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"Here comes the frenchie." Iris said, her voice full of disdain. She was sitting with Daphne, Astoria and Tracey in the stands.

"Why don't you like her?" Daphne asked, raising her eyebrow.

"She is just too arrogant and narcissistic." Iris answered with a shrug.

"Perfect for Harry then?" Astoria made a joke. Iris made a face at that but didn't reply. They all knew that Harry's personality was similar to Fleur Delacour's. Not same but definitely similar. They were also aware that he was spending quite a time with her.

"Do you think Harry will be serious in pursuing her or will it be just a fling?" Astoria questioned others.

"Doesn't matter. It won't change anything for us." Daphne answered, reassuring the two younger girls. Tracey nodded, agreeing with her.

"We should try to spend some time with her. If she is going to be with Harry then we should know what type of girl she is." Tracey suggested kindly. Iris groaned loudly.

"We are not saying to go and become her best friend. We are just suggesting to be amicable to her." Daphne said in amusement. She was not really worried about Fleur. Unlike others, she saw the mask Fleur was wearing in public. It wasn't really a feat since she once herself hid behind a mask of cold and unapproachable personality, so identifying a fellow soul was very easy. And she was sure that the person behind that mask was at least pleasant and caring. Otherwise, Harry wouldn't have wasted his time on her.

"For Harry, I will try." Iris mumbled sourly. Daphne's amusement grew as she heard that. 'For Harry, you will do anything, little Iris. That's nothing new.'

They then watched how Fleur Delacour charmed the dragon into sleeping and grabbed the egg quite easily. It was quite opposite to Cedric who acted rashly and struggled with his dragon. Viktor Krum's performance was better than Cedric's but he lost points for getting the dragon eggs crushed under the enraged dragon.

"It's Harry's turn now." Iris said, her voice a mixture of excitement and nervousness. Astoria grabbed Iris's hand, sharing the same emotions.

Harry was sitting alone in the tent when the loud whistle proclaimed his turn. He walked out confidently. There were hundreds and hundreds of faces staring down at him from stands that had been magicked there. And there was the Horntail, at the other end of the enclosure, crouched low over her clutch of eggs, her wings half-furled, her evil, yellow eyes upon him, a monstrous, scaly, black lizard, thrashing her spiked tail, leaving yard-long gouge marks in the hard ground. The crowd was making a great deal of noise, but whether friendly or not, Harry didn't know or care.

'Should I drag this or finish it in an instant? Which would be more impressive? Should I use a sword and let the audience witness a fight between a knight and a dragon or should I call upon the mightiest arrow from the sky? Decisions decisions.'

He stopped in front of the dragon, far enough that if the dragon used fire he would be out of range. He just stared at the dragon, still unable to decide from many options. He suddenly smirked as a brilliant idea popped up in his head. An absurdly wild idea. The idea would also help him build the image he wanted to create. He used a silent sonorous charm on himself and pushed his loyal wand upward, towards the sky. The audience was totally silent, anticipating his next action.

"Mother Magic! I, Harry Potter, your champion, ask you for your aid to free this shackled beast from its miserable life. Let the world see the power you hold. Let the world see the power you bestowed to me. Remind these ignorant witches and wizards who their god is. Let them see your might." Harry yelled fiercely. The audience couldn't help but mutter nervously amongst themselves though it stopped when the sky darkened. They trembled in the stands when the wind started slamming against them, almost unseating them.

They all looked fearfully at Harry Potter whose body was surrounded by a halo of golden lights. Harry's eyes were closed as he pointed his wand at the sky. His long hair looked golden instead of black as it blew with the strong wind. He looked unconcerned as the dark clouds gathered in the sky. He appeared uncaring as everyone was trapped in the eye of a storm. He looked like the angel of destruction sent to punish foolish mortals. The audience were panicking but they had no other choice than to sit and watch.

Dumbledore and the judges could do nothing but wait to see what would happen next. Dumbledore was mystified by Harry's words. If what Harry said was true then the boy was clearly blessed by Mother Magic herself. An unprecedented occurrence.

