I'm convinced that there is something out to get me, or at the very least, hate everything I stand for. Here I am, out of a dungeon after slaughtering my own race and people, thrown into an emergency quest to save my girlfriend's dad, bringing two girls on a mission they're not qualified for whatsoever, fighting another Titan so soon after the last one I killed, embarrassed myself in front of Vale's top hunter, and now having to deal with this stupid fucking bitch.

I sigh deeply, rubbing the bridge of my nose as I stare at the bedridden Raven. I don't really feel like doing anything. I just want to go back home and take a nap at least. Feels like I haven't slept for years.

One might argue and say "Oh but Reid! You have miracle medicine in your hands! WhY WoN't YoU JuSt HeAl HeR?!"

Because aside from her physical injuries, I've never seen a damaged soul before. This isn't something a potion can fix quickly. I'm not even sure how to heal her as she is now, assuming we can.

Name: Raven Branwen

Title: Menace of Anima

Age: 42

Race: Human

Level: 141

HP: 1150 [Weakened = 200]

MP: 250,000 [Broken Flow = 125,000]

AP: 27,500 [Fractured Soul = 20,625]

STR: 175 [Weakened = 51]

VIT: 123 [Weakened = 31]

DEX: 191 [Weakened = 66]

INT: 94

WIS: 73

CHA: 56

LUK: 50

The hell is a Fractured Soul? Broken Flow? What's the difference? Look, the culprit is obvious even if it kinda doesn't make sense, but how do I get rid of these debuffs? They're probably permanent, so waiting for them to go 'poof' won't happen.

This is obviously the work of Salem, or Cinder to be more precise. After I got rid of them when protecting Amber – who I haven't seen for a while now that I think about it – Cinder and her minions went up and vanished. I didn't care as much before since I thought they ran back to Salem to lick their wounds and come up with a new plan, but I didn't expect them to return to fast.

Their next attempt being at Mistral made sense. Lionheart is a traitor, after all, so he'll obviously try to stay quiet about them. What didn't make sense is how Cinder got the Maiden's Magic.

This isn't a young Maiden like Amber. We're talking about an ex-accomplished Huntress with years of experience under her belt, not to mention her skill in using said magic. And she isn't alone either, she has a whole bandit tribe behind her. Cinder, Emerald, and Mercury don't stand a chance against the Branwen Tribe, especially seen how Cinder never got a part of Amber's magic.

Cinder had backup, that's obvious, but what kind of backup is this? How did this ally of Cinder do this? How did they push Raven enough to injure her severely, take a part of the Maiden's power, and force her to teleport to Qrow of all people?

Great. This is fantastic. Another stupid fucking mystery and another possible enemy I know nothing about. Can the universe stop kicking me in the balls for a few minutes? Pretty please?

"Are you certain there is nothing you can do?" Ozpin, who was standing beside me asks. "I've admittedly never seen anything like this, so I do not know myself. Is there some kind of a potion that heals one's spirit or soul?"

"As I said, this sort of thing is outside my area of expertise." I shake my head. "The closest thing I can make is Restore Aura potions, but they don't fix souls. They just refill your empty Aura reserves."

You know, at the very least, her case doesn't seem as severe as Amber's in canon. She's breathing fine and is in a stable condition. I don't know when or if she'll regain consciousness, but she's currently safe. At least I have that going for me.

So no weird machine that messes with souls needed. She just needs to rest in a comfortable place.

My glance turns to Qrow, who was leaning against the wall with a grim look on his face. There are many conflicted feelings I can sense within him. I'm not sure what they translate to, but worry was the most prominent emotion, even if it wasn't directed to her specifically, so I try to say something that might ease his mind.

"Nonetheless, fixing her soul shouldn't be impossible," I say. "It won't be my priority for now because frankly, there's a lot of shit I need to do first, but as long as she's kept safe, I should be able to heal her once I have enough free time."

Why am I not saving her now? Because she isn't a priority. Practically nobody cares about her except for Yang. Qrow cares about her probably because of Yang. I know this because I can't feel a speck of love towards her, only anger and contempt.

This case isn't like Taiyang's. He's an important figure in the family while Raven isn't, not to mention this isn't an emergency either. She is stable. Will probably live through it if what Observe showed means anything.

