I lean against a tree, watching the two human turned demons struggle to fit into the basic iron armour I created for them, a smug smirk on my face. Letting out a barking laugh as Aadhev falls on his ass, I head over to help them. They were soon armoured with my help, their weapons gripped in their hands as I tip out a red ant. Sharing a look, they both hesitantly touch the feisty insect, vanishing with a pop as they travel into a new dimension. I pass the glass bottle to a possessed, instructing it to capture the ant as Farbuiti, Barakas and I make the plunge into the new realm.

We appear on the edge of a cliff, a gaping drop downwards being the first thing we see. I begin to fly, the winds howling around me as I examine the nearby area, trying to spot a dungeon to loot. In general I was excited to explore this realm, populated by dinosaurs and Mothra's meant plenty of powerful creatures to join the ever growing army.

I spot a small chunk of sandstone popping out the ground a short distance away, thankfully in the opposite direction of the drop. I point it out to the group, and begin to head towards it, Barakas joining me in the sky as Farbuiti escorts the other two. Reaching the sandstone, I peer down the hole to see a pool of water at the bottom.

I smile at the group huddled around the hole, looking down at it as I cancel my flight to the shock of my demons. There was a brief moment of fear as gravity kicked in, sending my stomach to my throat which turned to exhilaration as I fell deep into the dungeon.

I engage my flight the moment before I hit the water, sending slight ripples through it with the disturbance of the air. Smirking, I call up to my group, silhouetted by the sun. "It's safe, feel free to drop!"

I see the crimson skin of Farbuiti a moment after, crashing down sending a wave of water everywhere, soaking me through. Scowling, I shake myself to get rid of the excess water, the high ork smirking at me as the rest make their way down.

With a hmmph, I turn around leading them along a long tunnel, lava flowing down the walls the immense heat drying me off quickly. It leads to a large room, the walls made of netherrack with puddles of lava dotted around. The far left had a large obsidian spike, chests and blaze spawners atop it, which were slowly creating the mobs. The other side had a pool of pace surrounded by obsidian, a pair of kyuubi spawners in the centre, a chest on top of them.

I sprint over to the pool, flying over it to break the spawners, avoiding the blasts of blue flame from the humanoid fox spirits. Twisting I grab one, their body strangely substantial, and begin to use [Imbue Argent].

[Imbue Argent] cannot affect mobs created by Spawners

I hiss out, drawing my sword as I slash at the beings below me, having to dodge the blasts of flame. The rest of my group were faring far better, working as a team to eliminate the spawners and kill the blazes that had spawned.

It was difficult as I had to avoid both the lava and the kyuubi attacks, but I soon managed to kill the beasts, collecting their drops and experience as they died.

Level up

I idly check the new skill, trying to decide where best to place my stat points.

Skill Learned:

[Argent Aura] - Passive

Whilst the Users MP bar is full, excess energy generated from Mana Regeneration will be emitted as an aura of Argent Energy

Oh, that's perfect. Immediately I place the stat points into my WIS, the higher my Mana Regen the better at the moment. Going through the chests for loot nets me several rubies, a golden bag of holding, a pair of lava eel boots and an odd ruby staff.

[Thunder Staff]


Deals 100 Lightning Damage

Shoots a bolt of lightning in the direction the diamond at the top is pointing

I move over to the others, they had already looted their chests and were carrying it over, Aadhev holding a shining ruby sword in his hand. Looking at my Netherite sword I silently sigh, I truly need an upgrade.

I toss Ashur the staff, it would be better for her to use it in the long run in my opinion. Her face lights up as I explain what it was.

"Oh thank you m'lord, oh so wise and generous," she gushes semi-sarcastically. I roll my eyes as I pull her close to me, she lets out a squeak of surprise as I use [Warp] to get us to the dungeons entrance. As she gets over the shock she curls into me, her head planted into the crook of my neck.

"Comfy?" I ask, raising an eyebrow as she began to purr, latching onto me tighter.

"Very," she sighs, looking up at me with lidded eyes.

