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Chapter 12

The people there couldn't help but be in awe at the pure power emanating from Galadriel, a surreal aura of supremacy none of them have heard or felt before. The power coming from the woman with white-hair and dark long wings was different. It felt dark but supreme. A rather hard thing to explain for anyone who wasn't experiencing the moment. But they had to look at the eyes of where all that power was coming from, and they felt intimidated by it. The Black and Malfoy, especially Orion Black, were baffled about the sheer magical power. Orion has seen the dark lord first hand.

Like many of their status. Orion was all in for a new age for them. For the Purebloods. So, with that in mind, finding and joining the new dark lord in his crusade to clean the magical word of those who were unworthy was a rather obvious take. Yet, there was another reason for it and it was a simple one. They were afraid. Scare of what was happening in their world. Orion, like his father, Lord Arcturus Black, knew that the number of children born from pureblood families was diminishing heavily. Some families were lucky, while others were not so much.

And it was the fact that each generation was born weaker than the last one that brought a sense of panic to them. It was one reason why Arcturus did not disown one of his members. Andromeda Black, or well, now Tonks, was his granddaughter/second-cousin. She married a muggleborn, and while she became a blood traitor in their eyes, the birth of Andromeda's daughter. The first Metamorphmagus in the last 75 years stopped them from doing so. Not even Walburga could deny it.

They did mutter some nasty words and told her she was no longer welcome in their home. Walburga burned her face from the tapestry and whatnot. Yet she was not disowned. They may need that child in the future. But regardless, it was proof, a horrible truth, that muggle-born blood was indeed a good thing. Not that they would ever say it out loud or admit it. But it was there, right in front of their eyes. The number of purebloods was getting lower each decade. And that was terrifying.

So, when the new dark lord appeared saying how it was their duty to cleanse and bring forth a new age for them. And adding the sheer power person had, well, they believed him. There were many other things they wanted, not only the return of the Old Ways, but the respect for magic and the institution they believed in.

But now, watching, and feeling the power of the person before them. They had a hard time believing in what was real anymore.

Was she a human? Or something? They didn't know.

"Like master Bogrod just said, I did not arrive here to take any of your titles away. There is no need for me to do so," Galadriel said, smirking at them.

"What are you?" Walburga asked, trying to look brave and failing miserably.

Galadriel took her time to think of the best approach possible. She has rehearsal in the back of her mind what she would say to them. Galadriel likes the whole more divine than thou trope. If they see her as something more than what she was. It would defiantly serve her in the end. Besides, from what she has done lately. People would definitively believe she was everything she says and more.

"Someone with time, and power to see this world end. That's what I am. But to you, simply put, I am a Supreme Being."

"A supreme being?"

Fleamont whispered, as his wife, and he listened to those words. They looked at her and could see no lie in the woman's eyes. Those golden, powerful eyes held no falsehood. There was no need for it. Yet, they were afraid.

"What do you want from us? If is not our money, or titles, what would you want from low beings such as us?" Lord Greengrass asked, hitting the nail of what many there were asking to themselves.

Fleamont saw the old lord Greengrass with a sense of respect and admiration. The lord of the Potter family has met him before. Lord Greengrass looked like a stern man from the outside, but he was sure he was a rather welcoming person. Not someone who judges or looked down on people just because of their background. He could respect it. However, he right now looked afraid, but not for his life, but for the life of his daughter. And Galadriel took notice of that.

Galadriel has been thinking about her primary goal for a while. Well, truth be told. The search for Nazarick was her primary concern, yes. But she would not lie and say she wanted to save the world. Or well, rule it. She wanted to conquer it. But save it at the same time. She knew what would happen in the next decades. Galadriel knew that in a century or so, from now. The world would face annihilation. The Third-World-War. Or as they called it during her high-school days. The Rivers Wars was a conflict that destroyed the world. It lasted for a decade and devastated continents and seas. By the end of it all. The superpowers ended up destroying the same resources they were fighting for. A rather sad irony.

And from what she suspected. The Wizarding World was not unscathed by it. London, in her time-line, was an enormous crater, with nothing left in it. Parts of Europe were either sunk in the waters, destroyed by nuclear bombs, or too toxic to live in. There were like three or four cities left. Berlin, Warsaw, Rome, and Reims, that had any resemblances of what it was before. So, Galadriel believes that it would be in the best interest of all of them. If they could avoid such fate. They have a lot of time for it.

And with that in mind, Galadriel spoke softly by clearly.

"To save the Wizarding World from a cruel fate."

"Cruel fate? What does that mean?" Lord Delacour asked, worryingly.

Galadriel looked at them as she spread her black wings once again. "In the near future, a war like no other will ravish the world."

The lords looked at each other, as some of them remembered how a previous wizard told them the same words.