That did the trick, however, as Qrow relaxes a bit, giving me a silent nod of appreciation. Ozpin also feels relieved and addresses me with a smile. "That is good enough. Thank you, Reid."

"Just make sure no one is able to get her." I sigh. "Hide her in the most guarded place you can think of. Salem might try and get to her, so we'll have to be ready if she attacks."

"Of course. Raven will be kept within Beacon along with Amber." He nods. "Salem will have to think twice before trying to assault the academy."

"I'm not sure keeping two Maidens in the same place a good idea, but you're the boss." I shrug. "Speaking of Maidens; how's Amber doing? Haven't seen her in a while."

"She's here in Beacon, protected-"

"Grounded." Qrow quips in amusement.

"-Protected from possible assassins." Ozpin clears his throat, throwing a disapproving glance at the smirking hunter. "She's been curious about you, however. She told me to ask how you've been doing."

"I'm good," I answer truthfully… not, then head towards the door. "Send her my regards, will you?"

"Of course." Ozpin nods.

I nod back and leave, rolling my shoulders until they make a satisfying 'pop'. I have a few hours until my second meeting with Oz regarding the reward. I can use them to make actual progress on the Revolutionary Step quest. I've been putting it off for far too long now.

Once these things are distributed, the Grimm and Salem will suffer a huge blow. They'll regret this.

I'll make sure of it.


The door closed behind the Titan Slayer as he left the room, leaving the two alone with the unconscious Raven. Qrow glanced back at her, a frown adorning his features as he thought about what happened earlier.

Right after Raven collapsed on him, he noticed how feverish and weak she looked. The battle wounds were obvious enough, but her breathing was heavy and her face was beet red. The sight sobered him up enough to use his magic senses, and he noticed something very wrong happened to her. Her magic specifically.

Guess Reid wasn't lying about her being the Spring Maiden. There was doubt, but that settled it.

He was thankful that the kid returned to the bar they were in, as he immediately healed his injuries with one of his potions, but even he was shocked at this turn of events. For his future knowledge, he clearly did not expect this to ever happen.

He quickly collected himself and the two headed towards Beacon to drop her off there. The potion at least managed to make her condition stable, but it's unlikely that she'll wake up any time soon.

Qrow personally did not care in the slightest. Sure, he's worried that the Maiden's powers might fall into Salem's hands, and with Lionheart being a possible traitor, then the Relic of Knowledge will be as good as theirs, but he held no love for his sister. Not one bit.

If her tribe was attacked and destroyed, then she got what she fucking deserved. She keeps preaching about tribe this or tribe that, but never really realized that said tribe never cared about her. They'll betray one another at the drop of a hat, the Branwen Tribe be damned.

He's eternally grateful that Tai and Summer managed to pull him away from that destructive and worthless dunghill she calls a family. Raven remained stubborn, and he might've understood why she left, but not when she abandoned Yang. That was the last straw for him.

With the possibility that the bandits are destroyed, Qrow felt a morbid feeling of pure gratification. She has no one to return to now- her "family" has been annihilated, and the only people who can help her or at least give her shelter are him and the rest of Ozpin's circle.

The only reason why he's worried about her well-being?


His niece still had unfinished business with her birth mother. They'll most likely never get along, especially with Raven's beliefs of "The strong lives and the weak dies", but Yang deserves closure. She is still looking for Raven to this very day. He doesn't have the heart to prevent the two from meeting.

Well, he doesn't care what Raven thinks, but that's beside the point.

"I take it you've finished the report?" Ozpin suddenly asked, making the Hunter freeze.

"A-aha...hehe…" Qrow grimaced. "' Bout that…"

Ozpin only sighed wearily. "Of course, how could I expect something different from you."

"H-hey look, I've been serving under you for like, two decades now with barely any days off. Cut me some slack." Qrow groaned.

"Have you at least learned something new?" His boss asked.

The Branwen was about to reply in negative before he paused, his brows furrowing as his expression turned serious. "Hey Oz, this might sound a little out of nowhere, but can you cancel the meeting tomorrow?"

Ozpin frowned. "That does sound a little strange. Why?"

"Look, I just noticed it like an hour ago, but the kid is…" Qrow stopped mid-sentence, thinking how to word his words. "The kid is affected by all of this."

