Are you certain this is wise?

Maybe, maybe not. I don't care.

May I ask why, then?

Boredom. I haven't done something like this in eons. 'Bout time I get some prime entertainment around here.

He is a good–

I think I made my feelings regarding this 'good vs evil' bullshit rather clear, didn't I? I don't care if he comes across as a hero wannabe or a psychopath. As long as he continues being interesting, I'll be satisfied. It's that simple.

Plus, I haven't exactly been generous with this one.

You are referring to his system?


It is filled with errors, weak, and incomplete. So you've deliberately 'half-assed' it? Why?

Because I think I'm beginning to understand why giving random mortals unlimited potential is seen as a terrible idea. They'd either get it into their heads that they're some paragon of virtue and try to defeat me, the ultimate evil, or try to take my place because they see themselves as superior.

And we know what happened to those kinds of idiots.

There are constant mathematical errors and many unnecessarily complicated codes.

And I'll kick your metaphorical ass if you fix them. Don't touch his system until I allow it. He must stay humble and learn to think with his head if he wants to be worthy of the real thing. It can be his tutorial reward, you could say. Fixing and completing the system.

I see.

Let's just hope he doesn't punch above his weight and die like the others.

– Unnamed MC –

Where am I? I can't see anything, nor smell or feel for that matter. There's just darkness stretching endlessly, and it's completely silent too. I can't move a limb or speak, but I'm still oddly calm about this. Maybe It's some kind of dream? The last thing I remember was going to bed… I think.

Now that I think about it, a huge chunk of memories seems to be missing. Either this is a dream or I've been knocked the fuck out for some reason, which happens. I do get into a lot of fights… I think. Maybe.

Is that why I don't remember my name? Maybe due to blunt trauma? I don't know, odd how I can remember a lot of other less important things.

You're asking a lot of questions.

The sudden blue box coming to life in front of me would've made me flinch, but as I said, can't move, so trying to touch or respond was also not an option I can make, so I instead wait for the thing to say something else.

I can hear your thoughts well enough, and to answer your earlier question, you are dead.


Well then… I'm really not sure how to respond to that, though, I'm oddly calm about this. Can you tell me how at least?

Your death was very gruesome. Are you sure you'd like to know?

…I think I'm good. It's not really that important in the grand scheme of things.

So uh, are you God?

Why would you think that?

You just said I was dead, so unless I'm going mad and this is just me being schizophrenic, you're probably some higher deity.

…You'd be correct. I'm not 'God' in the regular sense, but I am a higher dimensional being.

Basically the same thing, then. To me anyway.

…So what now? Am I going to hell? Cuz like, I wasn't exactly the most religious person out there. I mean, I tried to be a good person. I helped people in need and whatnot, so I'd really appreciate it if you just plop me into heaven. Pretty please?

...You know, I thought you would at least show a bit of regret about losing your life.

Eh, these things happen, no use crying about it. I mean, granted, I had a lot of stuff I wanted to do, but overall, I think I'm pretty satisfied. I lived a good life as short as it was. It is what it is, right?

Your mindset regarding your abrupt end is… admirable.

Thanks. I try to not take these things seriously. Granted, it sucks because I didn't get to even finish high school, but as I said, nothing I can do about it.

So what's gonna happen to me?

You will be reincarnated.

…Wait, what? For real?

Yes. You will also be given a system to go along with your new life.

A what?

You are the newest Gamer. Congratulations.

Perks gained

[Gamer's Mind]

Your mind will calm itself down when needed.

You are immune to psychological attacks.

[Gamer's Body]

Your body will behave like that of an RPG character.

Does not regenerate your limbs and you are not immune to scaring.

Skill gained


Gain a bit of information about the target

What… Wait, I recognize these, from that Korean Manhwa. Holy fucking shit, this can't be real.

Do you recognize it? Good, this will make it easier to explain.

Of course, I do! That Manhwa was one of my favorites. I can't fucking believe that death is the best thing that happened to me. I'm going to become a bonafide Isekai Protagonist™

Holy fucking shit, this is the best day of my life!

Now, since a certain someone changed how your system behaves, instead of choosing a class, you'll choose four mastery skills that will grow with you. Two offense, one defense, and one production.

Choose wisely.