"A muggle war, then? What should we care about it? It would be like the previous one. As long as we stay out of it. Nothing will happen to us. Let those rats kill each other," Lord Abraxas Malfoy said, with a nasty smug on his face.

"You're a fool, Malfoy, if you believe it would not harm us in any shape or form," Fleamont said.

Abraxas sneered at him rather nastily. "Oh, and what could it be?" Abraxas replied.

"I fought in the Grindelwald war… the Muggle war was ravishing the entire continent. Not even the Ministry shield could hold on in the bombardment. The muggle weaponry and warfare are only getting more advance and powerful," Fleamont said somberly, and next to him, Lord Delacour could only nod. Both Lord Potter and Lord Delacour knew each other from the war. They weren't friends or allies, but they have seen each other on the battlefield and reunions.

"Lord Potter is right. The devastation France suffered during the Second World War and the Grindelwald war was too much for us. Not even since the muggle first world war, we have seen such destruction. The French ministry of Magic hasn't still recovered from it. Our wards, and magic shields, couldn't hold the German Blitzkrieg for long. And during the occupation… we have to do a lot of things, in order to survive."

Galadriel tilted her head at those words. She was learning more about them, so she remained silent for now.

"Oh, so it was true, then? That France broke the Statue of Secrecy during the war?" Lord Arcturus asked.

Lord Delacour scoffed at the lord of the Black family. "The Statue of Secrecy was broken during the entire war, lord Black. Only the fools of the ICW believed otherwise. Grindelwald had deep hands in the Nazi party. And many of the SS officials were wizards in disguise. Himmler was a squib, and he knew the ways in. He wanted to create the perfect soldier, the perfect Aryan, and so, he joined Grindelwald. France became a hunting ground for them, they were killing anyone who was against them. La Résistance was formed by muggles, squibs, wizards and witches alike. Since the ICW avoided Europe like a plague, we had to fight back. We may be magical beings, but we are also French!" Lord Delacour said, with a proud tone in his voice.

Galadriel had to admire the Delacour lord. Few people would admit it such a thing. But then again, he was French. Everything makes sense. I really need to learn more about the history of the Wizarding World. It seems I'm missing a lot. Galadriel thought.

"This is going to be a different war… lord Black, lord Malfoy," Galadriel said.

"How different?" Lord Potter asked.

Galadriel smiled, as she then proceeded to call upon [Phantasmagoria]. She knew it would be better if she just saw them in the future. Well, [Phantasmagoria] did not look into the future, but she had an ability that allowed her to show illusions. And well, Galadriel told the ghost what she wanted to show. Memories of her life. The cities in ruin, the war, and weaponry. All the things she saw from documentaries, photos, and live footage. Honestly, it wasn't pleasant. Yet it was a good way to show it all.

"What is that?!"

Walburga yelled, horrified at the specter before her. It didn't look like a ghost, but something else. A more living thing, if it was even possible. The rest of the lords had the same thought. The woman had a weapon encrusted in her chest, and she had a soft blue around her, yet she felt alive. It was a bizarre thing to explain truly.

"Don't worry, she won't harm any of you. She is here to show you… the future."

Galadriel nodded at the ghost, as the maiden of sorrow then proceeded to open a sort of mirror in front of them. And then a light, a tender blue light, started to change forms, to evolve before them. Images of a different world, more advance and better suited for life, appeared. Galadriel smiled, as it honestly mesmerized her. Like watching a movie. She thought about the images showing her old world. A world she knew about but never lived. A wonderful time, before everything went to shit. Galadriel saw many times videos of the past, of how the world once was. The lords and ladies, even the goblins, stared baffled at the view of the tall buildings.

The technology the humans achieve was nowhere the wizarding folk have ever thought possible. Galadriel noticed it too. They were visibly uncomfortable with the way the muggles lived until that point. The lowest muggle family seemed to live better than the richest pureblood family at that point in time, and they weren't wrong. Diseases such as cancer or HIV were not a problem anymore. Medicine and transportation evolved to something unreal. Humanity colonize the moon, and started to travel to mars, as they were all getting ready for an age of intergalactic travel, just like in the movies. Humanity was getting closer to step out of the planet, ready to jump to a new era. But, while normal people lived their days without worry, old rivalries emerged. Old ideas and scars. The governments wanted more and more. Nations who for a long time expanded their influences found themselves against each other, fighting for pieces of land with the resources they all wanted. And, of course, it only took one action to ruin it all.

Galadriel would never understand why they did it. Why they started a conflict that ended with the destruction of everything they once stood for. Perhaps it was just human nature, maybe it was humanity's last test before reaching the stars. It didn't matter; they failed.

