Troll Mage - Ka'la

I am Ka'la, Mage of the Darkspear, wielder of flame and the arcane and loyal towards a better future within the Horde. Our lives had been harsh, dangerous and in constant battle in our lands of Stranglethorn Vale. My parents kept me safe and immediately took the opportunity to follow Thrall in our exodus to new and better lives for both our people.

The day came, when I had to keep my parents safe instead. Under attack by a ravenous band of murlocs controlled by the Sea Witch, we were separated from our tribe. These filthy, stinking creatures came at us with their gurgling noises and makeshift spears, surrounded us and were about to skewer us. Two bigger and daring murlocs dragged my ma'da away. My fa'da tried to stop them, but was held at bay by the spears. I was crying, still just a child, when something inside me tried to burst out. I didn't know what was happening, but in my confusion, fear and helplessness I surrendered myself to that boiling feeling inside me. In an instant, a circle of excruciatingly hot fire shot outwards from my body. The murlocs in their circle around us began burning, some fell to the ground in blackened heaps, some were forced back, screaming, going down shortly after. The smell of burned fish assaulting my senses.

My ma'da cried out, taking the fire to one side of her body, luckily shielded by one of the murlocs, who took the brunt of the fire to it's back, letting go of my ma'da. My fa'da was close to me and mostly spared by the blaze. With only two injured murlocs remaining, he cut them down quickly with his jagged machete. I saw through my hazed eyes how he dropped his weapon and dashed to my ma'da, picking her up gently. I can still hear his words in my head to this day, I will never forget them.

"Ma Love, ya' alright? Ka'la… saved us." He looked up to me. I felt exhausted, as never before in my life. I fell down to my knees and surrendered to the darkness of calm and stillness. When I awoke, I felt the warmth of my fa'da's body, as he pressed me and my ma'da close to him, carrying us both away from the charred remains of the murlocs. I could see the ashened circle I had carved into the ground, where the fire reached and exploded. My fa'da stepped over it, not daring to touch the hot ground. My ma'da's body was badly burned on her right side and she was unconscious, but alive.

We regrouped with our tribe and the healers cared for my mother. Luckily, a full recovery-supported by our innate regeneration-was possible, except for the burn marks. Some of them remained to this day, unwilling to fade away, standing strong as a reminder to me, what damage I can inflict if I am not careful. While this encounter showed us, where my talents lay, I was hesitant to explore my abilities further. After we got to our new lands, there was lots of work to be done, establishing our foothold in these strange and grim lands. I had nearly pushed the memory to the deepest parts of me, but it was impossible to forget. Back then I didn't understand, but magic takes a toll on you, on your being, your soul. Not using it, missing the coursing through your body, you feel the urge to find it, conjure it up and set it free. I tried to ignore it, day after day, but it wasn't easy. My ma'da always said she was grateful I saved them, allowing us to be here and working towards a better future. But I always thought seeing a slight glimmer of fear in her eyes when she looked at me.

One day, my fa'da came to me.

"Ma little Ka'la, we have to talk. Meself went to dem tribe leaders and dey want to sent ya to Soratha, da magics troll. Der ya learn to control ya Dazdooga," he said quietly, looking determined at me, but with a hint of sadness to his eyes.

"Me thinkin' not wantin' to learn da magics. Don't wanna hurt ya again," I whispered.

"Da best way to not hurt ya people, is to learn to control ya powa. Think of how ya can help ya tribe, the Horde and our leader!"

Everything my parents taught me, showed me and lived in front of me every day instilled the desire to help, to defend our people and bring honor to them. And using magic was the best way for me to accomplish that. That day I decided to overcome my fear and learn. I had to admit whenever I saw Mai'ah in our village, teaching and helping others with her magic, I was intrigued.

I didn't know of Soratha. I assumed he probably was a powerful mage. But I quickly learned, he didn't like me very much, as soon as I arrived at his tent. I was the only girl receiving his teachings then, sharing the instructions with two other trolls I haven't met before. Zin'tulo was his favorite and very capable, quickly implementing Soratha's teachings. I was able to follow suit shortly thereafter, usually. But still, he treated me worse than Shinzare, even though he was a clumsy excuse of a magic wielder at best. He even set the tent on fire multiple times.

Frustrated by his unwarranted treatment I looked for better instructions by Mai'ah, who was glad to teach me. While I don't eschew our heritage I want to help lead it into a better future, with equality within the troll tribes, but also between the members of the Horde. There are ancient relics and symbols of our past supporting it, which I love to wear and adorn my body with. I want to bridge the gaps between the distinctive people, help them understand and fight supporting each other.