"Talking of Monsters/Dragons/Demons/Gods"

"Thinkin/telepathy of Monsters/ Dragon/Demons/Gods"


*Lacrima Communication*


(Non combat sound)

(Combat sound)

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Chapter 2: Meeting the Fairies

The next day

{8:00 A.M}

~Arashi's P.O.V~

A beam of sunlight shone from the blinds of the guest room window of the Fairy Tail guild hall, illuminating this particular area of the guild quite nicely. It also had the unfortunate effect of waking up Arashi who had unconsciously turned his head toward the direction of the light, until it was on his face. Arashi slowly opened his eyes before he quickly shut them, due to the morning light getting into his sensitive pupils. Arashi's memories of the previous day then hits him while he is rubbing his eyes clean of morning sleep dust. "Man… my chest still slightly hurts from yesterday…. Thank you~ Mr. Realis for the regeneration ability. I just can't believe I was taken out so easily, especially by a cute look." Widening his eyes in shock he mentally screams"WAIT! WHERE'D THAT COME FROM!" pushing that thought away for now arashi mentally thanks Natsume and Makarov "...W-well I'm just really glad Natsume had Makarov carry me to Fairy Tail and that Makarov bought me some clothes on the way to the guild."


Fairy Tail Guild Hall entrance

{July 7th X777, Evening}

"Man Gramps this place is huge!" Says Natsume in shock looking at the large three story building that resembles a small oriental palace. It even had the guild symbol displayed on a banister outside of the third floor.

"(heh) Of course it's huge Natsu it has to be if I want all my children to enjoy their new home and all the luxuries it provides… and so that I can tell what needs to be repaired when they eventually break something." Makarov explains with pride before hunching over with Arashi on his back, internally sobbing at the large amounts of money he needs just to repair the guild.

"Hey gramps, what do you mean when you say your children?" Natsume asks in confusion

"Ah, I call all my guild members my children since it's a guild masters duty to look out for and nurture their guild's mates as if they were a member of our own flesh and blood." Makarov explains nostalgically.

"Oh that makes much more sense than what I thought of earlier…" Natsume said while shivering from her earlier inappropriate thoughts.

"Just what was she thinking about me..?" Makarov thought with a sweat drop while staring blankly at Natsume's quivering pale form.

"Well anyway gramps I'm just glad you got Arashi some clothes before we got here." Natsume said while pointing at the still knocked out Arashi from the earlier conversation back in the forest, now dressed in black cotton shorts with black sandals and a red T-shirt with a white swirl design. "Since I doubt he would like to be called a weird stripper on his first day in a guild."

"(Hahaha) Yes that would be bad for the lad." Makarov agreed with a laugh before he said "Now let me officially welcome you two to Fairy Tail!" And with that said Makarov opens the door to the guild expecting a brawl… only to be met with an empty main hall. Turning white in shock Makarov weakly asks no one "Where is everyone?"

"I dunno Gramps? Maybe they went home for the day since it's getting pretty late" Natsume suggests to the stunned Makarov while pointing to the setting sun off in the distance setting an orange red glow of light throughout the city of Magnolia.

"Yeah I guess you're right. Anyway Natsu, bring your friend Arashi with you to the guest room so you two can rest there for the night. You two are also free to use the bathroom next to the guest room in order to freshen up in the morning. Anyway, I will personally instate you into the guild tomorrow at 9:30 in the morning. Is that okay with you?" Makarov tells Natsume before asking if she is okay with that decision.

"Yeah gramps that's fine. I'll see you tomorrow have a good night." After assuring Makarov that she was fine with it Natsume bids him a goodnight before lifting Arashi on her shoulder and walking to the earlier pointed out guest room.

End of Flashback

{8:30 A.M}

Arashi rubbing his eyes one final time, after having his flashback, finally wakes up and tries to sit up from the surprisingly comfy bed only to feel a weight on top of his chest. Hesitantly Arashi looks down, only to see the messy bubblegum pink colored bed head of Natsume Dragneel, his first friend in this new world… and she was only in her pants. Blushing heavily in embarrassment Arashi desperately tries to move Natsume away from him… only for her to effortlessly destroy any and all of his attempts by snuggling into his chest even deeper and unintentionally releasing a soft moan of content (Hmmmuu~). Arashi decides to wait until Natsume wakes up by herself, while he tries to feel where the magic energy in his body is by meditating until he finds it, all while trying to ignore the feeling of Natsume's b cup breasts pressing into him.

