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– Weiss –

Steadily opening her eyes, Weiss looked around, still in a somewhat dazed state, realizing she was in a room and not the cave she was sure she was in just seconds ago. Was she dead? No, that couldn't be it. Unless you could feel migraines in the afterlife, she was still alive.

But she didn't recognize the room, and she couldn't feel any of the pain she had been feeling just minutes ago. So she'd been knocked out? That would mean that they'd made it out of there somehow. The last thing she could remember was that big blast, hellish agony, and then darkness.

She was dressed in a white sleeping gown and lying on a comfortable bed, so after taking a moment to clear her head and focus, Weiss put a hand on her face, not feeling anything out of the ordinary. She was sure that that explosion had scarred her, so this must mean potions had saved her life.

Weiss felt herself smile at that. She knew Reid would save her. He had never let her down and never would.

She blinked and stared at the clock on the wall. It was exactly 3:14 AM, surprising her greatly. How long had she been asleep? They'd left for the mines at about 10 AM. The entire battle couldn't have taken more than a few hours.

Weiss sighed. That was disappointing. She was very much glad she was alive, but she'd probably missed a lot when she'd been bedridden like this. Though, where was she right now? Weiss looked around once more. She didn't recognize this room, so she wasn't back at their place of residence in Menagerie.

Weiss froze as she spotted Blake asleep on a chair beside her bed, holding her hand. The SDC heiress didn't know how to react momentarily, as she felt many confusing emotions swirling. She felt at ease that her teammate was okay, happy that she was right there looking after her, but she also felt betrayed after what she had learned about Blake, angry that she'd been lied to.

Reflexively, Weiss forcefully pulled her hand away from Blake, who woke up startled by the sudden movement. Blake blinked a few times to process what had happened before getting up from her seat to lean toward her, looking very relieved.

"You're awake!" She stated. "Are you okay? Do you want me to get you anything?"

"How dare you?" Weiss quietly said in a hurtful tone.

Blake said nothing, her cat ears drooping as she broke her gaze.

"Why are you doing this? What's your goal?" She questioned, but Blake remained quiet. "...Why did you lie to us?"

"I'm sorry."

Weiss stopped. This response should've made her absolutely furious. 'Sorry'? Did she think that 'sorry' was enough to forgive her for all these lies she'd spouted? Weiss knew what betrayal felt like. She knew just how painful being ditched and lied to was, but she'd still trusted Blake. Because she knew that real friendships needed this step. After all, you couldn't be friends with someone you couldn't trust—that was common sense, wasn't it?

That trust was reinforced when Blake revealed that she was a Faunus. Perhaps, in a way, she'd found Weiss to be a bit intimidating considering what family she was from, so while the SDC heiress wouldn't directly admit it to anyone, she felt incredibly delighted when Blake decided to take this big step in their friendship.

It felt real. It was real. It made Weiss feel like she was making actual, lifelong friendships she had always dreamed of, so she expected herself to be enraged after hearing that little apology, had she not been caught off guard at the genuine remorse in Blake's tone of voice.

"I know I shouldn't have lied, Weiss. Not to my teammates. Not to my friends." Blake admitted. "But before you say anything, I just want to explain myself. Please."

Weiss paused, remembering Reid's words on their date, and decided to wait for the Faunus' explanation.

"Back when I joined the White Fang, the extremist side of it, I was angry." She said. "Blind with rage after what happened to my dad. All I was ever thinking about at the time was revenge on humans and, most importantly, on the SDC."

Weiss clenched her fists tightly, and her frown deepened, but she patiently waited for Blake to finish her point. Ghira was very clearly assassinated; that was true, but there was never solid proof that it was her family or company that did it.

"I was convinced that peace through kindness couldn't be achieved, and that hatred drove me to train every single day of my life, accepting every mission given to me." Blake continued, but it was very clear that she was struggling to speak more and more with every word uttered. "But as the years went by, I… felt less of that hatred. I'd see my own dad in my dreams, begging me to stop. The people I'd harmed, cursing me and asking why I'd do such a thing."

The SDC Heiress remained quiet, her hands relaxing slightly.

