Chapter 2: Kirby's Introduction to Earth! Part 2

This was not the way Ben envisioned his date would be going. He just thought he'd be spending time riding in bumper cars and snacking on popcorn. Adopting adorable puffballs and fighting robots was definitely not on his itinerary. Still, he was a hero, and did what he could to protect the two innocents that could be caught in the cross-fire.

"Julie, you go take Kirby with you! See if you can get some help! I'll see if I can hold him off!" Ben ordered, shifting from awkward goofball to serious leader, the same one he became when he was involved in fighting the Highbreed.

"What?! Ben! Look at that thing! It could probably squash you in less than a second!" Julie panicked. She appreciated his chivalry, but that seemed completely reckless. This was a massive killing machine; what could a soccer goalie do to counter that?

"Just get out of here! RUN!" he firmly ordered. Gasping at the sharpness in his tone, she scooped the frightened puffball in her arms and ran away. Looking behind him, Ben watched Julie and Kirby run the way Mega Titan was looking. With them out of sight, Ben began to turn the dial on the Omnitrix. Holograms of a swampy humanoid, a mothman, a dinosaur, and a tiny humanoid all appeared. Eventually, Ben found the transformation he wanted: a humanoid manta ray-like creature. Slamming it down, he expected to become Jetray, his Aerophibian transformation. Instead, he found himself in an entirely new form. This was a light orange crab with a massive head, six legs, and a silver/black neck brace with the Omnitrix symbol on it, also helping him hold his copious cranium in place.


Codon Stream Entry: Brainstorm

Species: Cerebrocrustacean

Home World: Encephalonus IV

The fourth of its planets in the solar storm, Encephalonus IV is the fourth planet inhabited by the Cerebrocrustacean race, and consists of tall trees and the creations of its crab-like inhabitants. Filter feeders by nature, the Cerebrocrustacean race is one of the most intelligent races in the galaxy. Their intellect allows them to visualize complex physics equations and chemical formulas, and they can also come up with strategies that take every aspect of environment in a matter of milliseconds. Their brains are so powerful that they actually developed the ability to manipulate electricity, unleashing electric blasts, creating shields, and even manipulating machinery and the nervous systems of other life forms if push comes to shove. Using this, they are capable of telepathically projecting their thoughts to others to converse with others.


"Ugh. I'm not Jetray. I'm a seafood platter! Hmmm. And apparently, one possessed of a highly advanced intellect! Ergo, perhaps I should assign this new life form a more, apropos, nom de guerre," Pondering to himself, the Cerebrocrustacean finally had an answer. "What say? BRAINSTORM!" he declared in a British accent, electricity crackling inside his head. Turning to face Mega Titan, he unleashed a stream of lightning directly into the robot. Not expecting this terrific transformation, Mega Titan took the brunt of the lightning, and collapsed onto the ground, all its rockets deactivating. Skittering towards, Brainstorm readied himself for an attack, crossing his claws in a defensive position. This turned to be a smart move, as a rocket propelled fist soon slammed into him, knocking him back, leading him to dig his legs into the wood. "I see. So perhaps it is fortunate that I used this form, given it seems you don't like lightning. Still, this fight is not over yet!"

Unbeknownst to him, though, two more people were watching the fight, and they were focused right on him.

Magolor's eyes were nothing but blank, white circles and even though you couldn't see Nightmare's face since he was calling on the ship's radio, it was plain as day that shock was etched all over it, indicated by the silence on the other end. They had just seen what they thought was rumors down an intergalactic grape vine. That upstart Azmuth really had made it. A device that allowed one to turn into any sentient life form in the universe.

"D-did that human just do w-what I think h-he did?" Magolor stuttered.

"Yes. He transformed into a Cerebrocrustacean. I should have known that pathetic pond scum would do it. Galvans complete anything they put their minds to. Azmuth did manage to replicate portions of Galaxia with his previous invention," Nightmare stated, remembering how a younger Azmuth invented the powerful Ascalon, inspired by planetary alignment and using ancient blueplints of Galaxia as a basis. He wanted a sword based on Galaxia, but over 900 years ago, it simply vanished, like it never existed.

"Still, should I send some smaller monsters after Kirby? That human might be able to hold off Mega Titan, and maybe even defeat it," Magolor openly wondered.

"Possibly. But don't send something too big. Perhaps a swarm of Flamers to burn that pier to ash will do the trick," Nightmare suggested. Hearing this, Magolor nodded and pressed another button.