Sword Mastery

Dagger Mastery

Martial Art Mastery

Axe Mastery

Spear Mastery

Scythe Mastery

Mace Mastery

Gun Mastery


Fire Mastery

Wind Mastery

Water Mastery

Earth Mastery


Bow Mastery

Crossbow Mastery

Gun Mastery


Light-Armor Mastery

Medium-Armor Mastery

Heavy-Armor Mastery

Shield Mastery







That's a lot of options.

First, I'm obviously choosing swords. I mean, how many legendary swords are out there? Excalibur? Muramasa? Sure, things like spears or bows have reach and range advantages, but those will eventually be moot considering magic.

Mastery Skill gained

[Sword Mastery] (LV 0/100)

Your skill in the sword is that of a novice

Increase sword damage by 1%

Fucking magic.

As basic as the choices are, having the ability to make something out of nothing is insane. It's any guy's dream to be able to shoot fireballs or ice spikes out of their bare hands. For me, I prefer the latter. I want to burn shit up.

Mastery Skill gained

[Fire Magic Mastery] (LV 1/100)

Your skill in fire magic is that of a novice

Increase fire damage by 1%

Skill gained

[Fireball] (LV 1/10)

Throw a fireball that deals 50 fire damage

Costs 25 MP

Armor... in games like Skyrim, I usually take Heavy Armor and play a paladin-like class, but this isn't Skyrim, and I think dodging shit is better than absorbing damage. It'd definitely hurt less.

[Light-Armor Mastery] (LV 1/100)

Your skill in light armor is that of a novice

Increase light-armor effectiveness by 1%

And finally production... I'll admit, all of them are useful on their own. With Engineer, you could make a lot of useful gadgets. Jetpacks, plasma rifles, and probably an Ironman suit, but Alchemists could probably save a lot of lives, and they're much easier to produce.

Enchanter is amazing as well. I could probably make a legendary weapon if I'm skilled enough, same with Blacksmith and Runesmith though...

...I probably should choose Alchemist. I could fix a lot of problems with it. Plus, if I get an inventory, I'll be able to stock up and constantly heal myself when I'm in trouble. Besides the fact that I can help a lot of people with it. Practically curing any disease sounds like a busted power to have.

Also, money.

Lots and lots of money.

[Alchemy] (LV 1/100)

Your skill in alchemy is that of a novice

Increases potion effectiveness by 1%

Finally done. Now choose your race.

[Human] [?]

And the question mark is...?

Who knows. Care to take a risk?

...You know, when I played FGO, I got three five stars in a row once, then quit and sold my account when I got bored. It's weird how I remember that bit so clearly, but I digress. I don't get why people play these games anyway.

[Human/? Hybrid]

A perfect breed between a human and a ?

Your mastery skills gain 10% more EXP

Your ? side gives you double gain in STR and VIT. You start with 50 CHA

Discover your heritage to unlock more of its powers.

See? Easy pull.

And a 50 charisma right off the bat? Nice.

One more thing before you go. You have the option of getting three perks for a single flaw that will haunt you for a long time. Would you like to try it?

Three for one? Generous. Sure, why not.

Perks gained

[Blessing of the Fire God]

Fire spells deal x2 damage and cost 50% less

Fire will bend to your will, as you control what is burned and what is spared

You can change the color of your flames to whatever suits your taste. Purely cosmetic


You have the ability to use the three Haki powers.

[Chaos Conversion]

Receive a progressive boost to your movement speed for each point of mana spent and receive a progressive boost to your physical damage for each point of fire damage done.

0.1% Movement speed boost per mana point spent.

0.1% Physical damage buff per point of fire damage dealt.

Movement speed boost and physical damage buff cap at 200% increase

Dissipates after leaving combat.

Skills gained

[Haki: Armament] (LV 0/10)

Coat your skin in tough armor, strengthening your defense, and increasing your striking power. You are able to his intangible beings with this active

Scales with Willpower

Requires 50 STR for every level

[Haki: Observation] (LV 0/10)

You have a powerful sixth sense, making you aware of attacks before they even happen.

Requires 50 DEX for every level

[Haki: Conquerer's] (LV 1/10)

Impose your will on others, intimidating them to the point of freezing in fear or outright knocking them out.

Scales with Willpower

Requires 50 CHA for every level

Flaw gained

[Battle Manaic]

You can easily lose yourself in battle, risking your own life for a good fight and not being able to distinguish between friend and foe

Out of anything I could've gotten, I get HAKI!? What the fuck is my luck today?! It's literally one of my favorite power systems in fiction. Thank you, God.