"And one mission broke the camel's back." She added, lowering her head. "We were told to raid a cargo train in Forever Fall. By that time, I was already feeling uneasy about my place in the White Fang, and when my partner– when Adam wanted to blow up the entire train, I… ran away.

"I couldn't do it." She muttered with a quiet tone. "I just couldn't. The people on that train, both Faunus and humans, were blameless. They probably had parents, children, and siblings. They had families, too. They didn't deserve to die like that."

Blake was very quickly losing her composure the more she spoke.

"I-it made me finally realize what I'd been doing. This… wasn't the first mission where innocents had been involved." She choked. "I've done terrible things, Weiss. I was responsible for the deaths of so many innocent people, humans and faunus."

Weiss tried—by the gods, she tried to get mad. She was a huntress. She was a peacekeeper and a defender of the weak. The confession of a crime like this was grounds for life imprisonment or execution.

But with how Blake was a trembling mess choking back the tears, how she was only barely containing her sobs, she just… couldn't.

"I didn't know if what we were doing was right anymore. I didn't even know what I was fighting for at that point." She said. "I couldn't… stay there any longer. Everything felt overwhelming—I just couldn't take it anymore."

"...And you came to Beacon," Weiss whispered.

"I-I wanted to atone." She said, wiping away the tears. "I had to. I couldn't let my own father's legacy end up like this. I had to save as many—no, even more lives than I've destroyed."

"Why didn't you tell us, then?" Weiss asked. "What made you think that hiding any of this was a good idea?"

"I didn't know how any of you would react."

"And that makes it okay to lie?" She scowled.

"No, of course not." Blake shook her head.

"Then why?!" Weiss snarled before her teammate got a chance to explain as her blood suddenly started boiling. "How could you do this to us?! Not only that, but you'd run away and abandon Yang and Levi, too?! Do you have any idea how worried they were?!"

In all honesty, she caught herself off guard. This particular response—this acknowledgment of her mistakes—made her feel… No, this wasn't anger. Her strange composure from earlier had disappeared in an instant, and it left Weiss feeling very hurt.

"Weiss, please–"

"Why'd you even come here in the first place?! To continue hiding these things so you can keep pretending we're friends?!" Weiss shouted, not caring how loud she was being right now. "Did you think it wasn't important to tell us something this big, KNOWING what the White Fang did to me?!"

"I-I'm sorry–"

"'Sorry' isn't enough!" She cut Blake off, making her flinch and lower her head. "I trusted you, Blake. I thought that things were finally starting to look up with you as a teammate and friend. I thought I could finally make a difference. Then you turn around and do this?! Was this how you always felt about us?!"


Her quiet, weak response made the heiress' heart twist painfully.

"Then why?"

"Because I love you."

This was not the response Weiss had expected, and it left her reeling.

"I love all of you." Blake continued. "You, Yang, Levi– everyone. You were the only people I was proud to be friends with. Living proof that my dad was right all along."

With eyes wide open, Weiss didn't know what to say and stayed quiet.

"I know I should've said something before. Hiding things this big from you was never a good thing." She added. "But I was just so scared I'd lose everything I built with you all in Vale."

Blake raised her head to look at her team leader directly. There was only acceptance and conviction in her amber eyes, which, once again, wasn't what Weiss expected at all.

"I've been a complete pushover, Weiss. All these things happened because of my own cowardice and refusal to confront my problems." She said. "They aren't excuses, I know that. But I want to tell you that from now until the day I draw my last breath, I will never run away again, even if it ends up killing me."

After how deceitful she'd been, Weiss had no reason to believe her, and yet she couldn't help but do so.

"If this isn't enough for you—if you don't think you could ever forgive me," Blake looked down, breaking eye contact. "Then that's okay. I understand. At the very least, I just wanted to tell you that."

Could she forgive her? Weiss didn't know. However, Blake seemed genuine. Every word she uttered didn't feel like a lie, but that could also be said about how she acted before this incident. Was this real? Or was it another lie?

Weiss simply looked away as well. She had never felt so conflicted in her life before, and honestly, this made her headache feel so much worse. She didn't know what to say, do, or think after this.

The silence and tension had quickly gotten unbearable for her.

"...Leave me alone," Weiss said quietly. "I need to think."

"Alright." Blake complied without question, getting up from her seat.

