A long stretch of Nevada highway separated three boys from the city of silver and gold. They biked and biked, but still they were miles away. After some time a glimmer of the city appeared on the horizon. The only one brave enough to wear a beanie in this heat breathed a sigh of relief. "Phewwww, i was beginning to think we wouldn't make it" the shortest of the three with a burnt forehead short a glare in beanie'd direction. "Shut up double D don't you tease me, we've been biking for three days!" the tall one raised a hand to his head in salute and said "ahoyyy captain, we have arrived"

They biked well over the horizon and into the bustling city, as they hit sidewalk they dodged all sorts of scary folk. Ruthless gamblers in full zoot suits, tourists in big hawaiin shirts, women of the night leaning on double D as they went past, who shuddered and tightened his grip on the bike seat. He said "Ed-Ed-Eddyyyy, lets hurry up and find this 'silver and pawn' place before anything bad happens" Ed turned and smiled "relaxx double D, this is the city of opportunity, money is practically falling out of the sky, watch this" Eddy placed one hand out and closed his eyes, just then a man stuck his head out of a third story hotel window above, and spat a phat loogie right into his outstretched arm, splatting! And covering Eddys fingers in Muck. "AEGHHHHGH!" Double D screamed. Eddy squinted his eyes, as if examining this new material, quickly realizing it was in fact just spit. He wiped it on Ed's jacket, who just biked along as if nothing had happened. Eddies expression straightened, and they wordlessly continued along.

After another 30 minutes or so, watching the buildings go by, they arrived at a shabby parking lot, with a sign above that said "gold and silver pawn." Ed looked up and smiled, then collapsed with the bike on to the parking lot. Eddy and Double D hopped off, patting Ed's head as he began to sleep. They waddled in to the store. And to the counter. Squeezing past a bunch of slouching store-goers. Ed slapped one hand hard onto the glass case, and said "good afternoon, SUCKER, i've got some grade A junk to pawn off " The cashier looked lazily down at the boy. His nametag said 'chumlee.' "yes, how can I help you?" Ed said "behold!" and rummaged around in his pocket, before pulling out a wad of tube socks, and placing it on the counter"

Chumlee said "what are these"?

Ed smiled, "why these, my dear man, are tube socks, slightly warn, never washed"

Chumlee looked around, then after a moment of silence, waddled to the back room. Before coming out a few minutes later with a man who's nametag said "rick"

Rick approached the counter, looked down at Eddy, then at the ball of clearly worn and washed tube socks, then back at chumlee. "One thing i've learned after 21 years, you never know what's going to come through those doors" then outstretched his hand, and slid the ball off the counter and into the trashcan behind the desk. Then turned and walked back to the backroom. Eddy's mouth was agape, chumlee like an npc returned to his position and looked back down at Eddy, he said, "anything else?"

Eddy was pissed off, and went to find Double D looking over some memorabilia in a glass case nearby. "Can you believe this place Double D?"

DD: "why no Eddy, some of the things here are true treasures, any history buff would be astounded to even-"

Eddy:"yea yea look, they threw away my sock ball, what else do we have to trade?"

DD: "um, let me check my pockets"

Double D proceeded to procure a few rubberbands, a ballpoint pen, and a small stack of sticky notes. The top note on the stack had a few drawings of the surrounding Nevada landscape, likely drawn on the long bike here. Eddy snatched the items and made his way back to the counter. He once again slapped his hand down in front of Chumlee, who's eyes slowly drooped down to the boy. "yes , how can i help you?"

Eddy reached up and placed the rubber band in front of him, which had been defaced with a small pen drawn 'gucci' logo.

Eddy: "this, is a gucci headband"

Chumlee picked up the rubber band, and stretched it around his head. Which squeezed it into an hourglass shape. The top part of his head began to turn red, as Rick walked back out from the back room. He looked at chumlee, then down at Eddy. He spoke. "One thing i've learned after 21 years, you never know what's going to come through those doors" then he reached into his pockets, pulled out some scissors, and cut the rubber band off chumlees head, along with a long lock of his hair. It flew into the trashcan, and rick turned around to walk back towards the back room. Eddy again got red in the face, and chumlee said "anything else?" with a deep red mark going around his head from where the rubberband once was.

Eddy said "you fat, idiot! You wouldn't know the worth of a priceless item if it ran you over"

Just then, Ed rode in through the double doors on their bike, and smashed right through the glass countertop, flattening chumless like a piece of paper. He threw one leg off and put up the kick stand, then turned to Eddy.

Ed: "did you trade for those quarters yet Eddy?"

Eddy: "No Ed, but those pawn men are no match for us con men, i'll think of something"

The boys began wondering around the store, looking at some of the items, when they heard a loud groan from the back, followed by a whistle.

"Unggh, woooo-eeeee"

Turning around they saw a fat old man with grey hair riding their bike around the store in circles. Knocking customers over as he went along at a brisk 4/mph

He eventually stopped, and got back off. Kind of tumbling down.

Rick rushed over and helped him up. "Old man are you okay"

Old man: "boy I tell ya, i haven't rode a bike like that in years, who's is it?"

Eddy: "that!... Would be our bike"

Eddy snatched the bike away as the old man feebly grasped at it.

Old man: "I tell ya what, you boys want to make some money i'll buy that bike off ya

Double D: "but sir, thats our ride home, we can't just-"

Eddy:"name your price old man"

Old man: "allright, let me think... "

Rick: "One thing i've learned after 21 years, you never know what's going to come through those doors"

Old man: "alright hows about 1 quarter"

Eddy frowned: "are you kidding me? One measly quarter?"

Rick: "alright how about three quarters? that's the best I can do."

The three boys walked along a desert road back home, big bulges in there cheeks from three delicious jawbreakers. These would be their only meal for the journey, and boy was it a long walk.