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The wind whipped Sesshomarus hair as he flew. To say he was annoyed, was putting it lightly. He had gotten a message from his father two days ago to hurry back to the castle, that it was important. If it was so important, then why didn't he just give the details in the message. Making him come all the way home...it was absurd. He saw the castle come into view off in the distance, and he slowed his pace down. He could have made the journey in less than a day if he wanted. But Sesshomaru was never in a hurry, so three days it was. Guards bowed low to him as he landed at the gates.

"Welcome home, Lord Sesshomaru. Your father has been awaiting your arrival."

"Hnn. This had better be important."

Sesshomaru strode past them, and walked through the gates. It had been a little over a year since he had last been home, but nothing seems to have changed at all. The same servants greeted him as he walked past, same guards bowing to him, and the same, irritating smell of human. Izayoi. Sesshomaru frowned as her scent was still strong within the castle. Truth be told, that human was the reason he hadn't been home in so long. Taking a human as a bride, it was shameful, but bringing her to a demons castle to live, now that was unacceptable. What was his father thinking. Speaking of his father. Sesshomaru took a quick sniff of the air, and quickly located his father. Taking large, quick strides, he made his way in that direction. The faster he finds him, the faster he hears this, important news, and the faster he can leave. He turned the corner, and he saw them, his father and Izayoi. They were talking to the leader of the guard. Once Toga noticed Sesshomaru approaching, he dismissed the guard, and turned to his son as he came to a stop in front of them.

"Sesshomaru! My Son, it is good to see you after so long. Have you been well?"

"Well enough father. Why did you call me here. What, prey tell, was so important?"

Toga only smiled at him. He turned to his bride, placing his arm around her shoulder. Sesshomaru let his gaze slide over to her, did the news pertain to them somehow? Why would he care about that? Toga then slightly bent down, and took a bundle of blankets that the human was holding, gently into his arms. A blanket? It was then that a new scent hit him, one that he didn't know how he had missed before. Toga, now holding the bundle of blankets close to him, turned to Sesshomaru, and walked over to him. It couldn't be... Standing front in front of him now, Toga, slowing uncovered part of the blanket, and there, nestled snuggly inside, was an infant. Sesshomaru was at a loss for words as he stared at the baby. It had silver hair like them, but atop its head were a pair of dog ears. The infant squirmed a bit, and its eyes slowly opened. Big, round, golden eyes. All he could do was stare at the little bundle in the blankets. What was there even to say? Toga shifted closer, and extended his arms out.

"His name in Inuyasha. Do you want to hold him?"

That snapped Sesshomaru out of it real quick. His face shifted into that of a vicious snarl, and he backed away. Toga immediately held Inuyasha close to him, bringing his other arm over the infant as if to shield him.

"Why would I ever want to touch such an abomination? Was this what you call me here for? To show me that you've had yourself a Hanyo?"

"Do not call him an abomination! I simply though you would like to know that your a big brother now."

"I do not think I could care less. I refuse to acknowledge that I would share blood with...that!"

"Well now, that's just too bad, because you two do share blood."

Sesshomaru glared at his father, shot a glare over to Izayoi, then to the infant, and then he scoffed and turned his head away. He turned and began to leave.

"If this is all you wanted to show me, then we are done here. I will take my leave now."

"You are not going anywhere."

Sesshomaru froze, his fathers tone had gone from gentle to authoritative. There was no disobeying that tone of voice, unless you want a world of hurt. Sesshomaru slowly turned back around to face his father.

"What more could you possibly want me to see, father. I wish to leave."

"And you can leave, soon enough."

"What else could you want of me?"

"There is a meeting that Izayoi and I must attended, today actually. I was going to arrange for a nurse to watch Inuyasha. But I see now that you would benefit greatly from spending time with your little brother."


"Sesshomaru yes. While we are away on our meeting with the other generals, you will babysit Inuyasha."

With that Toga took another step forward, and thrust the infant into Sesshomarus arms. He could only stand there in shock and horror as his father adjusted his arms so he was holding him correctly, and then took a step back to appreciate his work.

"Toga dear, we shouldn't make him doing something he doesn't want to do."

"For once I am in agreeance with the human. Father I will not-"

But Sesshomaru paused once he saw the look in his fathers eyes. Still kind and gentle, but they had the gleam of an Alpha, who had just given strict orders. There would be no arguing with him this time.

"I will have Kashiro show you to the nursery. We should not be more than a few hours hours. There is a nanny who can assist in changing him when he needs it, and a wet nurse on standby should he need to be fed. You will watch him with your life Sesshomaru. If any harm befalls him while he is in your care, so help me I will..."

His fathers eyes darkened into a glare, and Sesshomaru felt himself shrink back under his gaze.

"I hope I have made myself clear."

