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Chapter 1

1975 England, Great Britain

Outside the small town of Otterburn. A small secluded community North of Newcastle. A group of hooded men destroyed the peaceful night with the shouts of spells and the scream of the innocents caught in the middle. The poor people were not capable of escaping the onslaught. How could they? It was not something possible for them. Since they couldn't comprehend what was happening.

The hooded men were holding sticks and shouting weird words. Then fire and a green light among other strange things came out of those sticks.

Chaos was the word to describe the scene unfolding there. Then a loud crack and the yelling of more people arriving at the pandemonium brought only more panic to the people there.

"Death eaters!" One of them screamed.

"Aurors!" One hooded man yelled as he cast a cutting spell on one of the Aurors.

"Protego!" The Auror yelled, blocking the spell, but he could not see another of the hooded men behind him. Pointing his wand the man said.

"Avada Kedavra!" And with a powerful green-light. The Auror fell to the ground. Cold as ice, with open eyes reflecting the last thought of his mind.

For the next few minutes, an intense battle emerged from within the late hours of the night. The Aurors were holding their ground, but the intensity and cruelty of the Death Eaters spells were getting the best of them. Although the Death Eaters were using deadly spells to kill their opponent. The Ministry of Magic ordered the Aurors to use non-lethal curses. A huge disadvantage for them. Still, this was a matter of life and death. They were not about to die for a stupid order.



The spells came one after the other. Hitting the Death Eaters with deathly force. More Death Eaters arrived at the scene, killing and burning everything at their sight. It was clear they couldn't care less if they brought the Statue of Secrecy down. In fact, someone could argue they wanted to do just that.

"They are to many of them!" A young Auror said.

"Keep them at bay! Don't stop fighting or you will die here!" Another, even younger Auror yelled.

She had light red hair with strong blue eyes. They could see the fear in her eyes, but they could also see determination and bravery to keep fighting. She pushed the Death Eaters back by sheer willpower and intense dueling abilities. Amelia Bones was her name. A nineteen-year-old witch, freshly graduated student from Hogwarts, and a young recruit of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.

Losing members of her family brought fire to her soul. She wanted to do what is good. To make sure, no one else knew the pain of losing a father or a mother.

That's why she enlisted at the moment she graduated from Hogwarts. To fight against The Dark Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters.

Amelia sidesteps a Killing Curse, evading the fatal curse. She responded in kind with a powerful Expulso, knocking out a Death Eater. However, there were more followers of Voldemort than Aurors. And the Magical Law Enforcement wizards were being pushed back gradually. This was not good for them, and with the among of death around them. This was going to be a hard thing to clean later on. If they get alive of this.

"Where are the rest?!" One of the Auror yelled behind a small stone wall.

"I don't know! Where is Moody?!" Another one screamed.

"Amelia, we need to retreat!" The young girl glared at him with fury in her eyes.

"Are you mad?! They are killing the Muggles here! We can't just leave!" She said.

"The Muggles are dead! Look around, it's over!" The Auror said hopelessly. Amelia knew he was right. Looking around, she could see the lifeless bodies of the Muggles. There was nothing they could do, only hope to escape so they could fight another day.

"Bombarda Maxima!" Amelia reacted just in time to jump out of the way, but sadly for her. The last two Auror weren't so lucky.

Although she was alive. Now she was alone, and the Death Eaters knew it. Amelia cursed while crawling away. She needed to run away. But before she could even attempt to do that, a pain like no other came rushing to her body.

"Crucio!" The laughs of the Death Eaters watching her body twist under the pain of a thousand knives scalping her skin made her scream. Not only in pain but horror. Amelia wanted to regain her composure, just like the training told her to. But to no avail. She was going to die, Amelia could feel it.

"Brillant work everyone. Our lord would be most please hearing our successful raid. And although this is the first time for many of you. It was an excellent job," the senior Death Eater said with a proud voice. He glared at the young witch on the floor and smiled.

"Stop it, don't kill her yet," he said as he stared down at Amelia, who could only barely move.

"We have young witch here, alone in the dark. Why shouldn't we have a bit of fun? A celebration to join our lord forces?" The rest of the Death Eaters grunted in glee. Amelia's face went pale. Even though they terrified her. Amelia would not allow herself to show fear. They would not break her. Never.

"I know who she is. Amelia Bones from Hufflepuff, she was on me a year," a young Death Eater said with glee. Amelia could recognize the voice. A Ravenclaw student who was a creep. He had the fame of being a pervert, of always trying to spy and see the underwear of other girls.

