Prologue A New Home

Unknown Location

"Are you sure you want to do this, Hagoromo?" Asked a male voice coming from a large mountain sized white deer with a gray vertically-striated underside, it's pointed feet are tipped with gold hooves, its mane is quite long, jutting away from its head, and its face is gray, with green eyes and red pupils, and a green circular pattern below its eyes with a golden circular hoop in its mid-section.

"I'm positive, Arceus. Naruto, his wives, and my children deserve a second chance. In a world less violent but more magical, and I think they could benefit from here." Said a tall pale skinned man, who had deep wrinkles and a strong jawline having spiky shoulder-length pale brown hair with a chin-length, braided lock hanging in front of his left ear along with sporting a goatee, a pair of horn-like protrusions extending from either side of his forehead with pupilless white eyes and a red Rinnegan-like marking in the center of his forehead wearing a white full-length kimono with a pattern of six black magatama around a high collar, beneath it he wore a necklace which was also made up of six black magatama.

Both Arceus and Hagoromo were looking at large crystal that held a slightly tan skinned young man having spiky blonde hair and whisker marks on his cheeks, a fair skinned young woman having long dark blue hair, a fair skinned young woman having shoulder-length pink hair, and a fair skinned young woman having blonde asymmetrical bob style hair.

And surrounding them were animals consisting of a raccoon dog, a flaming cat, a turtle, a ape, a dolphin-horse, a slug, a beetle, a octopus ox, and two foxes, all having tails going through 1 and 9 with both the foxes having 9 tails.

"You do know I'm going to turn your children into Pokemon, right?" Arceus said.

"I know. Just make sure they all are together and have good lives." Hagoromo begged.

"I promise." Arceus vowed. "Who knows they might be the ones my world needs in times of crisis."

"With Naruto involved I have no doubt." Hagoromo chuckled. "Oh and throw the four of them the power of aura. As well as communicate with Pokemon. I have a feeling they'll like it."

"Of course." Arceus chuckled.

Everything shinned in a bright light before they all vanished.

Pallet Town

In a forest the ones that were in the crystal were sprawled out on the ground groaning.

"Ugh, ok. Roll call." A 6 year old Naruto called out waking up.

"Here." A 6 year old Hinata said getting up.

"Present." A 6 year old Sakura said rising up.

"I'm here too." A 9 year old Samui said sitting up.

"Us as well." Came the voices of ten different animals.

"Kurama? Is that you and the other Biju's?" Naruto asked looking at the different animals.

"Yeah. Apparently our father informed us we're now Pokemon, the creatures of this world. I'm what's called a Vulpix." Kurama said as a fox-like Pokemon with reddish-brown fur, six orange tails that are curled at the tips, and a tuft of orange fur that curls into three rolls at the top and falls over its forehead at the bottom. "Though this form seems kind of girly in a way." He huffed.

"I'm called a Tauros." Gyuki said as a small bull-like Pokemon with tan color and brown mane that covers part of his stout body, a slightly chubby belly, somewhat fat haunches, and a hump on his back, with blue hooves and horns, three long tails, and three blue circles from his forehead down to his eyes. "I kinda like this." He snorted in approval.

"I'm called a Heracross." Chomei said as a small blue winged bipedal beetle, having a capsule-shaped thorax, a pair of yellow eyes, two clawed arms and feet, and growing from her head is a large heart-shaped horn, which is flanked on either side by a smaller antenna. "This form's not bad." She said flexing her arms.

"I'm a Goomy." Saiken said as a small gooey slug-like Pokemon with a purple colored body as the top half being a lighter shade than the underside, two feeler-like horns atop her head, tiny black eyes, and a wide mouth with a green spot on either cheek. "I'm pretty ok like this." She giggled.

"I believe I'm called a Keldeo, if I'm right." Kokuo said as a small slender unicorn her body mainly pale yellow with light blue fur covering her neck and the back of her head, her tail is also light blue in color, dark blue eyebrows and a red mane, and dark blue hooves. "I'm glad I can keep my majesticness." She puffed her chest in pride.