The wizarding world didn't follow any religion. They didn't have churches, temples or mosques. They didn't worship any gods. But the old families did believe in the source of magic. They did think that magic was sentient. They called it 'Mother Magic', the true source, the greater power who gave them their magic. Hearing a fourteen year old boy calling himself the champion of Magic was utterly baffling.

Though a part of Dumbledore was slightly relieved. If what Harry was saying was true, if he was actually blessed by Mother Magic then didn't it mean that Harry wasn't going to become a dark lord? Didn't it mean that he was the saviour of magical people? At least he hoped that was the case.

What happened next took everyone's breath away. A mighty bolt of lightning fell on the stupefied dragon who was previously looking at Harry with newfound interest, looking at him like a moth looks at fire. If it was a normal lightning then it wouldn't have been that surprising. But it wasn't actually a normal bolt of electricity. The dark clouds and the dragon were for a fraction of second connected by a luminous golden zigzag. For a fraction of time, everyone was bathed with golden light. The light wasn't like the sun's. It was cold and pleasant to look at. No one needed to look away as the light faded as quickly as it came. The spot where the dragon stood was replaced by a mound of ash. Probably all that was left of the mighty dragon. Surprisingly, the eggs were not harmed, not even a tiny bit. Nothing was changed except the ashes of the dragon. It was an impressive and impossible feat. Even a real lightning bolt would have only just given a shallow injury to the dragon whereas Harry's golden bolt completely turned the magically resistant dragon who also had a very thick hide into a heap of ash.

The audience who were gaping at the ash suddenly jumped back in surprise when the late thunder boomed, completing the natural phenomenon of lightning and thunder. The clouds quickly dispersed, the wind suddenly slowed and the weak sunlight came back as if nothing unreal had happened there. The audience might try to think that they just collectively hallucinated if not for the small hill of black ash in the place of the Hungarian horntail.

"Once there was a dragon. But where's the dragone now?" he mumbled in self appreciation after he picked up the golden egg, glancing at the pile of ash. He apparently forgot that he had casted a sonorous charm on himself otherwise he wouldn't have told such a bad joke aloud. Few people still laughed at this. Those 'few' were Iris, Daphne, Tracey and Astoria. Others were just dumbstruck by the whole event so they forgave him for his bad try at comedy.

"Oops." Harry smirked, scratching his head and cancelled the charm. He happily waved his hand at the shocked audience and returned to the tent after giving them a curt bow. The other three champions were outside instead of resting after their ordeal. They must have seen his performance considering their dropped jaws. He just smirked at them before entering the tent.

Harry sat on the bed as Madam Pomfrey uselessly checked him for any injury. Though he appreciated the professionalism. She had gotten over her shock quickly and was doing her job.

Outside the tent was chaos. Screaming and shrieking was everywhere. Loud questions were asked by the scared and awed people. The Professors were trying their best to get some control over the masses.

"You are absolutely fine." Madam Pomfrey proclaimed with a nod. Harry gasped in exaggeration.

"Thank you so much madam for saving my life. I really feared that I might die." he said with a relieved smile. She just smiled good naturedly and went away mumbling about dramatic teenagers. Krum and Cedric were looking anywhere but at him while Fleur was doing the opposite. She was staring at him with a puzzled expression.

"You know, being a Veela you should understand that staring at someone for too long is considered rude." Harry quipped, looking at Fleur. She immediately looked away, a cute blush spreading on her pale cheeks.

"I was just confused. How strong are you actually? Are you really blessed by mother magic?" she asked abruptly, gaining the attention of the other two champions. Harry raised a single eyebrow.

"You know, being Veela you should understand that asking personal questions in public is considered rude." he smirked. Before Fleur could groan or growl, Daphne gracefully walked into the tent.

"You know, being a good boyfriend you should understand that keeping your girlfriend waiting is considered rude." She smirked and stood before him. Harry grinned and pulled her in his lap, cuddling with her, loving the softness of her body over his. He ignored the urge to clarify that they weren't exactly boyfriend and girlfriend but just best friends who were sexually attracted to each other. He let that label slide as it appeared that Daphne liked calling herself his girlfriend. And he was a sucker for making his girls happy, so he just embraced her more tightly instead of complaining.