Weiss said nothing, hearing the door close behind her.

She wanted to return to sleep even though she had just woken up.

– Blake –

Honestly, she'd expected a way worse reaction than that. Even with Reid's words of encouragement, Blake had braced for a complete rejection from Weiss and was ready to be kicked out of the team. Assuming the team leader had the authority to do that. She didn't know, but it was probably possible if her background was revealed to the Headmaster.

Then again, Blake had a feeling Ozpin already knew that as well.

Still, even if she were kicked out, Blake was still firm in her promise of never running away again. She wouldn't be at Beacon, but she'd keep training with Reid and stay with him in Vale. Hopefully, until Weiss and the rest of her friends forgave her.

That was what she'd expected would happen, but Weiss' tamer response gave her hope that maybe she could earn her forgiveness a lot sooner. Her team leader seemed conflicted and not completely sure about her decision.

Was it because Blake had explained herself properly? Probably not. She didn't think she did a good job, but that part wasn't really easy in the first place. It wasn't supposed to be. Though, she would gladly admit that it felt amazing saying all that she had been bottling up.

All the pressure she'd felt—the painful twinges of guilt in her heart whenever she remembered her position that had become increasingly unbearable for her. Even if Weiss and the team decided to reject her now, facing her problems head-on for once was… freeing.

Still, Blake was lucky that her team leader was gracious enough to actually listen. It was mostly Weiss showing that she did like her and was just as scared about what this could mean for their friendship.

She found it kind of funny. Never in a million years did Blake think she'd ever be this anxious over her relationship with a Schnee of all people. The same family that had been the target of her hate for most of her life.

Even in their first weeks as a team, Blake, while not outright hating the Heiress, found her exceedingly insufferable. Demanding, bitchy, and holier-than-thou stereotypical rich girl. And to an extent, that was true, but Blake was never as shallow as to ignore someone's real qualities because of the front they put on.

Fast forward a few months of training, fighting, and learning together, and Blake couldn't help but value Weiss as an amazing friend with a heart of gold. She could still remember the shock she'd felt when Weiss said she was going to legally start selling Dust to Menagerie, indirectly proving her father right. That was certainly something she'd never thought would happen so soon, if at all.

At the end of the day, Jacques was the one controlling the SDC, and Weiss was its heiress. He could just take away her rights to inherit the company whenever he felt like it, even with Reid's support. That would cause a lot of trouble for him, but, well, Jacques was never actually bright, was he? He definitely never sounded or looked smart. He dyed his hair to look like a Schnee and ended up looking like a moron. He wasn't fooling anyone with that.

But she digressed. Might as well tell Reid that she'd woken up. He would probably like a word with her, and it would do her good if she saw him.

Blake rubbed her eyes as she left Weiss alone in her room, checking the time on her scroll before grimacing. She sent him a message anyway, leaving her mother's villa through the front door. She could see the main plaza bustling with activity, hearing the loud music still playing.

She very much doubted that Reid was done partying. He seemed into the idea of playing around until he passed out, and she also doubted he'd notice her message, so Blake felt like she needed to find him. That sounded like a pain, but she didn't have anything else to do.

At least the cool breeze was nice. Menagerie was always so much better at night.

On her way to where the party took place, Blake looked at her arm and once again activated her Haki, feeling so very curious. Just what was this? Reid said it was the manifestation of one's Willpower, but how did that even work?

Unlike Aura, which was derived from souls, an actual, metaphysical component of every living being, or magic that came from mana, which was apparently a real source of power, Willpower was a purely intangible concept. Drawing strength from it was frankly absurd.

Just how did Reid figure this out? Or even come up with the idea in the first place? It still felt unreal, even though she was staring at the proof right before her.

Regardless, Blake probably needed to practice with it. It was really easy to activate now that she'd gotten the hang of it, but she once saw Reid use it to cover his entire body. That was probably on an entirely different level. Plus, there was that 'Observation' type that made him see the future.

Her arm turned back into its original color as she arrived at the plaza, looking around for that giant of a man. There were several stalls surrounding the center, which was the 'party floor' from the looks of it. Some sold food, others potions for some reason, and most were outside bars.

