Star vs. the Forces of Evil (SVTFOE) is an animated series that aired from 2015-2019. It was created by Daron Nefcy and is owned by Disney.

I didn't catch the series until mid-2020, a little behind the rest of the world. I started writing this in Oct 2020 and have been editing and adding dreams since. My 12 year old suggested I write some fan fiction and it turned into this. Each chapter is a single dream. The first few chapters are short, just setting the stage for longer dreams later. I highly recommend reading the dreams in order. Over the next few months I plan on adding new chapters into the middle of the story so everything fits into the timeline correctly.

Please feel free to provide constructive criticism! I've been creating this in a bit of a vacuum so feedback is really helpful. I've originally tried to write this story so it would still mean something to those who have not watched the show but I was not successful, there is just too much from the show that I ended up pulling in. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my take on ever after.

These events start the night after magic was destroyed and in a final attempt to be together the young couple unintentionally merged their dimensions into one.

Chapter 1 - Cleaved

Star and Marco lay on their backs, peering out into the night sky. The expanse above them included not only every object they had known in Marco's Earth sky but also every celestial body from Star's home dimension of Mewni. The two heavens had been weaved together like a fine tapestry.

There was no space between the two teenagers and the hands closest to each other were entwined. Occasionally Star would raise her left arm pointing at the overlapping constellations, followed by Marco doing the same with his right. The sound of night insects were interrupted by Star's soft words. "So-so-soooo-many thoughts bopping in my head! More than I can ever remember. I am so super excited by how everything has changed. It is totally weird but I feel like anything can happen now."

The boy replied in the same tone. "I'm scared but, happy at the same time. What if everyone has had their lives turned upside down? It might be all good but...but what if some of it is bad. I mean, I hope it is all good. Anyway, you are right Star. It feels like anything can happen."

After a pause he squeezed her hand. "Want to know what really makes me happy right now? I'm here with you." With that their thoughts both went back to that last moment while trapped in the dimension of magic. Holding each other tight as the world collapsed around them while they focused only on wanting to be together.

"Star, do you feel like we're dreaming?"

"Tooootaaally dreaming. And this is the craziest of crazy dreams. I've never had a dream feel like this." She replied.

For a long time the two contemplated future possibilities. What would the new world be like? How would everyone survive? Would they be to blame if anyone didn't? It was only the distant sounds of a children's song that interrupted their river of thoughts.

"Marco? Do you hear Space Unicorns? Is that your phone?"

The couple sat up. They were now in full sunlight, a song blaring out of someone's pocket. After their hazy vision cleared they looked down at themselves. On the left Star's pale arm was outstretched, on the right a red hoodie sleeve ending in Marco's light tan hand. Looking down they saw a left leg was covered in a skirt, tights, and a purple boot. The right worn jeans with a threadbare knee and a familiar Macro sneaker.

Their bodies had been cleaved together like the new world that lay before them.


With mutual screams they woke up from their dream. It was the morning of a new day.