"Hey Daph." he said after kissing her lightly on the lips.

"Don't 'hey' me. Iris is one step away from burning this tent down to reach you. Madam Pomfrey is quite insistent on not letting any student inside. It was quite a chore just to enter here myself. Let's quickly go before Iris really burns this place down." she chuckled and with some difficulty untangled herself from his needy grasp, tugging at his hand. Harry nodded and slid off of the bed.

"See you later, Fleur." Harry smiled genuinely and ran out to contain his excited sister. He was sure a powerful hug would make his girls' concerns disappear.

"Fleur, are you free in the evening? If yes, then will you like to spend some time with me and the girls? We would like to properly introduce ourselves to you as you are now Harry's friend." Daphne said with a polite smile. Fleur simply nodded reluctantly and watched as Harry's girlfriend walked out of the tent. She knew this was inevitable. Fleur sighed as she prepared herself to receive poisonous words later in the day. No girlfriend likes seeing their boyfriend spend his time with another girl, and let's just not talk about spending time with veelas. Though she never really noticed Harry using the word girlfriend while talking about his friends. But still the kiss they shared wasn't just a friendly kiss. It was a kiss shared by lovers. Daphne Greengrass was very intimate with Harry, that was clear by their interactions. Fleur weakly consoled herself that she was older than Harry so there was rarely a chance that she would get to make him her boyfriend. She tried to suppress her wistful dream. Harry wasn't hers, he was never hers. He was already taken and she would never ever think of breaking a couple to fulfill her own desire.

"So, how was I?" Harry asked, standing in front of his friends and sister who were sitting on a lavish sofa in the room of requirement.

"Brilliant, brother." Iris cheered.

"Yes, you were quite dramatic but great nonetheless." Astoria praised, smiling at him.

"It was a good performance, Harry." Tracey said with a nervous smile, apprehensive to know what exactly it was. Harry was quite adamant when he told the girls that he didn't need any help during the tasks and he would take care of it by himself. The girls who at that time were busy preparing for their own challenges didn't make any fuss over it, knowing that he was very capable. But Tracey was now cursing her past self for giving Harry free reign. This could quite literally become a disaster. She was dreading tomorrow's daily prophet.

"I agree with everyone here. It was a unique performance, though I have to ask what was going through your mind when you started speaking dramatically?" Daphne questioned, a little frown over her face. Harry was quite giddy to explain himself.

"I have finally found a purpose." Harry said, grinning with obvious excitement. The girls shared amused looks among themselves but wanted for him to reveal more.

"I think I am going to change fate. According to the immortal goddesses, Magic is going to vanish from this world in a couple of centuries. I am not going to let that happen. I am going to take over the world to preserve magic. Isn't that the best 'thank you gift' to Lady Magic for giving me Deus? She just wanted to prevent herself from fading by giving her half essence to me and suggesting that I pursue immortality. So, even if all the wizards and witches died, her existence would continue because I wouldn't die. There would be no fading even if only one wizard existed, believing in her, me. But now, that plan would be just a last resort. I am going to change the world so Magic would continue to grow and prosper for eternity. What you saw today was the first step towards that goal. Of course all that I said in the arena was gibberish but it needed to be said to establish myself as a blessed one, a divinity, a champion of Lady Magic. And if we look at it in a certain way then it is not really a total lie." Harry explained his grand purpose. The girls went speechless. It was the first time that there was a shine in Harry's eye. It was rare to see him so motivated. Until now his only purpose was to become immortal but now he had a new ambition. And even his prior ambition to become immortal was whispered in his subconscious by Lady Magic herself. So for the first time, Harry finally had his own aim. For the first time, Harry Potter finally decided to do something big, something which will change the whole wizarding world.

"And what is the price? What will it cost the world to sustain magic for eternity?" Daphne asked curiously as the others still looked awed by his speech.