Julie couldn't believe what was happening. When she agreed to go on a date with Ben, she was hoping for a simple date on the pier. Now, however, things had descended into absolute chaos. Here she was trying to get out and get help, while in the meanwhile, Ben was probably being pummeled to paltry pieces by that robot. Gasping for breath, she headed inside a bumper car dome, hoping to get some shelter. However, that would prove to not be so useful, as fireballs came down from the sky and smashed straight through the roof. While the fire went out, she saw what was in the fireballs: small red creatures with a spherical body, a single black eyeball, and four knobs on its side. Ten of these odd creatures surrounded them, and they all narrowed their eyes at the human/puffball duo. One of them rose up from the crater it created, and soon, jets of flame came out of each knob, and it hurtled towards the two like a rocket.

"Kirby! Stay close and stay low," Julie shouted as she ducked down, avoiding the living fireball. Kirby let out a startled "POYO!" as she held him close to her chest. However, the monsters were relentless in their assault, and while she kept dodging each time, it was only going to be a matter of time before one would land a hit on her and burn her to ash.

With the constant attacks going on, something in Kirby's mind clicked: an instinct to protect, and a desire to defend. A fire grew in his belly, and he assumed a more determined expression. Running out of Julie's grip, he soon began inhaling a large amount of air, and one Flamer was unlucky enough to get caught in the gust. With the flames dissipating, the Flamer's eye widened as it was sucked into the endless void that was Kirby's tummy. Gulping down the meal, a bizarre transformation occurred, one that left Julie wide-eyed.

Fire Kirby Transformation

Kirby was quickly engulfed in flames, but while he scrambled in pain for a bit, he soon found that the fire was not actually hurting him, and instead gathered at the top of his head, forming literally flaming hair. A golden tiara-like circlet soon covered the area, with a green-flame motif lay in the center and criss-crossing golden attachments came out of each side. Finally, Kirby's skin turned a vivid reddish-pink, and his hands were engulfed in flames.

A flash of bright white light shined in Julie's eyes, and she saw Kirby completely changed. The body shape was there but now, he had flaming hair, a golden tiara, flames on his hands, and reddish-pink skin. A determined expression on his face, he soon enveloped his entire body in fire and dashed towards two of the Flamers, slamming into them and leaving them to explode in a cloud of stars. All eyes in the dome widened. Julie wasn't expecting her friend to be such a warrior, but she then remembered something: it wasn't until she was threatened that this change happened. Perhaps Kirby was more of a protector, not an aggressor. After all, it was these monsters that made the first move, not Kirby.

"POYO!" Kirby vehemently declared. Being the only word he had said, Julie didn't quite get what he said. However, the furious expression on his face and his puffed up cheeks made his intentions clear as day. As four more Flamers ran towards them, he unleashed a massive inferno from his mouth, roasting all four them to ashes. The remaining three wisened up and tried to flee, but Kirby, unwilling to let the creatures that tried to hurt the girl who had been so kind to him, dashed while alit once again. Afterwards, no one could harm the two. With the threat averted, Kirby turned to Julie and gave his all-loving smile.

"Kirby? You- You saved me! Thank you!" Julie gushed. However, while she was glad that now she had a protector, she remembered something else. Or rather, someone else. "BEN!" she realized.

"Now I am most decidedly miffed!" Brainstorm declared as he generated a shield of lightning to protect himself from yet another rocket fist from his robotic opponent. This dance was getting pretty old. Lightning would do a good job against it, but it wasn't doing enough. The damage was clearly being repaired enough from single strikes of lightning, so it was clear more had to be done. Unfortunately, it was difficult for the grounded Cerebrocrustacean to try and reach the robot, as each time he got close, he would simply fly out of range yet again. It certainly didn't help that lugging Brainstorm's big brain made him pretty sluggish. However, help seemed to arrive when a fireball, out of nowhere, tackled the robot, not doing any damage, but sending it reeling backwards, briefly knocking it offline. When the fireball landed on the ground, Brainstorm's jaw would have dropped if it was possible, but such was not the case. The "fireball" was actually Kirby, albeit with reddish skin, a golden tiara, and flaming hair. He also saw Julie running towards him. Panicking, he wasn't sure how he'd be able to explain this.