"Oh, we have a Puff with us. And she seems attractive. Well, what are we waiting for? Let's have some fun," he said and of course, the pervert Ravenclaw graduated went first. He ripped the clothes off Amelia, who tried hard to fight back. One of the Death Eaters tried to use a full body-bind curse on her. But the leader of the group told him it was better this way. He told them. It's better when they can move. Feels better.

Amelia wanted to scream, but they cover her mouth.

"I always wanted to see your chest. So enormous, I dreamed of this day for years," he said lustfully.

"You always had this face on you. Like you were better than everyone else. I know what you are, a whore! Look at this tits! So big! I will enjoy this!" He said.

Amelia could feel him getting ready to do the deed. With tears in her eyes, she prayed for help. For any kind of help.

"Hurry, mate, I want my turn. Those are some big knockers," one of them said, and before the pig of Ravenclaw could do what he always dreamed of doing. A flash of light, like a bullet, perforate the head of the pig. Then, surprising everyone, it exploded.

"What?!" One yelled.

The Death Eaters got ready to fight, believing the reinforcements arrive. But they saw that from the darkness of the woods. A figure stood there, watching them with the eyes of a predator. They could feel it. Like someone took the air of the forest itself.

The individual was wearing a robe of sorts. A red robe with armor underneath it. The metal shine even in the middle of the night. There were symbols in the fabric. Symbols made of gold. The cloth looked beyond anything they have seen. Soft and resistant with magic around it, they could even see it. The cloak and hood on the person covered even more. And a white mask protected the identity of this person.

Arcane Battle master.

That was the name of the armor.

Amelia could see it was not a Death Eater type of mask. This one was different. Strange marks decorated it. She did not know who this person was, but she was thankful.

"Dying from a Tier 1 spell… So weak," the person said.

"Who are you?!" The senior Death Eater yelled, pointing his wand at the person in front of him.

"You were using magic. But I did not recognize it, so tell me, where did you learn that?" The individual had a female voice, but the question brought confusion to them.

"Are you mad?" He replied.

"No, or perhaps… Who knows, this has been a very crazy day for me," the woman said with an amusing tone.

"You are insane, don't you? It matters not. Kill her, we are losing a lot of time here. The Aurors would get around the protective enchantments," he said.

Then one of the Death Eaters yelled Avada Kedavra! Amelia yelled at the woman to run away. But it was too late, as the green light hit the masked woman right in the chest. Everyone would expect her lifeless body to fall to the ground after being hit by the Killing Curse. However, there she was. Alive, standing still.

"What?" One of them muttered, looking confused. Amelia was the same.

"Mm, was that a spell? Avada Kedavra? It sounds like abracadabra. I wonder why… Still, no damage. I don't think it even scratches me," the masked woman muttered to herself. She ignored the surrounding people, and how they were looking at her.

"Imposible… This is impossible! Nothing can stop the Killing Curse!" The senior Death Eater yelled in panic. He tried to calm himself down but the entity before him. Was something he couldn't comprehend.

"There is not impossible for me," the masked woman replied.

"Nothing at all. So, tell me where did you learn magic?" She asked again.

The Death Eaters threw every spell in their repertoire. Every single dark spell they knew. But nothing seems to harm her. She just stood there. Speaking to herself.

"I have never seen magic like this before. This is not Yggdrasil… Their accent, it sounds familiar… Could be that… Mm, I need more information," she whispered softly to herself.

The senior Death Eater thought he was dreaming. That this moment was a hallucination. Then he thought about ending this nonsense. Raising his wand, he cast Fiendfyre. A powerful dark magic spell. He was not his lord, but he could get hold of fire without dying. Or so he thought.

Amelia could evade the fire by jumping aside and hiding behind the trees of the forest. Again she yelled at the masked woman to move. Even though she just saw how the Killing curse bounced off of her like nothing. Amelia was still in auror mode.

The masked woman only stood there while the fire engulfed her completely. Amelia feared the worts. Fiendfyre was the worst type of dark spell she could think of. It takes time to learn, and even more to control. No, many could use it successfully. And even if you could cast it, the willpower and the concentration you needed to control it was something only the most experienced wizards or witches could do.

The senior Death Eater was neither. But the fear and panic he felt at that moment were enough for him to throw away any logic.

The fire ravishes everything around, and Amelia was fearing the worst.

I should have to help her! I should have done something! You coward, you big coward! Amelia thought in shame. Then, out of nowhere, a small laugh came out of the fire.

