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Ahsoka sat within her chambers in the Jedi Temple, trying to focus on what to do when Naruto gets back from his mission, and how to tell him about her feelings. Though the Padawan was having trouble focusing, as her mind kept drifting back to what exactly Naruto's mission was and who he had gone with. Knowing how most of the Jedi Masters were wary of Naruto, due to his connection to the Dark Side, with Master Windu being among those that considered him a potential threat.

Though, while Ahsoka doubted the Jedi would actually do anything to harm Naruto, as no matter what, he was still a member of the order. She also couldn't help but get a bad feeling that something was going to happen on the mission, something very bad.

'I really hope my nerves are just acting up.' Ahsoka thought, hoping she's just nervous at finally confessing to Naruto, rather than something actually happening.

Suddenly, Ahsoka flinched at the sound of something hitting the ground and breaking. Looking, Ahsoka frowned before going over and picking it up, seeing it was a picture of her and Naruto back when they were younglings. The Togruta frowning at seeing the glass was now cracked, right over Naruto's face, which only made her worry more that something was wrong.

Though before she could contemplate this further, Ahsoka gasped in shock as she stumbled back, just barely managing to steady herself on the wall. The girl panting while looking around with wide eyes, as she felt a massive tremor in the Force. But more than that, she could actually feel it coming from the Dark Side. It made Ahsoka shiver in dread as she felt the Force begin shifting closer to the Dark Side, and away from the Light Side.

'Naruto.' Ahsoka thought, glancing at the picture again, now even more worried of something happening and if he had felt that tremor as well.

Especially with his connection to the Dark Side, it worried the Togruta of how he could have been affected by such a powerful tremor.

*With Aayla*

Meanwhile, in another part of the temple, Jedi Master Aayla Secura sat in a quiet corner with a worried frown on her face. Something she's been doing, ever since hearing about Naruto's mission with Master Windu of all people. The Twi'lek unable to help but get a bad feeling at the thought of Naruto on a mission with Mace Windu, given her fellow Master's views on the Dark Side and all those affiliated with it.

And with how strong Naruto's connection to the Dark Side is, she couldn't help but let her mind wander to less pleasant thought. Though Aayla quickly shook her head and banished those thoughts, knowing how ridiculous they were.

'No matter what Naruto's connection to the Dark Side is, he's still a fellow Jedi and can be trusted.' Aayla thought, while knowing that the other Jedi just needed to give Naruto a chance and they'll see he's a Sith or Dark Jedi in the making, simply because of his affinity for the Dark Side of the Force.

Though no sooner had she thought that Aayla stiffened as her eyes widened in shock at feeling a sudden tremor in the Force. A tremor originating right from the Dark Side itself, which the Twi'lek could feel was growing even stronger than it originally was.

'That…that power…such darkness…could it be the work of the Sith or something else?' Thought Aayla, not able to comprehend the darkness that accompanied the tremor.

Now being even more worried, both at what could have caused such a tremor and if Naruto could have been affected by it as well. Aayla now mentally hoping for the whiskered blonde to make it back, safe and sound.

*With Anakin and Padme*

Within their apartment, Anakin sat with his secret wife Padme Amidala, the former Queen and current Senator of Naboo. The Jedi Knight having managed to slip away from the temple to see her, along with telling her of Ahsoka planning to tell Naruto about her feelings, making the former queen smile.

"Well I wish both of them the best, they deserve the chance to find happiness together." Padme said, with Anakin looking at her with a raised brow.

"And how do you know Naruto feels the same way?" Questioned Anakin, though suspected he did in fact feel the same for his Padawan.

"I was a queen and now a senator Ani, it's my job to be able to read people, and I can certainly say that Naruto does care a great deal for Ahsoka, just from seeing them interact with each other. Plus, it helps that he reminds me of another Jedi that I know." Padme stated, while smirking at her husband, along with remembering when she first met Naruto.


Padme sighed as she sat within her office on Coruscant, while waiting for her new guards to arrive.

