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Chapter 1:- Birth of a Legend

There has been a legend about a creature whom was said to have enough power to bring destruction to everything in existence. It was said that even The Almighty Yahweh was wary to face off this creature. Only three existences in the whole universe could possibly ever hope to match it's might, and these three were the Infinite Dragon God, Dragon of Dreams and The Apocalypse Beast themselves.

These four super powers have always been in a sort of stand off against each other. None of them dared to attack the other because they knew if two of them were to fight then the remaining two will wait for the proper opportunity to pounce when they will be injured enough. This can bring about the destruction of the whole universe. So they never fought against each other, always remaining in a sort of stand still.

In this group of four one was indifferent towards humanity, opting to live in soltitude. The second just liked to fly around the various parts of universe. The third one was apocalyptic in nature, always destroying something. And the last on chose to remain Earth and after some time created a different dimension which came to be known as Underworld. He was the one who gave birth to the Demon race. When Yahweh banished his favourite son Lucifer, who fell from grace and came to underworld, he saw the potential in the Ex-Angel and offered him a place to stay. With time both became good friends and he offered Lucifer a chance to become his right hand man and to rule the underworld alongside with him.

Under both of their rule The Underworld flourished, it's people started to evolve. This evolution of Demon species gave birth to what we now know as Devils. But the Demon God soon became bored with The Underworld, such as the curse of immortality. So one day he just gave all the responsibilities to Lucifer and vanished, never to be seen until The Great War of Factions. Lucifer even elected three other Ultimate Devils to help him rule over the Underworld. Together they came to be known as Satans.

Hundreds of years passed and it travelled through every poosible dimensions. And when he came back to his own dimension, he found out that a war is going on and it is not only hurting everyone but it's also negatively affecting the nature itself. But what shocked him the most was that The Apocalypse Beast know as Trihexa, one of the super four, is being attracted by all the violence and is going to attack and soon destroy the whole earth, underworld and heaven included.

So while the war was going on, he went to confront the beast not caring about whether or not the other two will try to cease an opportunity and strike while he will be fighting Trihexa. So immersed was he in his fight that he hardly paid any attention when Yahweh arrived at fighting scene. After seeing the fight, God offered his help in order to seal the beast but the only problem was that in order to seal the beast an enormous amount of life force is needed.

Now normally he would never offer his own life force but after sensing the constant pain that nature was already in and wanting to stop this pointless stand off between the super four, he offered do give his own life force if and only if Yahweh stops this pointless war once and for all to which he agreed to instantly.

So using this legend's very own life force Yahweh created a prison for trihexa and together they sealed it, hoping that the beast never gets free ever again.

The extraction of so much life force and constant use of his own energy to maintain the prison so that even if someone did break the seals, the beast will still remain imprisoned as long as he himself didn't die, took their toll on him and his body started getting weaker day by day. But even then he had enough energy and life force to live on for many centuries.

During these years many things happened. One of them was the end of Great war and the other was starting of civil war in underworld between the Old satan faction and the rebels. Oh and the head figures of two factions died too, meaning that the four satans and Yahweh all died though through different circumstances.

No matter what happened but he never took a part in the civil war, not until he met her.

The old Satan Faction wanted to resume the Great war but many Families became fed up with the constant pointless killing. So they formed a rebellian to fight against the Old Satan Faction.

One day he was travelling from one part of Lilith when he his nose caught a smell of blood. Deciding to follow it, he came across a very peculiar sight. What he saw infront of him can only be described as the most beautiful woman he had ever laid his eyes on, and that is saying something seeing as he have had his fair share of affairs, but none can match this beauty.

She had beautiful long flowing red hairs, bright blue eyes, long eyelashes, soft kissable lips, perfectly heart shaped face, flawless white skin and a figure to die for. She was wearing a set of gold, black, silver and crimson armour.

But none of this caught his attention as much as her grace with which she was killing her foes with her red orbs of destructive energy and her sword. Littering around her were countless bodies whom he can somewhat recognise as old satan faction members based on some of their features. The sight was truly captivating for him and all was under the woman's control until one of her enemies got a drop on her when she killded what she thought to be the last of her enemies. She was stabbed in the back and the sight of her getting stabbed snapped something within him.

As quick light he killed the guy who stabbed this wonderful woman infront of him and when he turned around, he saw her falling to the ground unconsious. So he decided to bring her with him in order to heal her wounds.

After she came to the consious world, he introduced himself to her and told her what happened after she was stabbed. In the begining she was very suspicious of him but after several days they started to get along pretty well. She wanted to leave as soon as was up on herr feet but he wouldn't let her leave until she was fully healed.

Within the week they were together they became good friends, good enough for him to tell her who he really was. But she didn't seem to pay any mind to his status which was pretty refreshing for him and just made this woman even more interested to him whose name he learned to be Christina Gremory.