To no one's surprise, considering how big this party was, people were still dancing to the rhythm of the music, nobody was sober, and few were unconscious. This was, of course, not a vibe she would enjoy, as she preferred peace and quiet. Blake's ears were already hurting from how loud everything was. She didn't understand how anyone was able to handle it– most Faunus here had extra sets of ears too.

Reid wasn't exactly easy to miss, but for some reason, she didn't find him anywhere. Had he gone back early? She paused as she saw his bodyguard slumped over at one of the outside bars, deciding to approach him.

"Hey, Kiryu, right?" She put a hand on his shoulder. No response. "You there? Hello?"

As she got closer, she realized that he was out cold.

"Don't bother, he's not waking up for a few hours at least." The bartender said, cleaning one of his mugs. "He's been drinking nonstop alongside the Titan Slayer."

Blake wasn't sure what to think. Sure, Reid didn't need protection from others, but drinking on the job sounded a bit… irresponsible.

"Oh, don't look at him that way." The bartender chuckled. "He was fine with just water, but his boss ordered him to drink together. No one can exactly say no when the most powerful Titan Slayer in history demands it."

"I guess that's fair." She couldn't argue with that, honestly.

"Take a seat." He offered. "I'm guessing you only just got here?"

"How did you know?"

"You're sober."

Good point.

"So?" He gestured at the stool.

"Sorry, I'm in a bit of a hurry." She declined.

"Ah, I see. Though, not to make you feel bad, but you've missed out on a lot." He said. "Beyond his strength, Sir Astera is a true party animal. I've never seen anything like it."

…That made her kind of curious.

"How so?"

"Well, to start, he chugged an entire barrel of beer." He answered. "And if you found that dancing golem impressive, then wow, that man is on a completely different level."

Dancing Golem? She blinked. Did I miss something?

No, that's not important. If Reid really did drink a whole barrel of alcohol, then she probably needed to find him before he did anything stupid. She knew he could drink, but that much?

"Do you know where he is now?" She asked.

"Well, I think he said something about a dance-off with the Grimm outside?" The bartender responded, unsure. "Sounds hilarious, I know, but he was completely shit-faced."

Well, shit.

"What direction?"

"There." He pointed west. "The High Leader went with him, so you don't have to worry too much."

"Right, thanks."

Blake rushed toward wherever Reid was, jumping over the wall. She wasn't particularly worried about him because, drunk or not, he was still Reid. But bringing him back to the main city would probably be a good idea. She didn't think he'd appreciate waking up in the middle of nowhere when he still had responsibilities to take care of here.

As the sound of music got softer and softer, Blake focused on her hearing. Being a Faunus made the night not a problem at all, but the outside was still a jungle. Trees, bushes, and whatever other plants blocked the view. She'd probably find him faster with her ears. Any battle noises would likely lead her to Reid.

Though, that wouldn't be very easy if there was nothing to fight.

Blake paused, then climbed the tallest tree in view, closing her eyes in concentration. Eventually, she heard something, but she quickly realized that it wasn't Reid as it was similar to the buzzing of a fly that was approaching her rapidly.

Blake barely avoided the stinger of a Grimm Hornet by jumping away, trying to take out Gambol Shroud, only to remember that she had lost it in the mine. She clicked her tongue in annoyance, grabbing onto a branch of another tree.

The Grimm didn't look particularly powerful, so she didn't think she needed her weapon. In fact, perhaps this was a good time to test how strong this Haki was.

As the massive, black hornet tried to stab her again, Blake effortlessly avoided it, and with a single swing of her blackened arm, the insect was cleaved in half, surprising the Faunus greatly. She… didn't expect that.

"Amazing…" Blake muttered quietly and looked at her arm in shock as the disintegrating Grimm parts fell to the ground.

Reid wasn't kidding. If she, a mere beginner, was able to do this, then maybe being able to fight off Titans individually was a real possibility. But she could think about that later. Right now, she needed to find her mentor.

As she continued her search, leaping from tree to tree, Blake finally found a lead. It was unmistakably Sienna's voice. She got closer and closer, falling to the ground once she heard a… moan?

From behind the leaves, Blake's confused frown dropped, and she almost wished she couldn't see this. It was Reid, visibly intoxicated, pinning Sienna, who was as drunk as he was, to a tree and fucking her senseless.

