A/N: So this is something new for me, a story that centers around an OC rather than a AU of the main character. Ares will be his Familia leader, but he WILL be AU because I didn't like how they portray the god of war in Danmachi.

Something very important readers need to know is that although I LOVE Danmachi I've never actually read the light novels; though I would really like to.

This story also takes place in the same continuity of the series, so Bell is still a character and he will meet Gilgamesh.

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys this story as I delve into it and please let me know your thoughts.

The Iliad

Ch.1- Enter the Argonaut


The core of Orario's Loki Familia weren't sure how they'd gotten into such a mess, but one thing was for sure, they were not having a good time! All around them were a heard of Minotaur, the large and fowl-smelling beasts snarled or roared as they closed in on the team, eager to tear any living thing limb from limb.

And while none of Finn's group were making it easy for the hairy dungeon creatures, it was clear that frustrations were rising as no matter how many of the monsters were taken down two more seemed to take their place.

Ais was doing fine on her own, slashing them apart with her thin blade, the famed Sword Princess lived up to her title as the blonde dashed between opponents and split them apart before they had a chance to even react. Though upon closer inspection, one could see that the seemingly endless wave of Minotaur was beginning to take its toll on even her stamina.

Even Bete, the proud and boastful werewolf, was breathing hard after smashing in the skull of another enemy. Blood covered the lanky giant and he nearly slipped over a puddle of the stuff as he went to duck under a swing meant to take the young adventurer's head off; he retaliated by striking out, and burying his fist in chest of that poor fool who'd dared.

Finn himself was fine, though the svelte blonde was beginning to wish that an end would come to this madness soon; it really didn't make any sense, where had so many of these monsters come from!? Swinging his spear around in a wide arc, and slicing off each subsequent head that had been in its path. More blood flew through the air and littered the dungeon floor with the maneuver, but the nimble captain hardly noticed as he continued adding to his body count.

With those three helping keep the monsters at bay, Riveria's elvish spell-work was able to help by taking out large pockets of the never ending swarm. Fire and ice took turns raining down upon the mindless beasts as they charged head-first into battle; though after so long, even the Loki Famila's resident 'hen mother' was beginning to feel a bit of the dreaded 'mind down' that came with using too much magic without rest.

That left the Amzon sisters; Tione and Tiona. Together they worked with smiles on their faces as they beat numerous Minotaur into oblivion with nothing but their bare hands; their weapons having long since been lost to the wear-and-tear of combat. The twins propelled each other off their hands, swung the other around in devastating tornado-like throws, and were just all-around a credit to their nature as they brawled to their hearts content.

When it came down to it, they were really the only ones suited to such a battlefield.

"Gah!" The roar came from Bete as he put down yet another monster, "How many more of these fucking things are we gonna have to put up with; this is staring to get ridiculous!"

"I know what you mean," Riveria agreed as she took a moment to catch her own breath after that last magic attack. "I'm not sure how many more spells I've got in me before I'm no good to you all; this battle really has been going on for far too long."

"Aw, don't say that; the fun's barely even gotten started!"

Tiona's cheerful cry was followed up by her dispatching yet another Minotaur before leaping back to stand with her sister, who'd been flanked by another group of monsters as she herself dealt with another of their kin.

"Easy for you to say," Bete roared as sweat dripped off his chin, "these smelly bastards are really starting to stuff up my nose, and I'm getting' tired of clobbering their weak asses!"

The bustier Amazon twin let out a snort as she spun into a roundhouse-kick, "Yeah right, you're just too tired to keep going; it's alright, you can say it. Not everyone can be as tough as the Captain, so why don't you run along with your tail between your legs and let a real man handle things."

"Shut your stupid face!"

It was another hour of this; grunting, shouting, and angry roars. But by then only three of the Loki Familia were still fit to fight. Their mage had been the first to stagger, with the beautiful elf calling to them that anymore spells would drop her like a dead weight; she now stayed back behind the Amazon's and did her best to recover quickly.

Bete had been the next to drop. The proud werewolf had slowed after such a long confrontation, and being slammed by a raging beast had seen his ribs fractured. The young man snarled from his place beside Riveria, angry with himself for being taken out of the fight at all.

Then, unthinkably, Ais tired. The blonde stern facade remained, even after her sword had been broken and a large fist slammed into the girl's gut, but anyone could see behind those eyes that the Sword Princess was spent. Her combination of wind magic as well as highly taxing physical escapades having drained the teenage warrior's stamina to nothing.