Galadriel sighed internally, as she saw the first nuke hit one of the cities. The first nuclear detonation destroyed San Francisco. Then next, for the next half an hour or so, the wizards and witches saw with their own eyes. The complete annihilation of the world. They saw the power and destruction muggle weapons could do. The weaponry destroyed everything. No magic could hold against the atom bomb. Against the relentless explosions. But the worst of it all was the usage of space weaponry. Satellites that once held the power to transfer information across the world, or to the colonies out of space, were used as meteorites. Galadriel felt that during that decade of war, humanity's IQ dropped incredibly.

Galadriel looked at how the International Space Station, which at the time was a colossal infrastructure, came crushing down engulfed in fire. And they are only watching the first three years of the war. Galadriel thought somberly. Humanity's self-destruction was achieved in the last years of the war, when all the leaders and corporations that started, were no more. Now that she thought about it. Few big names started the war. Regardless, billions of people perished, and continents were forever destroyed. The fact that we survive it is a miracle. It should have been impossible. I guess we are quite a resilient species. She thought.

Galadriel also thought about her father. The man she hated the most. Nothing would ever change how much hatred she held for him, yet looking back. He was a shell of a human. He fought in the war and saw unspeakable things done to other humans. By the time he married her mother, he was a broken piece of meat. Galadriel's father only knew one thing, and it was beer and drugs. Nothing more. Did she forgive him for how he treated them? No. But Galadriel understood why he was the way he was.

The images became more horrendous, and from what Galadriel could see, they were not enjoying it. There was no need to show them more.

"I think, that would be enough," Galadriel said.

The maiden obeyed her lady's words as she vanished from sight. They all stood there, looking, thinking, lost.

"That… is that real?" Fleamont asked, quietly.

"All of it," Galadriel said.

"How can we be sure about it?! Maybe she is lying?! Showing illusions or something!" Walburga said as she was trying her hardest to accept what she saw. Many of them just thought the same. They rather believe everything was a lie than face the truth.

"And why would I bother doing that?" Galadriel asked, rather amused.

"For power!" Walburga said, or well, yelled.

"I have all the power I need. What would I gain from yours?" Galadriel said. As of now, the witch was having a hard time saying anything.

"Let me be clear, so all of us could be on the same page. The reason, I bother in calling all of you, was because of the titles I took. And because of a sense of worth. I believe, that we could work together, in order to achieve something worthwhile, something great. There is no reason for denying, that I will become, a ruler. My plans expand hundred of years ahead of the life of a mortal."

Galadriel said, allowing those words to sink in, and for the looks of it, everyone stood still, listen to her without missing a beat.

"I don't need you. Truth be told, I could obtain what I need with no problem. If I so desire, I could kill every single one of you, right here and take the what I want."

They all went stiff at those words, and for a second there, they could feel the hostility in the air. And while it was true, Galadriel wanted to avoid it. Why kill everyone when they can serve you? She was a Demon Empress. She needed an empire to rule, and servants to order. She had none of that now. Besides, killing for the sake of killing was not appealing to her. Galadriel truly wanted to save the world from the awful fate it awaits. Not because of the goodness of her heart. But because she already lived in a living hell. She wanted to avoid going back. The world didn't deserve such a fate.

"But I won't do that. Instead, I would like for all of you, to join me freely. Of your own volition," Galadriel said.

"Why? The debts of the house we own you… you could claim them as yours for all time. Force us to do anything. Why, would you just let us choose? Would you let us go free?" Lord Delacour asked, trying to understand the words of the woman before him. Galadriel, of course, knew how to deal with people, well, in businesses contracts. She knew how to play the game when dealing with a deal. So, she decided to take the route that would bring them to her side.

"The world will change whatever you want it or not. It would happen, all the things you all saw. If you want to leave, and decide to test your luck in the near future, go on, and leave. But do keep in mind, that if you defy me, you will be destroyed."

Galadriel said, and waited for a reaction. She knew that soon one of them would ask her about her plans. It was only a matter of time.

"The dark lord would help us! He would do something about the muggles and the war! Right? Right?!" Walburga yelled, looking for any type of reassurance from her husband. Yet she found none. The only response Walburga got was a small laugh from Galadriel.

"The dark lord is a child playing with a stick… nothing more. He wants to clean the world of those unworthy. And put the purebloods back to the top of the hierarchy. A foolish endeavor. Since at the end of things, it won't matter."

Walburga's face was red, and she was breathing deeply. Orion realize that it was going to get worse, as he knew how awful Walburga's temperament was.

"I fought him a few times. Well, it was more me, making a spectacle than fighting him. But if you believe, he would do anything but to feed his own ego, you're wrong. Voldemort is nothing, but a frustrated ego maniac who would kill anyone to achieve whatever, his father didn't give him."

Galadriel said, with a small sense of irony.