You don't seem to be very worried about your flaw.

Ehhhh it doesn't sound too bad. I mean, I can always just end a fight before it gets to that point, no?


So, where am I going? Is it One Piece?

You'll know when you get there. I take it you're ready?

Well, I don't think there's anything left to do here.

She has high hopes for you, so for your own sake, do not disappoint.

Huh? What does that–

My eyes shoot wide open as I gasp. That... wasn't very pleasant. Way too abrupt.

I take a quick glance around the area, thick dark bushes and huge trees surround the place. Slowly getting on my feet, I get a feel of my face, touching my cheeks and nose before running a hand through my hair.

...Yeah, I definitely look different. Too bad there's no mirror around.

...Er, I think I look different? I... can't seem to remember what I look like.

I feel like I should be concerned about that, but then again, I just got reincarnated. It's only natural to get a new face, right? Right.

So, where am I? It's a forest obviously, but what world? Is it a place I know? Hopefully. But the prospect of going on an adventure where I know nothing sounds pretty fun too. I should walk around. Maybe I could find something that will lead me to a nearby town or something.

Let's see... Status?

Name: Reid Astera

Age: 16

Race: Human/? Hybrid

Alignment: Neutral Good

Level: 1 (0%)

HP: 500 [Regens 50 per minute]

MP: 500 [Regens 50 per minute]

AP: 250 [Regens 25 per minute]

STR: 10

VIT: 10

DEX: 10

INT: 10

WIS: 10

CHA: 50

LUK: 10

Points: 0

HP = VITx50 (Hybrid Bonus)

HP Regen = VITx5

MP = INTx50 (Hybrid Bonus)

MP Regen = WISx5

AP = 250 AP per Level

AP Regen = 10% of AP

500 MP at level 1? Damn, my hybrid race is powerful. But what could give me increased STR, VIT, CHA, and extra MP? A vampire? That's the only thing I could think of.

And what's AP? That's the only clue about what world I'm in I have now.

Hey, uh, God, or Game? Can I have a plain sword or something? I don't feel safe here.

Iron Longsword added to Inventory

Oh, uh, thanks? I didn't expect to get anything if I'm being honest.

I take out the weapon and use my first-ever observe.

[Iron Longsword]

Deals 50 + STRx1.2 Physical Damage

Nodding to myself, I keep walking forward, wondering what I'm gonna do once I find civilization. I probably should grind until I'm strong enough and not worry about sleep or food since Gamer's Body didn't really mention either of these things, but I need to at least know what I'm dealing with here. Information is the most vital thing you could get after all.

At the corner of my eye, I spot two red spots glaring at me. I stop my movement to stare it back, gripping my blade tightly. For a silent minute, a black beast leaps at me. I'm barely able to roll out of the way, surprised at how genuinely fast it was.


Young Beowulf

Level: 5

HP: 500/500

This shouldn't be too difficult. I think I can take it.

It snarls and rushes me, but now that I'm ready, I manage to sidestep out of the way. I swing my sword at it, but it tanks the attack and tackles me to the ground. I grunt and stop it from tearing my throat out, lodging the blade inside its throat.

It continues its struggle, quickly overpowering me. However, I act quickly and cast a fireball inside its mouth, knocking it off me and giving me a chance to end it by stabbing it in the head. I exhale, noticing that my AP is down to half its maximum. So AP is Aura, then. Good to know.

+25 EXP

That wasn't anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be. And people are struggling with these things? I mean, considering how weak I am right now.

And as soon as I thought that, two more Beowolves jump out and attack me. I evade them by rolling out of their way and shooting a fireball at the first one, knowing that I should keep my distance. I'm at a severe disadvantage in close-quarters.

The second growls and charges, but I side-step and slash its shoulder before throwing another fireball at it. The other one managed to land a hit on me, reducing my Aura by 83 points. I grunt and blast its head with fire, knocking it away to give myself some breathing room.

I drop my sword and focus purely on magic, lobbing fireballs at the approaching Beowolves. My spell keeps leveling up because of that, and I end up dealing a fuckton of damage to them until they eventually get overwhelmed, disintegrating into mist.

+50 EXP

Jesus Christ, magic is insane. I should not be able to take on Grimm this comfortably. I literally just got here.