Togas gaze held down on him strong, and Sesshomaru could do nothing but submit to it. He broke eye contact, and let his eyes come to stare at the ground.



Togas eyes softened, and he placed his hand on Sesshomarus shoulder.

"Trust me, you will thank me for this later. Hate me all you want right now, but you both will benefit from some brother time."

He gave his sons shoulder a firm pat, and then took Izayois hand, and they both walked past him.

"Kashiro, please show him to the nursery."

"Right away my lord."

A servant bowed low to Sesshomaru as the two left.

"This way Lord Sesshomaru."

Sesshomaru let out a loud sigh, and followed the servant down the halls of the castle. They finally came to a stop in front of a room, and the servant slid it open for Sesshomaru. It was a rather large room, a cabinet in the corner, full of things an infant would need, a pile of pillows off to the side of the room on the floor, and a large wooden crib in the middle of the room. Sesshomaru looked around the room, before letting his gaze fall onto the servant.

"Are you one of the servants hired to care for the infant?"

"I am, Milord."

"Good, here."

Sesshomaru practically dumped the infant into his arms, and turned to leave the room.

"Ah, but Milord, Lord Toga said-"

"Father said I was to watch him, not wait on him hand and foot. You take care of him. I have better things to do with my time."

With that, Sesshomaru left the nursery, and made his way to his old room. He was forbidden to leave the castle by his father, so he'll just have to find a way to entertain himself until his father saw how ridiculous he was being. He slid open the door to his room and looked around, it was still the way he left it. He went to rummage through his things, and found some scrolls on swordplay techniques. Nothing wrong with revising what you already know, besides, it was something to read while he was stuck here. He took the scrolls, sat down on his bed mat, and began to read. He didn't know how much time had passed, but he didn't seem to care. He was in a quite place, reading and relaxing, two of his favorites things to do. He finished the first scroll, and after rolling it back up, he set it aside, and went to grab the second, when a sound reached his ears.

Crying. No, not crying, wailing, from an infant. Of course it wouldn't take long for the creature to start its wailing, he was glad he wasn't close to the wails, it was sure to pierce his ears. He sighed, a servant will take care it it soon, then there will be silence again. He sat there and waited for the cries to stop, and he waited. Still the cries persisted, in fact, they seem to have gotten louder. What the hell were the servants doing? He knew they have to hear him, Sesshomaru himself, was on the other side of the castle, and he still heard it. The wailing continued, and his fathers words echoed in his head. If anything happens to him... God damnit. Sesshomaru tossed the scroll on the ground, and stormed out of his room towards the nursery. God help the servants if he had to calm the infant down himself.

The wails got louder and louder as he approached the nursery, and he frowned. Those wails were sharp and long, almost like they were pained. He felt a twinge in his chest, was the infant hurt? He quickened his pace, not because he was worried for the infant, no, because he was worried what his father would do to him if the infant was indeed hurt. As he approached the door to the nursery, he heard voices talking and laughing from within. Laughing? Sesshomaru grabbed the door, and roughly slid it wide open, and his eyes widened. Standing in the middle of the room, two servants, Kashiro, and a female, stared back at him like startled deer. Kashiro had the infant held in the air above the crib by its leg, as it wailed and thrashed its arms about. The blankets once wrapped around it were scattered all over the floor. Sesshomaru felt anger spike within him, and he let out a low, reverberating growl as his eyes bled red.

"L-Lord Sessho-"

Kashiro never got to finish, as Sesshomaru lunged forward and severed his head from his shoulders, his Mokomoko catching the infant as he fell. The second servant watched in horror as Kashiros head rolled on the floor, and blood sprayed from the body, coating the walls. Sesshomarus head slowly turned to look at her, and as he began to stalk towards her, she backed away from him, her back hitting the wall. In a fit of panic, she made a rush for the door, and as she ran, she suddenly lost all feeling from the waist down, and crashed to the floor. She quickly looked behind her, to see she had been cleaved in two. Sesshomaru standing over her with bloodlust in his eyes. He raised his claws over her, and swiftly brought them down. It was over.

He stared down at their bodies as they bled everywhere. Perhaps he had given them to quick a death for their treachery. But that could no longer be fixed, he brought his attention to the wailing form currently in his moko. He took the infant into his arms, and gave him a quick once over. There didn't appear to be any injuries, and he let out a sigh of relief. The infant continued to wail, his little hands balled into fists. How the hell was he suppose to calm him down? He stared at him as he continued to cry, and an idea came to mind. When Sesshomaru was a child, and he was upset, his father would hold him close, and let his powerful yokai roll over him like a blanket, while he let low growls rumble his chest. He remembers how comforting a feeling it was to him. Even though this child was only a half demon, perhaps it would have the same effect.

