The two youngest of the Gilmore girls, one of them going by Huntzberger these days, spent the Friday evening in the media room along with their respective husbands doing something neither of them had done in a while - not by Lorelai Gilmore's standards anyways. The movie was Unicorn Store - colorful, dreamy and with just the right amount of girliness, making Luke grumble at the very idea while Logan observed in amusement the nearly forgotten banter the two women had fallen into. Nearly half of Lorelai's suitcase had been their staples for movie nights - red vines, marshmallows, skittles, chips and chocolate kisses, which made Luke once again wonder why the woman was still alive. She'd also brought some Pinot Grigo, which Lorelai ended up splitting with Logan instead, an interesting development but understandable under the circumstances.

Most of Saturday passed hastily, Rory having slept past noon after a kazillion trips to the bathroom during the night, her uterus already pressing on her bladder. Lorelai dragged Luke off shopping, feeling like their housewarming gift, a personalized shamanic fertility drum, that she'd meant as an innocent joke, seemed irrelevant now.

"Mom, do you mind buzzing the guests, check the camera who it is first," Rory called from the kitchen, where she'd been plating the entrees the caterer had brought over just minutes before.

"Oh-oh, are you sure you'd want me to buzz in a certain Nantucket-residing senior that seems to be carrying a ficus?" Lorelai called from the foyer.

"Yes, you should let grandma in, mom," Rory replied.

"But a living plant? Does the woman not know you?" Lorelai added confusedly.

"I'm sure the housekeeper will manage to keep it alive, it's just one plant - how bad can it be?" Rory said as she wiped her hands off into the towel and walked over to greet her grandmother.

"God, that's not a plant, that's a whole tree!" Rory exclaimed as the 5 feet ficus was shoved through the elevator doors, Emily Gilmore emerging from behind it.

"Rory! How wonderful to see you! You too Lorelai!" Emily said wrapping her arms around Rory in greeting, continuing with Lorelai.

"Grandma, I'm so glad you could come. Please come, would you like something to drink? It's so warm today," she replied politely, continuing to provide Emily with refreshments while Lorelai was left to scoot the ficus over away from the foyer.

One by one the guest began to arrive - Honor and Josh, Paris, Finn, Christopher along with GiGi. Honor and Paris fell right into the uniting topic of their pre-schoolers.

"Wow, it's some place you've got there, kiddo!" Christopher commented, admiring the view, while GiGi had already retreated to the media room to watch some runway show, her teen-age attitude kicking in.

"This must be where they keep all the good genes!" Finn said loudly as he entered, complimenting the women in the room.

The elevator arrived again, Odette, Colin, Robert and Jess stepping out, fashionably 5 minutes late.

"Hi," they greeted almost in unison, stepping into the already chatty room, doors leading to the terrace opened wide to let in the exceptionally warm 64 degree sunny weather hinting at the approaching summer.

"Colin, my love, it's been too long," Finn greeted him theatrically, adding,"and I see you brought our third wheel along, gesturing at Robert," giving them both a hug with a clap on the back, as Logan stepped up to greet them in a similar manner.

Jess continued towards the kitchen hearing Luke's voice, bickering over the definitions of good quality beer having been served one of the craft beers, an imperial stout, that Finn had brought over earlier.

"Rory, the place looks wonderful!" Odette said gallantly, giving her a cheek kiss.

"Thank you, I'm glad you made it," Rory replied.

"God, I envy this terrace! I was just beginning to realize that my garden has actual plants that will need taking care of very soon," she chuckled, continuing forward to greet Honor.

"Was that just who I thought it was?" Lorelai asked Rory in a whisper.

"You mean Odette?" she inquired.

"Yeah, didn't we use to hate her? Why is she here?" Lorelai continued.

"Well a lot has happened since then. She's actually really nice," Rory replied, not emphasizing that in some ways she'd become one of her closest friends.

"Was that just…?" Emily joined her daughter and granddaughter.

"Yes, grandma. She's a friend," Rory noted, trying to explain her presence when Odette continued in her usual familiar affectionate manner to greet Logan and the guys.

"I'd be careful with her," Emily noted sceptically, sipping her Chardonnay.

"Ahem… it… was...a...pretend…wedding," Rory spelled it out for them. She realized that concept was a lot to take in and for the sake of the argument she wouldn't dare to mention that Logan had indeed had a flexible arrangement with Odette prior to their reunion.

Mitchum arrived too, somewhat late, but that was of no real surprise to Logan.