With their subsequent defeat this left the Amazons alone to fight beside their squad leader, as well as protect their friends and Familia members.

Yet when even the fierce Pallum stumbled, Tione was quick to jump to his side; her precious Captain needed her! However this left Tiona alone, and while under normal circumstances the younger twin would have been happy to take on such a challenge, the fact that it was tainted by the possible death of their friends made for a very unhappy female adventurer.

"Tione," she hollered after taking down another Minotaur, "how's Finn; is he alright!?"

It was the man himself who answered.

"I'll be fine; this floors just getting a bit slippery. Tione, head back over and support Tiona, I can handle my side of things but you both know how upset Loki will be if we come back without Ais."

There as something to be said about the blonde's ability to joke even in the face of overwhelming odds. And while Tione wanted to argue, the busty babe was never one to ever disobey a direct order from Finn, so it was with a concerned look back that saw her rejoin Tiona and continue to fend off the raging stampede.

Another ten minutes of this, and there was no avoiding it, out of the corner of her eye the older Amazon twin could see that her leader was beginning to tire. He was strong, of that there was never any doubt, but even she knew that he wasn't built like either of the Hiryute sisters. The horde was nearly defeated, she could see it in their now dwindling numbers, but with an ever-watchful eye Tione caught sight of one Minotaur who seemed to notice the very same exhaustion that the female adventurer had; it was gearing up for a charge.

"No! Captain!"

"Tione, don't!"

But it was too late. Tiona watched her sister leap across the dungeon floor and intercept the raging beast that intended to skewer their team's leader, unfortunately, this distraction cost the energetic cutie as it left her open to an attack of her own.




Wide, violet eyes looked up in horror as one of the snarling, drooling monsters managed to close in on their owner's guard. It raised a giant fist, intent on simply crushing Tiona's skull rather than toss her around, and the Amazon found herself frozen with the very real fact that she may actually die that day. In all of her seventeen years, the young warrior woman couldn't recall a time such fear had ever taken root inside her...until now.

'Am I...going to die?'

The answer, it turns out, was no.

Just as the Minotaur's fist began to swing, a brilliant flash of lightning streaked through the air and crashed into the filthy beast; the sheer force enough to cause it to explode. Then, out of the smoke, a figure came rushing in and began to make short work of the remaining monsters. They wielded a set of swords, each one no longer than maybe two-feet in length, but these short blades proved more than enough to take down those twenty remaining Minotaur's when coupled with this newcomer's amazing speed and dexterity.

It was bloody, and on account of the monsters it was loud, but as the Loki Familia members watched their savior work they noticed something very interesting...he had no footsteps.

Or rather, the adventurer moved so fast, that even one like Bete couldn't catch hint of any movement.

Just who was this guy!?

When the slaughter was finished though the group found they had more questions than answers, as the stranger wore a hooded cloak over their body. It was a deep crimson, almost black under the dungeon lighting, but well made by the look of the material; and, in spite of the battle, there wasn't a scratch on it anywhere.

For a moment, no one moved and no one found they were able to speak, but then the hooded warrior's voice rang out through the cavern and Finn's squad were shocked at what they heard...

"Is everyone alright; were there any others in your party?"

He sounded...so young!

To no real surprise, it was Finn who recovered first.

"Ah, no, this...this is all of us. Thank you, by the way, for saving us mister..."

"It's Gilgamesh," the newly named adventurer turned here, and with a quick flick of the wrist pulled down his hood, "and I'm very honored to meet you, members of the Loki Familia."

If the guy's voice sounded young, then it matched his face perfectly; with such soft features there was very little chance that this 'Gilgamesh' was anywhere over fifteen years old! He had a round nose and bright, amber eyes, and it was all topped off by a head of violet hair whose spikes flowed back in a smooth flame-like appearance.

However with movement came the swishing of Gilgamesh's cloak, something that revealed a bit of what this adventurer wore into the dungeon, and what the group saw while not out of the ordinary was definitely made by a blacksmith who knew what they were doing. A muscled cuirass was strapped against the boy's chest, and metal guards protected his forearms with grieves over Gil's shins.

There was a skirt of leather that hung from the violet-haired teen's waist, and stopped above his knees, with a belt specially designed to keep Gilgamesh's twin gladius safe in their sheaths. Though, now that the boy wasn't moving, everyone could see that their savior also had a third blade strapped to his back as well. Underneath it all, was a dark, black bodysuit cutting off at the thigh and shoulders that complimented well with his cloak.