A few moments later the other demons emerge from the dungeon, Farbuiti climbing out as Barakas lifts Aadhev, the bone devil looking at me and chuckles at my baffled expression. "It is your aura, Demons are drawn to Argent, in the short term it energises us, strengthens us, makes us feel euphoric, invincible. With enough exposure we begin to evolve, become greater and more powerful so we are naturally attracted to sources."

"So why aren't you or Farbuiti or even Aadhev trying to do the same?" I hiss in the same unnatural tongue.

Barakas lets out a rattling laugh, "I am centuries old, with patience and a will to match. As for the Ork, I would imagine his pride stops him from doing the same. Although I cannot answer for certain."

I nod, wrapping an arm around Ashur, it certainly wasn't unpleasant to have her pressed against me in this manner. "How about a challenge while we search, whoever can slay the most creatures as we travel and gain the most from it wins a favour from me," I announce, to feral smiles from the demons as they rush off to slay. I clip the Golden Bag of Holding to my belt as the winds howl, lifting the pair of us into the sky, following from above.

It seemed Farbuiti had the advantage, his axe tearing mobs to shreds, with Barakas being not far behind, his claws and stinger being lethal weapons in their own regards. Aadhev was however not at such a disadvantage as I expected, the two other demons were going for the biggest creatures nearby, while Aadhev purposefully looked for weaker one that he could kill faster.

I flew about collecting the drops and stuffing them into the Bag, a smug smile on my face, at this rate it would be filled before we got to the next dungeon. A call from Aadhev draws my attention, the vampire holding up a pair of metallic objects. The winds howl as I surge over to him, landing and gently removing Ashur from me much to her dismay, taking the two metal nuggets.

"Thought you might want to see these, heard rumours of them, that the strongest tools had been forged using metal like these," he explains, a shocked look on his face.

[Titanium Nugget]


A nugget of the metal Titanium

[Uranium Nugget]


A nugget of the metal Uranium

"Where did you get these," I ask, my voice soft. He points to a group of small blue dinosaurs keeping their distance from us, circling like they wished to attack.


HP: 10

MP: 00

I blink a few times, drawing my sword and pulling out an empty soul gem. "Be right back," I say, warping over to the center of the group. Before they could react properly I attacked, slashing them apart with ease as the Soul Shard consumes their souls.

+7 Chicken

+5 Uranium

+4 Titanium

I smile, and they even drop material I can use for Gore Nests, perfect. I walk back over to the demons, handing the bag to Ashur.

"You are in charge of this my dear," I tell her, stooping down and giving her a gentle kiss before turning around and rushing into the middle of the fight, I might as well help.

We quickly fill the Bag with the mobs valuable drops, keeping the Uranium and Titanium for myself as well as the materials for Gore Nests, Farbuiti was keeping the teeth dropped by the T-Rex's for himself, talking about turning them into a necklace.

Farbuiti had by far the most kills, nearly half filling the bag with the loot he produced, easily winning the challenge I had set. "And what favour shall you ask of me?" I say, looking at the tusk filled grin on the Ork.

"To go back to the Forrest, to fight the so called boss creatures, it has been too long." The blood lust was oozing from him, almost visible, well who was I to deny such a simple request.

The brief whistle of noise was all we get before a fireball erupts around us, briefly covering us in its fire. Looking at the direction it came from shows a gigantic moth, glowing as it fires out another blast of fire.


HP: 150

MP: 000

Farbuiti bellows, hefting his axe in an overarm throw, letting it fly as Ashur points her staff. The axe cuts through the boss, a swarm of moths and butterfly's exploding from the corpse. The bolt of lightning from Ashur hits the axe a moment later, using it as a conduit to kill all of the flying insects.

"That was a shame, I could have used a few of those," I mutter, making my way over to the drops. There was just enough of the Moth Scales to make a single set of armour, plus a glowing star shaped item, pulsating with power.

[Nether Star]

Legendary Item

A powerful source of Infernal Energy created by countless fossilised souls and withered bones. The star holds a near infinite reserve of pure magic capable of manipulating reality itself, providing the user can harness it.

