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While he was loath to acknowledge weakness of any kind Hordak had to admit, at least to himself, that Modulok's laboratory made him uncomfortable. The room was crammed full of all manner of bizarre apparatus, most of which he couldn't even begin to guess at the functions of. None of them looked particularly stable and there were a few that he wouldn't feel comfortable breathing around.

Still the multi-limbed scientist had told him that his latest invention would allow them to dispose of She-Ra, and while Hordak had heard that line before he was willing to try anything if there was a chance it could finally rid him of his arch-enemy. So he had headed down to the lab to see what Modulok had devised.

"All right Modulok, what have you come up with this time?"

"Here it is Hordak." He removed a white cloth to reveal a device made of grey metal that resembled a pincer claw. It looked familiar and after a moment Hordak recognised it.

"That looks like my old Magna Beam Transporter."

"That is correct. By combining it with technology from my Gate Maker I have created this miniature version. Of course it's far too small for the entire Whispering Woods but it has enough power to transport a single person to the Valley of the Lost."

Hordak laughed. "Excellent! With this I will send She-Ra to the Valley of the Lost from where she will never return!"

In the Great Rebellion's camp deep in the heart of Whispering Woods nearly all of the Rebels had gathered to listen to a performance by Bow. The archer knew how important it was to keep up morale in the battle against the Horde and so had taken it upon himself to give regular musical sessions.

Seated amongst the other Rebels Adora and Glimmer smiled as they listened to Bow playing his harp while singing a song about their most recent victory against Hordak. When he finished everyone applauded except of course for Kowl who merely huffed.

"That was wonderful Bow" said Glimmer as she stood and walked up to him.

"Thanks Glimmer" he replied. "I thought a little music would help keep everyone's spirits up."

"As long as it isn't your music" said Kowl.

Before he could respond one of the Rebels pointed at the sky and called out "look it's Flutterina!"

Adora, Glimmer and Bow looked up as did everyone else. Sure enough Flutterina was flying overhead. She swooped down and landed lightly in front of the three of them.

"Adora, the Horde are attacking the village of Alwyn" she said urgently.

"That's awful. We have to help them" said Glimmer.

"I'll contact She-Ra. We'll need her help" said Adora. She ran off into the woods until she was safely out of earshot. After a quick check to make sure she was alone she raised the Sword of Protection to the sky.

"For the Honour of Greyskull!"

Light flashed as Adora was transformed, power and strength coursing through her.

"I am She-Ra!"

As she hurried back to rejoin the other rebels the thought occurred to her that something was wrong. Alwyn was a small, out-of-the-way village with little to offer in terms of resources or strategic value. What did Hordak have to gain from attacking it?

The answer was obvious. It was a trap. Yet the Great Rebellion couldn't allow the people there to suffer. She prayed that whatever Hordak was planning she would be able to deal with it.

Hordak looked through a pair of binoculars at the battle raging between his forces and the rebels just outside the village of Alwyn. Much to his annoyance the rebels were winning. Still it mattered little. He'd happily trade a legion of his troops if it meant being rid of She-Ra. He turned to Modulok who was standing next to him.

"Move in while they're preoccupied with the battle. As soon as you're close enough use the Magna Beam on She-Ra."

"As you command Hordak" the scientist replied. He climbed onto a jet sled and took to the air while Hordak resumed watching the battle.

"It won't be long now" he muttered gleefully to himself.

Down on the ground Glimmer was helping some villagers get to safety. She looked over to see Flutterina summon a swarm of butterflies that flew in the faces of a group of Horde Troopers, distracting them long enough for Bow to immobilise them with a lasso arrow.

Glimmer smiled at the sight. She recalled She-Ra's warnings that the attack on Alwyn could be a trap but so far everything seemed to be going well and they were soundly winning.

Her smile disappeared as she looked up and saw Modulok flying over the battle on a jet sled. He was holding an odd-looking pincer-shaped device and aiming it right at She-Ra while she was busy deflecting laser shots with her sword.

"She-Ra look out!" Glimmer cried but it was no good. She-Ra couldn't hear her over the sounds of the battle. With an evil grin Modulok pressed a button and a deep yellow light blazed between the pincers.


Without hesitation Glimmer ran over and threw herself in front of the Princess of Power just as a yellow-white energy bolt flew from the device. The bolt hit her directly and with a bright flash of light she disappeared!

"Glimmer!" She-Ra exclaimed. She stared in appalled disbelief at the spot where her friend had been a second ago.

"Oh no, I hit the wrong one" said Modulok anxiously. "Hordak won't like this."

He was correct. The Horde leader had been watching closely and had seen what had occurred.

"Blast it!" Hordak yelled. "All Horde Troopers, return to the Fright Zone."

The villagers cheered as the Horde began to withdraw. Bow and Flutterina hurried over to She-Ra, but their triumphant smiles disappeared the second they saw the look of horror on her face.

"She-Ra… what's wrong?" Bow asked worriedly.

She didn't look at him, instead staring as if transfixed at the ground in front of her. "Glimmer…" she said brokenly, her voice hollow and empty.

Bow and Flutterina exchanged horrified glances as they realised something terrible had just happened.