Yet, what no one but Finn could see, was the clasp that held Gil's cloak pinned to his upper-chest.

Azure eyes widened at the sight of that symbol, and the Pallum felt his throat constrict as he recalled the last time anyone in Orario had seen his signetanywhere within the city walls.

What was an emissary of Ares doing here!?

Finn might be in danger of a heart-attack, but Tiona Hiryute's own was beating wildly for a totally different reason. Because while she may be an Amazon and loved being a rough-and-tumble girl, fact was that Tiona was a girl; and the cutie wanted a partner darn it! But..not just any partner.

They had to be strong, and fast, able to keep up with her and have the Amazon's back no matter what. Being honest was obvious, and loyal too, though as far as something outdated as 'honor' went Tiona wasn't as interested in that; fights were far too dangerous for that sort of tomfoolery.

And sure, there were adventurers like Bete who technically fit that role, but none of the men in Orario were honestly cute enough for the short-haired beauty to really catch her attention or they had a shitty attitude like the girl's Familia member. Finn sort of fit the bill, but she wasn't into older men the way Tione seemed to be, and even the more handsome deity all walked around with a chip on their shoulder or just didn't have enough backbone for Tiona's taste.

But...this guy. Gilgamesh. He'd just come along and tore through twenty Minotaur's with ease, so he had to at least be a level six, and that was without taking into account his obvious ability to use elemental magic too!

'And, to top it off, he's a super cutie~'

The other stuff could be found out through some one-on-one runs in the dungeon as far as the Amazon was concerned, right now, she just wanted to get a closer look at this new piece of eye-candy and see if those biceps felt as strong as they looked.

Unfortunately, Bete beat her to it.

"Who the hell are you, and how do you know we're from the Loki Familia you little runt!?"

The werewolf was standing over the younger male, their drastic height difference made easily apparent, yet Gil seemed not to care as he simply stared up at Bete with a raised brow.

"I..introduced myself already; and it's very hard for a Familia like yours to be unknown even outside of Orario. With members like your captain, and the famed Sword Princess under the banner of Loki any warrior worth their metal would have at least basic knowledge of this particular squad of adventurers."

Tiona saw this as her chance, and hopped over towards the boys with giddy steps.

"Oooo, so does that mean you know about me, cutie?"

At the invasion of his personal space the violet-haired boy flinched, and they saw him reach for the short-swords at his hip, but when Gilgamesh realized that there was no actual threat the young adventurer's body eased and he gave full attention to the bronze cutie smiling up at him.

"Ano, you're the younger Hiryute sister Tiona; it's said that to watch you in battle with your Urga is a show worth any lord's weight in gold. In fact, such spectacular reviews of your whole Familia are why I'm here; I've come to test my strength against the very best Orario has to offer."

This bit of news raised quite a few eyebrows as the rest of the Loki expedition team came circling around the newcomer.

"Test your strength," Riveria pondered, "sounds a bit egotistical don't you think? I can't imagine anyone, with knowledge like yours, who'd be willing to openly challenge a Familia's strongest members to their faces like this while alone in the dungeon."

"Well to be fare," Gil shrugged, "you all did just get done nearly being turned into Minotaur chow before I arrived. As everyone is now, I'd wager it'd take me no more than five minutes to put every person in this circle down; with the Amazons taking the longest thanks to their impressive recovery rate."

Bright amber eyes looked into the calculating stare of an elf mage as the boy went on. "Besides, what would it prove if I were to fight you all now; my goal is to be the strongest adventurer without question. And I can't do that, if my opponents aren't at their best when we do battle."

"And do you desire this for yourself," Finn's azure gaze was stern, "or is Ares putting you up to it?"

All at once the atmosphere of the dungeon grew heavy, and Gilgamesh's jovial mood crashed as a mask of false calm settled over his face. One could see how the boy's eyebrows twitched with the desire to knit at the center of his forehead and there was a slight tug at the corners of Gil's mouth.

"What my Familia's leader wants is of no concern to you, Finn Deimne, just know that my desires are true and there is nothing I desire beyond a simple test of strength between myself and the strongest warriors of your city."

"Then I take it you've already approached the Freya Familia then; seeing as they are the largest in Orario, and hold the might of Ottarl, undisputed 'King' of the dungeon."

"You'd be wrong then," Gilgamesh shrugged, "like your own Goddess' love for wine and debauchery, so too is Freya's charm known throughout the lands beyond these walls, and I've no intention f risking being ensnared. Besides, there's no fun to be had facing a foe who takes no enjoyment in the heat of battle; something I'm sure wont be an issue with your group, Finn."