"I'm a Chimchar." Son Goku as a orange chimp with a light-colored stomach with a little swirl at the top on its chest along with a light-colored face, ears, hands, and feet with a burning flame as his tail. "This feels natural!" He laughed doing a back-flip.

"My form is called a Squirtle." Isobu said as a light-blue Pokemon with an appearance similar to a turtle with a aerodynamic shape and grooved surface, with a brown shell that covers its body with holes that allow his limbs, tail, and head to be exposed, and unlike a turtle, he is bipedal. "Me personally, I love being like this." He smiled hugging himself.

"I think I'm called a Meowth." Matatabi said as a small blue bipedal feline Pokemon, she has two blue whiskers on each side of her oval-shaped face and two hairs sticking up on either side of the coin-like gem on her forehead, she also has a curled tail, her tail and feet are brown at the end, and has small paw pads on the undersides of her heels and toes. "Not a bad form. I least it's cat-like." She smirked licking her paw. (A blue colored Meowth)

"And I'm a Sandshrew." Shukaku said as a white bellied and a yellow skinned which resembles bricked pavement or walls armadillo. "I guess this is alright." He shrugged his shoulders.

"And who're you?" Hinata asked the tenth animal.

"Oh I'm Kiyomi. I was the yin half of Kurama, which in turn made me a girl, and now I'm a Fennekin." Kiyomi said as a different fox-like Pokemon with yellow, orange and white fur as the fur on her long, pointy muzzle and face is white with a black nose, while her body is mainly covered in bright yellow fur, she has fluffy tufts of vibrant, flame-orange fur protruding from her ears, her eyes are round and bright orange with slit pupils, she has a short bushy yellow tail with an orange tip. "Pretty cute, huh?" She grinned winking.

"Sure is. And now there's a even number of you guys. Five guys, five girls." Samui grinned.

"And you said you guys are creatures called Pokemon? Fascinating." Sakura mussed.

"So why are we in a new world anyway?" Naruto asked but an answer came as a scroll appeared in front of him, feeling that is was ok he grabbed it and opened it.

'Dear Naruto Uzumaki I am Arceus, you could say I'm the god of Pokemon. You, your wives, and the Biju, who are now Pokemon themselves, are currently in a realm filled with Pokemon, creature that have incredible powers and do things like you did in your old world. Hagoromo informed me to establish you and your group here. I have teleported you all to a place called Pallet Town where your new lives can begin. I hope you all enjoy it.' The note said as Naruto read it out loud.

"Well if old man sage sent us here may as well see what it's like." Naruto said.

"Who knows, we may end up liking this new world." Sakura said.

"But where do we start?" Hinata asked.

"I suppose we got to start somewhere." Samui shrugged.

"Hello?" The gang turned around to see a semi-old tan skinned man having gray hair with black eyes wearing a light maroon polo shirt underneath a labcoat, a brown belt supporting beige pants, and brown loafers walking up to them. "Oh my, look at all these Pokemon." The man said in awe at the Pokemon surrounding the children.

"Who're you?" Naruto wondered.

"Oh I'm Professor Samuel Oak, but most people just call me Professor Oak. And may I ask what four children are doing out on their own?" Professor Oak asked.

"Honestly we're orphans traveling by ourselves." Samui said.

"My word! You have no one to look after you all." Professor Oak gasped.

"No sir." Hinata said.

"It's just us and the Pokemon." Sakura said.

"Well that just won't do." Professor Oak frowned before an idea formed in his head. "Why don't you all come with me. I know you must be starving."

As soon as he said that the gang's stomach growled signifying that they were hungry making them all blush in embarrassment as Professor Oak chuckled before gesturing to follow him, and they did.

About an hour later

Naruto, Hinata, Sakura, Samui and the Biju turned Pokemon had just finished having some lunch made by the Professor, and they were stuffed full.

Professor Oak had also been on the phone, and kept glancing back at them a few times.

Naruto and the gang found it very curious, but knew they'd find out eventually. After finishing his phone call, Prof. Oak walked over to them and said "Okay, since you have no parents I've set you up with some people that I know will take good care of you all."