"That my darling, is a surprise. You will see when the time is right." Harry smiled slyly. Daphne mutely nodded. The world was going to change, that was written in stone now. The question was whether it would change for better or for worse. Although, she wasn't worried a bit. Whatever change came, it wouldn't discomfort her or the other girls Harry cared for. A grin slowly formed on her face, a grin full of excitement to see the new world Harry will build. 'It will be interesting.'

Tracey was also thinking similar to Daphne. She sighed in defeat, knowing that her loyalty and love for Harry would again make her blind to his cruelty and madness. 'Things I do for love.' she smiled grimly.

Fleur stepped inside an empty classroom where four girls were lounging on the benches, facing away from the door.

"Is it really necessary? I don't want to meet her." a certain red-haired girl groaned in annoyance, unaware of the guest's presence. Fleur frowned in mild irritation. The feeling was very mutual. Fleur was also unenthusiastic to receive verbal assault from Harry's friends.

"She is Harry's friend. We should welcome her with open arms. We don't want discord among ourselves. Believe it or not she is now 'us'." Daphne reprimanded her in a strict tone. At her words, all the fight left Iris and she grudgingly nodded. Fleur on the other hand was quite surprised by those words. She suddenly felt nervous, her hands felt clammy from sweat, her heart started to beat faster.

'It seems I was wrong. Daphne really wants to make a genuine acquaintance of me instead of ganging up on me. Am I finally going to get real friends? Is it really happening or am I dreaming?' Fleur's mind worked furiously to understand the bizarre situation. She instantly became aware of the sharp silence. Alert! She had been spotted. Four girls stood up and came towards her. Fleur couldn't help but compliment them in her mind. The four were obviously very beautiful.

Iris Potter, Harry's beloved sister. She looked absolutely cute with her fiery red hair falling down to her back and entrancing emerald eyes, though her body was in that awkward phase where womanly parts just started to grow.

Then there was another third year girl, Astoria Greengrass. She was another adorably cute girl with straight black hair and bright blue eyes. She too was beginning to show curves, her childish body starting to mature.

Tracey Davis on the other hand was something else. She was Harry's best friend. Someone who was very close to him. Fleur unabashedly stared a little longer at the girl's chest. While Astoria and Iris were in their beginning stages, Tracey was long ahead in the race of becoming a woman. In truth, Tracey didn't have comically large breasts. It was just that her chest was very shapely and stood out on her skinny frame. She was honestly one of most beautiful girls Fleur had ever seen. And it was not just her chest, her eyes were a beautiful shade of brown. Her long brunette hair also enhanced her beauty.

'I am not feeling self conscious. I am not feeling self conscious. I am not feeling self conscious. I am a veela, I am beauty personified. I am a veela, I am the most beautiful. I am the most gorgeous.' Fleur silently chanted in her head, fighting against the urge to puff out her own perfect chest.

And lastly there was Daphne Greengrass. The blonde beauty. Harry's best friend and apparently also his girlfriend. While not having eye-catching bust like Tracey, Daphne was still well endowed. She was at the top in terms of beauty, with Tracey. Her dark eyes which were currently on hers could be just described as mesmerizing. Daphne Greengrass had that aura of superiority around her which made her look hard to approach. And it was not only because of her godly beauty, it was also her uncaring gaze and her relaxed posture. It was her facial expression. She looked supremely confident in herself and had a permanent amused smile on her face. Fleur reckoned that the girl could easily kill someone without dropping that smile. Her internal alarm of danger started ringing loudly when the same uncaring gaze and amused smile fell on her. Fleur flinched as if struck. Now Fleur could finally understand why Daphne was Harry's girlfriend. While the other three girls appeared kind and normal, Daphne was different, she was similar to Harry. Very similar. The hidden ruthlessness was easily spotted by her. Fleur easily decided to never stand against her. Daphne Greengrass was a dangerous girl and Fleur wasn't sure if she would be able to leave unscathed in the fight with her.

