"ARGHHHHHH!" Pleakley shrieked as ice-cold water drenched his whole body.

"Sorry, Pleakley!" Lilo apologized. "Stitch! I told you left! Now you got Pleakley all wet."

"Ooba la niqua!" Stitch grunted and continued to run around frantically.

Lilo and Stitch had been running around the house, chasing after one of Jumbaa's escaped creatures. It was a fire experiment, and they were currently trying to put it out. At least enough to where they could grab a hold of it. And that process so happened to involve... Water. And ice.

Pleakley shook his head and tried to wring some of the water out of his dress. It was his favorite dress; orange with white flowers. Although, now it looked more red.

"Just… Be careful! One of you is going to have to mop up that water!" Pleakley nagged and made his way to his room.

"Will do, Auntie!" Lilo saluted and continued to run around with stitch.


Jumba was in the room and tinkering with the microwave. Trying to, "fix," it and make it better. But to be perfectly honest, all it seemed like he was doing was tearing stuff apart and throwing random pieces around. Jumba took his alien wrench of sorts and tossed it behind him. "Stupid thing!" he grunted and cursed under his breath. It smacked the door frame next to Pleakley and roughly thudded on the ground.

"Jumba! Careful! You almost hit me!" Pleakley shouted and threw his arms in the air exasperatedly.

"Oh, sorry Pleakley. Did not-" Jumba turned around, took one look at Pleakley, and burst out laughing.

"Oh, be quiet," Pleakley muttered and grabbed a change of clothes.

"What happened? Someone drench you with hose?" Jumba asked, still chuckling.

"No!" Pleakley shouted. "Lilo… Lilo was trying to catch one of your little monsters! One of the fire ones. A really mean fella… Anyways, she had a bucket of water and.. Splashed me."

"Sorry." Jumba shrugged and turned back to face his little project.

Pleakley rolled his eye and put a hand on his hip, still soaking wet. "Whatever, I'm going to take a bath. Don't forget! We're doing our little movie thing later."

Jumba groaned loudly and pinched the space between his eyes. "Why? We have the.. The stupid idiot box thing in the front of house! Why must we go out to see movie? Just to watch bigger idiot box?"

"Yep! And you already said you'd do it, so... No going back now!" Pleakley exclaimed and rushed out the door.

...Pleakley grabbed his favorite red lipstick and applied a thick coating to his lips. He looked in the mirror and patted down his brand new dark-blue dress. He smiled. He looked pretty. Ever since he had moved in with Lilo and Nani, he'd been a lot more comfortable with himself. Dressing how he wanted and actually being happy with how he looks.

"Okay! Jumba! I'm ready to go!" Pleakley called out and walked out of the bathroom.

Jumba groaned and walked out of their bedroom. He was wearing a regular white button-up shirt with a pair of khakis. Nothing too fancy.

"Ready?" Pleakley asked and flipped his hair.

"Yes.. yes," Jumba sighed.

Pleakley gently wrapped his arm around Jumba's and began to head towards the front door.

Jumba looked down at Pleakley's dress. He'd never seen it before. "You look very nice, Pleakley. Is that new?"

"Yes! Finally! Someone noticed… And you don't look too bad yourself!" Pleakley exclaimed and poked him teasingly.

But just as they were about to leave, Lilo strutted into the living room, holding some small, thin boxes in her arms. "Hey! Where are you guys going…?"

Pleakley let go of Jumba and turned around. "Um… We're, uh.. Going to run some errands! Yep! Errands. Right Jumba?"

"No? I thought we were-"

Pleakley elbowed him hard and gave a nervous chuckle.


Lilo tilted her head and squinted her eyes. "If you guys are getting groceries… Why do you look so… fancy?"

Pleakley twirled his hair around his finger, trying to think of a good answer. He couldn't. He sighed. "Lilo, we're going to go see a movie."

"But it's game night!" Lilo argued.

"Yes, well-"

"I mean, I guess we could go watch a movie instead," Lilo interrupted," What movie are we-"

Jumba shushed Lilo before she could continue. "Little girl, you are not going to movie. You are staying home with 626, bigger girl, and her boyfriend-who-is-not-her-boyfriend."

"Huh..? Why not!" Lilo demanded.

"Adult stuff. Wouldn't understand." Jumba said bluntly.

Lilo huffed and threw the board games on the floor. "Whatever. I didn't want to go anyway! Just get out of here! Enjoy your lame movie!" Lilo shouted and pushed them out. Slamming the door hard.

Pleakley looked back at the door and sighed dramatically.

Jumba patted Pleakley's back. "Do not worry. Little Earth girl will be fine."