This story is loosely based on a RPG session in which I as the game master used a small published adventure normally used in DnD 5th Edition Eberron, called Dino World. You can find said adventure on the DMs Guild. We played it with the Genesys rule set. This story was written to some extent before we actually played as a way for me to prepare the game, as well as provide characters to my players. The actual game was somewhat different from this story, but events certainly influenced how I wrote this story. Especially the ending is relatively close. The last three chapters of this document are the character background stories as an added bonus. I hope you enjoy reading the story.

Dino World

"Alright! So you are the ones the Horde had left over for this mission, huh?" the goblin said with a sneer, sitting behind a big desk on an elevated chair resembling a bar stool. He looked in turn at each guest with a frown. Two guards were standing relaxed at his sides, a few strides away. This small room inside the biggest tavern of Booty Bay was crammed full of resplendent decorations, making the humid temperatures even more oppressing.

The goblin wiped away sweat from his forehead. "I am Drip Boomwell, representative of the Steamwheedle Cartel. I'm entrusted with the assignment of making sure the Horde gets back her special agent, missing I may add. And even more important, upholding the integrity of our business ventures abroad."

He picked up a scroll and read aloud, "Gortak, of clan Beastmane, sent with recommendations of the Orgrimmar guard station." He peered over the scroll at the sitting, hunched over, dark skinned orc, who absentmindedly stroked the fur of the tiger next to him.

"Ka'la, representative of Sen'jin Village and mages of the Horde," he said, stumbling over the word "mage" with contempt in his voice. He did not look up. The tall troll woman, with her lithe build and fair bluish skin acknowledged this slight with a clicking noise from her throat.

"And Tilani, Paladin of the Blood Knights… ah well, what to make out of that?" He put the scroll down and peered with narrowed eyes at the tall blond elf. She was standing closest to his desk, looking at him with an intense fervor in her eyes.

"Indeed, send with the highest regards from my matriarch, the Lady Liadrin. I am sure you have heard of her prowess! I have been given the understanding that we are supposed to retrieve an agent of the Kor'kron, missing in action in pursuit of a nefarious being and threat to the Horde?"

Drip peered back at the scroll, pulling up his eyebrow. "You are correct. That nefarious being, and more importantly threat to the interest of the Steamwheedle Cartel, is known by the name of Nalvir Gedry. The agent, Calrin, tracked him to the island of Niplar. The cartel houses a commercial park in cooperation with the local Baron Revilgaz on said island and we won't stand for the destruction of our property."

"Never heard of that island. What does that park of yours store?" A deep rumbling voice emanated from the orc. He stood up and stepped next to the blood elf.

"The park was supposed to produce riches far surpassing any spoils of war. The talks of peace between the Horde and Alliance got our entrepreneurial minds to work and how better to extract coin from the member races of the alliance, than a resort park with lots of fun activities and, wait for it, dinosaurs!" Drip beamed at them, his gaze switching between Gortak and Tilani, eagerly waiting for a reaction that never came.

"I see, as expected, the Horde is not into fun activities, but I guess you have enough dinos on your continent anyway."

"Ey mon, I have ridden a raptor; seeing da fun in dat," Ka'la said, with a shrug.

Drip cleared his throat. "Yes, well, while we had some minor hiccups, I am certain we can make this endeavor a success in the future."

"Good luck in your plans, but frankly, I don't care for tourist attractions. The important part is our mission. So tell us, what we need to know to accomplish it and what we should keep in mind so you and your cartel won't start crying about," Tilani said, pointing a finger at the goblin.

"Yes, yes. You and your precious missions. You can be lucky we allow you to visit the park, free of charge I may add. We spared no expense even to get you there. There is a zeppelin waiting for you. After arriving, you will enter the park, locate the missing agent of yours and get her out. If you are able to verify the whereabouts of Gedry, do so. If possible, get him to leave the island, but-and this is important-do not destroy any park equipment or attractions. Otherwise we will be forced to request recompense."

"You can count on us! We will not fail you. The power of the Blood Knights is with you!" Tilani said, her stature becoming even more rigid than before, standing at attention.

"Well, ehm, splendid. Off you go then, to the zeppelin station. Talk to Glizk there, your captain," Drip said, dismissing them with a wink of his hand.