Two weeks have passed since the Battle of Geonosis and the start of the Clone Wars, along with her marriage to Anakin on Naboo. With the woman having since returned to her duties as Senator, while worried for her husband now off fighting against the Separatists.

Though she had just received a call from Chancellor Palpatine that he had requested she be given Jedi guards. Given her part in the Battle of Geonosis could make her a target for Separatist assassins or bounty hunters. Something Padme understood and accepted, along with somewhat hoping her guards would be Anakin and Obi-Wan again.

The Senator was pulled from her thoughts when she heard a knock at the door.

"Come in." Padme said, while sitting up straight as the door opened, revealing who she guessed were her new guards.

The first was the Jedi Master, an older woman wearing a long black cloak, shoulder length silver hair, and stern blue eyes.

While the second, Padme actually blinked in surprise at their appearance, seeing it was a young preteen boy with spiky blonde hair with part of it put in a small braid over his right shoulder, showing his rank. Along with having lightly tanned skin, cerulean blue eyes, three unique whisker marks on his cheeks, and wearing the standard Padawan robes.

'He looks like Ani.' Padme thought, looking at the boy, seeing a slight resemblance between him and her husband, especially since Anakin also had blonde hair when he was younger.

"Greetings Senator Amidala, we are your new guards for the foreseeable future. I am the Dark Woman, and this is my Padawan, Naruto Uzumaki." Said the Dark Woman, with Padme looking at her in confusion.

"Dark Woman?" Questioned Padme, unsure if that's her actual name or just a title.

"Master gave up her name in service of the Force and just had people start calling her the Dark Woman. Though I don't know why, since it could confuse people on which side she's on." Naruto said, while smirking, before seeing his Masters warning look, with Padme smiled slightly in amusement.

"What have I said about speaking out of turn? Forgive him Senator, I'm still working on trying to teach my Padawan proper manners." Said the Dark Woman, which the Senator merely waved off.

"It's fine, no harm done." Padme replied.

"Of course. Now we will let you get back to your work. We will be out patrolling the building and surrounding area for any threats. Here's a communicator to contact us, should anything happen or if you need help." The Dark Woman said, handing Padme a communicator to contact them with.

"Thank you both, I'll be able to rest easier knowing the Jedi are protecting me. Though if it isn't too much trouble, could I have your Padawan stay here to assist me?" Asked Padme, curious and intrigued by Naruto, seeing how he didn't seem to act as stoic or serious as most Jedi she's met, outside of Anakin and Obi-Wan sometimes.

"I'm sure it won't be too much trouble." The Dark Woman answered, while giving Naruto another look when he was about to speak in protest, not wanting to help do paperwork.

Sighing in resignation, Naruto nodded as his Master exited the office while he stayed behind.

"What did you need help with Senator?" Naruto asked, while Padme smiled in amusement.

"Actually I didn't really need any help, I'm more than capable of handling everything. Though it would be nice to have someone to talk to while I work." Revealed Padme, surprising Naruto before he grinned and sat down.

"Oh, well that's fine. Was there anything you wanted to talk about Padme-I mean Senator." Naruto said quickly, figuring she wouldn't like it if he acted too casually, only for Padme to smile again.

"If you want, you may call me Padme, in private of course. As for anything to talk about, I was hoping we could get to know each other better, since we'll likely be seeing a lot of each other for the time being." Replied Padme, surprising Naruto again, before he smiled and nodded, feeling more relaxed than he originally was.

*End Flashback*

Naruto and the Dark Woman had ended up being her guards for five months, during which she had gotten to know the young Padawan along with telling him about herself as well. And it had been rather enjoyable for Padme, having someone else she could relax around besides Anakin, and learning more about Naruto.

Finding that despite being raised as a youngling, he still acted like any normal boy his age, along with not worrying about showing off his abilities with the Force. Along with hearing him talk about his friends at the Jedi Temple, Ahsoka, a fellow Padawan that hadn't been assigned a Master, at the time. And Aayla, a Jedi Master who had helped him with training, before being assigned as the Dark Woman's Padawan.