"How can we be sure about your power?" Lord Malfoy asked. He wanted to know more. If she was truly beyond their comprehension, surely, she would be more than just power. Abraxas wanted to make sure, joining her, would be a better bet than the Dark Lord. He was afraid of both of them and for good reasons. Voldemort was someone who pushed forward an ideology he accepted. And he was powerful, that's why he followed him. However, Abraxas was also a Slytherin, self-preservation was a must.

Abraxas has taken notice of the last previous encounters between both of them. While he was expecting for the Dark Lord to win at ease. He discovered that it would not be the case. After all, he was there when he saw, with his own eyes, how she could easily shrug off the killing curse. There was little he could do to deny that fact. And he doesn't do it. And if what she says is true, and what he saw was correct. The survival of the future generation of his family was more important than mudbloods.

Galadriel thought about it and decided to take one of her rings. If it made it easy for her to move on. Well, it would be easy.

"I apologize for what could this feel for you, for all of you."

Galadriel took her ring, and the room came crashing down on them. She noticed how bad the wife of the Delacour lord felt, as she was practically on the floor, barely breathing. She was a blubbering mess. The rest weren't better. Gringotts was a magical bank, hence why the walls, and floor, and the roof started to shake under her presence. Seconds became hours for the lords. Galadriel enjoyed the reaction, but she had a lot to do. She put her ring on again, and finally they after a few more seconds they could breathe again.

"Did that answer your question?" Galadriel said.

Abraxas was still on the ground trying to get a hold of his feelings, of his magic. Never in his life, he felt something so raw and powerful. It became clear that Voldemort or Dumbledore were nothing but a pest to this woman. To this being.

Galadriel took his barely breathing and shaken voice as a yes.

"Good, now… What I am going to ask each one of you is, rather simple. Would you leave your destiny to luck, or fate? Would you like to become a memory when this world ends? Or would you like to be a legend, when the new one arrives?"

Bellatrix lay on the floor of her cells, looking at the ceiling like it felt for the hundredth time. There wasn't much to do, truly. She lost track of time. At the very least, her cell was clean enough, and the food, good enough for her to eat without a problem. Well, this is not Azkaban. Bellatrix thought with a grim look on her face as she took a bite of her bread. But even though, she was completely bored to death. The isolation has offered something she never had before. Peace of mind. Time to think, to reflect, to decide what she should do.

"Well, at least I don't have to marry that cunt of Lestrange," she said.

The witch wanted to leave already, to fight, but if she was honest. The resolution of her ideals was shaking. She receives the Prophet daily, and she saw the news, just like everyone. The Dark Lady curing Lycanthropy, defeating trolls with a snap of her fingers. Stopping the killing curse with her bare hands, and more. If such a person holds that much power, Bellatrix was interested, very much. Her mind, in its own twisted way, was now leading to follow such person.

Bellatrix smiled as she couldn't wait to get out of this horrendous place and find the Dark Lady and offer her services. She is more powerful than Voldemort, I'm sure of it. Would she teach me? She thought smirking, at the idea of becoming stronger.

Then the door suddenly opened, Bellatrix lazily tilted her head, wondering who could it be. And she softly groaned at the sight of her beloved aunt and mother.

"Mother, aunt Walburga, did you come for me?" She asked.

Druella, her mother, and Walburga, her aunt, only stared at her, and Bellatrix noticed something, off. Normally, they would have screamed at her like a bunch of rabid dogs for being knocked out by a small girl. But now, they were just standing there, looking at her.

"Oh, what is happening? Don't you all want to scream at me, for falling? Aren't you all angry at me, since a little mudbloods defeat me?" Bellatrix said, and while she was saying hostile things in order to get a reaction, she found none. Now, Bellatrix was getting confused.

"Enough, Bellatrix, while we are disappointed in your defeat. We are thankful you were already unconscious before our lady arrived, otherwise you would be dead."

Bellatrix nodded, but something confused her even more. Our lady? She thought.

"Mm, then, why are you here? Did you bribe the guards? Or the ministry?"

"We could have done it, but we didn't. You're being released by the ministry and no charges would be put on you," Druella said.

"That sounds like bribery," Bellatrix pointed out.

"Well, it was not, now get up. We're leaving," Druella said.

"Alright, but before we leave. What is going on? Did the Dark Lord send you for me?" Bellatrix asked.


Now Bellatrix was interested and muddled. "What do I feel something happen to the both of you."

Druella and Walburga only stared back at her, and Bellatrix could see a rather uncomfortable glare. And there weren't many things that made her feel uncomfortable.

"Things have changed," Druella said.

"Oh, what change?" Bellatrix asked.

"All of it."

Walburga said as Bellatrix could only follow them, wondering what had happened while they locked her up. Hopefully, things would be better for her.