"Ben!" Julie called out before realizing what she was seeing: a crab with a giant head fighting against the same robot that Ben was holding off against earlier. She blinked a couple of times, making sure that she had not gone crazy in the past few seconds. "What the-! WHAT ARE YOU?!" she screamed in total shock. The crab suddenly turned its attention towards the two of them and she felt herself freeze up.

Brainstorm's eyes widened and in a panic, he stuttered, "J-Julie?! K-Kirby? T-t-t-this isn't what it looks like!" Realizing what he just said, he covered his mouth with his claws.

"Wait! Ben?! Is.. is that you?" Julie asked in confusion. This was what Ben really was? Some kind of electric crab monster? Had her life just become some weird sci-fi flick?

"Look. It's complicated. I can explain after we take care of this infernal automaton," Brainstorm firmly replied.

"You sure it's not -"

"Reactivating. Focusing target on shapeshifter and Star Warrior. Initiate extermination protocol," Mega Titan firmly continued, all its thrusters reactivating.

"It's no good. Each time I fire lightning at it, it manages to repair the damage to its systems. I give it all I can right now, but it just won't stay down!" Brainstorm complained.

"Okay. But maybe that's not what needs to be done. Maybe it needs more power?" Julie suggested.

"I'd probably be able to charge it up, but my electrical abilities are tied to my concentration, and with this robot able to fire constantly, I barely have enough time to be able to charge up a more powerful attack," Brainstorm explained.

"POYO!" Kirby quickly tugged at Julie's leg. Looking at him, Julie saw Kirby point at a dunk booth and had Brainstorm turn his attention to the dunk booth. With that, Brainstorm gave a toothy grin.

"Perfect! Kirby! See if you can get the robot into the water there!" Brainstorm stated. Nodding, Kirby lit himself and rammed into Mega Titan twice. The first time, he slammed him into the booth, stunning it. The second time, he directly dunked into the water of the dunking tank. Seizing the opportunity, Brainstorm unleashed a powerful storm of lightning at the robot, sparks dancing across the water and hydrolyzing it, but simultaneously short circuiting the robot, and the lights soon began to dim.

"Fatal error. Critical damage to main mobility components. Shutting down," Mega Titan replied in a monotone voice, the armor pieces collapsing and fists clattering to the ground. With the danger averted, Brainstorm hit the Omnitrix symbol, turning him back into Ben. Kirby did a similar thing, turning back to normal and releasing a small star.

"Yeah. I guess I owe you an explanation, don't I?" Been sheepishly said, awkwardly putting a hand behind his head.

"You do, yeah. So, you're a monster?" Julie bluntly asked.

"Well. No. I mean, I can turn into a bunch of monsters, so ..." Ben answered. This worried him. The only other girl who he had confessed his secret to, or even crushed on, was Kai Green, and her plan was to tame him as if he was some kind of pet. What would Julie's reaction be? Repulsion? Disgust? Anger at him for lying?

Her reaction was not what he was expecting. In a good way, thankfully. She smiled and simply said, "Cool!"

Ben's jaw dropped. He didn't believe what he heard. "Cool?!" he repeated in shock.

Julie nodded, not dropping her smile. "Cool. Trust me, I get why you'd be nervous about revealing something like that. I know I'd be,"

Kirby seemed to agree with this, and with a smile, he repeated his own catchphrase. "POYO!"

Ben let out a breath he didn't know he was holding, relieved that Julie still accepted him despite his alien powers. However, that happy moment did not last long. Soon, a jet thruster could be heard, and from the empty tank rose the head of the robot. "Head Form activated. Preparing cannon." Soon, out of its had sprouted an old cannon. All eyes widened, with Ben readying the Omnitrix, though it proved unnecessary. Because in the blink of an eye, the robotic head was suddenly sliced in two. In his place stood a creature similar to Kirby in build, albeit with a blue body and covered in silver armor. The most notable thing was its mask that only revealed its yellow eyes, and the blue cape it wore.

"I see Kirby has taken a liking to the two of you," he said (the creature's voice was distinctly masculine, with a Spanish accent added). "Follow me. There is much for us to discuss." Turning his cape into bat-like wings, he flew away, with Ben, Julie, and Kirby following him.

Following the creature, Ben and the others found themselves on a nearby beach, and saw the wreckage a star-like spaceship about the size of one of those toy cars toddlers would drive. Alongside it was a bigger ship, clearly not meant for transport, but enough to hold a party of three. Surveying the wreck were two other creatures, both looking like short statured knights. One wore aqua green armor and the other had a brighter green for its armor color.