"Nothing at all. I feel nothing… I guess my resistances are just to high. These spells are just to weak to work against me. Tier 3 perhaps? Mm, I don't know," she muttered.

"This fire is annoying, [Arcane Magic annulation]" The Fiendfyre started slowly lose power, and disintegrate like it was nothing. The Death Eaters stood there, stunned. Amelia could not blame them. What she was witnessing, all of it. Was hard to comprehend.

"My passive skills were useless. Could be that this magic was so weak, that it didn't even registry as an attack? Or perhaps they were just to weak. I need more details," the woman whispered.

"Are you done? Good. Then please, tell me, where did you learn that magic?" She asked one last time.

"You monster!"


"Stay away!"

They once again attacked her. She just sighed with annoyance. Then just stared back to where Amelia was watching. The red-haired girl felt those eyes on her. Those golden and unnatural eyes looking at her.

"Well, she is not hostile. That girl could help me," the masked woman muttered.

Then she raised her hand against them, and with one last annoying look. She whispered. [Lightning Chain] From her hands a beam of light came. Hitting each one of the Death Eaters. Some of them tried to use Protego, others tried to flee. But it did not matter where they go. The lightning followed them and the moment it touched them, their bodies exploded.

Amelia gasped at the carnage. The Protego charm did not work against the strange lighting. Their bodies were completely destroyed. Nothing was left of them. Amelia felt nauseous watching the massacre.

"Ah, it didn't work like that before… I guess things change here," the masked woman said. Then she glared at the girl and with a commanding voice, she ordered to come out.

"Girl, come here. There is a lot I need to ask," Amelia feeling no way out obeyed. She took her wand from the floor. But a part of her believes it was useless against this person. Still, she was an Auror. A trainee one, but an Auror none the less.

"Tell me girl, where are we?" Amelia for a moment look at her with a confused face.

"Ah… Otterburn? At the north of Newcastle?" Amelia said with a worried tone.

"Newcastle? England?" The woman replied with a surprise in her voice.

"Eh, yes?" Amelia replied.

"What year it is?" The masked one asked.

"1975…" Amelia whispered.

"I see… 1975. I am not so lost after all," the woman said with an amused voice.

Amelia stared at her, still feeling intimidated by this person's presence. She did not notice her robes were all shattered, exposing something she shouldn't expose. They were big. Something the masked woman noticed.

"Your clothes, they are all ruined," Amelia wasted no time into getting her clothes in order. She still felt disgusted by the touches of the Ravenclaw pig. She was glad he was dead.

"Thank you for saving me. I believe my fate would have been worst than death if you haven't arrived," Amelia whispered. The masked woman nodded. It was something she could understand. As a female, it was something they could understand.

"Tell me, who were those people?" Amelia went on and gave this strange woman a brief and fast explication of what was going on. The woman said nothing, only stood there listening to each word. But then, the sound of a crack in the air brought Amelia back to alert mode. That was until she saw the face of Alastor Moody. Amelia felt relieved to see his ugly face again.

"Trainee Bones, you are still alive!" He yelled as the rest of his Aurors moved around.

"Thanks Merlin for that. Although I can see it that Cronk, Weatherford and Crowdus weren't so lucky. A shame, they were good Aurors," Moody said with a gruff.

"I am alive, but I would have been kill if it wasn't for her," Amelia said, pointing her hand to the white-masked woman next to her. Moody pride himself on being a person capable of judge other people's characters. But the woman before him was putting him on edge. There was something dangerous, something dark and powerful. Perhaps he was truly going mad. This war was taking a toll on him.

"Thank you for saving our young Trainee. Miss…?" The woman stood there for a few seconds. She seemed deep in thought. Then looking at the dark sky of the night. She stared at them, and her golden eyes shine like no other star.

"My name is… Ainz Ooal Gown," she said.

The Ministry of Magic was a place of many things new to her. There she was, in another world so similar yet different from her own world. Galadriel Melkor, or as she called herself now, Ainz Ooal Gown. Stood there, in the middle of the Atrium, wondering where she was. A few hours ago, she appeared in the middle of a forest without knowing where she was or what was going on.

Before all this, Galadriel was in the throne room, crying her heart out at the end of Yggdrasil. Then suddenly, she was there. Standing in the middle of nowhere, in her avatar skin. If things were different, she would have died of a heart attack. But she could control herself and sat down to think. Galadriel thought about the possibilities of what was going on. There was too much to think about. And not only that, she was alone.