"Hello." Fleur said nervously, dropping her mask of haughtiness or toning down her arrogance to be precise, she couldn't blame all of her personality on the so called mask. If Daphne really wanted to start a friendship then Fleur would at least give her best. Iris appeared taken aback by her nervous voice. It seemed Iris was expecting an arrogant French girl. Daphne grinned, stepping forward and taking her hand.

"As you know, I am Daphne Greengrass. Nice of you to accept my invitation and spend some time with us. Let me introduce you to the others. This is Tracey Davis, my and Harry's best friend. You are free to grope her chest. It is so fun that Harry and I take turns in squeezing those round titties. Then this insufferable brat is my little sister, Astoria Greengrass, you are free to ignore her, alas I don't have that freedom of choice. And last but not least is this feisty redhead, Iris Potter, Harry's younger sister. Forgive her for her earlier rude comment but she has a massive brother complex. So she doesn't like other females lurking around her precious big brother. But don't worry, she will get used to your presence. As you can see I am still alive, there is a high chance that she won't kill you for befriending Harry. At least I hope so." Daphne finished the big introduction, leaving everyone speechless. Fleur couldn't help but snort in amusement and began laughing. The other three started chasing the blonde around the classroom who was giggling in amusement.

"Daph! Don't objectify me and stop spouting foolishness." Tracey yelled, scandalised, her face turning red from embarrassment.

"Oh dear sister. You have done it, you have declared war." Astoria smirked in challenge as she ran after Daphne.

"I am definitely going to kill you." Iris shouted as she ran beside Astoria, a cute blush adorning her cheeks.

Fleur wiped the tears as she stopped laughing. She had this strange feeling inside her chest which gave her immense warmth and made her feel all tingly. For the first time in a long while, she was going to enjoy conversations with other girls. Maybe she will finally make some friends. Hopefully.

Harry just left the DADA class in the middle of night. He was still invisible after his task. Harry knew his action at the first task would have annoying repercussions so he was just now doing some damage control. He had charmed the fake Moody so he wouldn't create any problems in the future. He had done the same with the baby Voldemort and Pettigrew. He wasn't going to let them run away after hearing about his powerful performance. Due to his charm, they would now continue their mission, ignoring their logic, ignoring their fears. If not for his manipulations then Voldemort would surely see how dangerous Harry was and would definitely abandon the foolish plan. With these preemptive actions he had set the events for the end of the third task. With this, he had paved the road for his victory.

He let a smile appear on his face as he hurried towards the Slytherin dorm. Maybe if Iris was still awake, he could make out with her. He sighed in pleasure as precious memories of him engaging in sexual acts with his little sister came forward in his mind. He increased his pace.

He abruptly stumbled into another room. One moment he was walking in a hallway and another moment he was standing in his best friend's room. It seems Daphne had summoned him. Harry just stared at her, his mouth partly open in wonder.

Daphne stood beside her bed. Her long blonde hair fell in waves behind and over her shoulders. Her black eyes gleamed as the moonlight pierced the dark room from the artificial window and bathed her in its white light.

Also, she was just in her underwear.

'A pair of fancy underwear.' he added in his mind.

The frilly lavender bra did a superb job at accentuating her alluring breasts. The knickers were the same shade of lavender with artistic frills. It hugged her hips tightly. Harry felt stiff in his pants. Daphne smiled amusedly at him and tilted her head to the side.

"It's been three minutes already. How much time are you going to waste in just staring? Iris was kind enough to give me an hour with you tonight and here you are, simply just standing and watching." Daphne smirked, twirling in her place, giving him a glimpse of her delicious arse. Harry slowly grinned and started towards her.

"Just asking myself if I like you better naked or in this lingerie." he said, wrapping his arms around her waist, drawing her in. Daphne sighed as she melted in his embrace.

"And what's the verdict?" Daphne whispered, kissing his jaw. Harry hummed as he tightened his grasp on her body, feeling the silky cloth and her soft tits on his chest.

"I still like you better when you are naked." he said softly in her ear, unclipping the bra at her back and removing it completely from her body. Daphne giggled as her naked chest pressed against his shirt.