The svelte blonde stared at his squad's savior for a moment, azure eyes calculating and untrusting; his thumb was tingling. Unfortunately, there was no true threat to be found within the depths of Gil's own amber orbs and Finn knew that Loki would want to meet this boy, so it was with a wary sigh the Pallum conceded.

"Very well then; I'll bring you back with us. But, it's ultimately up to Mistress Loki if your request will be granted, Gilgamesh."

"You can't be serious Finn," Bete began to argue, "you're really gonna listen to this snot-nosed little puke after the way he talked to you!? I say we forget all about him and leave his sorry ass here for the next batch of monsters to wipe away!"

"Then lucky for me," Gil smirked as he began to follow the small captain, "that you aren't in charge Bete Loga. Though, judging from the trouble you had with those Minotaur's, I'd wager Loki's Familia would have long since been crushed if you were."

The werewolf was nearly foaming at the mouth now, and knew that only his aching body was what kept him from fully flying off the handle at Gilgamesh. So instead, Bete settled for raging insults the entire way back through the city with a promise that he'd be the violet-haired boy's first opponent once he was healed.


As narrow, apple-red eyes swept up and down the new errand boy for her fellow God Loki had only one thought; Hephaestus was not going to be happy about this.

Pushing back those darker memories from the past though, the perverted trickster huffed through her nose and leaned forward with hands on her hips.

"So then, Gilgamesh, you're supposed to be Ares newest champion huh? Gotta say, you don't look like much, especially compared to that last guy; Sparter-whatacus. Now that was a man. You though...you've got the look of a little bunny kid, so I've gotta ask, are you sure you wanna challenge my Familia?"

"My predecessor was indeed great, if not a tad misguided," Gil answered respectfully, "and while I am aware of my...lesser stature your own members can attest to my strength, if my association with the God of War does not do so already. You know, better than most, that my Lord only takes the very best under his flag."

All of Finn's squad could see the way their Goddess tensed at those words, felt how heavy the air grew and the chill now settled throughout the room.

"Um, Loki," Tiona's bubbly curiosity got the better of her, "what's Gil-kun talking about-"

"Get out; all of you."

None had ever heard their patron speak so cold before, and with the chill racing up their spines it was with a parade of wide eyes that the squad retreated and left Loki alone with her new guest.

The redhead waited until she was sure there weren't any eavesdroppers before addressing Gilgamesh again.

"Alright kid, what's that bloodthirsty warmonger want with my Familia; and don't lie. You may be strong, but there's no way you'll get out of here alive if I bring the full weight of my house down on your scrawny ass."

Gil tried to hold back his snort but wasn't entirely successful, and Loki felt her teeth ache as her jaw clenched just that much tighter.

"I'm sorry to say it, but that group you sent out are the only ones I'd probably need to worry about; besides maybe one or two more. And without the use of your divinity there's nothing for me to fear from even you, Trickster, but since you were once a close friend of my Lord I'll tell you what I'm really doing here."

Red eyes watched as their young guest walked past their owner to stare out the window then, and with Gilgamesh's back now to her Loki had to fight the urge she had to throw the bottle of wine in her hand at his head. Instead, she took a deep breath before chugging a mouthful, and went to stand beside the boy.

"There's a danger coming, Loki, one that threatens the very earth we now stand upon. Not since the Black Dragon has mankind been so in fear of extinction, only this time the threat we face cannot be sealed away or reasoned with; this time, it's do or die."

"So, what, Ares needs my Familia to help stop it or something? That doesn't sound like him at all; smug bastard always loved a good fight."

"Back when it increased his strength, yes," Gil clipped, "but now that he's created a kingdom here on the lower-world and built up his army my Lord does not wish to see it all turned to dust by a mindless beast."

"Well what then," Loki snapped with fully opened eyes, "what does that bastard want with my children Gilgamesh; tell me! Because if not to defeat this supposed 'monster' then what!?"

The echo of the Goddess' rage rang out though the study once, twice, until finally the pair were draped in the heavy quilt of tense silence. It had been a lifetime ago when last Loki felt her heart thunder beneath her breast and as she glared at Gil the redhead could recognize the nausea that came from speaking of Ares beginning to mount on top.

Finally though, just when the trickster began to wonder if she may very well explode, her violet-haired companion spoke. His voice was heavy, but resolute, weighted with purpose that one so young had no right knowing.