They both looked at him in shock, surprised that he'd do this for four kids that he'd just met.

"So who's going to be looking after us?" Samui asked getting over her shock.

"Three friends of mine, one of them is named Delia Ketchum, she'll be taking care of you Naruto." Oak smiled before turning to Samui and Sakura. "As for you Samui, Hinata, and Sakura I contacted this town's Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy to look after you three."

"Do they have any kids of her own?" Naruto asked.

"No they don't. See Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy live on their own and Delia's husband died of an illness last year and she's been looking for a child or children to adopt ever since. But the three have been friends since forever." The Professor replied.

The four gave a sad nod at Delia's loss, but at least they were glad to have someone to look over them in this new world.

About 10 minutes later, while the group played and talked with each other (except Kurama, who wasn't the playing type), they heard the door to the lab opening.

They looked over and saw three woman standing before them.

The first woman was fair skinned having smooth brown hair that was in a ponytail held with a green scrunchie with brown eyes, a slender figure with DD-cup breasts, wearing a pink short-sleeved jacket with a yellow undershirt, a purple skirt, and light green shoes.

The second woman was fair skinned having brink pink hair that had curly tuffs on her forehead and hoop curls on the back of her head that also had a nurses hat on her head with blue eyes, a slim figure with DD-cup breasts, wearing a mexican-pink colored dress with a white nurse apron, and low-heel white mary jane shoes.

The third woman was fair skinned having dark teal hair that had wavy curls on the sides of her head and a spiked fair on the back of her head that also had a a blue cap with a black rim, red top, and gold star on her head with red eyes, a fit figure with DD-cup breasts, wearing a blue collared shirt with red trim, a sky blue chestpiece, and gold shoulder pads, a black purse, a matching belt with a gold buckle, a blue skirt, white gloves, and black shoes.

"My name is Delia Ketchum, and I'm so glad to meet you." The brown haired woman introduced.

"I'm Nurse Joy, hello." The pink haired woman smiled.

"Yo Officer Jenny." The dark teal haired woman grinned giving a two fingered salute.

"It's nice to meet you too. My name's Naruto." Naruto said to Delia.

"I'm Hinata, ma'am." Hinata said bowing to Jenny.

"Samui, pleasure." Samui said to Jenny.

"Sakura." Sakura smiled at Joy.

"And these are our friends." Naruto said gesturing to the Pokemon.

"What nice looking Pokemon." Delia smiled as she, Joy, and Jenny gave the former Biju's rubs or scratches

"They seem quite healthy." Nurse Joy giggled.

"And strong little guys." Officer Jenny chuckled.

"This is nice." Kurama thought. "I could get used to this."

"Agreed." The other Biju thought.

"Do you four plan to become Pokemon trainers when you get older?" Delia asked.

"What's a Pokemon trainer?" Naruto, Hinata, Samui, and Sakura said together.

This took the adults completely by surprise, since everyone in the world knows what one is. They then explained what a trainer does to them, and how many Pokemon they can carry at a time unless given permission.

This made Kurama very excited, as he jumped up at Naruto's shoulder. "Kit I think you being one would be a good idea. Then you can make me as strong as possible and I can get into all kinds of battles."

"Hell yeah! It sounds awesome!" Shukaku jumped up and down.

Naruto, Hinata, Samui, and Sakura looked at each other, having a mental conversation. After a while, they all nodded.

"Being a trainer sounds like fun." Naruto smiled.

"Yeah, it'll be an adventure." Hinata giggled.

"And think of the Pokemon we could partner with when we're older." Samui smirked.

"I'm already tingling with excitement," Sakura grinned.

"As excited as you four are you have to wait until your sixteen before you start your Pokemon journey." Professor Oak said giving the four a smile.

The four calmed down a little at hearing that, but still looked excited about being trainers.

"Well I think it's a good idea to head on home, and get these kids settled into their new homes. Thanks again for calling me Samuel." Delia smiled as she, Joy, and Jenny shook the Professors hand.

"No problem at all Delia, just glad to help." The Professor smiled.

They then all walked out of the lab and headed towards their new home.