It takes all my willpower not to drool, I knew a Nether Star was powerful but this is insane. And it was used to create mere beacons in the game? Mortals truly do not understand what they held.

I carefully place the star in my inventory, not wanting to accidentally destroy a planet with it or something, looking around the place. In the distance I see a pyramid hitting out the ground, a new dungeon. We head over, seeing a staircase of obsidian leading downwards.

We come upon a problem immediately, the way down was too narrow for both Farbuiti and Barakas to pass, leaving only myself, Ashur and Aadhev capable of entering. Healing deeper down we eventually come to the bottom, a long narrow room with a maze of obsidian our only way forward.

I let out a colossal sigh and kept on walking, followed closely by the other two. The dark maze was a nightmare to navigate, the walls' dark colour made it hard to pick out possible routes and combined with the occasional pits of lava made this place truly nightmarish.

We soon manage to find the exit, a large room made of the same glassy rock, inside of which was a trio of massive serpentine beings coiled together as they slumber.


HP: 200

MP: 000

Biting back a groan I begin to sneak up on them, only to feel my body slow to a crawl, every movement feeling like I was pushing against a colossal weight as my health slowly begins to drop.

Debuff: Slowness added

Debuff: Poisoned added

One of the serpents held me in its lazy gaze, yawning as it nudged its brethren awake. Snarling I [Warp] on top of it, holding onto the crown of spikes it had, [Imbue Argent] sparking to life. Ashur and Aadhev run into the room, looking as if they are running in slow motion as they get hit by the debuff. Letting loose a shot of Lightning at the closest Basilisc, they slowly attack, trying to chip away at its health.

The one I had stopped spasming, succumbing to Argents power, the beast lunging at the last one, coiling around it in a constrictor grasp. Drawing my sword I cleave into the Basilisc the others were attacking, causing it to vanish in a plume of smoke as its drops get absorbed into my inventory.

Grabbing the tail of the final Basilisc I begin the process of corrupting it, wanting it for my ever growing army.

The debuffs vanish as the Basilisc was corrupted, the two serpentine beasts bowing before me. With a smug smirk fixed on my face I begin the looting of the chests, gaining some emeralds, some emerald gear, a strange block I handn't encountered before and a Gatcha Token that I quickly snap.

Arachnid Queen Summon Gem

I freeze, looking at the innocuous little crystal in my hands. This had the potential to exponentially increase my army, creating an entire subset of demons for me to use, all I had to do was provide them with food which a max tiered Cow soul shards would provide. It was convenient that the Erebus was a dimension I had already had access to, the insectoid aliens would be right at home.

Sliding it into my inventory, I [Warp] everyone out of the dungeon, the basiliscs being much too large to fit out normally. Blinking from the light, I check out the new item.

[Random Dungeon Spawner]


Upon being placed, this will summon a dungeon from the Orespawn mod.

Warping to a wide open space nearby I place the block, getting back to the other who looks on in curiosity. "It apparently spawns a dungeon, shall save us the search," I respond to them.

There was a cracking pop as the structure appeared in the world. A towering monolith of bedrock with gold lining the corners and dozens of spawners on each level. A Tier 6 Challenge Dungeon.

Every instinct in my body was screaming at me to loot the place, the sheer amount of loot contained there was staggering but I held off. I wanted to use it to the fullest, and the spawners would be better used as fuel for soul shards rather than merely being broken.

Taking a risk, I pull out the soul shard I had, Warping to the top of the dungeon. The five Nightmare spawners begin to spin as I absorb them into the shard, only to get swatted by the clawed arm of a Mantis, Warping back to the rest of the group. Hissing softly from the pain, I pull out the second red ant I had, tipping it onto the ground.

"We shall return later, what we have earned shall be more than enough to start us off with," I say. My group doesn't respond, simply touching the ant to return. Just before I go to do the same I get a niggling feeling in the back of my head, a croaking voice audible only to me.

"It is done," the voice groans, the mental image of a miniscule tree following it. Swiftly capturing the ant, I start the journey to the Enderman I sent here, warping as fast as my Mana allows for.