{A few minutes later}

"Yes! It took 10 minutes but I finally found my Magiccontainer!" Arashi thought in excitement.

"Alright now, I just have to course the ethernano from my magic container to the magic pathways throughout my entire body. It's a good thing I felt these pathways in my meditation earlier otherwise I might have done something stupid to my body." After thinking this Arashi begins to course his magical energy throughout his body causing it to slightly glow with his eyes changing into their single tomoe sharingan form. Arashi continued to do this for 30 minutes before he was exhausted.

"Man that was exhausting…. I knew it took concentration and other mental abilities but I didn't realize it was that much…." Arashi thought tiredly, while wiping a bead of sweat from his forehead, letting his magical energy naturally regenerate the lost amount he used to get his body accustomed to sending magic throughout his whole body.;


Arashi's stomach begins growling ravenously in hunger from his magic training. Unintentionally stirring Natsume awake "(hmmm~)Five more minutes Igneel…" Natsume grumbles before lifting her head up a minute later. Unconsciously bringing her face closer to Arashi's, Natsume rubs her eyes while letting out a cute yawn (haaaanh~)

"Morning~ Arashi." Natsume says sleepily before her brain makes her finally notice how close she was to his rapidly blushing face. Her emerald green eyes are now wide open. Natsume blushes heavily before she scrambled off the open frame bed falling on her ass with the bed sheets sprawled next to her. "W-what are you doing in bed with me?!" Natsume screams embarrassedly while pointing at him and to the open frame bed several times while expecting an answer from Arashi. Until she feels a draft blow by her chest unconsciously hardening her pink nipples. Arashi notices this happening and blushes even more, that steam is rising from his head, almost passing out in the process while thinking "NATSUME's! O-o-oppai" but just before he passes out Natsume hits him on the head with a flaming fist after noticing him staring at her b-cup breasts, while shouting in mortification"Arashi! You pervert!"

(Bam) "Itai!" Arashi shouts in pain while holding the bump that appeared on top of his head. "Did you have to hit me so hard Natsu~?" Arashi questions Natsume with teary eyes

"(Doki) (Doki) Yes b-b-baka! Now turn around ya perv!" Natsume said embarrassedly while putting on her black sports bra, grateful that the clothing store from yesterday had a nice woman manager who taught her the importance of bras and panties for the female body and showed her how to put each one on. Arashi did as he was told and turned around, after waiting for 3 minutes he heard Natsume say "Okay you can turn around now Arashi." Turning around, Arashi is greeted with Natsume wearing her clothes from yesterday.

"Why did you only change into clothes Natsu, aren't you still dirty from being in the forest or….?" Arash questions Natsume in confusion.

"Huh. Oh I just used my Fire Dragon-Slayer magic to burn off anything gross on my body, since fire doesn't hurt me, especially my own fire." Natsume replies with a smug smile.

"(Hehehe) Ok then Natsume-chan don't tell me. Now If you would excuse me I'm going to the bathroom to wash myself clean." Arashi says in slight denial at the thought of the now female dragon-slayer doing something really smart without help, and just pats Natsume's head while dodging a flame enveloped fist aimed for his chest. Chuckling merrily the whole way to the bathroom.

Arashi exited the bathroom 15 minutes later clean and back in the new and only set of clothes he had from the previous day. "Sorry for taking so long Natsu I—" Arashi stopped in shock once he saw Natsume lying on the bed in a sexy sleeping side position.

"(ZzZzZ)" Natsume snored in response while lying on the bed.

"Did she fall asleep again that quickly…?" Arashi thought with a sweat drop.

"Hey…" "(zzz)" "Natsu…" "(ZzZzZ)" "Oi Natsume! Do you want to go see if Makarov-san is in the guild yet."Arashi asked Natsume while shaking her.