She moved around and find more answers. Sitting on the ground was driven her crazy.

Then, after half an hour of walking, she reached out to a small village. Galadriel felt her soul leave her body when she saw a car. Still, it was not enough information. And because she was a paranoid woman, she used many spells to hide her presence and change her World Championship armor brought too much-unwanted attention to her. She didn't need that, especially now.

Still, her Arcane Battle Master armor was one of the best she had. And without Nazarick treasury at hand. She could only rely on what she brought with herself. It was a lot; she hated throwing away things. So she wasted a lot of money to expand her inventory. However, there were things she needed to keep close to her at all times.

The Nazarick Ring was one of them. This was one of the few ways to search for her home. Because if she came here, to this world. The possibilities of Nazarick coming here were high. She wanted, no, Galadriel needed to find Nazarick. Her home, no matter what.

Galadriel came to that conclusion and was the reason for giving the name of the guild itself. It was dangerous; she has no idea if another Player was out there. But she had to try it. Besides, this was a world in which Tolkien existed. Telling them her name was Galadriel Melkor could raise some eyebrows.

Now it came down to her plans. She needed to expand her name somehow. Galadriel needed to create an enormous sign over her head. But how? She thought.

It was the reason she came here. Galadriel has to learn more about this strange Wizarding World.

"Now that I think about it. I am in the past? Like, perhaps I am in the past, but now I am expose to a secret world that I knew nothing about, because I was as they say, a muggle. Or this is another dimension of my world? Thinking about it makes my head hurt," Galadriel thought with a sigh.

"I need to see what magic is capable of. Those Death Eaters, or whatever, were a good experiment. But is not enough," Galadriel could remember the feel of killing someone. And it was a surprise that she felt nothing of guilt or remorse. She could only think of how gratifying it was to kill those pigs. Perhaps her character traits are influencing her too. Galadriel would have to think about it later on.

"Miss Ainz Ooal Gown," a voice brought her back from the dreamland she was in. Still, she did not like it when someone called her a miss.

"Lady Ainz, please, if you are so kind," Galadriel said while looking down at the young men who seem rather uncomfortable at the stares of the masked person before him.

"Please, follow me, Lady Ainz. The ministry of Magic and the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement are waiting for you," the young man said with a stiff voice.

Galadriel wondered if Japan had the same magical government. She put those ideas for later, Galadriel needed to see what can she do now. Meeting the two of the highest authorities of the Wizarding World was a tremendous step for her. Although, she was not so sure about why they wanted to meet her. Regardless, she would monitor them. And if the worts come to past. Well, she was prepared for it.

They guided Galadriel to an enormous chamber where many people stood there. Watching her every move. Galadriel saw the girl she saved, and she was sitting in a small chair before what Galadriel could only think of as a judge or something. They waited for her to sit down. But Galadriel could feel the glares and whispers.

"What did I get myself into?" Galadriel thought.

"Please, let the trial begin. Accuser of the death of three innocent Pureblood Wizards stand up," one hooded person said.

"Wait, a minute! Those were Death Eaters, no innocent wizards!" A man with a mustache yelled.

"Lies! Those were innocent Purebloods Wizards! Of respectable families! We demand punishment and to make things clear that the Department of Defense can't do whatever they want! They need to be put in check!" Another yelled and many grunted in approval.

"How can you be so sure? There aren't even evidence! Their bodies were destroy!" The mustache man replied back.

"She is a murderer!"

Galadriel just sat there, hearing those words, and she had little understanding of what in the name of sweet Jesus was going on. Was she being accused of murder? She did not know.

"Order! Order!"

"We aren't here to do that! So please sat down!" The Minister of Magic, Harold Minchum said.

"Then what are we doing here? To see a strange woman with a white mask parade around the Ministry like she owned the place? Why is she wearing those clothes? How can be sure she is not one of… You-know-who followers?!" Galadriel tilted her head in confusion.

"You-know-who?" She thought.

"Ministry, if I may speak," the mustache man asked.

"Giving the word to the head of Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Bartemius Crouch please speak," the minister said with a tired voice.

"Thank you, minister. As I was saying early. This attack proves that the agents of the Dark Lord Voldemort infiltrated the Ministry. This attack was an ambush directed to our Aurors. We need to approval of the ministry, to use deadly force against such enemies of the Wizarding people of Britain," Bartemius said with determination. Such words, however, were booed by the other party. To which the other side of the room replied with shouts of themselves.