"Well-well, if it isn't Mitchum Huntzberger, it's been a while!" Emily noted in greeting. Their families had never quite reconciled due to what had happened all those years ago, Richard had hated the man's guts until he died. But here he was - defined as family.

"Emily, you look wonderful! And the place - the kids have great taste! I bet your hand was at play with decorating the place," Mitchum tried to compliment her. She'd seen enough of his flattery to not really pay much attention to him and continue onwards to chat with Honor and Paris.

It was an hour into the mingling, champagne drinking and appetizers, when Logan let the sound of a spoon clinking against his glass resonate across the room.

"Welcome everyone. Thank you all for coming!" Logan began, his hand around Rory's lower back, her own hands crossed behind her back, feeling slightly uncomfortable, hanging onto his hand with the fingers of her opposite hand. "As you all know this year has already been quite a year for us - we got married, we moved to our first home together and for all of this we couldn't be happier. We are extremely grateful to have such great friends and family as you guys, who have supported us throughout this journey. But we have one more announcement.

"My god, she's pregnant isn't she?" Emily presumed, having lost her filter. She'd observed Rory the entire evening, not quite being able to put the finger on it. She'd held a glass almost the entire time, but she'd never once seen her glass being topped up by the symbolic Ace of Spades champagne, like the others. It was also her choice of clothes that had tipped her off - Rory had worn a wine red peplum dress and there was no denying, now that she had said it, she had a certain glow to her.

"Mom!" Lorelai huffed at her.

"Well, Emily, you guessed it," Logan replied, proudly.

"We're expecting a baby boy in October," Rory added, smilingly.

"That's wonderful news!" Emily and Mitchum said almost simultaneously.

"That is really great news, you guys!," Christopher added, followed by a round of congratulations from the others.

"May I say a few words," Mitchum began, getting everyone's attention. "I think from everyone in this room I can say that we are more than happy for you guys. It's been years since we've heard the little patter of the Huntzberger, nor the Gilmore or Hayden, feet, for that matter. We all wish you the very best - health, success and happiness!" Mitchum said stepping into his speech mode. Logan was really not surprised by the speech, it was his father alright, always wanting to own the room, but it was rather the content - he'd actually sounded genuine.

Rory's mind wondered as Mitchum continued with a few more jokes - something about the baby knowing how to choose its parents by the size of the penthouse. It was still Mitchum alright.

As Rory glanced around the room, enjoying the joyous faces of everyone she cared about. Her eyes settled on the look on Odette's face - there was a certain serenity about her. She then registred that Odette was leaning against the wall at the back, next to Jess, her fingers gently and discreetly stroking the inside of Jess' palm. That was not the touch of two friends or two people who'd just had a one night stand. Rory smiled even wider, it was good to see them happy.

The party continued into the evening, Colin, Robert and Finn settling in at the far end of the terrace along with a bottle of Macallan, half the time making fun of Logan who they presumed was never allowed on another Life and Death Brigade event again once the baby was born, while Logan threathened to make Finn the babysitter if he did make it.

"Logan," Mitchum pulled him over as he was getting another bottle of wine, some time later, "I wanted to give you this, before I go," he added, handing Logan an envelope.

Inside was the deed of the house in Martha's Vineyard.

"I figured, since Honor has the place in Maine, you deserve one of your own. Take it as a wedding present," he suggested.

"Thank you, dad," Logan said. The gesture, while insignificant when it came to monetary value, neither of them really care of that, but the fact that Mitchum had remembered how much the two had enjoyed visiting the place back when they were first dating, and now he was extending the same courtesy as he had to Honor and Josh. This was no longer just tolerance of his marriage, this was acceptance.

As the guest had left, Emily, Luke and Lorelai retreated to their respective guest rooms, Logan and Rory were left alone. She was exhausted, yet the night had exhilarating and the exitement had made her quite alert. It had been great to see all of their family (minus Shira) and friends together.

"I told you this place was just large enough to fit everybody," Logan smiled smugly, holding her by her hips.

"You did and it was," she agreed.

"There's just one more thing," he began, taking her by her fingers and led up to the roof terrace.

"I also told you we'd make great use of this," he smirked.

"When did you have time to do all this?" she gasped at the dimly lit nook he'd set up, along with string lights, candles, and patio heaters around the two-person lounge seat with a large cosy blanket.

"Well I had a little help," he replied cryptically. "Shall we?" he asked, as if inviting her along to another adventure.

Rory replied with a deep kiss. It was certainly different from the life she'd envisioned for herself just half a year earlier. But here they were - together and living every minute of it.