"(Mmmmmm) Huh…" Natsume asks sleepily while rubbing her left eye

"I'll take that as a yes..." Arashi sweat drops before he grabs Natsume in a bridal style carry. Quickly letting out a little grunt of exertion.

(hiyup) "Alright let's go!"

Arashi then gives a quick cry of excitement before running out the door of the room, while a blushing now wide awake Natsume tries to wiggle herself free from his surprisingly strong grip.

As soon as Arashi and the embarrassed Natsume set foot out of the guest room they saw the guild's tavern was full of people brawling and shouting arguments. While the guild master Makarov was sitting on the bar counter drinking beer with tears running down his face. Arashi sweat drops at this while thinking "I completely forgot that brawls were common here."

"This place looks like fun! Right Arashi!?" Natsume says in excitement with her body beginning to heat up in preparation to join the brawl.

"(Phew) Yeah! It sure does… but we should go see Makarov first before we join the fight." Arashi says while letting a small whistle of amazement at seeing erza scarlet smash someone's face into the table for ruining her strawberry cake.

(Hmmph) "fiiiiinne~" Natsume whines lightly after giving up on getting out of Arashi's surprisingly strong grip.

Arashi, still holding onto a still heavily blushing Natsume in a bridal carry, begins walking to Makarov with his single tomoe Sharingan activated, in order to dodge any and all flying beer bottles thrown in his line of sight.

After dodging two beer mugs and a chair flying to his face by side stepping to the right Arashi with Natsume in tow finally make it to the bar counter where Makarov Dreyar master of the guild is. Noticing the 3 tall and empty mugs of beer placed next to Makarov on the counter Arashi sweat drops while thinking "(eeeeehhh) Makarov just drank away his depression of the bar fight debt rising." Feeling bad for Makarov, Arashi grabs a seat at the bar counter while placing Natsume on the seat next to him not noticing the blush and angry scowl slowly forming on her face. Putting his hands in a prayer motion, Arashi mentally prays to the two Japanese gods of luck he knows. "Bishamonten, Benizaiten, please, please let the Fairy Tail guild's debt be solved soon." After giving his quick prayer Arashi finally asks Makarov a question, while ignoring Natsume's questioning look at why he was praying.

"Hey um… Mr. Makarov"

"(Hmm) Yes…(hicc) what is it kiddo?" Makarov asks in a slight drunken daze, just now noticing it was the same boy he bought clothes for yesterday and his little girlfriend. Having seen them walk towards the bar through the guild brawl, while dodging most of the flying beer mugs and furniture with ease.

"Well… sir I would like to ask if my friend Natsume and I can join your guild now? Since we were told yesterday evening that we would be instated into the guild 5 minutes ago."

Using his magic to burn off the effects the alcohol was having on him. Makarov summoned the Fairy Tail guild mark stamper, and two pieces of paper from his requip space before quickly grabbing the guild mark stamper.

"Okay you two before I can officially allow you to join, I need you both to fill out these forms that tell me your full name, age, familial relations, and magic."

"Uh gramps I can't(murrrmmmr)" Natsume begins to say before mumbling of at the end of her sentence

"What was that Natsu?" Makarov asks in confusion

"I said… I can't r-r-reee—" Natsume stumbles verbally while trying to finish her sentence, her cheeks quickly gaining a rosy hue.

Getting mentally tired of their verbal conversation going nowhere Arashi says to Makarov."Oh for the love of—!" "Mr. Makarov, what my friend Natsume is trying to say is that she can't read this language. And honestly neither can I"

"Is this true you two?" Makarov asks uncharacteristically seriously.

"Yes/Yeah Mr. Makarov/gramps" Arashi and Natsume say in embarrassment and absolute certainty.

"Well why didn't you say so? It's fine, just tell me what color guild stamp you two want and where. We'll go over the paperwork when one of your guild mates teaches you two how to read and write." Makarov says to the sheepish Arashi and Natsume.

"Okay Mr. Makarov I want my mark in amethyst, on the palm of my right hand."

"And I want mine in dark red on my right upper arm gramps!"