"Meta Knight, sir! You found Kirby. But who are these humans?" the aqua-green armored knight asked, his voice having a British accent.

"At ease, Sword Knight. These two humans are the ones who found Kirby, and given that the green one is the wielder of the Omnitrix, I believe they are trustworthy," Meta Knight assured.

"The Omnitrix?! I thought that was nothing more than simple rumors!" the light green knight replied in shock.

"Rumors always have a basis in fact, Blade Knight," Meta Knight firmly stated. "Now, let us cover the Phan Phan in the room. How did you two encounter Kirby?" Meta Knight asked Julie and Ben.

"Well, we were out on a date and we thought we were being followed, and when we did, that was when we met Kirby," Julie answered. "But how do you know so much about Kirby? Ben gave him that name on his, and it's kinda coincidental that the name Ben chose was perfect,"

"Sit down, you two, and let me tell you a story," Meta Knight began, his eyes glowing green. "Good and evil have always been at war for as long as history goes. But one of the most ancient and sinister beings of the universe is none other than Nightmare. An ancient dream being of evil brought into existence thousands of years ago, he desires nothing less than the subjugation of the universe under his rule. To that end, he created a horde of horrible monsters to do his bidding. The robot you fought, Mega Titan, was one of them. Hundreds of planets have been enslaved, and others are ruled by puppet leaders who buy monsters from him to keep their subjects in line. Worse, their funds help further development of more monsters. However, there are always those willing to stand for what is right. To try and fight against the evil of Nightmare, an organization of heroes from across the universe was created. Consisting of the bravest warriors with the strongest of wills and purest of heart, they were known as the Star Warriors. With valor and honor, they worked to make sure that Nightmare could not spread his reign any further. Unfortunately, they were outnumbered 1000 to 1, and despite their best efforts, most of them were wiped out, with Nightmare continuing his conquest of the universe."

"That's awful. Really," Ben stated, his eyes widening. "Given you know so much, I'm guessing you and your friends were the lucky ones who got away?"

"Yes. Lucky. But thankfully, we found a measure of hope. It was prophesied that some time later, a new Star Warrior would be born. One who would be able to finally end Nightmare's intergalactic reign of terror. A Star Warrior by the name of Kirby," Meta Knight continued solemnly, lowering his head.

"Umm. Not to sound rude, but this Kirby? A warrior?" Julie flatly asked, looking at Kirby, who was currently jumping at butterflies.

"Yes. This Kirby. However, Kirby was awoken too early. 200 years too early. He still has a lot of room to mature, and cannot speak fully at this point. He is barely able to think," Meta Knight finished.

"So, for all intents and purposes, the fate of the universe lies in the hands of a baby. Well, I guess it could be worse," Ben deadpanned."Look. I'm kind of dealing with another issue. My grandfather discovered an alien conspiracy that could threaten all life on Earth, and we kinda need allies to stop whatever's going on. So here's what I think. If you can help us out with our alien problem, I don't have a problem helping you with Nightmare."

"I see. I can see that this certainly is more pressing for you, and Kirby could certainly prove a valuable ally. I agree to this, but I want to make an offer of my own. My servants and I will help you, but Kirby will require training, and seeing how I know more about him than you do, I ask that I give him training," Meta Knight offered.

"Ben? I think it's probably best to take the offer. I don't know what's going on entirely, but I think it's best that we let Meta Knight help Kirby," Julie pointed out.

"Yeah. Meta Knight, you got yourself a deal," Ben replied, holding out his hand. Meta Knight, looking at it, turned his cape into wings and flew to the height of Ben's hand, shaking it. 'Again, not how I saw this first date going, but I suppose there are worse ways it could have ended,' Ben thought to himself.

Voice Cast:

Ben Tennyson - Yuri Lowenthal

Julie Yamamoto - Vyvan Pham

Brainstorm - Dee Bradley Baker

Magolor - Clancy Brown

Nightmare - Andrew Rannells

Kirby - Makiko Ohmoto

Mega Titan - Ike Amadi

Meta Knight - Eric Stuart

Sword Knight - Eric Stuart

Blade Knight - Eric Stuart

Author's Note

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With Julie, Kirby, Meta Knight and his apprentices joining Ben's team, the team work to find Gwen's older brother Kenneth, but soon find more than they bargained for when they decide to find out more about the DNAliens and the horrible Highbreed.