieved the ultimate power. My name…"

Naruto fell to his hands and knees as the surrounding area began shaking from the power he was releasing. As he began remembering the truth, everything he had done thousands of years ago, when he ruled the Old Sith Empire. When he had been the greatest lightsaber duelist of the Sith Lords and thousands fell before his power.

He remembered when he was the Lord of Hate.

"My name…my name…my name is…" Naruto muttered, before his eyes snapped open revealing the now signature red-rimmed sulfuric yellow eyes of the Dark Side, with his sclera turning a pitch black.

"My name…is Tulak Hord!" Declared Naruto, or now Tulak Hord, as he stood up and reigned in his power.

Raising a hand to his face, Tulak scowled as even with his reawakened memories, he was no longer a true Sith, he was now a heretic Sith.

'The only way I can regain my status as a True Sith is to kill Dooku and become Darth Sidious's Apprentice.' Tulak thought.

"Or simply destroy these fools that dare call themselves Sith." Said Tulak, despising how the Sith have been reduced to only two and handful of Dark Side Practitioners.

Knowing there's nothing he could do at the moment, Tulak raised his damaged starfighter with the Force to search the dead planet to see if there's anything of use on it. But knew when the time came, he will have his revenge on the Jedi and Republic for their betrayal.

And if they desired to see him dead for having the power of the Dark Side, then he'll show them all what true power really is.

So, what did you think, good. Yep Naruto is a Jedi Padawan and friends with Ahsoka and Aayla, along with possessing a powerful connection to the Dark Side making the Jedi Order wary of him and placing him under the Dark Woman to curb his attempt at using the Dark Side, only for them to eventually decide his inevitable fate to be terminated (and interesting fact, the Jedi actually did know about Order 66, for those that don't know). With Ahsoka also getting some advice from Anakin in regards to telling Naruto about her feelings, while Palpatine has his own schemes in regards to Naruto. Then we see Naruto going off on his final(?) mission with Mace Windu, while planning to tell Ahsoka how he feels as well once he returns, only for Order 66 to be activated resulting in the clones near him trying to kill Naruto. Luckily he manages to escape with his hyperdrive, but as it was damaged he ends up traveling towards Ziost, where he reawakens his memories as one of, if not the most, powerful Dark Lords of the Sith, the Lord of Hate and Master of the Gathering Darkness, Tulak Hord! With the now rechristened Tulak Hord swearing vengeance on his betrayers and to regain his status as a Sith Lord, one way or another. So, review if you liked go away if you didn't.

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