"...I'm not quite sure I follow."

"The whole thing about him being a worldwide hero?" Qrow turned his gaze back to Ozpin. "That stuff really messed with his head, Oz. Reid is internally destroying himself because of his failures, and with everything piling up on his shoulders? The kid might break because of it."

"...I see." Ozpin nods but remained steadfast. "However, we can't simply ignore an achievement such as this. Two Titans were slain in a single generation, Qrow. The world must hear about this. Imagine the sheer raise in morale this will hold."

"And you're willing to get a sixteen years old kid to suffer for it?" He narrowed his eyes, "Someone who kept saving our asses over and over without asking for anything in return?"

"…" Ozpin gazed at the window of the room silently, then responded a minute later. "The need of many outweighs the need of one."

Qrow stopped, blinking before squinting his eyes. The way he said it was… weird, almost as if he practiced saying it.

Like a...

The Huntsman shook his head. "Look, Ozpin, I'm not saying don't announce it. I'm just saying you need to let the kid relax for a bit. We've known him for like, what, a month? He literally came out of nowhere and did the impossible in the short time frame we've known him."

Ozpin remained quiet.

"I get it, it's insane to think about. Reid didn't just destroy two Titans, he also created Potions. Actual revolutionary supplies that'll turn this shadow war upside down. We might actually win this soon."

"You understand, then?" Ozpin turned to him with a firm frown, but Qrow noticed the hesitance in his voice. "You realize just how valuable this announcement must be?"

"I do, but look at it from his perspective." He tried to explain. "A teenage boy sticking himself in a shadow war only less than a dozen of people know about, his magical talents makes him targeted by the big bad, he destroys what people consider unbeatable, and now the whole world looks up to him as a hero."

"Your point bein-"

"He starts a one-man crusade against slavers in Vale and possibly the entire underworld, gets an S-Rank mission dropped on his lap, drags two huntresses-in-training with him, kills yet another unbeatable monster, and now he's beating himself over it even after successfully completing the mission." Qrow cut him off. "The kid is sixteen, Ozpin. He's a fucking teenager. Do you realize just how stressed he must be? He barely gave himself a break throughout the time he was here."

"Then what do you suggest?" Ozpin's eyes narrowed.

"Time." He responded. "Give the kid some time, Oz. A few months- let him settle down first, then we can tell the world about the news."

A few silent minutes passed as Ozpin gazed back at the window, contemplating Qrow's plea. In the end, the headmaster is the one who calls the shots. His request can be simply refused and Reid will have to suffer even more.

While Qrow can understand Ozpin's point of view, he's still against it. Sure, saving thousands, possibly millions of people is far more important than saving one person, but Reid already did so much for them. Qrow owed the kid his life for what he did against Fenrir.

Risked his own life to save someone he barely knew, then risked his life again to try and save someone he never even met. Both times were against a Titan.

Qrow is too grateful to let the kid suffer like this.

After a deep, weary sigh, Ozpin thankfully relented. "Very well. We'll keep it under wraps for now. Satisfied?"

Qrow nodded, a relaxed smile taking over his face. "Very. Thanks, Oz. I knew you'd see it my way."

"I'll send a message to Reid telling him that the meeting is canceled." He said. "But I expect a detailed report of what happened in the forest soon. Are we clear?"

Qrow chuckled as headed towards the door. "Yeah, yeah. Grumpy old wizard…"

Well, at least there will be less chaos for a few days. Reid gets to finish his work and relax, and Qrow…

...He still has a few days off, doesn't he? What should he do? Aside from visiting his Sworn Brother, that is.

Eh, he'll figure it out later. All he wants now is a comfy, warm bed to lie on.


After going back home, I immediately went down to the basement, then spent more than twelve hours constantly making Golems. Potion Golems to be more specific. I thought that it's about time I finish the quest, and doing so early will be more beneficial because we'll just stack up on millions worth of potions once the Vytal Festival hits.

Ozpin canceled the meeting for whatever reason, saying he has a few important things to deal with first. Don't really care, but I find it a bit sad that the announcement will be delayed too. People should know about this soon. It could save lives.