"...To help ready me, for my destiny."

And just like that, the tension was broken.

First, there was a snort, followed quickly by a sputter, until finally Loki couldn't hold back anymore and her entire study was filled with the sound of her laughter. Nearly dropping the bottle of wine as she bent over and clutched at her stomach, the redhead's face quickly reached a similar shade before the flat-chested Goddess finally got a hold of herself.

"Ya know kid," she wheezed, "next time maybe warn a gal if you're gonna try to make her laugh that hard; your destiny? I mean, come on, this isn't the Age of Beginnings anymore string-bean, no one actually has one of those anymore."

"If you choose not to accept that I am the only one who can slay this evil then fine," Gil's boyish face screwed up into a mask of anger and restrained fury as he whipped around to face Loki, "but even then you have no real reason to deny my Lord's request; not unless you're okay with everyone thinking the 'great' Loki is a coward."

"Hey, watch it you little puke," the trickster strode up and put her nose in Gilgamesh's face, "no one talks to me that way; I don't care what deity you serve! What, Ares puts a bit of armor on you and hands you some shiny toys so suddenly you're gonna come looking for a fight? Well fine, you've got one buster; tomorrow morning, at dawn. We'll see just how strong you really are when my Aiz mops the floor with your sorry ass!"

Taking that as his cue the violet-haired boy gave a firm nod before making his exit, though, Gil did stop just one more time right before closing the door, his last words keeping Loki up late into the night.

"Even if you don't believe me, Trickster, believe yourself; that feeling in your gut. There is a storm coming Loki, the only question now is if you'll allow your precious Ais to be swept away in it."


When the sun finally began to rise again on the following day, Loki and her Familia's core squad could be found in its entirety out in their very own backyard watching Gilgamesh go through a series of stretches.

It was decided that the cloaked boy would be tested against the groups melee combatants, leaving out Riveria and Lefiya, as those who used magic needed far too much time and concentration to appropriately test the white-haired youth in a one-on-one battle. And, just as he'd promised, Bete was first up in the ring.

"Remember," the Familia's 'mother-hen' called to them, "if you lose consciousness, surrender, or are knocked out of the circle you've lost the match; there will be no killing Bete. Broken bones can be mended, and if you still wish to fight even with such an injury it'll be allowed though your opponent has the right to decline."

"Yeah, yeah whatever; just start the match."

Bete could feel his whole body itch as he stared down the shrimpy boy who'd insulted him the day before, an eager look etched across his face. The werewolf had rolled around in his bed all night, restless and fuming, he couldn't wait to put Rabbit boy in his place and it was only taking longer with Riveria's yammering!

The elf could only sigh at her squad-mates rudeness, shaking her head before raising a single hand.

"Very well then, let the first match of this 'tournament'...begin!"

Most adventurers in Orario wouldn't have even seen the cocky werewolf move, but as Bete came in for a concussive kick to Gilgamesh's head he easily ducked under it and parried the following leg smash with a single forearm. Closing in on his foe's guard as the older fighter landed, the cloaked boy's fists moved like lightning as he delivered a swift series of punches to Bete's torso before dropping low for a sweep.

The werewolf managed a hasty dodge before putting some space between he and Gil, a snarl curling his lip as the haughty adventurer leaped into another smash attack.

Loki and her core squad watched with mouths on the floor as the small violet-haired kid took hold of their physically strongest member, and tossed him over the shoulder like a rag doll; right before twisting Bete's arm with a sickening 'snap'.


Calm amber eyes watched as the older warrior rolled across the ground, howling in agony as he clutched a mangled right arm.

"If that's your best, I'd suggest giving up Bete Loga; at this rate I wont even need to draw my short swords. Your moves are powerful, but predictable, you think that being bigger and stronger gives you the same advantage against adventurers as it does the monsters down in the dungeon; it doesn't."


Eyes bloodshot with rage, drool leaked from the werewolf's mouth as he stood to his feet. A sharp twist reset the bone, and it was wrapped by the torn remains of Bete's jacket as he shredded the garment with his growing claws.

"You think you're so tough, fine, then let's see how you handle round two!"

Rolling his own eyes Gilgamesh sighed before weaving through the angry adventurer's next flurry of strikes, ducking and twisting through his kicks before spinning on his heels to deliver a chop to Bete's neck; the brawler dropped like a sack of potatoes. With the arena blanketed in silence then, Belle turned to the Loki Familia and asked...

"Alright, so who's next?"