But RWBY huh? I guess I'm relatively safe then, compared to the really terrifying bullshit out there. I mean, I was kinda worried that I spawned in DC or Marvel.

If that is the case then I can now think about my next course of action.

Obviously, my goal here is to stop Cinder and her goons from destroying Beacon because that's a huge turning point in the story. If stopped, Salem's plans will probably crumble from there, which should give me at least a few more years to prepare. But how do I do that? I don't exactly know when I revived. She could've already destroyed it after all.

But let's say that I'm like a month away from canon. That gives me enough time to get Beacon and stop here from there. It will be difficult, with her half-maiden power, but If I train hard enough, I don't think I'll be having trouble with her. Probably get Qrow's help with her minions too.

...Or, if maybe I was revived even earlier, like a year or something, then I could probably derail all her plans by saving Amber. She would know Cinder's face and Miss Fire Bitch will never set foot on Vale.

New Quest

[In Shining Armor]

Objective: Save Amber from Cinder and her goons

Rewards: 1 Gacha Token, 1000 Credits, 5 Random Stat Crystals, Greatly Increase Reputation with Amber, Increase Reputation with Ozpin's Circle.

Time Limit: 7 Days, 7 Hours, 51 Minutes

A week? Very difficult. Doable though.

Alright, so, get strong enough then find Amber and tail her. Once they attack, ambush them when they least expect it.

But the first thing I should do is find out where I am-

I spot a gravestone, and once I read what's on it, I instantly know my location.

"Summer Rose. Thus I kindly scatter..." I read the gravestone quietly.

In Patch then.

That's... shit, that's bad.

Patch is an island surrounded by water. How the hell am I gonna get to Vale?

I think I should worry about that later. Right now, I'm nowhere near as strong as hunters, and I need to be strong enough so I can handle Cinder and those two morons.

And hopefully, I don't run into Ruby or Yang. Why? Well, easy.

Meeting Ruby/Yang = them telling Qrow about me = might get him interested = most likely meeting Ozpin when I don't want to yet.

It's probably my paranoia speaking, but I really don't want to get dragged into his circle when I'm still not strong enough to defend myself.

Well, I think I overstayed my welcome here. I should go now.

With one last glance at Summer's grave, I go back to the forest.

– A day Later –

Name: Reid Astera

Age: 16

Race: Human/? Hybrid

Alignment: Neutral Good

Level: 15 (61%)

HP: 2000 [Regens 200 per minute]

MP: 1250 [Regens 125 per minute]

AP: 3750 [Regens 375 per minute]

STR: 40

VIT: 40

DEX: 25

INT: 25

WIS: 25

CHA: 65

LUK: 25

Points: 70

Okay, so, I learned a lot of things in the past 24 hours. First, when I level up, I get one stat point in all stats, but because of my hybrid race bonus, I get two in STR and VIT. I also get 5 extra points wherever I want, so I think those ones are if I want to focus on a fighting style. I'll be balanced of course, but I'll keep them for now.

Second, I don't get a perk once a stat reaches the 50 mark. I don't when I'll be getting a perk if even I do, but I hope it's soon.

Third, my theory was right. I don't need to sleep, eat, or drink. I kept killing and fighting every Grimm I saw non-stop. That is useful to have.

And finally, the Grimm.

I duck under a Beowulf's swipe and slice its arm off, then blast it with fire, incinerating it completely.

10 EXP

There are not many powerful Grimm here. All of their levels range from 2 to 10. Why don't I have ID create or something?

Very unbalanced.

The sudden blue box appearing in front of me nearly gave me a heart attack as I flinch. What the fuck? You're still here?

Yes. I'm overseeing your progress.

Right, well, since you're here, can you give me some advice? I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do to level up so fast. There are any dungeons or somesuch I can grind in?

Yes. You must find them first. Once you do, you must kill anything in close vicinity to the dungeon. That will give beings the chance to drop the key.

Is that so? How many dungeons are there?

There are currently 565 dungeons throughout the world, with 71 in Vale and 2 in Patch.

That doesn't seem like a lot. Unless you're telling me that Remnant is smaller than Earth?

It is not. They are roughly the same size.

Hmm... Well, no point in thinking that far ahead. I'm sure I'll find one eventually.

Now that I leveled up my Sword Mastery and Fire Mastery to 10 each, I think I should focus on Alchemy now. There is a chance that I fail, and if I do, then healing potions could help Amber stabilize.

