The beginning of September was an interesting one - Rory, on the last stretch with her pregnancy attempted to attend as many of her classes as she physically could, having asked for homework in advance for the few months after she was due, hoping to keep up. Logan didn't think it was the brightest idea, but he knew better than to argue with her, especially with her current temperament.

Rory gave birth ironically on her birthday, 8th of October, the little perfect boy weighing 6 pounds and 2 ounces, and measuring 20 inches. His hair was blonde like his father's, his eyes blue like hers - they could smell trouble already. The young parents couldn't have been happier. And while struggling in the beginning like most new parents, with their impressive support system they soon began to really enjoy raising him.

He was named after the person without whom Rory wasn't sure she would have had the courage to go to London just before Logan's wedding and in the memory of her grandfather, resulting in Finn Richard Huntzberger, whom they called Finny. Finn didn't know what had hit him, when they announced it, getting actually teary-eyed as a result.

Rory never quite regained the former relationship with her mother, but they had a relationship. Rory had concluded that perhaps the relationship before hadn't been a very healthy one and that wasn't necessarily the aim to which she wanted to return to. Their new found friendship and love was supportive and genuine, while perhaps not all-consuming.

Logan continued to develop the digital solutions department at the HPG and continuing on the board, doing way more than he was really supposed to, but he did it willingly. The benefits of that was that while he still worked a lot, he could do it form anywhere, requiring him very little work-related travel.

As Rory was unwilling to halt her studies for more than she absolutely had to, they'd made elaborate arrangements with both parents staying home part time and getting a nanny to help out. She did her thesis on journalistic texts in educational use, but instead of actually going to work at a high school, which she became licenced for - she ended up working at the very department mapping out the requirements of the publishing business for future skills and knowledge. In a few years that ended up reflecting both in the curriculums at NYU and also in the national curriculums applied at public high schools. It had been more significant that she'd ever imagined, taking the two things that she loved and combining them. She never finished the book, but she didn't take it as a sign of failure - it was a necessary process that had gotten her where she was today.

She did all that while they had two more babies, a few years later, twins girls - Leigh Honor and Emily Lorelai, whom they called Lee and Emma respectively. Blond and blue-eyed like their brother, their kids filled up their apartment soon with laughter, and there was never a lonely moment. The rooftop terrace became Logan's and Rory's private escape late at night, catching a moment to themselves, to remind them how right this was.

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