Before anyone else could answer, a cheerful and excited squeal rang out drawing all eyes to Tiona.

"Definitely me Gil-kun! C'mon, show me what you've got!"

She'd originally been a bit concerned about how well the cutie would do against her squad-mate now that the werewolf was at full strength, but to see him literally handle a fighter like Bete so easily quickly reignited that spark from the day before; Gil had just earned major points in her book. So it was with a high-waving hand that the Amazon got the boy's attention before Ais or Finn could wear him out.

"A-Are you sure Miss Hiryute, I-"

"No, no," Tiona pouted as she stepped into the ring, "none of that formal mumbo jumbo; just call me Tiona. Or, if you impress me enough I may even let you call me yours~"

Neon-red cheeks and a jaw on the floor wiped away all traces of the young man who'd just put down a six-foot tall lean mass of muscle, and Gilgamesh barely managed to defend against the incoming assault that Tiona broke into as he was distracted. A couple close calls lead to the pair almost entering into a sort of 'dance by combat', the Amazon and her adversary were spinning and twirling around the arena with their limbs swiping or swinging at each other in a spectacular display of close combat.

A red flush began to fill Tiona's cheeks as she swatted away another of Gil's jabs and retaliated with a spin-kick, her lips stretching into a beautiful smile when the violet-haired boy grabbed it and swung the older girl around.

Gilgamesh watched the bronze-skinned cutie roll with the toss and bounce back onto her bare feet before charging right back at him for another round. It was easy to see that she was more adept with hand-to-hand techniques than his last opponent, and as he somersaulted over a sliding kick the adventurer ditched his cloak before drawing the short swords at his hips.

Chocolate-brown eyes glinted with excitement at the sight of shining steal.

"Sis, my Urga please!"

"Just remember not to kill him!"

honey-gold amber eyes watched the large, double-bladed sword as it was flung through the air before the lithe form of their opponent blocked out the sun and came diving down with an excited war cry.

"Ready or not, Gil-kun, here I come!"

A cloud of dust mushroomed over the arena, but all eyes still managed to catch a grinning Gilgamesh as he came leaping out followed by an equally enthused Tiona. The clanging of steel rang through the courtyard with each parry of the Amazon's mammoth weapon, and it seemed all the boy could do to keep from being smashed like a fly.

But then Tiona made a mistake; she overextended. Her Urga was thrust forward in an effort to catch Gil in the gut and he spun around it, ducking the clumsy attempt at a recovery, to get inside the older girl's guard.

The young adventurer's strength was made clear then as he disarmed the warrior woman and trapped her in a Nelson-hold. Toned, bronze muscles were tensed with maximum effort but no matter how hard the younger Hiryute sister tried she couldn't break free!

Normally Tiona would have flipped over and forced her way out, but the feel of Gilgamesh's breath on the back of her neck, his strong hands buried deep in the young woman's shoulder-length hair as those biceps pressed against the curve of her small breasts all had the Amazon's heart racing and mind growing foggy with delirious arousal.

'Gil-kun is...incredible~'

Even as Riveria called the match and he let her go Tiona could still feel her chest pounding as the mixed scent of burnt cedar and polish lingered over the girl's slender form, tickling her nose and keeping a vivid memory of that last moment imprinted in the adventurer's brain. Tiona's head was still swimming even as Gilgamesh began to spar with her sister, and didn't uncloud until she caught sight of Aiz stepping into the ring.

"I can't believe he beat me in front of the Captain," Tione huffed as she took her place by Tiona's side.

"Well, Gil-kun is pretty strong sis, maybe even good enough to beat our Sword Princess, the guy's been through three of Orario's toughest adventurers and doesn't even look like he's broken a sweat."

Lefiya sniffed, as though she smelled something foul before cutting in.

"That's because you three don't ever tend to take anything seriously; unlike Miss Aiz. Just watch, she'll put this ruffian in his place sooner than we can blink, and then you'll see the 'Gilgamesh' is just another level 6 like the rest of you; he's nothing special, not like her."

Yet as Tiona jumped to her quickly-developing crushes defense, off further to the side Loki and her three highest council watched the arena with sharp focus, silent in their contemplation.

The redheaded Goddess was perturbed; Gilgamesh was good. Better than good, he was honestly fantastic, though given who his apparent Familia patron seemed to be this shouldn't have come as that great of a shock.

It was was just...there seemed to be something more to the violet-haired boy than just simple high stats, something Loki couldn't quite put her finger on.