Blake covered her mouth with both hands, downright shocked that this was happening. It's not like she didn't expect this from Reid. She knew how high his libido was, but Sienna? The High Leader of the White Fang?

"Is this all the strongest in history could do?" She chuckled, smirking and glaring at Reid in lust. "I'm disappointed."

This very obviously struck a nerve as he glowered at her teasing.

"Don't get too ahead of yourself." He growled, lifting her right leg to give himself easier access as he began pounding away. "I'm not stopping until you end up limping."

She flinched as she heard Sienna groan in pleasure at the intensified pace, kissing Blake's mentor without a care in the world. Granted, she was very obviously drunk, but this was…

"Don't threaten me with a good time, darling~ Ah~!" She purred, still smug even though she was moaning. "Mhm~ That's much better~"

Blake was very glad they did this far away from the city for everyone's sake. But still, She didn't ever think she'd stumble upon them doing something like this, and she would be the first to admit to having somewhat of a dirty mind.

She felt a sort of jealousy and annoyance as she slowly regained her composure. And before her, too? What was this bullshit? Sienna barely even knew him, and she was already fucking Reid before Blake.

Damn it, Blake already suffered a lot. The number of times she'd either heard or seen Reid having sex with Ruby and Yang would drive anyone her age mad, and now this happened? Honestly, she felt offended.

Blake tore her gaze away from the scene, knowing the more she looked and heard, the angrier and hornier she was going to get. Mad or not, it wasn't right to stalk people like this, so she should probably leave now.

Deep down, though, Blake decided that she was going to get his dick next. She could understand Ruby, Yang, and even Weiss and Velvet getting a turn before her, but fucking Sienna? That crossed the line.

Being ignored like this was not fair.

As she was about to go back, she stopped as she remembered something.

Wait, what if Reid finished inside her? Would he be fine with giving Sienna magic? Because giving it to someone of her stature would make it harder to hide magic from the public, which was what he was trying to do, right? At least for now.

…Ah, what the hell. Whether drunk or not, Blake knew that Reid was responsible enough not to do something that stupid. Because aside from the magic stuff, she very much doubted he wanted to impregnate Sienna. That would probably cause a lot of trouble. Maybe tank his reputation quite more than simply giving Menagerie dust and potions could fix.

Maybe. Honestly, she didn't know enough about politics to make informed guesses. And frankly, Blake didn't want to get involved with them fucking like utter animals. Pun unintended.

…She needed a drink.

– Reid –

I wake up with a gasp, cold sweat dripping from my brow, sitting upright fresh out of a nightmare plaguing me every time I try to nap. I grimace and rub my eyes, sighing deeply in annoyance and relief. This is why I fucking hate to sleep.

Besides the wasted time, of course. I could've been clearing some dungeons or something, maybe making some drilling and mining golems to clean up the mess I made back there at the mine. I don't need to sleep, after all.

So it's weird that I feel kind of tired.

As I register my surroundings, I realize that I'm not inside my comfy home next to Velvet or Weiss, but outside. In the jungles beyond the main city's walls, nowhere near where I'm staying for my duration here.

What the hell? And why am I naked? What happened last night?

The moment I try to focus my Haki to sense anyone I know near me, I freeze, looking down to see Sienna Khan, also naked and barely covered by a blanket, lying next to me. To make matters worse, she's awake, looking at me in confusion.

"Bad dreams?" She asks.


Oh no.

"Y-yeah…" I answer relatively calmly. "What happened last night?"

"You don't remember?" She blinks. "Well, you did drink inhuman amounts of alcohol, so I suppose that should've been obvious."

"How much?"

"I don't know how much exactly, but probably enough to kill several bears." She snorts. "Though, you handled it well. I thought being immune to intoxication was part of your arsenal. Certainly wouldn't be surprising to hear at this point."

Jesus Christ.

"And it… led to this?" I ask hesitantly.

"More or less." She shrugged. "Frankly, I don't remember much of what happened either. Only that we made out and proceeded to go over the walls for some privacy to, well, for the lack of a better word, fuck."