After Arashi and Natsume said where they wanted their Fairy Tail guild mark to Makarov. Their new guild master places the stamper on top of Arashi's right palm before pressing down, filling the stamper with magic before removing it, showing the Fairy Tail guild mark was placed on Arashi skin successfully. Makarov then repeats the process with Natsume's upper right right arm. After doing this Makarov then raises his magical power before using his magic to grow large and yells out "Alright listen up you brats!"

The guild members who were fighting immediately stopped their brawl while the ones who were arguing decided to save their discussion for later. The entire guild hall put their full attention towards their guild master. Who shrank back to normal before backflipping himself on top of the guild hall's second floor railing.

"First off, I would like to introduce you to our two new guild members." Makarov says before pointing his fingers towards Arashi and Natsume sitting at the bar counter.

"Come on and introduce yourselves you two."

"Hi I'm Natsume Dragneel! And I'm a Fire Dragon Slayer!" Natsume shouted in excitement while lighting her fists on fire.

"Hello my name is Arashi Kazama! And I have an eye magic called the Sharingan." Arashi declares before activating his ocular magic and showing it off to his new guild mates.

After introducing themselves to the guild Makarov says "Now let's party!"

The entire guild resonates with a chorus of "Yeeeeeeaaah!"

Soon a couple of members bring out alcohol for the adult members and the barmaids start cooking up some food for the celebration.

Arashi was slightly embarrassed at all the commotion for his and Natsume's introduction to the guild. He then turns to Natsume and asks "Hey Natsume want to go see if there is a job we could do now that we are members of the guild."

"Sure! Just make sure to pick a good one Arashi!" Natsume grins in excitement. But just before Arashi and Natsume could ask Makarov for a job they can do, they heard someone call out to them. "Hey new guys! You weren't going to do a job without meeting us, were you? And It's not like we didn't want you to do a job…." A girl with raven black hair in an angled bob cut dressed in a black sports bra and panties, says to Arashi and Natsume before quietly mumbling the last bit to herself.

Staring at the girl in total shock with a blush on his face Arashi thinks "G-gray! Is that you!"

Natsume on the other hand yells at the new girl after seeing Arashi blush bright red at her, not knowing why she was so angry. "Put some clothes on ya stripper!"

The girl angry at the insult quickly replies with "What the hell do you mean by that ya pyro!" Before releasing a magical aura that felt cold.

Arashi shivers slightly at the cold sensation the female Gray look alike is giving off. Arashi decided to interrupt the incoming argument, until another girl's voice called out to the ice wizard girl.

"Grayfia your clothes!" A girl with her brown hair in a bun, while wearing an orange sundress says to the semi naked black haired girl.

"(Kyaaaaah!) Not again!" The now named Grayfia screams in embarrassment before she runs off to go find her clothes while putting her hands over her panties.

"I apologise for that. Grayfia has a habit of stripping her clothes. Oh but where are my manners, my name is Cana Alberona. And the people next to me are Lisanna Strauss, her big brother Elfman Strauss, their older sister Mirajane Strauss, and Erza Scarlet. And you have already met Grayfia Fullbuster." The young Cana says while first pointing toward a young girl with white hair in a bowl cut wearing a pink dress with yellow accents and bright red shoes, before pointing her finger over to a sturdy young boy with somewhat spiky white hair in a blue tux with a red bowtie and black dress shoes. And then finally Cana points at two girls fighting each other, with one girl having white hair in a long ponytail with a bow that has a mini skull, dressed in a gothish-punk rebel style complete with a wine colored spaghetti strap crop top, with an indigo colored low rise booty shorts which had a white belt with a silver skull buckle, and finally black thigh high boots. While the other girl had scarlet red hair in a long braided ponytail, wearing an armored cuirasse, with shoulder pauldrons over a white dress,black pants and brown snow boots.

Looking at Mirajane and Erza fighting, Arashi asks the others with a sweat drop "Um, shouldn't we stop them before one of them gets hurt?"

"Unless you want to be knocked out by them. I suggest you let it be." Cana says while pointing to the unconscious Natsume with a sweat drop.

"Damn it Natsume! I can't let my eyes off you for a minute." Arashi thinks frustratedly with an even larger sweat drop.

"I'm sorry for my big sister knocking out your friend." Lisanna says as if it was a daily occurrence, to which Arashi thinks it definitely is.