Padme had even started teaching Naruto about the laws of the Republic and responsibilities of being a Senator, after he had asked her about it, having showed interest in learning more. Something Padme was glad to help him with, and the longer they spent together the more Padme cared about Naruto, seeing him as a close friend, perhaps even as a little brother she never had.

And given her initial thought of how similar he looked to Anakin, and teaching him, the Senator wouldn't deny she could have seen him as being her and Anakin's child.

While Padme was thinking over her time with Naruto, Anakin thought over her words about how Naruto was like him, something the Jedi Knight could see. Remembering when he had first met Naruto as well.


Anakin walked through the Jedi Temple, making his way towards the hangar, having just returned from another mission with Obi-Wan. The Jedi Knight feeling like he's been getting sent out, more and more every day since the start of the Clone Wars, so he was relieved that he's getting a rare break.

Originally, he had hoped to see Padme and just relax for the rest of the day, only to learn she'll be at the Senate for the entire day. With Anakin deciding to just work on his speeder, knowing working on a machine always helped him relax.

Though when he arrived at the hangar and headed for where the speeders were, he was surprised when he saw someone else there working on a speeder as well. With it not being a clone. In fact, he could see them wearing the attire of a Padawan, which intrigued Anakin. Given how Jedi usually leave the maintenance of equipment to droids or the clones. While Padawans would usually be training or with their Master, and Anakin didn't see a Jedi Knight or Master around the Padawan.

Curious of who it was, Anakin walked up quietly behind the Padawan and looked as they worked on the speeder, seeing they knew their way around it.

"Pretty good work, though you may wanna replace those bolts right there, since they look pretty worn out." Said Anakin, expecting the Padawan to be startled at his sudden presence, only to be surprised when they didn't even flinch.

"Oh yeah, I almost missed those. Thanks." The Padawan said, smiling at Anakin in thanks, with the Jedi Knight now getting a good look at him, recognizing them as Naruto Uzumaki.

While Anakin hasn't personally met him, he's heard about the Padawan from Padme, his wife having talked about former guard. The Jedi Knight willing to admit he had been slightly jealous of the way Padme talked about this Naruto. Only to get over it, at hearing he was just a preteen and was simply a friend.

One thing that intrigued him though was when she compared Naruto to him, and now that he was seeing the whiskered blonde for the first time, he could see some similarities.

"You're Padawan Uzumaki, right." Anakin said, with Naruto nodding as he worked on the speeder.

"Yeah, I am, and you're Knight Skywalker. Though just call me Naruto." Replied Naruto, with Anakin nodding, before kneeling beside him to look at the interior of the speeder.

"Then just call me Anakin. Interesting additions to your speeder by the way." Anakin stated, seeing several unrecognizable parts and changes to the speeder from a standard one.

"Thanks, I was working on upgrading it to make it faster and for better maneuverability." Naruto said, with the Jedi Knight looking at the speeder, before grabbing a tool.

"Well if you're aiming for speed, you're gonna want to move this around…" Said Anakin before he began showing the whiskered blonde other improvements to make to the speeder.

*End Flashback*

Since then, the two had either worked together in the hangar on their speeders while exchanging tips on ways to improve them. With Anakin even helping Naruto with his training, given they both used Djem So and seeing that he was very talented at lightsaber combat.

It was also nice having another Jedi to interact with besides Obi-Wan, that didn't go out of their to suppress their emotions and continued being themselves. Along with another outsider, he supposed, given how the only reason he had been allowed to join the Jedi was thanks to Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon. And while Naruto had been found as a youngling and raised in the temple, after it was discovered about his connection with the Dark Side, the other Jedi became wary of him.

That line of thinking made Anakin frown, thinking of Naruto's mission with Master Windu.

"Is something wrong Anakin?" Padme asked, seeing the look on his face and knew what it meant.

"Just thinking, Ahsoka had been planning to tell Naruto how she feels a few days ago. But before she could, he'd been called on a mission with Master Windu. This being the first time he's gone with another Jedi besides his Master, me, Ahsoka, and Obi-Wan." Said Anakin.

