Jumba walked tiredly through the front door and flopped down onto the couch. Pleakley sat down next to him quietly. Lilo just stood in the living room, feeling pretty awkward. Nani, soon after, came running through the back door, talking on the phone.

"Yes, David! I have looked everywhere for her!" Nani exclaimed frantically. "I have no idea where she went!"

Nani ran into the living room, saw Lilo, and groaned. "David, I'll call you back…" Nani hung up and walked up to Lilo. "Where were you! I thought you wanted to do game night! I looked everywhere for you!" Then she looked over to Jumba and Pleakley. "And you two-!"

"No! Do not involve us! We were supposed to go on date, but nooooo. Get disrupted by little girl and 626, asking many, many questions."

"'What're you doing here? I thought Pleakley and Jumba were going to movie? Hmm?'" Jumba continued, impersonating Lilo. "Not our turn to watch her tonight."

Lilo threw her hands up into the air. "We were chasing after an experiment! Flame! He went into town and started burning stuff!"

"Who?" Jumba asked.

"Flame! You know! 518!"

"You couldn't have waited until tomorrow, Lilo?" Nani sighed and shook her head.

"Of course not! We almost had him, right Stitch?"

"Ih!" Sitch nodded.

"So… Why'd you come into the restaurant then?" Pleakley chimed in.

Lilo looked to the floor and fidgeted quietly. Her bangs hanging over her eyes. Everyone was staring at her, waiting for an answer.


She looked up to her sister with glossy eyes. Nani went to console her, but Lilo ran out of the living room and into the backyard. Stitch chased after her.

"Lilo!" Nani called. Nani groaned and rubbed her temple.

"What just happened?" Pleakley asked, quite confused.

"I don't even know…" Nani muttered and walked off into the kitchen.

Jumba stood up and patted himself off. "Pleakley come. We must talk to the little Earth girl."

"Isn't that her sister's job?" Pleakley whispered under his breath.

Jumba frowned and crossed his arms at Pleakley. "This is not about her. Is about us."

Pleakley groaned and stood up. "Fine! Fine."

Lilo was sitting in the hammock, quietly singing to herself. She combed her tiny fingers through Scrump's few strands of hair. Stitch was sitting on the other side of the hammock. He had fallen asleep while listening to her sweet song; It was quite relaxing.

Pleakley walked up the stairs and stood next to Lilo. Lilo turned away from him and continued what she was doing, all while ignoring him. Pleakley sighed and stroked her hair, braiding it gently.

"Lilo, come on. Why are you so upset with us?"

Jumba went to the other side, where Lilo was facing. He leaned down so he could be eye level with her.


Lilo covered her face with Scrump. "Go away.."

"Sorry. Under Galactic Law, we're legally obligated to stay here until you tell us what's wrong. Special orders." Pleakley exclaimed with a small smile.

Lilo shot up from where she was sitting. "You made that up! That's not a thing"

Pleakley gasped dramatically and put a hand over his heart. Jumba chuckled at his strange antics.

"Is little girl calling Pleakley a liar?"

Lilo giggled. "No… Well, maybe."

Pleakley leaned down next to her. "Alright, but seriously. What's the matter? Why were you so upset that Jumba and I went out?"

Lilo furrowed her brows. "It's not that you guys went out… It's just weird not having you guys around! You guys have been spending a lot of time away from us! And besides, I thought you guys were too old to have play-dates.. You don't even need to have a play-date! You guys see each other all the time."

Pleakley and Jumba looked up at each other, and then they looked back down at Lilo.

"Lilo, I think you're a little confu-"

Lilo quickly slapped a hand over Pleakley's mouth. She stared into the forest silently. A tiny orange speck of color appeared through the thick vegetation.

"Sitch! Stitch wake up! It's Flame.." Lilo hissed and shook her friend awake.

Stitch jumped up and listened out for the creature.

"Well, where is it?" Pleakley asked.

"Naga nota."

"626 says he doesn't know." Jumba whispered.

"Chi meetoh!" Stitch growled and ran off into the forest. Lilo, Pleakley, and Jumba followed close behind him.