As soon as I see the possessed being I let out a whoop, [Warp] depositing me safely by its side as I look at the tree. Giving it a nod, I gather the three logs with a flourish safely storing them into my inventory. Dropping the ant yet again, I leave the mountainous dimension for good this time, followed by the possessed.

Reappearing in my castle, I head down the cobblestone staircase to the ground, my possessed a buzzing hive of activity as they work towards completing my desires.

I could easily make out Farbuiti, his height and skin tone made sure of that, as well as a spindly figure I was certain was Barakas, but there was no sign of Ashur or Aadhev.

Walking over I say as much, my lips pulled into a frown.

"My apologies, I thought you had wanted them to leave at haste. I provided them an escort and they left while you were in the dimension. Was I wrong?" The sibilant hiss of the demonic language made the words seem harsh, callous. Logically I understood that it was the better choice, but that didn't stop me wanting.

"It's fine. Come, we have work to do." I say, pushing down the emptiness I felt, progression would help, allow me to go conquer the city faster.

We head deep into the ground, below the Bay where the demons were hard at work excavating the area. It was by no means complete, hundreds if not thousands of blocks of material still needing to be mined, but there was room enough for what I had to do.

The prisoner was brought to me, the fool that dared to try and kill me for monetary gain. He was barely lucid, his arm swollen and infected, with pus oozing from it. I scoff, he had the potential to stand above all the mortals of this world and he threw it all away.

He was roughly tossed onto a large pile of gore, the drops from the Red Ant dimension being out to use, as I drew my sword, orange sparks dancing along it. Plunging it deep into his gut, the man and gore begin to fuse into the Nest.

Turning to leave I pause, an errant thought hitting me. I mentally instruct my minions to begin a tunnel to link the Tower Nest to this one, allowing them to fuse and become even greater. The great thing about the link was that all my demons knew my desires, and would accordingly. Even now the Possessed at the Tower were beginning to create a tunnel that would link with the one created on this end, halving the total time taken.

I leave my demons to their work, heading back to the surface. I had business of my own to attend.

Timeskip: One Month Later

Quest Updated: [The Founder of Hell]

Objective 2: 1 / 3 Complete

The pop-up briefly distracts me from my work, focusing briefly I can sense a mental link created for an Elder Guardian, which was apparently considered one of the Vanilla bosses.

I let out a chuckle, Barakas had explained to me that Argent was akin to radiation, spreading out and corrupting all it comes into contact with. That given enough time a single Gore Nest could corrupt entire worlds because once the corruption manifests there is very little that can stop its spread.

This past month had been busy, the possessed had finished clearing out below the bay, a massive cave now perfect for the Gore Nest to grow truly massive, and had even made substantial progress in the creation of the tunnel.

A mountain of material to be used in the creation of the Nests had been produced, the spawners left in the castles being farmed non-stop for its resources.

The Mantis spawners I had left had been taken into the Erebus and placed into a room carved in the rocky ceiling of the dimension, the insectoid bosses being farmed for their drops, which were funnelled into an Energy Condenser to produce more Soul Shards. The possessed had also created a spawner room for the Cryolophosaurus Spawner, the small dinosaurs being funnelled into a small area to be slaughtered.

The area around the bay had been scouted for dungeons, which were promptly looted and marked on the map. My plan was to have dungeons become the location for Gore Nests, and for all the Nests to be connected through tunnels under the ground making it nigh impossible to destroy them.

My duplication trees are hard at work. While only Soul Cages, Nether Quartz Ore and Emerald blocks, one to create spawners, one to feed my Cloud Pet and the other to boost EMC production, are being produced, the measly three I had started with has grown to a full one hundred, a massive room in the Erebus created for them.

I had also started the production of weapons for my army, using Tinkers to cast them rapidly. A discovery of mine was that if molten iron is left in a Tinkers Smeltery for long enough with exposure to Argent, it creates Hell Forged Steel, a highly durable metal much stronger than steel, as cliche as it may sound. And by hooking up my Iron Golem Soul Shard to a Soul Cage, and have the spawned creatures fall directly into a Smeltery then I have unlimited iron.