"You're worried." Padme stated, not denying she always felt worried whenever he or Anakin went out on missions, with Anakin nodding.

"Yeah, since none of us are there to watch his back. And Master Windu has always been rather…strict about what being a Jedi means, which includes having no connection with the Dark Side." Said Anakin, remembering how the Jedi Council member spoke against him being allowed to join the order for being too old.

"Yeah, I'm worried too, but I'm sure everything will be fine. Like you said, you've gone on missions with him before, so you know he can handle himself." Padme assured, with Anakin nodding slowly.

"Maybe, but I can't help but get a-" Said Anakin before his eyes suddenly widened.

Then to Padme's shock and worry, Anakin suddenly fell to his knees gripping his head, grunting in pain.

"Anakin?! Anakin, what's wrong?!" Padme asked, kneeling beside her husband with a hand on his shoulder, as Anakin relaxed and began panting.

"What was that? Did you feel something in the Force?" Said Padme, figuring that's what happened.

"Yeah, yeah I felt something. A…a tremor and a powerful one, it felt like a Krayt Dragon stomping on my head. But I wasn't just a tremor, it…it came from the Dark Side which now feels even stronger than before." Anakin said gravely, knowing something big just happened for him to feel a tremor that powerful.

"What does that mean?" Padme asked, worried of such a tremor could mean for the Jedi and the rest of the galaxy.

"I don't know. But whatever it was, I doubt I'm the only one who felt it." Anakin replied, knowing anyone connected to the Force would feel the tremor.

*Chancellor's Office*

Meanwhile, Palpatine sat in his office going over some paperwork when he also felt the sudden tremor. His head snapping up with wide eyes, while feeling the Dark Side suddenly rush through him. Though he didn't just feel the dark power rushing through him, the hidden Sith Lord could almost…feel the Dark Side singing in joy at something.

As if it was celebrating something grand happening.

'Interesting, something has happened within the Force, something that has caused the Dark Side to spread even more.' Palpatine thought, while narrowing his eyes, wondering if this could prove useful for his plans or become a hindrance to be dealt with.

*Jedi Temple*

Back at the temple, all the Jedi soon felt the tremor as well, with many of them shuddering at the feeling of the Dark Side growing stronger. While the Jedi Council members heads all snapped up with wide eyes, worried and concerned at feeling the Dark Side's increased power, while the Light Side diminished significantly.

It worried them of what could have caused such a sudden shift in the Force, even more so with what it could mean for the rest of the galaxy.

*Unknown Location*

Within one of the Separatist bases, Count Dooku and his Dark Acolytes also felt the tremor in the Force, with the most noticeable Acolytes feeling the tremor being Asajj Ventress, Quinlan Vos, and Sora Bulq. Each of them feeling not just the pulse, but the significant increase in the Dark Sides influence as well.

'This power…whoever could have such power and connection to the Dark Side would make for a very powerful Apprentice.' Dooku thought smirking, knowing if he could find whoever possessed such power, then he could very well make them his Apprentice to overthrow his own Master.

But first he'd need to find where the tremor originated from and who the person was.

*Timeskip-Two Days*

*Jedi Temple*

Ahsoka stood beside Anakin and Padme, the Togruta feeling excited as they had just gotten word that Master Windu's ship has finally returned, meaning that Naruto was back as well. And she had finished setting up the perfect way to celebrate his mission being completed and to tell him how she feels.

Though she was confused that before she could go to the hangar to greet him, an assembly had been called for all the Jedi and Clone Commanders to attend, even seeing the Jedi Council as well.

Just then, she saw Master Windu appear with his commanders as well, though Ahsoka was worried, and even a little fearful, when she didn't Naruto either.

Everyone watched as Mace walked to stand on the stage with the other council members, while the Clone Commanders joined their brothers and fellow clones.

"It pains me to say this, but Padawan Naruto Uzumaki has become one with the Force, while combating the Separatists." Mace revealed before he continued speaking.

But Ahsoka didn't hear any of it, merely looking forward with her eyes being wide open, not believing what she just heard.