"Yeah, she usually isn't like this." Elfman adds.

"It's okay you two it's no problem. I just have to teach Natsume some things about not looking for a fight with people stronger than her." Arashi waves off the problem before he asks "So what kind of magic can you guys use?"

"I can use card magic." Cana said while holding a deck of magic cards in her right hand.

"My big siblings and I can use take-over magic but I use the animal soul version." Lisanna says cheerfully before Elfman says "And I can use the beast soul version. But I can only use it on my right arm"

Grayfia who came back dressed in a white blouse and black skirt overheard the conversation before saying " And I use Ice-make magic"

"Wow! You all have really great offensive Magic's. All I have is my Sharingan Eye magic and my Shadow Clone Magic, but they're more supplementary at this point of time." Arsashi says with a pout unknowingly making the girls blush a little.

"Well… what does your magic do?" elfman asks

"Yeah tell us!" Lisanna asks excitedly while the others nod in agreement.

"Well my shadow clone magic does this…" Arashi begins saying before he crosses his fingers into a cross shape before channeling some magic, Until a golden magical circle with a white Uzumaki clan swirl forms in front of his hands. (Poof) (Poof) two puffs of smoke forms on Arashi's left and right before clearing away. Only to reveal two identical copies of Arashi."Woah! That's so cool, Arashi!" The now awake Natsume says after sensing her friend using his magic.(poke) (poke) "They're so life like." Grayfia says, not noticing she's only in her skirt while she pokes one of the clones on the chest. "Hey cut that out!" Arashi clone number one says with a heavy blush before bopping her on the head. "Ow! That hurt, you jerk!" Grayfia says before punching the clone in the face, only for it to explode in a puff of smoke.

"Serves that jerk right(Hmmph)"Grayfia puffs in anger

"As You can see my shadow clone magic makes clones of myself. But they're pretty fragile as they die in a single hit. They can also send their memories and magic back to me."

"Speaking of which (HuHmm)G-Gr-Grayfia y-your clothes." Clearing his throat Arashi nervously tells the topless ice wizard girl with a heavy blush and closed eyes.

"Not again!" Grayfia says in dismay

"Ahahahahah. What a stripper" Natsume laughs at the frantic topless Grayfia.

"Yeah that's Grayfia-Chan for you Natsume." Arashi thinks with a sweatdrop.

"Anyway… now that we introduced ourselves. I would like to know if anyone here can teach Natsume and I how to read?"

"What's this? Does the tall and lanky boy want someone to teach him and his fiery pink girlfriend how to read." The girl known as Mirajane teases Arashi after having a tie in her battle with Erza. Leaning forward Mira asks Arashi . "Well are you?"

Blushing heavily at her implications Arashi slowly backs away from her.

"Oh stop teasing him Mira oneechan." Lisanna says with a blush of embarrassment.

"Yeah Mira-oneechan you shouldn't tease some you just met." Elfman said somewhat quietly before Mirajane grabbed him and their younger sister Lisanna in a group hug and gave them a noogie.

"Well that happened" Arashi thinks with a small sweatdrop

"Yeah they're always like that. You get used to it." Cana says to Arashi before she walks over to the bar counter to order something to drink.

"I hear you two are our newest guild mates" The red headed Erza says behind Arashi while holding onto Natsume by her collar.

Jumping slightly in shock Arashi turns around to answer her question "Um ye—." only for Erza to grab his arm and pull both Natsume and him to a table far enough from the others.

"I hear you two are in need of a language teacher for both reading and writing." Erza says to Arashi and Natsume while setting up a chalkboard and books needed for studying language.

"That's right Erza-san" Arashi says with a small sweatdrop at how fast she was setting up this study session.

(PSST) Hey Arashi I don't know why but this girl is scary." Natsume says quietly. Erza, having heard Natsume, punches her on the head. (POW) " I HEARD THAT!" Erza yells angrily while unconsciously letting out a crimson red magical aura. Sensing imminent danger Arashi says

"Anyway thank you for helping us Erza." Arashi shows his thankfulness by bowing his head in respect before Erza. "But how long will this take?" He then asks her one final question in order to draw the conversation back on topic.