So I monotonously worked on it, finishing up the first and second main objectives as well as the first bonus one. One hundred HP Golems, one hundred AP Golems, and fifty Golems of each stat excluding LUK and CHA. That's four hundred and fifty Golems in total.

After that, I quickly made huge crate and barrel-shaped Golems to fill them up with the magical liquid. I thankfully had enough Credits from the recent quest to open up another room from the experimentation one that leads to the newly made storage area. It's the biggest room yet. There are hundreds and hundreds of barrels and crates inside the room, most of them not filled yet, but the process is quick enough.

If my calculations are correct, then this storage area should hold around 3,250,000 Potions. Yes, it's that huge, but shockingly, nowhere near big enough. One Potion Golem produces a single potion every five seconds, so with 450 Golems, I'm literally making 7,776,000 Potions every single day.

I've never really realized how overpowered Golems are until I made the calculations. More than double my storage every single day. By the time the Vytal Festival happens, I'll have more potions than there are people on the planet.

I crouch next to the fountain-like Golem as red liquid flows from it, then give it a poke. And there's also no need for me to add ingredients of any kind. It's all magically produced, but I think the only weakness is me as an individual. If I die, then all the golems I made should collapse.

I glance at the opened book in my hand, reading the passage once more. That's what the magic guide is saying at least. The magic in that dungeon world is very compatible with the magic I'm using from the looks of it. Not sure if it's the exact same yet though.

Thankfully, I won't have to deal with a potion tsunami because I can mentally force the Golems to stop producing. From what the book said, Golems are like an extension of the maker's self, and more intelligent Golems might share the maker's personality and thought process.

Personality makes me assume that I might be able to make sapient Golems in the future, but I have the Homunculus skill if I want to go that route. I'd be lying if I said I'm not interested. Making life in unorthodox ways is… fascinating.

Might be useful to learn soul fuckery soon if I want to go that route. All I know about souls is that they're dangerous and they piss off a lot of gods for whatever reason. Fortunately, the gods fucked off a long time ago and I really doubt they'll come back because I decided to make a soul.

Though, with the Universe's track record regarding how it treats me, I wouldn't rule out the possibility.

"Still need to make twenty-five Unique ones now…" I mutter, standing up before heading towards the experimentation room. "It didn't specify what kind of Unique Potion, so I'll just make it all invisibility."

I shake my head with a sigh. I feel a bit sick of it though. Maybe I should take a break for a few minutes before going back to it, because I also need to expand my storage area. Seeing that I don't have credits to just reality-warp a room, I'm gonna need to make Worker Golems to dig up a place.

So more Golem Making.

"Fucking hell…" I groan, taking a look at my inventory. "Maybe I have something I can use here…"

...Still have that Kit-Kat bar, but I don't feel like eating right now. Or maybe- oh wait, I have Gacha Tokens. Three from the quest, and one from the Titan. Four in total, but I don't think using four Tokens consecutively is wise.

So maybe one for now, and the rest in a dungeon when I go on a leveling spree. Might do that after my date with Ruby.

Also, I have that companion gem item thing. B-rank too, but I don't know if that's amazing or not. Can I get a guide for how they work, Game? Or at least an idea?

Companion Gems are objects that will call upon certain individuals from across the multiverse. The ranks range from F to EX+++, but keep in mind that not everyone will be willing to help you, and might even attack you immediately.

There's a possibility of summoning Evil, Neutral and Good beings. How you deal with them is your call.

EX+++? I thought EX meant infinite or endless? So what's the point of adding a plus? Whatever, probably just there to look nice anyway. Not sure what B translates to though- Should I be expecting Mountain busters or less?

I think I can destroy a mountain if I used every single buff and every point of my MP on a single attack, but that's about it.

I'll… use this after I fully prepare. That means potions, Golems, every buff I can think of, and enchanting all my equipment with the strongest enchantments I know. Immediately blitz whatever I summoned if it's dangerous.

And hey, I might get a great deal of experience out of it, so maybe it won't be that bad.

I take out the Token from my inventory, hesitating for a bit before snapping it in half.

Perk gained

Woah, a new perk?! I can get perks from this- well, I got a flaw before, so this makes sense. Ooh, I wonder what it is~?

[Sodium Knowledge]

You will never get salt and sugar mixed up.

