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I stand before the pulsating mass of flesh that was the Gore Nest, questioning it on how it works. I can no longer rely on my knowledge of Dooms lore as it has already changed drastically from what I can tell. From what the Nest told me, through the telepathic bond I share with all my created demonic beings, they are unable to move on their own, the only way to make them grow was to feed them more gore and, most interestingly, that when multiple Nests are close enough together they can merge, creating a Super Gore Nest.

These Super Nests are apparently much larger, better at generating Argent Energy and harder to slay, as it has multiple Nest Hearts. I grin as I have my new short term goal, convert the tower into a Super Nest. I look out to the rapidly darkening sky and smile. I guess it was time for me to start making progress.

— *Infernal Ascension* —

I reenter my tower a week or so later, having spent my time slaughtering all the mobs that spawned during the nights, and anything peaceful during the day. As a result I had several thousand items of gore in my inventory, enough to create a nest on each floor of the tower, and to begin making them grow large enough to begin the merging process. I had also gained several hundred new possessed, and not just the undead mobs, creepers, spiders and endermen all being corrupted by the aura of the nest.

On the top floor of the tower, I notice something new, a chest in the center of the floor with a note on the top. Curious, I make my way over and pick it up, reading what it said.

"A gift, for the h̴̡̼͈̟͚̞͙̎̓̓̓̑̌̎̋̇ͅơ̴̜͔̰̭̓͛̈́̆̕r̵̢̛͈̜̝̝̀̓̐̏̾̈̑͊͑͌́̕͝s̵̢̛͉̖̲͓̤͈͎̺͈̲̳̥̅͘͜ȩ̵̜̝͉̥͍̮̟̲̫͕̙̐̋̐̓̇̄́̏́͘͝m̵͉͈̓͂͂̇͋͑̃̇̔̓̃͝ạ̷͖̪͎̈́̈́̈́͊̑̂̓̐̒̾͘͝͠n̵̟̹̊̎̑̈́͆̈́̚̕̚ ̶̜̠͖̪͖̹̻̘͎̝̄̋̈́̽̂́̎̓͐̒̆̊ơ̴̼̯͎̣̮͗̓̌̀̉̆̿͐̃̑̈͘͘f̶̢̢̫͔̝̰͚̳̫̘̬̲͊̄̀̊̄͂͒̚ ̴͖̖̝̟̰̘̰͈̤̖̹̀̄́̔̽͊͘͜͝ç̵̺̮͇̼̥̥̖͖̩̗̜͔̤̾́͘ǫ̸̡̛̛̜̲̲̈̍̽͠ͅņ̴̧͚̼̟̝̯̙̰̯͓̈́̓͐̎̔͑̐̈̕̕̚͝q̵̡̠͇̞̬̤͍͖͐̓́̓́͒̿͌̓̽̑̓͝͠͝u̷̻̮̱̭̦̬͚͉̩̐̾̓̓̑̍̌̽́̎͘̕͠ͅe̴̼̽̐̊̅̋̌́̆͒̽͌̌͘s̶̠͚̤͕̀͊̓̔́͆̄͛̊̄t̸̨̙̞͔͙̩̫͔̔̿͑̌̂̆̚͝.̵̡̲̜̮̜͙̝̽̈́̂͝ͅͅ Admin."

My eyes skirt over the strange text, merely trying to read it giving me a headache, and I look inside the chest. It was a folded bundle of clothing inside, and a small smartphone like item. Placing the unknown item down, I pull out the clothes and raise an eyebrow. Apart from a shirt that I believe to be silk, and some underwear, everything appears to be made from leather, dyed either red or black.

The trousers were black, soft fur lining the inside of the leather, the shirt was red silk, and felt as fluid as water to the touch. A black leather jerkin, studded with gold was next on, fitting snugly over the shirt. A red and black long coat was last, reaching the back of my knees and flaring out. A pair of black, mid-calf boots complete the outfit, all in all, I look far better than before while wearing the clothing I spawned in with. I look, for lack of a better word, regal.

A frantic buzzing draws my attention and I see Barakas flying towards the tower. The devil lands before me, kneeling down as speaks, his voice frantic. "My Leige, humans have been spotted approaching the village, all mounted and armed. Perhaps an hour away."