I already gathered a lot of stuff. Flowers, wild berries, tree leaves, and other plants. I just need Alchemy tools.

Can I get some?

…Very well.

Basic Mortar and Pestle added to inventory

Glass Vial added to inventory x10

Basic Mortar and Pestle

You can make first Tier potions with this.

Thank you.

Now, let's try adding a few of this with a bit of that, mix them together, and...

... ... ...

Nothing is happening.

Mix your Mana with it.


Vial of Poison - Tier 1

Coat it on your weapon to deal + 20 Poison Damage for 5 hits

So it takes a bit of mana too? That makes it hard to replicate then. Let's try it again, but mix other things.

Health Potion - Tier 1

Heals 2% of your max health

Alchemy leveled up

Only two percent? Well, I guess I could understand. I'm still a beginner after all.

Hold on, I have an idea.

What if I use the same ingredients... but mix them with Aura too?

Aura Potion - Tier 1

Heals 2% of your Max Aura

It worked!

If I sell this then... oh fuck yeah, I'm gonna be rich. Selling something others can't replicate is a sure way of getting easy money. I'll probably get Ozpin's attention but who cares? He can't drag me to his side once I grow powerful enough.

All I need is a bit of time...

I spent the rest of the day using all of my vials for potions and leveling up some more. I'm currently level 20, which means I can use Armament, and I made 1 Mana potion, 5 Health ones, and 1 Aura pot. My alchemy is level 4, while Fire and Sword Masteries are 13 each.

A quick glance at my quest tells me that I only have 5 days until Amber is attacked. I don't have enough time...

I need to get out of Patch and search for Amber. I know she's in Vale, but I don't know where exactly. Finding her in five days will be difficult but I can do it.

I already found the town, so that problem is out of the way. I just need money for the fee to Vale. From there, I could travel around the continent. Call it a hunch, but I don't think Amber was attacked far away from the city, so I should start my search from there.

And how am I gonna earn money? Well...

"Come and try out my magical medicine! A small Vial can heal a cut to your skin instantly!"

Making myself a makeshift stall out of cardboard boxes was kinda annoying, but I did manage to sell two HP vials for now, and that got me 400 Liens. Too much? Not really, a Dollar is 100 Lien apparently. And a fee requires 500.

I think people gave this try because of my CHA stat. I know this is just gonna attract a lot of attention I don't want, but it's technically the safest thing to do right now. How am I gonna get money otherwise? I need to get to Vale soon, and I can't afford to get a regular job or steal.

And I'm not gonna beg. This is literally the best way I could go about getting money.

By the way, I look hot. Like holy hell, this is not normal. Granted, my hair is white for some reason, but considering where I am, I think that's pretty normal. At least it kinda works well with my deep blue eyes.

Aside from that, I still look attractive as fuck, which helps in selling stuff from what I noticed.

"You sir!" I point at a random man. He looks at me and points to himself in askance. "Yes, you! Would you like to try this magical medicine? It's only 200 Liens!"

"I-I don't know-"

"Please, I insist!" I press on. "I promise you it's 100% legit!"

He grimaces while looking between my grinning face and the vial. He takes a few seconds before sighing. "Fine."

"Excellent choice my good sir!"

Charisma stat for the win.

"Thank you, come again!"

And that is enough for a ride.

But I stayed for a while more, selling the rest of my health potions and getting an extra 600 Lien. It should be enough for now, since I don't exactly need food or sleep. If I need any more I could just buy more vials and make more potions.

I probably shouldn't sell my shit here very close to Ozpin and Qrow, but the moment they get here, I'll be gone. Besides, I think Qrow would be close to Amber since he managed to catch up to her in the show before Cinder took all of her maiden magic.

Next stop? The city of Vale.

Or back to the forest.

The docks close at 8 apparently. Kinda inconvenient, but I can finish the quest in four days. Hopefully. I'll spend the rest of the night killing Grimm and leveling up. I still doubt I'm even a match for Cinder, but I'll at least be able to stall them until Qrow arrives.

I'm sure it'll be fine.

– Ruby Rose –

"Hey, mom." She greeted, a sad smile on her face. "It's been a while, but training with dad has been hectic lately. I think he's getting Yang ready for Beacon and dragging me into it."

"Sorry I don't visit you as much. It must be lonely here, huh?" Ruby's smile dropped, replaced with a frown. "...We miss you."

