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TW: sexual themes but nothing graphic, descriptions of small injury

Disclaimer: I don't own Marvel.

3rd Person P.O.V.

Peter woke up, groaning at several dull pains he felt. It didn't take long to realize one of them was Harley, still inside from earlier. The other was his newly acquired alpha mark, claiming him as Harley's. Peter trilled contently, tapping on the blond's nose.

"Mm... oh. Hey there, darlin'!" Harley smiled, teeth peeking from behind his lips. He lightly brushed his fingers over the dark bruise on Peter's neck, feeling the pattern of scabs that matched exactly to Harley's teeth. "Mmm... so pretty. Mine." Peter blushed, giggling shyly.

"Harls!" He whined, nuzzling into the alpha's chest. "Mmm..." Harley let Peter lay on top of him, hands gliding under his hoodie to massage Peter's back. He frowned at the temperature of the omega's skin, knowing it must've been uncomfortable for him.

"Hey." He grabbed Peter's chin gently, tilting his head up so they were face to face. Peter hummed softly, looking exhausted. "I'm gonna pull out, alright? I think a cool bath might be good for you right now..." Peter just put his head back down on Harley's chest, groaning.

"Mkay..." Harley pulled out, like he said, a bit of cum dribbling out since it wasn't being held in anymore. The blond's nose twitched, and he bit his lip as he stared, knowing he had caused this. Satisfaction swirled around in his head as he thought about what had happened between them earlier.

Harley ran a bath, keeping the water lukewarm in hopes of lowering the temperature Peter almost certainly had. Yes, it was because of his heat, but it would still help a little bit. The omega was still in bed, curled around a pillow that had taken Harley's place. He was still awake, just tired, hot, and a bit... sticky.

His alpha mark ached, the deep purplish-black color on his collarbone even looked painful. Harley had sunk his teeth in deep- which was the whole point- but the thought of having a permanent mark at the base of his neck worried Peter. He was now mated for life, he couldn't have anyone other than Harley. Not that he wanted to, of course, but he couldn't shake the feeling that Harley maybe didn't feel the same.

It was a silly thought, one built up off of years of insecurities and irrational fears. Harley was just one room away, mind full of thoughts of lust and- dare I say- love? He was in this just as deep as Peter was. Yeah, he was an alpha, but he was Peter's alpha now. And Harley was no cheater, he would commit to this relationship.

But Peter didn't know that, and he was worrying about what would happen after his heat ended. Would Harley just up and leave? He barely knew the man, mating might've been a mistake...

"Alright, darlin', I got a bath ready for you." Harley hesitated for a moment before picking Peter up and carrying him to the tub bridal style. The omega hummed, curling into Harley's chest with a soft sigh. He was lowered into the water, the cool temperature soothing his raging heat.


"Feeling better? I thought it might be good, y'know, cause of how hot you ar- how hot your forehead is," Harley corrected, not missing a beat. Peter just nodded, eyes closed peacefully. He sunk into the water, dipping his head under for a moment. His hair was messier than usual, clinging to his skin, water dripping from the soggy strands.

Harley watched over Peter with silent awe. The brunette looked almost godlike, a modern Renaissance painting. With his hot blush standing out against his pale skin, eyes fluttered shut as he let the water put out the fire that was dancing across his surface. Harley sighed, tilting his head with a soft smile. Peter was his.

After Peter got out of the bath, they were both pretty hungry. Harley suggested a frozen pizza, which they agreed on. Peter read the directions, looking up shyly at Harley. The alpha wasn't oblivious, he could feel Peter's eyes on him.

"Got something to say, darlin'?" The blond asked, cocking an eyebrow. Peter was immediately a blushing mess, stumbling over his words.

"Well I... we... maybe-" He sighed, taking a moment to collect himself. "It takes 15 minutes to cook..." Harley smiled with amusement.

"Alright, alright. Quickly." A thought crossed his mind, his smile dropping. "Darlin'?"


"Are your heats usually this intense? This seems... rough, for you, with the temperature and all..." Peter looked down, shrugging.

"Well they aren't exactly fun, usually. But no, they aren't always like this... I think it's because of you, since we- um... since we mated..." He explained awkwardly. The alpha nodded, humming. He walked over to Peter, holding his shoulders gently while shoving his face in Peter's hair, breathing in his sweet aroma. Peter's scent, his mate's scent. The honey-sweet smell was like a drug for Harley, having Peter was like having his fix. He needed the omega, and now.

"Why don't I go help you with that, then?" Harley whispered huskily, voice low and with a slight growl to it. "Hmm?" Peter shivered in the blond's arms, tilting his head back onto Harley's shoulder. Oh, this was going to be good.

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