'Naruto is…one with the Force…he's…he's dead…' Ahsoka thought numbly, not able to believe her best friend was really dead.

Without thinking, Ahsoka immediately ran back into the temple, not caring if anyone saw her or not, only wanting to get as far away from what she just heard as fast as she could. The Togruta wanting to deny it, not wanting to believe it was actually true, but knew it was.

Naruto was really dead.

Ahsoka suddenly tripped and would have fallen, had someone not caught her, the girl looking to see Anakin and Padme looking at her in concern.

"Ahsoka." Padme said, looking at her in sadness and worry, with Ahsoka feeling tears in her eyes before she hugged the Senator tightly, crying silently on her shoulder

Padme returning the hug, saddened at the pain Ahsoka must be feeling at losing not just her best friend, but someone she loves as well. Knowing she'd be in the same position if she learned that Anakin had died, while out on a mission as well. Though it still hurt learning Naruto was dead and with how young he was as well.

With Anakin frowning sadly at his Padawan, putting a hand on her shoulder, also saddened at learning of Naruto's death. Along with feeling anger and hatred at the Separatists, but also himself. Hating that he's failed once again to save someone he cares about.

'Never again, I won't let it happen ever again.' Anakin mentally swore, refusing to lose someone he cares about a third time.

Back at the assembly, the Jedi Council members that had voted in favor of sparing Naruto, and those that reluctantly voted to kill him, lowered their heads solemnly.

"I failed again. I failed to save Master Qui-Gon, and now I failed to save Naruto as well." Obi-Wan muttered, feeling like he was back on Naboo, helpless to stop Darth Maul from killing his Master.

"Not the case, this is. Helped young Naruto, the order should have. Condemn him, we should not have. Like Master Windu and Revan, he could have been. Use the Dark Side in conjunction with the Light Side, he could have learned to." Said Yoda, while looking at his fellow Master, knowing it wouldn't have changed anything if Obi-Wan had been allowed to vote, since they still would have been outnumbered.

If they had simply given Naruto a chance, then he could have had the potential to be one of the greatest Jedi in history. Instead, he had been condemned and sentenced to die, simply for something out of his control.


Ahsoka sat in her room, looking down at the broken picture of her and Naruto with a downcast expression. The Togruta having come here after separating from Anakin and Padme, simply wanting to be alone and mourn her deceased friend. Along with how she'll never get the chance to tell him how she feels, nor get the chance to know what his response would have been.

Hearing her door open, Ahsoka looked up to see Aayla standing there.

"Hey, how are you holding up?" Aayla asked.

"I'm fine Master Secura." Replied Ahsoka, not wanting to show just how devastated she was at Naruto's death, knowing such emotion wouldn't be approved by the Jedi.

"You know you don't have to lie; I care about Naruto too." Said Aayla, saddened at Naruto's death as well, especially she cared about him as more than a friend as well.

It had simply started out as her helping him with his training before he was assigned to the Dark Woman, and even still helping him when he was assigned to her. The more time they spent together, Aayla would admit she grew to see Naruto as a friend. Along with being able to tell he had developed a crush on her as well.

Though Aayla, rather than looking down it, though it was rather cute to see Naruto look away and blush whenever she looked at him. Given her own brief relationship with Kit, after the incident on Kamino, and figured it was just a phase Naruto was going through and would eventually grow out of it.

Only to realize the opposite happened, as somewhere down the line, Aayla found herself falling for the young Padawan, somehow. Something which had annoyed Ahsoka when she noticed this. While hearing about his death helped her realize how much she cared about him, with how much it hurt that she'll never see him again.

Ahsoka looked down at the picture again, remembering all the times she and Naruto spent together as younglings, whether during training or even just hanging out like normal children. Even when they became Padawans, they still had time for each other, despite having separate Masters.

All the missions they went on together, working alongside each other. Along with when she truly began falling in love with him, seeing him as more than just a friend, but instead as someone she'd happily spend the rest of her life with. Even if it meant leaving the Jedi when the war was over.