I look back at my work, forging a new weapon. A rapier from Tinkers Construct to be exact. The Smeltery didn't work exactly as it did in the game, allowing for metals and alloys to be formed from just about any metal, something I was abusing. Melting Uranium and Titanium formed the Ultimate Alloy, a shining silver metal with a viridescent sheen.

That formed the blade of my rapier, ther handle was the Hell Forged Steel, a gunmetal grey in colour. The cross guard was what was posing the most difficulty, the materials I had didn't seem suitable, save for one. The Nether Star. Was it extremely wasteful and potentially dangerous to use in such a frivolous manner, absolutely. Was it going to stop me… No.

[Mark of the End]


Deals (40+DEX) Piercing Damage

Special Effects:


All Damage dealt by this weapon cannot be healed naturally

(Mana Conductive)

Can be used as a spell casting focus


It is unbreakable, duh

(Locked Effect)

(Locked Effect)

Modifiers: 7

Perfect, a weapon fit to slay even the gods should they dare to oppose me, in due time of course. Using my ample supply of Quartz, I immediately apply sharpness using the all seven of the modifiers, gaining an additional 70% damage. Sliding my new weapon into its sheath, I head out of the castle, looking over the landscape. Argent had done its work, fusing itself with the very world, changing it. The once lush grass had become a deep brown and razor sharp to the touch, trees have lost their leaves, their branches bare. That did have the unintended side effect of exposing more Inventory Pets for me, an Iron Golem Pet, a Wither Pet and a Chicken Pet all joining my collection.

A possessed working on the tunnel sends a request to see me, informing me of a potential risk. Frowning I warp down, Barakas having already been summoned. A fleshy tendril twirls along the floor, the nest growing along the tunnel. The problem was a wall of blackened stone, it had been skirted around easily enough, but inside was a true issue, slumbering away was a massive draconic beast, its scales a deep emerald green.


Stage 5 Dragon

HP: 750

MP: 000

I let out a sharp exhale, "Leave it, do not disturb it. We shall simply let it stay here until the Argent has possessed it." Getting a nod in response the hole made to peer through was blocked up, and the mining was continued, a scant few blocks left before the tunnels were connected.

The tendril begins to writhe, visibly growing as the vast amount of accumulated material goes into feeding it. I smile, certain that everything was fine when it hit me, the sharp grinding pain of my demons dying, the Tower under attack.

Without a word I grab the bony arm of Barakas, teleporting to Farbuiti as I grab him and take us all to the Tower. My Endermen were warping around, dropping Creepers on the figure trying to make its way through the horde, setting ranged attackers in advantageous positions and taking the flesh piles from fallen demons to the nest, forcing it to grow along the tunnel.

I focus on the figure of legend, armoured in green he made a striking figure as he slowly slew my demons. The gold tinted visor snaps up to me and I can feel the fury in his gaze. The futuristic rifle points towards me and screams, a bolt of orange energy snapping out to hit me. Or it would have had I not been able to simply fly above the blast, my eyes narrowing at the shot. It looked suspiciously like Argent plasma, was the gun capable of absorbing ambient energy and shooting it perhaps.

A roar draws the Slayers gaze to Farbuiti, the Ork barrelling towards him. Farbuitis arm swing and with a grinding clash the Axe bites deep into the Praetor Armour. WIth a grunt the Slayer retreats, slicing apart a few possessed that got in his way. Pulling out a small pistol-like weapon, he rushes away, firing at me. I manage to doge the first couple of electrical shots, but one clips me and I fall to the ground with a thud.

As I lay spasming on the ground, the buzz of Barakas shoots across, grabbing the Slayer and dragging him skywards. I hiss as the Slayer breaks free and plummets towards the ground, before slamming into a butterfly and vanishing.

Oooh, Slayer fight… kinda. The Slayer is an End Game God Tier boss, there would be no contest between the two if they fight right now. So no bitching at me about it.

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