When it was time for her to leave, he decided to follow her and for the first time see just the situation of the war was really in actuality. Ater she vouched for him, he was welcomed in the rebels side and after some time he also started helping a bit in the war. He also became friends with Christina's brother whose name was Sirzechs Gremory and the dude was a serious sis-con. But despite all his antics the boy was strong. Strong enough to perhaps challenge even Lucifer when he was young, but he can see that Sirzechs will soon surpass Lucifer.

None other interested him so much, not even Sirzechs rag tag group. Though there was no dobt that they were all very strong, nearly as strong as Sirzechs himself. Heck he even showed interest in Sirzechs only because of his sister, otherwise he wouldn't have paid any attention to the male redhead.

The war ended in Rebels favour with Sirzechs, Serafall, Ajuka, Falbium and Christina coming out as the main heroes. Each of them were offered a seat of power but Christina declined, stating that she's not the leader type.

From there he got extremely close to Christina and over time both fell in love and got married. Though he never told her about his deteriorating health because of the constant supply of energy and life force to the cage of trihexa, it was clear as day that she noticed and became very worried about him.

Now some would be wondering as to why a being on par with beings such as Trihexa, Great Red and Infinity Dragon God would be dying beacause of energy and life force exhaustion? Well the answer to that is even though he is an immortal who has infinite amount of energy, does not mean that he cannot die from life force exhaustion. Even the immortals needs life force to survive. At first he could have replenished his life force with the help of nature's energy but now he just cannot bring himself to do that. The constant wars has corrupted the nature's energy and even though he can keep his mind in order even with all the madness in the energy, he just cannot bring himself to use it. Specially now that he has a family, he just cannot leave them to go to another dimension to refill his life force as it will take nearly 200 years of constant supply for him to be healthy again and he just cannot leave his wife for that long.

So, he opt to stay in this dimension and be with his family, never once telling his wife the way to save his life because he knew that she will force him to go.

After nearly One hundred and Eighty two years his wife finally got pregnant. It took this long because of the low birth rate among devils and with him what he is the possibility of birth went even more down.

It is the night of his child's birth. The very moment he has been waiting for so long, the moment when his legacy breaths its very first breath in this world. He can't be anymore ecstatic then he is right now, every fibre of his being is jumping with joy. His time has passed nearly 6 months ago and the only thing keeping him alive right now is the burning will to see his child atleast one time.

And finally that moment has arrived. His wife has given birth to a healthy baby boy.

Holding his son in his arms he saw that his son has black eyes just like him along with the red hairs that he no doubt inherited from his wife. The baby also seems to have a bit sharper nails than a new born should have.

Currently his son was pulling on his hairs and from what he can feel, the little kid one heck of a grip.

"You are gonna be mighty strong just like your old man huh kid." ,He spoke to the baby with a prideful smile on his.

Looking out the window he saw a storm brewing up in the sky, rain falling down hard and lightning shining in the clouded sky.

"My son is a storm born. It's only fitting that he has a name to denote it too. And since you were adamant about him having Gremory as a surname then I get to pick his first name. And I want it to be of the same dialect as mine." ,He said to his bedridden wife who just smiled and gave him a nod.

"Based on his strength and the climate today I am gonna name him Naruto. How does Naruto Gremory sound eh, kid." ,He asked his son in a jovial tone who only gurgled and pulled on his hairs a little harder.

"Are you sure you aren't naming him based on your obsession with ramen dear? And from the looks of it he doesn't like the name if him pulling your hairs is any indication." ,Christina asked back with a slight laugh.

"Oh he likes it alright. This is the way that warriors shows their approval." ,He said while laughing.

Soon the baby too started giggling cutely which only made his coo at the cute sight infront of her.

And that's how the legacy of one of the strongest being to ever exist came into existence. This is how the son of The Demon God was born.

This is how Isshiki Otsutsuki's son was born.


It has been three months since Naruto's birth and two and half months since the demise of Isshiki. Christina had been an emotional reck since then but was able to hold on with the help of her family and mainly for her son.

Right now though the situation is not looking good at all for Christina as she was critically injured.

Just a few hours ago she had been sitting in a carriage with her son traveling to visint her good friend Serafall Leviathan, when her carriage was attacked by some of the remaining old Satan faction's devils. They said that their mission was to eliminate the current heir and the possible next heir of The Gremory clan. That's right after Sirzechs became Satan Lucifer, she was made the new heir. And now with Naruto being her son is the next in line to be the heir of Gremory clan.

Her gaurds died soon as they were ambushed in the very starting of the attack but she had been able to kill all of them despite there being two ultimate class devils amongst them. But fighting and protecting her son at the same time was very difficult so she had to take some attacks on her body in order to shield her son.