Sesshomaru held the infant close to his chest, and began to growl, in a very low tone. He reached his yokai out and encircled him. He stood like that for a couple of moments, and soon, much to his surprise, the wailing began to soften. The crying became low murmurs, until the child became silent. Sesshomaru couldn't believe that worked. He stared down at the infant in his arms, as its eyes slowly opened. He stared up at him, with his big round golden eyes, and Sesshomaru stared back. He was so small, Sesshomaru noticed, and his tiny little ears looked so soft. He moved his hand without realizing it, slowly reaching over the infant. One dangerous, clawed finger gently rubbing a soft, furry ear.

He gasped when a small hand reached out and grabbed hold of his finger. He tried to gently tug it away, but the little creature in his arms held on tight, and began to giggle. He had never heard an infant laugh before, there was something so innocent about it. He felt the hate he held towards the Hanyo just fade away, as the infant continued to laugh, and look up at him with those big eyes of his. A small knock on the door drew his attention away from the child in his arms. The leader of the guard stood at the doorway with two servants by his side.

"Lord Sesshomaru, may I ask what happened?"

"The servants appointed to care for the child meant to do him harm. So I dispatched them."

"I see, I deeply apologize My Lord. I should have come as soon as I heard the infant wailing."

"Hnn, you had no way of knowing."

"Shall I have the room cleaned My Lord?"

Sesshomaru turned to look behind him, he had indeed made quite a bloody mess of the place.

"...Noo. No let the room stay as is. Father appointed Kashiro did he not? Let him see just how lapse his judgment was."

"As you wish My Lord. Who would you appoint as the new care takers?"

Sesshomaru thought for a moment, looking back down to the infant, who was now sucking on his finger. He could not be sure if the rest of the servants were anything like Kashiro, no one else went to check on the wailing except him after all. He walked over to the cabinet and pulled out a clean, red blanket, and proceeded to wrap the infant in it.

"...No one. I will watch him myself. I find that I do not trust anyone my father has hired as of now. I will send for a servant should I require assistance with him."

The guard sputtered as Sesshomaru walked past him and out of the room, making his way back down the hall.

"A-as you wish, My Lord..."

Sesshomaru made his way back to his room, ignoring the looks of shock he received from servants and guards as he passed. He slipped into his room, and retook his seat on his bed. He sat there for a moment, sitting in between numerous scrolls with a baby in his arms. Now what... Perhaps he should have appointed new servants, he doesn't know the first thing about what to even do with a baby. Then again, he didn't trust anyone now, even if his display was warning enough to anyone who dared try to harm the child, he still didn't want to chance it. Not that he cared... No he simply feared his fathers warning. But still, Sesshomaru looked back down to the infant in his arms, who was still smiling and staring up at him. He sighed, and arranged his moko in his lap, and set the baby down in it, before reaching for one of his scrolls. The infant laughed and squealed as it reached up and grabbed the end of the scroll and promptly put it in his mouth.

"No. Don't put that in your...mouth..."

But he sighed again as the baby just looked up at him innocently. He gave a firm tug and pulled the scroll out of the babies mouth and hands. He instantly regretted it as the infant began to cry. Oh shit. Sesshomaru sat there rigid as the baby cried. What the hell does he do now? He looked around his room for an answer, and his eyes landed a small stuffed dog by the corner of his bed. He reached out and grabbed it, and held it out in front of him. This stuffed toy was his favorite when he was a child. Always carrying it around with him, couldn't fall asleep without it. He looked down to the wailing infant, it was worth a shot. He held the toy out in front of the crying baby.

"Here, if you must put something in your mouth, take this, and not my valuable scrolls."

The infant opened his eyes and stared at the toy, but kept crying. Sesshomaru sighed, and started waving the toy around, making it appear to be dancing.

"Here now, stop crying, and take the damn toy."

The wailing didn't stop, but little arms reached out for the dancing toy. Sesshomaru quickly placed the toy in his hands, and the crying stopped almost immediately.

"Siiigh...thank Kami."

The infant giggled as he pulled the toy close, and proceeded to put the ear of the dog in his mouth. Infants are so bipolar... He stared at the baby for a few moments, and once he was sure the baby was content, he wiped the slobber of the end of his scroll, and began to read.

Guards bowed low as Toga and Izayoi landed outside the castle gates. It was late at night, their meeting had lasted longer than expected, and they were very eager to get back home to their baby. The two immediately headed down the halls towards the nursery. As they walked Toga picked up the scent of blood in the air, and he frowned. Had Sesshomaru killed another servant...again? That boy... They rounded a corner and were intercepted by the leader of the guard.

"Lord Toga, Lady Izayoi, welcome back."

"Thank you, I trust all is well."

Toga strode right past him, the nursery just up ahead, as well as the source of the scent of blood.

"A-actually no Milord, not all is well."