A few seconds of silence passed before Ruby shook her head. She didn't come here to be sad. She had to at least tell her mother something positive.

"My dad told me that you got to Beacon a year early." Ruby changed the subject. "How cool is that? I wish I could be like you. You must've been an amazing huntress."

So why did you leave us? Was left unsaid.

Ruby shook her head. "I-"

It was then that she heard the howl of a Beowulf.


She looked to her left, where the voice came from and a hand slowly gripped her weapon. That was strange. Beowolves don't just howl at midnight. They never howl unless they were in a fight, and last she checked, people don't just wander here at this hour.

Another howl, but this one was cut short abruptly.

Ruby narrowed her eyes and ran to investigate what was going on, skillfully evading whatever was in her way while using her Semblance. She stopped to see a ball of fire hitting a Beowulf and incinerating it.

She turned her head to the source of the attack and spotted a handsome man dodging the Grimm coming from behind him and killing it with a stab to the head.

"That's the last of them..." He muttered. "If that's all of the Grimm here I'm gonna be seriously pissed."

What? Ruby blinked. Is he looking for Grimm to kill? Is he a huntsman?

There weren't any reports that this place was infested with strong Grimm, so it didn't make sense for him to be here. Plus, he seemed weirdly unequipped. He just has a basic sword and that fire semblance of his.

He didn't seem like an official huntsman to her, so Ruby backed away slowly, remembering Yang's words about not hanging around weirdos. Home was close by anyway. No need to-


Darn it!

He whipped his head to where she was and his left hand burst into fire. He smirked. "Guess there's still a few here."

"W-wait! I'm a human! A human!"

She got out of the bushes and flailed her arms around in panic. The boy widened his eyes, the flames in his hand sizzling out.

Ruby let out a sigh of relief that was close.

"What are you doing here?" She asked, after regaining her composure.

"Killing Grimm." He responded like it was the most obvious thing ever. "What are you doing here?"

"I-I was hearing Beowolves and I thought someone was being attacked." She flinched slightly as he stepped forward.

"I see." He frowned. "Didn't have to be stalking me, though."

"I-I didn't mean to. I'm sorry."

"It's fine, I'm just messing with you." He waved it off. "I've been simply getting rid of Grimm too close to the edge of the forest. Pretty annoying but it works up a sweat, so there's that."

"At midnight?"

He smirked. "It's more challenging this way."

She could... kinda understand what he means. Maybe.

Still very dangerous.

"By the way," He started. "Could I interest you in some special medicine?"

Aaaaand that's her cue to leave.

"Wait, hold on!" He stopped her. "It's 100% legit! I promise."

"My dad told me not to talk to strangers. Bye."

"Look, I know it sounds very suspicious but I swear there's nothing weird about it." He insisted.

She stopped and regarded him with narrowed eyes. "What's this medicine you're talking about?"

"Glad you asked!" He grinned widely and pulled out a small vial with a golden liquid inside. "This little thing here once gulped up, will regenerate a small percentage of your Aura. And it is completely harmless."

He gave it to her and she inspected it. He continued. "And no, they don't taste bad."

She looked between him and the vial repeatedly. He doesn't seem to be lying, and if what he's saying is true then…

Well, either way, she can give it to her uncle or dad to see if it's legit or not. If it isn't, then she'd have helped in catching a criminal.

"I don't have any money on me."

"That's fine." He assured her. "You can have this one for free, but I want you to promise me to visit my store once it's open. Fair?"

– Reid Astera –

Ruby looks a bit conflicted.

Aw, she's so adorable. I definitely didn't want to meet either her or Yang at this time, but looking at her face makes it almost worth the risks.


She doesn't exactly trust me, but my charisma is making this a bit easier for me, getting her to at least give me the benefit of the doubt.

"Okay." She agrees, pocketing the Aura potion in her pocket.

"Thank you! I promise you won't regret it."

"Right..." She says. "I'll be going back home now. Take care."

"Hope to see you again!" I say my goodbye as she leaves the forest.

Nice, now I got a customer that will possibly tell her future team about me.

Besides, Ruby will be in a team with Weiss, and Weiss will probably give my place a try.

Making connections currently is a smart move. SDC won't see me as a threat for a long time, and getting Weiss on my side will protect me from anything bad coming from them.

In the meantime, I'll stick with grinding.