Currently she is carrying her son back to her house not paying any attention to her injuries and trying to calm Naruto who as if sensing the condition of his mother became very stressed and started crying.

"Shh baby don't cry, we are almost there. Soon everything is gonna be alright.", Christina said with a small smile on her face as she reached the gates of Gremory Estate. As soon as the gaurds saw her they rushed towards her and took her and Naruto to the infirmary and notified Lord Gremory, Lady Gremory, Sirzechs and Grayfia of the situation.


The door of the infirmary blew open as Sirzechs enterd the room with with the rest of the family members following behind.

"Who did this?" He asked his sister in a very dark tone, which did not suit his character.

"It was the Old Satan Faction. They wanted to kill off the current and next heir of our clan.", Christina replied as she held onto Naruto even with her body weakening constantly.

"You should have taken more gaurds with you.", Vanelena said with a bit of anger in her voice both for her daughter's lack of precaution and at the Old Satan Faction. Currently she was sporting a belly of a three to four months pregnant mother.

As Christina made to reply Sirzechs cut her off, "Doctor tell me that my sister and nephew are going to be okay."

Feeling the anger and desperation in the current Lucifer's voice, The doctor replied meekily, "I am sorry Mou-Sama but Christina-Sama's injuries are terminal. But Naruto-Sama is perfectly fine."

Destructive red energy bursted out around Sirzechs and the whole medical staff went down on their knees shaking in fear. Even little Naruto started crying feeling the dense killing intent.

"Brother calm down, you are going to hurt Naru-chan this way. Besides I have a favor to ask from you." ,Christina said in a weak voice.

Sirzechs immediately called off his power and nodded for Christina to continue.

"I know that I am not going to make it. This poor child has already lost his father and now he is going to lose his mother too. I don't want my baby to become an orphan brother. I would have asked mother and father but they themselves are expecting a child. So please promise me Sirzechs, promise me that you will give him the love of a father and grayfia please give him love of a mother in my stead please. Make this a mother's last request. Please Please...", Christina said as she started crying softly by the end of the speech.

Seein the sight before them broke the hearts of every person present in the room. Tears started pouring down everyone's face as they saw this heart wrenching scene infront of them

Sniffing a bit Sirzechs nodded again and said, "I promise Christy-tan I will love him as if he were my own son. He is already a family to me, it doesn't matter if I am his blood father or not. From this moment onwards Naruto is my son and if anyone thinks otherwise than they can take it up to me and I will make sure that they know why it is unwise to anger a Satan."

Walking infront of the mother and child duo, Grayfia sat down on the bed beside Christina and placed a gentle hand on Christina's leg.

"You don't have to worry a bit Christina-Sama, Naruto is not going to become an orphan. I will be his mother though I can never replace you but I will try my best to be the mother to him that you want me to be.", Grayfia said as her normally strict facade broke and tears started streaming down her face.

"Thank you both of you. Thank you so much. Mom and Dad please lookout for my little Maelstrom will you.", With those words Christina softy passed Naruto to Grayfia and closed her eyes...

Chapter End

So I know this is an almost perfect copy of Demon Prince of Underworld but the changes will come to light soon and there will be major changes to it.I am going to remove Kaguya from the peerage as she is going to be the major endgame villian.I am going to remove Yoruchi from the peerage as I don't like her personality.I'm also going to remove Hannah as I don't want to copy someone else's OC.I'm also not going to make Raizen Naruto's father because I don't know much about Yu Yu Naruto's abilities will change majorly and his father will be an OCC Isshiki from the Boruto verse manga.The DxD characters will live up to their hype and so will the Naruto charaters.The first six chapters will go quickly but after that it's going to be updated much slower.I will not add Hinata, Sakura or Ino as I don't like them.The harem is set and will not change unless someone can come up with an convincing argument to change something.I will also not ad blonds as I don't like blond girls for very good personal reasons.(I know I am being stereotypical but it's not because of dumb blonds promise)I also need a beta reader please.I will write the harem on personal experience with one.Any good advice will be appreciated.

Peerage:King: Naruto Gremory

Queen: Satsuki Uchiha(fem Sasuke)

Rook 1:Nelliel tu Odinswunk (Bleach)

Rook 2:Fem Kuruma

Bishop 1: Kuroka

Bishop 2: Izumi Uchiha(fem Itachi)

Knight 1: Erza Scarlet(fairy tail)

Knight 2: Yugao Uzuki

Pawn 1: Yugito Nii

Pawn 2: Mubui

Pawn 3: Karin Gremory

Pawn 4: Moka(Rosioro vampire)

Pawn 5: Bambietta(Bleach)

Pawn 6: Natasha RomanovPawn 7: Diana Prince (Wonder woman)Pawn 8: Starfire (Teen Titans skin color change)