The Togruta looked at Aayla when the Twi'lek sat beside her, wrapping an arm around her shoulder. With Ahsoka welcoming the embrace as they both mourned the loss of the one they love.


Meanwhile, back on Ziost, Tulak Hord had continued his trek across the dead planet, thankful that the air was still breathable, along with allowing the Force to guide him to where he needs to go.

With it eventually paying off, when he soon came across a large golden sphere with two batlike wings on both sides.

"A Sith Meditation Sphere." Tulak said, pleased at finding such a vessel, as despite being rather antiquated for this era, he could see it was still functioning and could get him off Ziost.

Discarding his destroyed starfighter, Tulak entered the Meditation Sphere, moving to the heart of the ship and assumed a meditative stance. The ship soon powering up as the Dark side flowed through it once more, taking off from the planet and heading for the destination Tulak was sending it to.

All while the reincarnated Sith Lord began meditating to regain his strength from his past-life, with the Meditation Sphere helping to speed up the process.

*Timeskip-Four Days*

It hadn't been long until the Meditation Sphere arrived on Korriban, with Tulak being disgusted at the fact the Galactic Republic and Jedi actually renamed it to Moraband. Likely to suppress and erase the ties the planet has with the Sith.

After landing, Tulak had headed for the Valley of the Dark Lords to see what he could find, along with taking a moment to appreciate the dark humor when he walked past his own tomb.

He had also been in luck when he discovered Darth Andeddu's Holocron, extracting the Red Synthetic Kyber Crystal from it to replace the Blue Kyber Crystal in his lightsaber. Along with reconstructing his lightsaber into a true Sith's. Now being black and gray in color with glowing red lines, two metal bands possessing Sith Rune surrounding them, and the symbol of the Old Sith Empire on it near the top.

The reincarnated Sith Lord being pleased at seeing the familiar red blade, before he moved on to search the remaining tombs. Also being able to locate the Holocron of XoXaan.

Afterwards, Tulak had gone to the Tomb of Naga Sadow, in order to release Khem Val, knowing his most loyal servant would still be there in stasis. Though when Tulak arrived at the tomb, he frowned at seeing that while Khem Val was in fact still there, he was placed in a different container.

'Someone had freed him.' Tulak thought, amazed that someone actually dared to free Khem Val, and given the fact he was back in stasis, whoever had freed him had managed to subdue him as well, showing they must have been a powerful Sith Lord.

Holding out his hand, Tulak undid the stasis on his Dashade Warrior, freeing Khem Val as the Dashade fell out of the stasis pod onto his hands and knees.

"It's good to see alive, Khem Val." Said Tulak, knowing Khem Val will be a great ally to have against the Jedi and the Sith, the latter should they get in his way of reclaiming his title as Dark Lord of the Sith.

"You know my name, then you know freeing me will be the last mistake you ever make. Because I am hungry!" Khem Val said, shooting up as surprising speed while drawing his vibrosword.

With Tulak expecting this, given how long it's been in and his different form, he knew it was a good chance that Khem Val would attack him. Leading the whiskered blonde to leap over Khem and activate his lightsaber slashing the Dashade across the back. Only for Khem to let out a quiet grunt before swinging his vibrosword at Tulak, with the reincarnated Sith blocking it with his lightsaber. While reaching out and ripping a pillar out of the ground and launching it at Khem.

The Dashade turning around to see the pillar come speeding towards him and would have swung his sword to slice it in half, only to grunt in pain as Tulak blasted him in the back with Force Lighting. With it affecting Khem despite his resistance to the Force, due to how long he's been sealed away in stasis. Leading to him being hit by the pillar, while Tulak leapt over it before forcefully pinning his servant to the wall with the pillar.

"That's enough Khem Val. As much as I'd enjoy crossing blades with you after thousands of years, we have other business to focus on." Tulak said, knowing there was still much to do and he couldn't waste time fighting Khem Val.

"What're you-" Khem demanded, not understanding what this human meant until he really looked at the human, the stance they were in, the red-rimmed yellow eyes with black sclera, the lightsaber, and their Force signature.