"Hahhhh…" I let out a deep sigh as I rub the bridge of my nose. "I really used all of my Gacha Luck on Goldbrand, didn't I?"

I don't even need this stupid perk. I already know the difference between smelling the two. How's this gonna fucking help me?

Goddamn it.

Suddenly, my scroll starts to vibrate, prompting me to quickly take it out. The message from Ruby telling me she's close by made my eyebrows shoot up. I quickly look at the time, making me rub the back of my neck

"Jesus, 8 PM?" I mumble. "How long have I been doing this?"

I shake my head and send the book in my left hand to the inventory, then head straight up to the living room. I'll use the companion gem after I've had my talk with the sisters. I don't want to drag them into any more trouble.

I really hope I summon a good dude.

A girl will be the icing on the cake.


Throughout her day, Yang was still in disbelief at what happened in that forest. Never in her life did she expect to go up against an actual Titan and live with no injuries whatsoever. It felt surreal that she's actively breathing, along with the two who fought alongside her.

It was stupid, she thought. Pushing Reid to bring them along was one of the worst decisions she ever made, and he's equally stupid for relenting. She's not blaming him, not wholly. She and Ruby were at fault after all, and the Titan Slayer very obviously had a soft spot for her sister.

It made sense. They are in a relationship, and from what Ruby said about him/acts around him, he seems like very good boyfriend material. Well, aside from the eye candy of course.

Yang frowned, feeling her heart clench uncomfortably at that thought, but ignored it. She's just… worried about Ruby. Sure, he's nice and all, but her sister is still young. Her personal thoughts aren't more important than her sister's happiness.

She's not some middle-schooler to not recognize this feeling. Yang's been in several relationships before, and while none really reached third base, she's still not green when it comes to love. Still, maybe this isn't love and she's simply grateful for what he did. Perhaps her emotions are slightly jumbled from the rollercoster she went through recently.

Besides, there's plenty of fish in the sea.

Her eyes trailed over his exposed muscles under his white tank top, then to his supernatural looks that put most supermodels to shame. Not to mention his vibrant personality and the confident aura he exuded. All of them made him an eleven out of ten in her eyes.

Even if the fish in question is gold-plated in contrast to other normal fish. Rubes scored herself a One in a Million.

Yang's lips quirked upwards in a slight smile. Maybe she should take notes.

Regardless, even with everything that happened, she's very grateful that they all managed to pull through. No causalities – at least, none of the people she knew – and they succeeded in saving her dad. All's well that ends well, right?

"So I'm hoping that you two keep this a secret for now," Reid says. "Magic is a secret for a reason I'm not allowed to say yet, but I trust you two enough to know about it."

Yang admittedly felt touched that he'd trust her with something supposedly big. She doesn't know him as an individual super well yet, so it really meant a lot that he'd put so much trust in her.

"Why aren't you allowed to say why?" Ruby tilted her head at him, still wearing the weird sailor uniform Reid gave her.

"It's… well, I shouldn't to be more accurate." He says with a frown. "I'll tell you about it one day, I promise, but not now. You aren't ready yet."

"Ready?" Yang raised a brow. "I mean, not to brag because I'm still shook, but we just dealt with a Titan, Is there something really worse than that?"

"First, you were not ready to fight a Titan. That was a mistake on my part." Reid deadpanned, making her wince. "Second, yes. Several times."

The way he said it made her feel slightly worried. Reid's obviously not joking from how serious his expression is, and Yang is not in any room to argue. He's stronger than them and knows more, so it's better to just listen.

"Which brings us why I told you two to come here." He said. "Ruby, I've already taken you under my wing, and now I've given you a very, very powerful weapon."

"A… weapon?" Ruby frowned in thought.

"What you're wearing now." He pointed at her clothes. "This isn't any ordinary uniform. You saw what it did, right?"

Ruby blinked, then her face turned deep red as memories rushed back. Yang scowled at Reid, still angry that he had her baby sister dress in something so skimpy. Her innocent and adorable sister wearing that?

She would've punted him through the wall had she not been grateful for what he did.

"Look, I understand you're hesitating to wear it into battle, but do you remember what you felt when you wore it?" He asked. "I mean physically. It should've made you feel much stronger than you really are."