I scowl, this certainly was not expected. "Bring all the possessed, and the villagers, here. Leave a handful of the skeletons to harass them as they pass by. Now." At my command the bone devil runs off the side of the tower and begins to fly to the village.

Scowling I stride through the tower, splitting the gore between the tower floors, watching the slow progress of my horde of demons herding the humans towards the tower.

I silently instruct them to take a human to each pile and kill them on it, feeding any remaining humans to the nests. The screams of the mortal beasts, and the cracking of bone was a symphony to me as I could feel the force of Argent energy multiply immensely.

I quickly check my stats, to see how I could prepare myself better for the battle ahead.

Name: ?

Race: D'Nur Infernoid

Level: 24

HP: 3,750 (1500/ 30 Secs)

MP: 2,500 (1000/30 Secs)

END: 15
STR: 15
DEX: 15
INT: 10
WIS: 10
CHA: 10
LCK: 10

Points: 105

Skills Gained: 4

I quickly put seventeen points into each stat, and put the remaining three on END. My stat window quickly changes to match my new stats.

Name: ?

Race: D'Nur Infernoid

Level: 24

HP: 8,750 (3500/ 30 Secs)

MP: 6,750 (2700/30 Secs)

END: 35
STR: 32
DEX: 32
INT: 27
WIS: 27
CHA: 27
LCK: 27

Points: 0

Skills Gained: 4

I quickly press the [New Skills] tab to see what I could feasibly use for the fight.

[Argent Alteration]

Cost:500MP/10 Secs

Using this skill allows you to use the corruptive properties of Argent and bend it to your whim, controlling how the mutation is formed. Used to create new demon types.


Cost: 1000MP

Allows the User to teleport. The destination must be somewhere the User has been before, or be in sight.

[Minor Polymorph]

Cost: 500MP

The User can alter their shape into any Beast Type creature that is a lower level than them. This skill can be undone at the Users will.

[Aura of Hate]

Range: 50ft

All allied Demon type creatures gain a damage multiplication modifier equal to Users CHA

Those skills were going to be a major boon to me during this fight, especially the Aura. Just keep near the back with the ranged units and let them do the majority of the work while the melee undead work on subduing them.

"They are coming!" Barakas' roar echoes out and I mount my Hog, the skeleton possessed swarming near me according to my command. The bone devil moves to be beside me, the towering demon standing above me, even when mounted. I can feel the army before me, all ready to fight, to defend me until their final moment should it come to that, even my Spider Pet was getting into the spirit of things, standing on the hogs head with its fangs revealed.

As the small unit of fighters, perhaps two dozen, gets into range I do the only thing that comes to mind. Drawing my blade I thrust it towards them and let out a mighty yell.

As one the possessed surge forward, an unstoppable tide of fury. The humans manage to get past the first couple of rows, trampling the undead below the steel shod hooves of their mounts, before they were overwhelmed, the horde pulling them down and pinning them, curiously not immediately killing them.

As one, the horde parts, letting those restraining the humans to walk forward, a few dragging their unwilling hostages behind them. A subtle smile erupts on my face as a memory of the one of the most supreme fighting races comes forth. Summoning a creeper over, I grab one of the humans and press them together. A combination of [Imbue Argent] and [Argent Alteration] begins to drain my reserves as I create a new demon.

The captives watch in horror as their comrade is mutated, growling larger and more muscular, its skin turning a dark red and its jaw growing tusks. As soon as the process is complete I step back to look at my new creation. Inspired by the 40K Orks, and while I couldn't create their belief magic yet, I could create the way they reproduce. When enough of its blood is spilt it creates spores that absorb Argent Energy like a sponge to create more Orks, constantly. Although I did make them appear more akin to the Solo Levelling High Orcs, as I felt they looked more Demonic than the greenskins of 40K.

I wave an arm to the assembled humans, and speak to the Ork. "Kill them all, feed them to the nest." The beast acted without hesitation, grasping the closest human by its head and tearing it straight from the body. Tossing both to the Super Nest behind me, he continues his massacre, each person killed rapidly, and without mercy.

Eyeing the Ork, I pat his shoulder, stretching up slightly to reach it. I'm not particularly short, standing at just under seven foot tall, including my horns, but the First Ork is a towering nine feet tall. "Farbuiti, you are Farbuiti."