"Flattery will definitely win you extra points." Daphne grinned and enthusiastically started undressing him. Harry just smiled and let her have her way with him. He looked at her swaying tits as she unbuttoned his shirt. A minute later, Harry was just in his underwear. Daphne pushed him on the bed where he laid on his back.

"Oh, Harry." Daphne groaned as she lay on top of him, feeling his warm skin on hers. She cupped his cheeks and kissed him passionately. Harry's arms snaked around her back, hugging her close as he kissed back, as he let his lips mash on hers, as he let his tongue dance with hers. They both moaned in the kiss, the heat between them increasing with each passing second. Daphne pulled her head back a little, a thin line of saliva connecting the corner of their mouths. They both were panting, breathing heavily to compensate for the lack of oxygen for the earlier minute when they were engaged in a more important task than breathing. Their eyes were on each other, glowing from desire and love. Daphne again pressed her lips softly on his in a chaste and gentle kiss, her fingers leaving his cheeks and combing his hair.

Harry reciprocated the kiss in the same slow and intense manner while caressing her cheek. Daphne disconnected the kiss and gave him a rare smile which she only reserved for her friends and little sister. A smile so full of care and affection that made him experience strange but wonderful feelings.

"Why did you call yourself my girlfriend in front of Fleur?" Harry asked, cupping her cheeks gently with his hands. Daphne stiffened for a second.

"Are you angry?" she asked. Harry shook his head quickly and gave her a soft smile.

"No. Not really. It just confused me because some time ago we agreed not to label our relationship in that way." Harry said, touching her lips with his finger. A shiver passed through Daphne's spine.

"I don't even know why I said that. Don't worry though, if you don't like it then I won't use that word again." Daphne answered reluctantly. Harry shook his head and placed a kiss on top of her head.

"No, it's fine. You can call me whatever you like."

Daphne laughed happily, burying her face in the crook of his neck.

"I love you, Harry." she whispered, high on happiness, forgetting rationality and fear for a few seconds. Though she instantly realised how huge it was from the silence. She had known that she loved him but it was the first time that she said those words out loud. Harry was stiff as a board under him but he relaxed.

"I love you too, Daph." Harry said in an odd and vulnerable tone. Daphne looked into his eyes and didn't find any lies. She touched his lips with hers in a gentle caress. They stayed that way for a minute, enjoying the tender moment and appreciating the feel of each other's lips. But Harry then decided that it was time to resume their pleasurable activity.

Harry rolled them over so she was now under him. He grabbed her hands and pulled them over her head, leaving her breasts nowhere to hide. Daphne smirked and shook her chest gently, making her tits jiggle in a captivating way. Harry's eyes were wide and frozen on the attractive globes of flesh. Her pink nipples stood stiff, surrounded by the circle of pink areolas, tempting him to lower his head and suck on them. He brought his hands on her chest and fondled them. Daphne moaned loudly whenever his fingers brushed against her hard nipples. She let her hands lie above her head, giving him an unrestricted view of her boobs.

"Hmm..HarRY!" she gave a drawn out moan when Harry finally engulfed her stiff nipple in his hot and wet mouth. Harry loved the feeling of her soft flesh in his mouth, he gently bit on her protruding nipple, eliciting a shriek of pleasure from her.

Where in one room Harry and Daphne were having fun, there was the Gryffindor dormitory in which a blue haired girl was plotting against them.

"Why Harry? Why? Why couldn't you be just a normal wizard? Why did you need to attract my parents' attention? Why did you need to be so extraordinary?" The said girl mumbled morosely. Her crystal blue eyes were dim as she absently stared at the closed red curtain.

She had tears running down her cheeks as she for the first time realised her tragic situation.

"Why are you making me your enemy? Why can't you just be my friend?" she sobbed, burying her face in her hands. "I don't want to choose. I don't want to hurt you."

Still, the girl knew who she would choose. There was no real competition between the two sides. She will not change her ways now. She won't back down now. She won't betray her parents now. She will move forward, some part of her knew that what she was going to do was wrong but she couldn't make herself decline her parents' request. They were her everything and she would do her best to make them proud. Even if that meant going against her dear friend.

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