"N-now that you mention it…" She mumbled, her face still red. "I did feel better, and my senses felt sharper. Even the colors looked more… I don't know, colorful?"

"Vibrant?" Yang offered.

"Yeah, that." She nodded. "I just don't like how it makes me half-naked."

"Pft, I do," Reid said bluntly, prompting Yang's scowl to deepen as Ruby whined, hiding her face behind her cloak. "Hey, there's nothing wrong with being attracted to my own girlfriend's body, alright? That's natural."

Yang was about to retort, but then Ruby whispered something under her breath that froze her. "I-if you like it… m-maybe I can wear it for you…"

Okay, what the fuck? Yang thought with a grimace. Really, Rubes? In front of your sis?

If Ruby was willing to do so much, then he either fully seduced her that she's fine with being practically naked not even a month into their relationship, or Ruby doesn't know how relationships work and is jumping the gun.

Probably both.

"But this isn't what we were talking about." Reid shook his head, getting back to the matter at hand. "What I'm trying to say is that I've given you a lot, Ruby, but barely anything for Yang."

"What? No, you've done so much for me." Yang stood up, bringing her hands up in a flustered manner. She'll ignore what happened a few seconds ago if it meant forgetting about it. "If anything, I should give you something as thanks."

"I'm not giving you anything outright." He smirked. "You'll have to work for it this time, and it's gonna be pretty tough, but I'm sure you can handle it. The way you handled yourself in the forest told me enough."

Yang blushed at the praise. Yeah, she's used to being seen as a prodigy, and would usually preen under the compliments with a smug smirk saying "I know", but never under a hero who she now looks up to and admire.

It looked as if it clicked for her sister as her eyes widened. "Wait, are you gonna take Yang as a student too?!"

The blond froze. "Huh?"

"That depends on her." He shrugged. "I have the offer laid out right here. She can simply say no and I won't particularly blame her for it. She still has Beacon to worry about, remember?"

"Oh…" Ruby looked a bit down at that. "Yeah, Beacon is harsh with its grading from what I know."

"Wait, hold on." Yang interrupted. "You mean, training? You want me to train under you?"

"Do you?" Reid questioned, crossing his arms.

Yang blinked a few times. "I mean…"

She really wasn't sure. On one hand, her schedule might be lacking off days, and having fun or messing around might not be an option anymore, but on the other… she might learn how to use magic or at least do the crazy shit he was able to do in the forest.

Ruby said something about them not having magic but didn't say it was impossible to learn it. She'd a lot to shoot fireballs out of her hands. That's like her childhood dream coming true.

Hell, even if it wasn't possible, the sheer strength and speed Reid displayed left her in awe as well as envious. How did he become so strong when he's even younger than her? Unless he was lying about his age, he must've done insane training to get where he is now.

"Can I… learn magic?" Yang asked hesitantly.

"You don't have a core." He pointed out, making her deflate.

Even Ruby looked disappointed, but then Reid spoke up again.

"It's not impossible to form one though." He shrugged, prompting the two to look at him hopefully.

"Really? Can you make me a core then?" Her little sister requested, her silver eyes sparkling in excitement. "Pretty please?"

"Uh, well, we… can't do it right now." He cleared his throat, and Yang thought she saw him panic for a split second. "It's a complicated process. I'll tell you about it later."

"But you can?" Yang grinned.

"Who do you take me for? 'Course I can." He smirked. "So with the promise of magic training on the table, do I sense a yes?"

"Well…" Yang leaned back, gazing at the ceiling. "I'll have to deal with my teammates and explain to them everything, and I really doubt that's gonna be easy… buuuut I think I can make room."

"Does that mean you agree?" Ruby smiled.

"If you'll have me…"

"Then I want you here tomorrow immediately after you're done with Beacon, and if you're taking the day off, then 5 PM," Reid said. "Don't be late, or I might just forget that I offered you this chance."

"Uh, sure." Yang nodded, not expecting this sudden tone shift. "I'll be on time, I promise."

"Hehe, I have a training partner now!" Ruby cheered, then paused before gasping. "Wait, Reid, can Yang watch Dragon Ball with us?!"

"Dragon- what?"

"Oh, oh there's this really cool show about a boy traveling the world," Ruby said. "We're already at episode 40, but we can rewatch it again if you join us. Right?"