With it not being long before recognition dawned on Khem with his eyes widening, making Tulak release him, knowing he now knows who he is.

"My Lord forgive me! Had I known it was you, I would not have dared attempted to kill you." Khem said, kneeling before his master, now realizing he stood before Tulak Hord, perhaps in a different form but he knew it was his master.

"Rise Khem Val and apologize for nothing, I would expect nothing less but such a response. Now tell me, who was it that freed you from your stasis that I placed you in?" Tulak said, wanting to know who could have had the power to break through his electric energy field.

"A Sith Lord who came to be known as Darth Nox, he was also a descendant of Kallig and the one I saw as your unofficial successor, Master. Before his death, he had placed me back in stasis. Something I am pleased with, as I can now serve you once again." Answered Khem, glad that he can serve his master once more.

"Darth Nox, a descendant of Kallig, as my successor. How ironic." Tulak said, while smirking, though knowing if Khem served this Darth Nox, then he's sure they would have been a good successor.

And someone he'd have killed without hesitation, just like his ancestor.

"Yes and he left this with me." Said Khem before pulling out a Sith Holocron, with Tulak guessing it was Darth Nox's.

'This will certainly be useful.' Tulak thought, being able to guess that Darth Nox was likely a skilled Sith Sorcerer and he was interested to see what improvements were made from his first-life.

"Excellent. Now, what of this other presence within you that I am sensing?" Questioned Tulak, having sensed another presence within Khem's body, curious of exactly it was, while the Dashade scowled at the mention of a second presence.

"I had hope that witch would have faded away by now." Khem said, angry that Zash was still within his body.

"Well I haven't, I'm still here you fool. Only, unlike you, I didn't have the luxury of being in stasis!" Said Darth Zash, not being happy either at being trapped inside the Dashade, actually preferring if she would have faded away by now.

Tulak raised a brow at the female voice echoing in his head, figuring whatever the presence in Khem was, it's likely a Sith. Possibly the result of a failed ritual, resulting in their consciousness and essence being transferred to Khem. With the reincarnated Sith then smiling in amusement

"Aaah, you must have found my Essence Transfer Ritual. I take it, that your original body was decaying from overexposure to the Dark Side and you needed a new one. Given how you are inside Khem, you originally intended to take Darth Nox's body, likely having been his Master, along with having him unintentionally prepare the ritual for you to take his body. But something went wrong, and you ended up trapped in Khem, unable to possess him due to his resistance to the Force." Tulak said, knowing what likely happened.

"…You truly are the Lord of Hate." Zash said, unable to deny her amazement at meeting possibly the greatest Sith in history.

"I am. Though I suppose you never found the other part of the ritual, otherwise you wouldn't be in this mess." Said Tulak, while smirking.

"…There was another part?!" Screamed Zash, not believing what she was hearing, that there had been another part of the ritual, one that could have prevented her from ending up like this.

"Do you truly believe that I would leave all my notes and creations intact? If they were to be found, then it would only be done by someone who rivalled my power and desired to know my secrets." Tulak said, having separated all his secrets and scattered them across the known and unknown galaxy, even breaking apart the various rituals and potions he created into several parts, ensuring all of them were useless until they were all brought back together.

"Now then, who are you?" Tulak demanded, wanting to know who this was.

"I am Darth Zash, Sith Lord and Sith Sorcerer in service of the True Sith Empire, My Lord. Please, if you would, tell me the complete ritual?" Zash requested, desiring to know all of Tulak Hord's secrets, as even in her current situation her desire for knowledge was still there.

"I believe we both know I won't do that. Though I may be persuaded to give you pieces of information, in exchange for information." Said Tulak.

"What do you wish to know My Lord?" Questioned Zash.

"Everything." Tulak replied, wanting to know everything about her era, the True Sith Empire, their technology, their strength, their weaknesses, everything.

If he is to one day reclaim his title as Dark Lord of the Sith and begin reestablishing his empire, he'll need to know the strengths and weaknesses of all the Sith Empires that came before. To know where they succeeded, where they failed, and how they were stopped, if he's to ensure he doesn't make the same mistakes.