"And star a war?!" A wizard yelled from the other side of the room.

"We are at war, honorable member of the Wizengamot! Only you and those of the Dark faction seem to believe there is not such a thing!" Crouch yelled.

Galadriel listened and could swear this was like those parliament fights she used to see online. However, she was still wondering what was she doing here. Tiring of being left behind. Galadriel took this chance to make a name of herself. She needed to make them see her, not as an enemy. But something more. Like a wildcard of sorts. She needed to find more about this magic. Galadriel also needed to explore the world. The more she does, the better her chances to find Nazarick become.

Perhaps she could do more things to increase her popularity.

"[Demonic Aura II]" Galadriel spell had an immediate response. Everyone in the chamber felt her dark presence. The fear, the power emerging of her. Moody froze in his place. This was almost the same feeling he felt the first time he saw Voldemort. However, this was so much different.

Voldemort's presence was intimidating because of his magic. His power was all over the place. Like fire in the air, like a wild animal.

But her presence was something far more dangerous. Moody could feel she was in control of her power. Tame even, but it was so much darker. Like something picking everything apart. So much powerful than even Voldemort himself. This was the moment Moody felt as everything just got even worse.

Then, out of nowhere. This horrible feeling that brought everyone to their knees. Disappeared like nothing. The people of the chamber could breathe again. However, they were now watching at the white-masked woman with fear.

"Now that I finally got the attention of everyone here. I have an offer or sorts," Galadriel said with a voice capable of bringing every man to their knees.

"An offer?" The ministry asked in a fearful voice.

"Yes, for what can I see… This, what was his name? Ah, yes… Voldemort. He is proving to be too much for any of you. So this is the offer I bring. I could deal with him, in exchange, I want something in return," Galadriel said and everyone lost their collective mind.

"Order! Order!" Cry the ministry without success. So again, Galadriel used [Demonic Aura II] to shut them up. She huffed, they were making things harder for her.

"None of you can deal with him. But I can, let me deal with this Dark Lord of yours and his Death Eaters, but in return I want something of the same value," Galadriel said with a smirk.

Everyone was muttering at such words. But, could it be possible to have someone capable of dealing with the strongest Dark Lord in history? The ministry didn't know, but he was sure to not let this opportunity let go to waste. However, there was something else going on. He could feel it.

"How can we be sure you can take him on?" Crouch asked with fear but trepidation.

"You, girl, tell them what you saw," Galadriel said to Amelia, who wanted to disappear at the intense glares of the masked woman.

"Trainee Amelia Bones, isn't it?" Crouch asked.

"Yes, sir," Amelia replied.

"Can you verify what she said?" Crouch said.

"I… Yes, sir. I saw firsthand what she could do. She… The spells cast by the Death Eaters had no effect on her. Even the Killing Curse, and Fiendfyre," everyone gasped.

"That's impossible! No one can block the Killing Curse! You speak nonsense, girl!" Someone yelled.

"It's true! I saw it!" Amelia screamed.

"Perhaps we could see the memory?" Crouch said, and everyone agreed.

Galadriel watched, fascinated by how they use those wands to remove the memory from the girl's head. It was incredible. Then she saw how they brought a kind of weird device capable to project the memory is in the air. Like a smokescreen of sorts. She was learning more each minute.

The members of the Wizengamot saw in horror the memory. From the horrible attack, and the scene in which Amelia was almost raped. Something Galadriel did not like one bit. To the scene of her being hit in the chest by the killing curse and being engulfed in the flames of the Fiendfyre.

"Impossible! This… This has to be a fake memory!" One member of the Dark faction yelled in disbelief.

"Trainee Amelia has been here all this time. There is no way she did it!" Crouch yelled. He was afraid as everyone else, but he couldn't deny how lucky he was. To find someone capable of fighting the dark lord. Crouch wanted her on his side. No matter what.

"Is all true… All of it. Now is time to choose, or I could just leave," Galadriel said, putting more pressure in the chamber.

"If we accept your… Services. What would you like in return?" Galadriel smiled at this.

Galadriel's primary objective was to gather information and to find Nazarick. Nothing else matters. So having an entire government body on her side, eating from her hands. Was a good start. But she must be careful and be prepared for everything. She was alone here, and she needed to move with care.

"What do I want? Well, I want… Everything."

Far away, both Dumbledore and Voldemort were going to wake up. To the news of a new challenger. A challenger with her own goals.

And the Ministry of Magic had no idea to whom they have given away their fate. After all, never make deals with a demon.