I try not to panic as she says that, especially not in front of her because she looks very calm. She's pretty okay with it even though she barely really knows me, unless she can hide her emotions from Observation Haki, which I highly doubt.

As to why I'm on the verge of losing it here…

Name: Sienna Khan

Title: High Leader

Age: 25

Race: Faunus (Tiger)

Level: 106

HP: 990

MP: 2,200

AP: 20,200

STR: 189

VIT: 124

DEX: 200

INT: 118

WIS: 98

CHA: 198

LUK: 10

"That, however, is something I doubt I'd ever forget." She says with a sultry tone, getting up to my face. Naturally, I'm drawn to her breasts, trying my hardest to stay miserable instead of horny. "Seems you're talented in more ways than one~"

I gave her fucking magic. God fucking damn it. What have I done? Why couldn't it have been Blake or something? For fuck's sake.

"It's uh, a little unfortunate that I can't remember," I say, trying to find a way to get out of this mess. "Anyway, I should probably go back now. I don't want my friends to worry about me."

"Worry about the Titan Slayer?" Sienna raises a brow, looking amused as she touches my chest. "Why would they be?"

Oh, she's horny.

Well, shit. How is she not hungover? She drank, too.

"I say we stay here for a little while longer. Away from everyone else." She pushes me down and whispers into my ears, making me shiver. "And let me remind you what it was like last night. After all, I'm not the one who's so eager for a reminder~ "

She grabs my rock-hard cock and points at her pussy, starting a very one-sided war between the logical side of my brain and the overwhelming arousal I'm feeling. At this point, I don't know if this is a fortunate turn of events or not, but you know what?

Fuck it, might as well enjoy this if she's alright with it. She's hot as hell, willing to fuck, and I like her, so is there really a problem? I mean, I already fucked up by giving her magic anyway, what's this going to change?

"And you're saying I'm eager," I respond by grabbing her waist as she penetrates herself on my dick. "Can't help yourself, can you? Aren't you a little afraid of what other people would think if they saw us?"

"I'm one of the most hated figures in the world already. What makes you think I care?" She replies, shuddering in pleasure but keeping her composure very well. "You think I'd miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance because it might piss off some people?"

Good point. Though, this might not be as rare of an occurrence as she thinks. Now that I've given her magic, I'll have to keep her close to me in case she somehow accesses it. Someone like her would have a hard time hiding magic from others. Unless she miraculously decides to quit being the High Leader of the White Fang.

"Isn't that a little selfish?" I argue. "You might not suffer much in that regard, true, but Titan Slayer or not, this might get me a lot of bad PR."

"If you cared so much, you wouldn't have played along," Sienna says, unfazed. "Or am I wrong?"

She isn't. Something like this wouldn't actually make a dent in my reputation. Sure, some will try to make it seem like I'm a terrorist sympathizer or whatever, but most people and most media outlets would just spin it into something like 'Titan Slayer pacifies the White Fang Leader'. And a headline like that honestly sounds fucking hilarious.

My silence is enough of a response for her as she smirks and starts to bounce on my cock. This incredible pleasure I'm going through right now reminds me that she's the first older woman with actual experience I've had sex with. Ruby, Yang, Weiss, and Vel? All around my age. Sienna is eight years older than me.

And fuck she feels amazing.

I can tell she's equally enjoying this from her moans and groans, easily breaking how physics operates and fitting my entire length inside her like she's used to it. But physics being destroyed never bothered me before, so I enjoy the moment as her warm, velvety insides tighten around my cock.

Powerful waves of bliss and ecstasy make the hairs on my body stand on end, sending shudders of pleasure I've never felt before. But experienced or not, I hate being overwhelmed like this, and I try to pay back this same feeling of euphoria, so I pull her close to my chest and start thrusting back.

This surprises Sienna, who, just a second ago, looked content with her position on top of me, so I silence her shocked yelp with a deep kiss. She reciprocates, whimpering in my mouth once I turn the tables on her.

Although, like me, she refuses to take this without a fight, as she starts scratching my chest and biting me in the neck. She mirrors the rhythm of my pumps and makes this a far more pleasurable experience for both of us. Her whines turn into growls, sending shivers down my spine.

I find all that weirdly sexy for whatever reason.