"Aye" he rumbles out, his voice gravelly. I smile wider, intelligent enough to speak makes him far more dangerous.

Barakas calls my attention over, he was standing beside the saddle bags torn off of one of the horses, and is holding several rolls of paper. Handing one over I open it, showing a map of what I'm guessing is the area. Taking a few moments I found where the village and tower was located. To our north is a massive mountain range, south was the direction the humans came from, and following their likely path I see what seems to be a decently sized city. Ignoring the east because that was where I spawned in from, I check west. There was a large span of forest, before it hit an ocean. Oddly enough there was what seemed to be castles drawn on the map, what would be a few hundred meters out to sea.

Looking at the map far closer I take note of what appears to be dungeons marked on, this was certainly an excellent find. "Loot through the rest of the bags, take everything we can sort it out later." I instruct one of the possessed, who begins its work. I gesture for Farbuiti and Barakas to follow me as I walk a little further away.

"I intend to leave this place, a small amount of possessed and whatever gets created will be assigned to defend the nest. We will loot the village and leave." I tell the pair, two sets of crimson eyes staring back with unflinching loyalty.

"Where?" The Ork was a demon of few words, but his meaning was clear.

I simply gesture to the castles on the map. "A ruler needs a fitting place to rule from. For now, those will do. The demons nod, before moving towards the possessed, intent on giving them my new orders. I head towards the village, seeking to loot it myself.

The village in loot was poor, the only chest was from the blacksmith, in it was a pair of buckets, a few obsidian and a pair of shears. I sigh as I begin breaking the bookshelves, enchanting is probably going to be helpful in the future. Leaving the building, I turn a corner and nearly walk straight into a structure I didn't notice before. A 3 by 3 of black bricks, a Tinkers Smeltery. I nod once before breaking it apart. The tools this could create are insanely powerful, and if I equipped an army with them, we would be unstoppable.

I walk out the village, and jump on my Hog to see Barakas and Farbuiti walking towards me, around two thirds of the possessed trailing behind them. As one we head westwards, towards the castles.

As we travel, a large tree-like dungeon draws my attention. I commanded the army to wait and I climb the ladder to the top, it wasn't anything complex, a large room, a spawner in each corner of the room and a double chest along the far wall. It seemed to be too bright for the spawners to actually do anything, so I ignored them in favour of loot.

The chest contained several things, a new soul shard and an iron golem spawn egg being the most interesting of them. Taking a quick moment to check my old Shard, I discovered that it was at maximum capacity. Putting it away, I use the Egg to spawn in the Golem. It stands before me as I draw my sword, taking a deep breath I begin my attack, hacking and slashing at the construct. For some reason it did not choose to fight back, only stand passively until it was destroyed.

I pull out the second shard, to see it was now bound to the golem. Looking over to the spawners, I move to the closest, and press the gem to it. There was a strange distortion, as the spawner was sucked into the shard.

I nod, before repeating the process with the other spawners. As soon as that was over I climb down the ladder, and jump back onto my mount, continuing onwards.

*Infernal Ascension*

The army of demons soon reach the beach, a vast ocean before them, and in the sky were two castles, floating on their own. Farbauti and Barakas stand beside me as silent sentinels, while I begin to plan.

I begin to move, using some cobble I had gained to build a small structure, familiar to any and all skyblock players. Dumping lava I had gotten from a chest in one end, I use the now empty bucket to scoop up some water, dumping it at the other end of the structure. A second later there is a sizzle and a new cobblestone block forms.

Shoving my pickaxe into the hands of the closest possessed, I instruct it to mine the ever forming cobble block, telling another couple to collect them and put them in a double chest in placed next to the generator.

I summon over Barakas, and pull out the map, setting it down on the ground. "You know my goals, to reform Hell. Yet despite are rather fortunate start, we still are not powerful enough to do as we wish, the mortals of this realm will oppose us. So I want you and a handful of the possessed to go to this city." I tap the destination on the map with a long claw tipped finger, "There, you will hide in the shadows, if they have a sewer system or catacombs make a gore nest in that area. Spread out corruption to their minds until they would worship me."

