A/N: I like to do Christmas-themed one-shots every year. This one is four mini chapters, similar to Souvenirs.

Just to give an update, between the holidays and my own personal life changes, I will probably be updating Dangerous Games sometime between Christmas and New Year's.

True to her compassionate nature, Ga Eul had rescued the scraggliest tree in the tree lot. So of course Yi Jeong had it brought down to his studio instead of parking it in the living room. Because what type of holiday pictures would they be taking in front of a tree that looked like that?

Don't get him wrong.

He'd been perfectly okay with them adopting a stray cat from the animal shelter.

But their Christmas tree would be going on the cover spread of a European art magazine, and what type of world-renowned artist would he be if the Christmas tree he had 'helped' select looked like it had been attacked by a leaf blower?

However, Yi Jeong had now been married for two years, and he wasn't stupid.

So of course he had properly begged for Ga Eul's tree to be brought to his studio under the pretense of wanting to stare at his wife's beautiful Christmas decorations while he worked.

Meanwhile, he'd had a lush, full, professionally decorated and symmetrically perfect tree installed in the living room where they 'hardly ever spent time anyway.'