I had just moved to Washington, D.C. one morning with my parents and I was inside my house putting things away after moving into one of the houses . "Hmmm I think I should go over and greet the new neighbour ." Billy had said to himself so with that he went over to one of the houses and knocked on the door as he had some brownies he had made for a welcome treat to welcome us to the neighbourhood .

I got up after I had finished with what I was doing and went over to the door then opened it ." Hello ." I smiled shyly . "Hi I'm Billy Hicks I heard your the new neighbour and welcome to Washington ,Dc by the way what's your name ? And I brought you these brownies as a welcome gift ." He had said as he handed them over to me . I then took a hold of them and put them on the table inside I then went outside on the porch to get to know him and stuff . "Thanks and my names Lily it's a pleasure to meet you ." I told him and also thanked him as well . "You're welcome . He said as he smiled .

"So where were you originally from before you moved here ?" He asked curiously. "Chicago Illinois kind of miss it there but happy to be here in a new place in the states ." I had told him as I smiled . "Ah ,sounds cool I've lived here for a long time oh and you might meet one of my friends is name is Alec Newbary. Not sure if you've met him . " he had said . " Yeah I have actually he's my cousin ." I had told him . "Wait a minute my friend Alec is your cousin ?" He asked curiously as he was a bit confused since he didn't know that before . "Yep he is indeed my cousin it's very true ." I told him . "I see that's pretty cool actually I didn't know that but now I do ." He smiled.

"So what do you like doing ?" I asked . "I like playing an instrument I play the tuba and I also like long walks on the beach ." He had said . "Ah sounds cool I also like long walks on the beach , I love music ,drawing and reading as well ." I had told him . "Sounds cool." He smiled . "Yep ." I nodded as I had said that .

"Can I see some of your drawings if you have any with you ?" He asked curiously. "Sure ." I smiled as I replied to his question . I then handed him my sketch book and he turned the pages as he looked through the book while looking down at it .

" Woah I'm amazed by your drawing your quite good actually ." Billy spoke as he smiled. "Thank you ." I smiled back when he had smiled at me . "You're welcome ." He replied while smiling once again .