I look up to see Barakas look at me with pride, "My Leige, If there was any uncertainty before, there is none now. You are the Dark Lord of the 5th Age."

I raise an elegant brow, "Thank You?" I get a nod in return from the devil.

"Before I leave however, I feel I should rectify one thing, your lack of knowledge of the legacy you have been chosen to continue." I gesture for him to continue, taking a seat.

"Long ago, from the primordial ooze that births gods and monsters alike, he emerged. The first Dark Lord, Lucifer who later took the name Davoth. And with him came Argent, a corrupting energy never before seen. He found a mortal realm, and with Argent, he corrupted it, forming the realm once known as Hell."

"Other realms soon formed, ruled by demonic beings as powerful as Davoth, and soon one became thirteen, joining together to form the Abyss. The other realms, known as Circles, arranged themselves with the weakest of them, Limbo, at the top and the strongest, Hell, was at the bottom. The other rulers of these realms did not like the power Davoth held, supreme ruler of the Abyss, yet they did not dare go against him, for he was the only one who could control Argent Energy, use it to corrupt the mortal realms. And for a time, there was peace amongst the Circles."

The devil takes a deep breath, sighing out a moment later, "Of course that could never last, several Lords and Ladies that ruled the Circles and vassal territories grew less content being subservient, desired to become the true leader of the Abyss. And an alliance was made between them. They plotted for decades, if not centuries, to overthrow Davoth, yet they could never accumulate the strength they would need to win. Until they found the monster.

Barakas eyes glow with rage and his claws leave deep gouges in the ground, "It was thought to be a legend, a boogeyman used as a tale to keep lesser demons and devils pliant. A seemingly mortal being, fuelled by eternal rage, armed with a mishmash of the best weaponry seen on the realms. A being with one singular goal, the eradication of the Abyss. It was found, entombed in rock and surrounded by the most powerful magicks created to entrap it, the skeletons of dozens of Elder demons around the sarcophagus. And they freed It, unleashed it in Hell and sat back, letting the beast do their work. Within a week it had slain most of the demons residing in Hell, a month had let it destroy the Gore Nests, and in a Year… Hell had fallen. And so too did the Abyss. Without Hell, Argent no longer was created, and no new demons spawned, and The Circles were forever weakened."

"Since that time, so many years ago, three others have been gifted the power to control Argent, in the same manner as Davoth, and all were slain by It. No matter the realm, It will come, and it will try to slay you."

I snarl at the thought of some beast trying to come and destroy the work I have created. "And does It have a name?"

Barakas gives a single shallow nod, "It was called The Doom Slayer." And with that the devil stands, leaving me to do my command, as I compartmentalise the fact there is a distinct possibility I will have the Slayer himself as my enemy. I shake the thought off, i will merely have to begin preparations then, create demons and monstrosities that even the Slayer could not handle, I Will Not Lose.

Perhaps, Perhaps not, but this could help tip the balance in your favour.

As I flinch from the presence and voice I felt, a strange item appears in my hand. An [Observe] reveals what it actually is.

[Gatcha Token]


Snap it to gain something from anywhere in the multiverse.

And I do so, snapping the small wooden stick only to double up as pain assaults my stomach and a new notification pops up.

Omophagea Organ added to ?

Skill Gained:

[Mnemonic Chimera]

By consuming the genetic material of a living organism, you gain some of the organism's memories. This allows you to learn or improve skills by adding their own skill to your own. Skill levels gained varies depending on the target's own skill level.

Controlling my grimace, I cannot help but to contain the glee I feel. With this, I could become a god, no being would be able to stop me, not even the dreaded Doom Slayer. There was a loud stomping run, as Farbuiti approached me, I straightened myself up, not willing to seem weak before the hulking mountain of muscle.

"Attackers approach, command?" The Ork stops before me, his hands balled into fists, ready to fight.

"Is capturing them possible," I question, my voice a hiss as the pain slowly subsides. I get a nod in response. "Then do so, quickly." The Ork rushes off , his thunderous voice bellowing commands to my army as I draw my sword, following after him.

As I reach the temporary camp, I see Farbuiti pinning a large beast to the ground, and my possessed dogpiling various other humanoid beings. A smirk pulls at my lips as I realise what it is, or what I think it is anyway. A raid.