"Master, if I may, what will be doing next?" Khem asked, wanting to know what their next move, with Tulak smirking at his servant.

"From what I know, Korriban has been taken over by the Commerce Guild. They currently have a base and outpost here as well. What we will be doing, is going there and kill everyone." Answered Tulak, with Khem gaining a bloodthirsty smile at hearing, pleased at the chance to kill and devour once again.

*Timeskip-Five Days*

*Commerce Guild Base*

After awakening Khem Val and regaining his loyalty, the reincarnated Sith and Dashade had begun resting and training to regain enough power to attack the Commerce Guild Base. With them having since regained enough of their strength to attack the base themselves.

Tulak cut down anyone near him, along with deflecting blaster bolts back at droids that fired at him, along with utilizing several Force abilities. Such as Telekinesis, Force Crush, Force Choke, and Force Lightning, which was colored red, rather than the normal blue or purple, showing his own power, with the latter also being used as Chain Lightning to hit multiple targets.

He wasn't using anything too powerful, given he couldn't expose himself for who he really was, instead only utilizing his skill in Djem So and Shien, along with a few Dark Side powers that anyone could learn to perform on their own, as well as from some Sith Holocrons.

While off to the side, he saw Khem eagerly cutting apart anyone he could get his hands on, sometimes even tearing them apart with his bare hands, before then devouring the bodies of his kills.

Just then, Tulak caught sight of someone he recognized, a female Gossam and the Presidente of the Commerce Guild. The Gossam flying back towards him as the reincarnated Sith wrapped his hand around her throat.

"Shu Mai, well now, isn't this my lucky day." Tulak said, smirking at the chance to kill one of the main benefactors of the Separatists.

"Yo-you J-Jedi-" Choked Shu before Tulak snapped her neck and cut off her head for good measure.

"Don't call me a fucking Jedi." Said Tulak, refusing to be insulted in such a way as being called a Jedi, ever again.

The whiskered blonde then resumed cutting down being and droids, with Khem devouring the bodies left behind. With it not being long before the entire base was under their control, with the survivors now enslaved to them.

*Timeskip-One Week*

Tulak looked over the reconstructed Sith Meditation Sphere, having forced the survivors of his and Khem's attack to reconstruct it into a less recognizable design. With it now looking like a Ghtroc 720, while still having the gold color of the Meditation Sphere and the batlike wings on the sides.

They had also reprogrammed the Battle Droids as well, claiming them as Spoils of War, knowing they could prove useful with the right programming. As given the previous battles he's been in, they were little more than walking training dummies that couldn't hit the planet they were standing on.

"The reconstruction of the Meditation Sphere is complete, Master." Khem said speaking in the Sith Language, something they both knew and something Tulak planned to use to communicate with his allies.

Given how nobody outside of the Order of the Sith Lords, some Historians, along with some Sith Cults and Sith Splinter Factions, no one could speak or understand it. Making it the perfect means to communicate, without worry of who could overhear them.

"Good. Have the droids board the ship along with killing the survivors." Ordered Tulak, with the Dashade nodding with a smirk, pleased at the chance to feast once again.

"And one more thing. Once we leave this planet, do not refer to me as Tulak Hord. Call me Naruto Uzumaki for the time being." Tulak said, not wanting his true identity to be revealed until he was prepared, so for the time being, he'll use his old name.

"Yes master." Khem replied, nodding, before going to fulfill his orders.

So, what did you think, good. Yep we see some flashbacks and everyone in the Jedi and Sith feeling the tremor in the Force from Tulak Hord's return, before seeing the reactions to Naruto's "death". Then we see Tulak Hord finding a Sith Meditation Sphere to get off Ziost and travel to Korriban, where he rebuilds a new lightsaber, find a few Holocrons, and reawaken Khem Val who still had Darth Zash inside his head. Finally we see them attacking the Commerce Guild Base on the planet along with killing Shu Mai, before having them reconstruct the Meditation Sphere into a less recognizable design before killing all the survivors. So, review if you liked go away if you didn't.

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