"It shouldn't take more than a month at most." Erza answers calmly having gotten her righteous revenge on Natsume who is lying on the table unconscious with a lump on her head.

"Okay that's great, however would you be willing to take Natsume and I on a single job before we're done with learning the language Erza-chan?" Arashi says asking her for a favour while holding the left hand of Erza, and then placing his hands in a prayer position. Waking up from her impromptu nap Natsume says

"Yeah can we Erza-san?"

Erza falters at the baby dragon whimper that Natsume is using and blushes heavily at the intimate action Arashi was unconsciously doing. Quickly removing her hand from Arashi's, Erza quickly says with a stutter.

"V-very well it shall be done. However you two must do well with learning the written language until the end of the month.

"Okay!/Yeah! You got it!(x2)" Arashi and Natsume say respectively.

Getting up from the chair she was sitting on Erza says to Arashi and Natsume "Okay you two let's go look for a job."

After walking to the job request board Erza says to her two guildmates. "Alright which ones do you two think we should do?"

"Hey...um Erza I have a question and a request." Arashi says to erza while looking at Natsume to see if she was fine with it to which Natsume replies with a pout "Fine but hurry up."

"Very well. What do you need Arashi-san?" Erza ask Arashi with a tilt to her head

"Is there a ranking system for jobs and mages? Because I do not want to choose an extremely difficult mission for my first job" Arashi says to both Erza and Natsume.

"Well Arashi-san the ranking system for jobs are E-rank which anyone can do even without magic, following is D-rank jobs which wizards with beginner levels of magic can do, next is C-rank jobs which are for your average level wizard, then there is B-rank jobs which any wizard with above average magic power can do, after that is A-rank jobs where wizards who have gone through 50 B-rank missions can do, up next is S-rank jobs that only those recognized as qualified by the master can take, and finally are SS-rank jobs where only those who have taken a total of 30 S-rank jobs can take. There are two more but I don't think any of us will be ready for that until later on in our lives." Erza explains with a light pen drawing of the ranking system for jobs before continuing and writing down the ranking system for wizards.

"Do you understand what I'm saying so far Arashi-san, Natsume-chan?" Erza asks each of them before turning around to face them only for her to see Arashi being the only one to listen while Natsume was fighting with the nearly naked Grayfia. Erza then began Glowing crimson as her magical aura made her look terrifying. "Excuse me Arashi. I need to teach your friend not to ignore my lessons!" Erza said to the now scared and amazed Arashi. "Uh s-sure go ahead Erza-ch-chan." Arashi stuttered out before moving to the side allowing Erza to pass.

The following beat down was so graphic that Arashi closed his eyes while turning around desperately drowning out the pain filled screams coming from his friend Natsume and his guildmate Grayfia.

{5minutes later}

"Now The ranks for wizards are as such. First there is D-class where wizards only know one magic and it's not really strong or trained enough to be really useful. Next up is C-class which has wizards with two fully trained magics with some experience in job taking. After that there is B-class where wizards with three types of magics, that are fully trained and that have done average jobs and have moderate experience. Then there is A-class where wizards with four types of magics, that are fully trained and have done both above average jobs and have a lot of experience. Finally there is S-class where the master chooses you if you passed the S-class trials and you also need to have 4 or more magic types while having a lot of experience and have done a lot of jobs." Erza explains to Arashi, and the beaten and bruised form of Natsume who was being carried by Arashi.

"I see. Okay I understand now Erza-chan. So anyway, what E rank jobs are there that pay somewhat well?" Arashi asks Erza

"Yeah Erza! What jobs are there?" A recovered Natsume exclaims her question in excitement at taking her first job with her first human friend. Having jumped from Arashi's arms while lighting her fists on fire with her dragonslayer magic.

"Well there is one but it's not one I recommend for your first time?" Erza cautions against this job not realizing she was talking to two hardhead and determined people.

"Whatever it is we'll take it head on!(x2)" Arashi and Natsume say together.

Grinning at their determination Erza says. "Very well let us be off to the mayor's office!" Erza then grabs the request before asking Makarov to approve this job. Before she walks out of the guild with Arashi and Natsume running after her.

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