I count the beings out, a ravager, two evokers, a witch, a trio of vindicators and four of the pillagers. I dump the last of the gore I had out onto the beach, as close to the castles as I could, and gesture to a pillager. The possessed man handles it to the pile, and after a brief struggle, kills it. A spark of orange energy dances across it, and a new nest is formed.

The rest of the captured squirm, trying to get out of the iron grips of my demons. I walk over to the evokers, and place a hand on each one, using [Imbue Argent] to possess them. Their magic will be a fine addition to my ever growing army.

When the process was finished, I walked over to the Witch and grimace. I know what I have to do, there is a swipe of my sword, and one of her fingers was separated from the hand. I pick up the digit, and swallowing down my disgust, I quickly eat it. While waiting for the new skill to take effect, I begin to corrupt the rest of them.

Skill Added:

[Alchemy] - Apprentice

Its alchemy, potion making, you know what it does

The pop-up appeared after I had finished corrupting the Ravager, who was now the mount of Farbuiti. The ork walks over to me, as I as had created a crafting table, and was turning the gathered cobblestone into stair blocks.

"What is plan for castles," the ork rumbles, kneeling down to be level with me.

I absently gesture to the one furthest away, still crafting, "That one shall serve as a base of sorts for now, my home I suppose you could call it, the other will be become a center for production of raw materials for Gore Nests, Metals for weapons and so much more besides. For now, we must get to them." I get a grunt and a nod from him as he stands, and lets me do my thing.

I soon finish crafting the stairs, and begin to build a stairway up to the closest castle, Farbuiti and the vindicators following me. The castle was not very special, spawners in each of the towers that marked the corners of the walls. Two were used to fill the Iron Golem soul shard, and the other two were lit up, to be saved. The area between the walls and the small castle was filled with farmland, fully grown wheat already planted. A throne of gold ore was in the back wall of the ground floor, and the floor itself was graven and sand.

I break a block, and the floor collapses, revealing another two spawners, two iron blocks and a diamond block, all underneath what I'm certain is a trap. A possessed rushes up, summoned menatlly, holding the pickaxe. It jumps down and lights up the spawners for me, and breaks the resources. As I expected it was a sort of trap as more sand fell down, nearly crushing the possessed.

It slowly begins to climb the wall, as I begin to fill in the floor with the leftover cobblestone. I take the blocks, putting them into my inventory, when I had finished. As it was cleared, I made a rather precarious bridge over to the other castle, repeating the process. It was rather easy all things considered. Not much could stand up to Farbuiti, and the few things that slipped past was quickly shredded by the vindicators.

I place a bed on the second floor of the castle I had claimed as my base, the spider pet spinning a small web hammock beside it. I then remember the strange item I got with my clothing, and pull it out of my inventory to figure out what it is.

[JEI Consol]

Uncommon Item

Provides crafting recipes and uses for all items found in the realm.

I begin to flick through it, seeing the vast array of items, and slowly remembering the corresponding mods. I stop, seeing perhaps the next best realm to conquer. The Overworld would take time, and a lot of it. This one would be far simpler. I hurry to the beach, heading slightly inland. Digging a two by two hole in the ground, I fill it with water, and surround it with flowers. Pulling out one of my diamonds, I toss it in, and hoped it would work.

There was a thunderous crash, and a feeling of power as lightning strikes down, hitting the water and forming a swirling purple portal. My ecstatic cry draws the attention of Farbuiti, who looks at me questioningly. "Our new frontier," I tell him.

He nods, before looking back to me, his brow furrowed in thought, "What is Lords name," he asks, a slow rumble.

I look away for a moment, deep in thought. I need one don't I, one that will inspire fear in our enemies. One regal enough for a king, and truly fitting for a conqueror. It takes but a moment to decide, a name with a bloody history, one that caused great evils.

"Tyrving," I tell him, "My name is Tyrving."

He nods, looking away, "Good Name."

I look back to the portal, before walking away to prepare.

*Infernal Ascension*

They appear on a hill, far from any taint. But it was there, faint, carried along for thousands of kilometres. The tall figure sighs, hefting their weapon and trudging along towards the source of the taint, intent to carve a crimson path to it if needed. For this was their eternal duty, and they would carry it out.

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