This made Toga pause, but Izayoi kept on ahead.

"What do you mean, please explain."

"Well, you see, Its...its Lord Sesshomaru."

"Oh Kami, what did that boy do now?"

A shrill scream pierced the air, and Toga was by his brides side in an instant.

"Dear what's wron-"

His eyes widened as he took in the sight of the nursery. Blood covered one side of the room, sprayed over the walls and pooled on the floor. Two bodies lay among the blood, a headless Kashiro, and Mikasa, one of their wet nurses, was cleaved in two, and her neck shredded. Toga spun to face his guard, who was shrinking back under his gaze.

"What happened!? Where is Inuyasha!?"

"M-Milord, this is Lord Sesshomarus doing, he had said that- Milord!?"

Toga didn't need to hear anything else, and took off like a bullet towards Sesshomarus scent.

Sesshomaru felt his fathers yokai well before the door to his room violently slid open, but it still startled him all the same. Togas eyes were blood red, and his fangs elongated, Sesshomaru felt himself shrink back.

"Sesshomaru you WILL explain yourself this instant!"

Sesshomaru didn't have a chance to even open his mouth before a small mumbling came from his lap, followed shortly by crying. Sesshomaru let out a frustrated sigh.

"I just got him to fall asleep. Thank you, father. Excellent job."

Toga felt his eyes fade back to normal, as he watched Sesshomaru try to coax the little infant in his lap to stop crying, with his childhood stuffed dog toy.

"Come on, you liked this toy right, here, stop crying. This is your fault father..."

Sesshomaru made the toy dance in front of Inuyasha, even tapping him on the head with it a few times, and slowly, Inuyasha stopped crying slightly, and reached out to grab the toy with tears in his eyes.

"Thats right, take the toy and stop crying."

Toga just blinked as he watched the sight in front of him. His anger had all but faded away. Sure he had two dead servants on his hands, but his main worry was Inuyasha, and Inuyasha was perfectly fine. He heard rushed footsteps, and Izayoi was next to him. She breathed out a sigh of relief as she saw Sesshomaru playing with her baby. He was ok. Toga took in a deep breath before he spoke again.

"Sesshomaru. I need you to tell me what happened to those servants."

"Your hushed tones would have been appreciated earlier, father."

"Sesshomaru, I'm serious."

"I gave the Infant-"

"His name is Inuyasha, Sesshomaru."

"Fine... I gave Inuyasha, to Kashiro to look after while I came to my room to read. I shortly after heard him crying and went to investigate. Your trusted Kashiro, along with another servant, were holding Inuyasha upside down by his leg while laughing."

The aura in the room shifted drastically as Togas yokai flared angerly.

"I no longer saw need of them, so I dismissed them...violently."

"Oh, my poor sweetheart."

Izayoi walked over to Sesshomaru, and he picked Inuyasha up and handed him over to his mother. She coddled him and whispered to him as she planted kisses on his forehead.

"You need not worry, he is not injured."

"Thank you, thank you so much."


Izayoi turned to leave and walked out of the room, laughing with her baby, and making jokes about him needing to be changed. Toga and Sesshomaru were now alone. Sesshomaru pretended to ignore his father while he went back to his scrolls.

"Really Sesshomaru...thank you."

"I did what you asked of me, nothing more."

"Uh-Huh, so playing with him was-"

"I did not play with him, I was simply coaxing him to stop crying."

"With your childhood toy."

"Enough of this father..."

Toga gave him a deep laugh, and was by his side quickly, ruffling his hair.

"Father, stop, please."

"When Inuyasha is asleep again, I'll get your doll back for you."

"No, he can have it. He's drooled all over it anyway."

Toga laughed again.

"Im proud of you, you know that."


"I have one more request of you, then you can leave if you want to."

"What would that be, father?"

Sesshomaru watched as Toga gripped the hilt of Tenseiga, a dark smile crossed his face.

"I wish for us to have a nice chat with the servants who mistreated your brother."

"Hnn. I would also like that, I do believe I killed them to quickly."

Sesshomaru stood, and the two demons began to walk down the halls back to the nursery. They walked in silence for a while, until Sesshomaru broke the silence.


"Yes, my son?"

"I have found that being in the presence of the infant is not, completely, a waste of my time. If you would permit it, I would like to linger here at the castle for a while longer."

What Sesshomaru was not expecting, was for his father to practically beam down at him with a huge smile. He wrapped his arm around his sons shoulder and pulled him in close.

"Of course you can Sesshomaru! This is, and always will be your home too. I'm sure Inuyasha would love that as well."

"Please stop hugging me. And its not as if I am going to spend every waking moment around him."

"Uh-huh. Of course not."

"Father I am serious."

But Toga just burst into laugher again, and gave his son a noogie.

"Your going to be a great big brother, Sesshomaru."

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