"I don't see why not." He shrugged.

"You're gonna love it so much." Her little sister continued hyping it up.


"Well, since we're done here, I have some work to do downstairs," Reid said, standing up. "Make yourselves at home, and send a message if you need anything."

"Can we-"

"Yes, you can watch it if you want." He smiled at Ruby's wide grin. "Have fun you two."

"Bye~" Ruby waved at him. "Good luck on your work!"

Yang gave her sister a quick glance, seeing a happy smile on her face. Knowing Ruby, she should be worried sick about their dad or would try to distract herself. Seeing how happy and carefree is refreshing. She's always been a worrywart when it came to her family.

In all fairness, their father's condition is stable, and Reid assured them that he'll pull through, and seeing how Ruby trusts him with her life, that might've been the case. Yang would usually warn her about trusting a boy so much, but he deserved it.

It says a lot that she didn't get angry or protective when Ruby revealed their relationship for her. She expected to fly off the handle and beat the crap out of him, but she didn't bat an eye.

Instead, she felt jealousy.

She sighed.

At the very least, she can keep an eye on them when they start their training session, and maybe, just maybe, she still has a chance.

Polygamy is legal after all.


I'm not sure what I'm expecting, but throughout my time here, I learned that being safe and prepared is better than the alternative. I went to the lowest floor in my base, the training room then filled it with dozens of Combat Golems of multiple elements. I already ate something too, stacked up on different kinds of potions and even poisons, and enchanted my new armor.

I don't know what B-rank entails. What am I supposed to be expecting? Frankly, I doubt it's something overpowered, because I don't think the Game and whoever else watching me wants to see me breeze through all of the Titans and Salem with an overpowered summon, nor do they want me to die instantly against something I can't beat.

Lots of assumptions, sure, but it's my gut feeling. I have positive REP with the mysterious god and the Game, and the whole forest thing did not lower either of their REP meters, so I don't think they'll decide to kill me so suddenly.

So I think whatever I summon is something or someone I can handle at my level, but again, it's not wrong to prepare. Many of the Ranged Golems are crackling with magical energy, ready for a possible fight.

I take out the gem- a blue-colored emerald that pulsates in my hand. The Game only told me to inject it with my own magic before throwing it. The gem will shatter and a random being will be summoned.

I take a deep breath, clenching my hand as a flow of magic seeps into the gem. It starts to glow bright blue, prompting me to throw it away on an empty spot. I quickly inject myself as every single range Golem aims at the glowing gem.

It shatters, and a sudden bright light envelops us all. I don't even close my eyes as I draw Goldbrand, but when the light died, an unexpected sight took place. It wasn't a monster like I thought, or some armed individual ready to fight.

Instead, it was an injured black-haired man lying on his back, riddled with three bullet wounds. One in his side, one in his leg, and the last in his stomach. His familiar face was beaten up- a black eye, blood seeping from his head, cuts on his face, and busted lips.

As if he got summoned right in the middle of a fight.

I quickly rush towards him, sending my sword back to the inventory as I hold the guy. "Oi, can you hear me?! Get a hold of yourself!"

His brown eyes open slowly as he utters a single word, before completely losing consciousness.


The word- name raised multiple flags, but I had no time to question. I take out an HP syringe and heal him, breathing a sigh of relief as I see his HP go above the double digits.

I give the guy one more glance before grinning.

Hehe, I think my luck is finally coming back to me after the many disappointments I had.

I don't know who I expected to summon, maybe a monster or something that wants to kill me seeing how the Universe had a grudge on me the past few days, but maybe it doesn't hate me anymore.

Never did I expect summoning my favorite Video Game character.

The Dragon of Dojima.

Kazuma Kiryu.

Heyyy new chapter. Hope you enjoy it, even if it felt a little slow.

So the first companion is the best protagonist in fiction (imo), while also being strong enough to handle himself, but not too op in RWBY. Seriously, Kiryu might look like a normal guy, but he's fucking insane. Dude beat shit out of two tigers with his bare hands.

Go play Yakuza, start with 0. You will not regret it.

Anyway, I also started a new gamer fic. Chaotic Evil Saiyan in Naruto. That one is probably gonna be my darkest story yet. Go to my profile and check it out.