She eventually starts twitching and trembling uncontrollably, going through her first orgasm. Though, I'm not that far behind as I thrust as hard as I can without hurting her, cumming inside and filling her womb as it pulsates in pleasure.

I let out a satisfied sigh once I'm done shooting ropes, resisting a pained groan as I see her magic increasing in front of my eyes. It's already done; there is no point crying about this. I might as well try to explain it to her later.

Sienna gets off me as she recovers impressively quickly despite her quivering from the aftershock.

"Did that jog your memory?" She asks with a smile, spreading her legs and showing me her leaking pussy. "Or will I have to try a little harder?"

I almost accept her not-so-subtle offer to continue raw-dogging her, but I remind myself that while she's pretty much done most with the crucial stuff and can do whatever the fuck she wants, I still have big responsibilities. Like answering Ozpin's call and reporting what's been happening here. And that I killed another Titan.

Thankfully, post-nut clarity does something useful for once instead of making me feel like shit for no reason and helps me focus on the important stuff, so I shake my head and decline her kind offer.

"Sorry, maybe later," I say, grabbing my clothes as I get up. "You look like you forgot why I came here in the first place."

Sienna blinks a few times before blushing slightly, which is something I don't expect from her.

"I-I suppose you're right." She clears her throat, hiding her privates. "Perhaps I've gotten ahead of myself there. I apologize."

"I don't mind it." I smile at her, putting on my pants.

She made me discover new things about myself.

"Anyway, we probably shouldn't go back together. In case people start asking questions."

"Of course." Sienna nods, standing up. "You go on ahead. I'll see you in a few hours."

And I do just that, leaving the High Leader on her own.

…I should probably take a shower before I meet up with anyone. Fortunately, my house here is directly against the wall, so I should be able to slip in without any Faunus with an enhanced sense of smell getting a whiff of me.

Now, I'm very sure that no one saw us fucking this morning since I kept my Observation up the entire time, but I doubt I did when I was drunk. Even if I did see someone, I literally don't remember anything. I know I had some conversations with Sienna and Kiryu before I got completely shitfaced, but that's about it.

Now, how am I going to explain myself to people? I don't want to lie, but I also don't know how they'll react if I tell them the truth. Thankfully, it's kind of early, so I haven't missed any of the plans we had prepared prior.

I hope they don't ask questions.

I head straight to Kali's villa after my shower as I sense most people I know there, and I haven't seen anyone back in our place. One of the guards opens the door for me as he sees me and bows respectfully.

"Sir." He says.

"Good morning," I respond with a wave. "Anything new?"

"Um…" He looks at his partner, then back at me. "You haven't heard?"

"Heard what?" I blink. "Something happened?"

The guard grins.

"Well, better get in." He says in a mirthful tone. "Wouldn't wanna spoil it for you."

"Now you're making me curious." I chuckle, going inside. "See you around."

The closer I am to my people, the more shock and disbelief I can pick up. What? What's going on? I see them all watching the TV as I enter the living room, but I'm not interested in that as much as I am in this weird atmosphere. The moment I make my presence known, all heads turn toward me. Weiss, Blake, Velvet, Kali, even Kiryu.

"What? What's going on?"

"It's Ruby," Weiss responds simply, pointing at the news on the TV.

I freeze as I read the headline.

'Rise of a second Titan Slayer in the same year?! Angelica, the Harpy Queen, slain by Ruby Rose!'

"I can't believe it," Blake mutters. "Ruby's only fifteen and she's already a Titan Slayer. She's the youngest out of us."

"She's the youngest Titan Slayer. Period." Velvet adds. "I can't imagine how she got out of that alive much less kill a Titan on her own. She just made history."

I would read the headline a few more times to ensure I'm not imagining things, but I don't feel as shocked as everyone else around me. Because I already anticipated that. I knew this was going to happen eventually, especially with Ruby. She's the most talented person out of her friends.

Now, I'm surprised for sure, because while I did expect this, I didn't think it would happen now or even this year. But that feeling is overshadowed by the enormous pride I have in Ruby.

Between the shocked murmurs of everyone else, I grin widely.

That's my Ruby.

"Atta girl."

Don't forget. Pa tre on is 5 whole chapters ahead. I think it's something to be considered if I do say so myself