AN: Another short what-if scenario regarding the Noumus and a potential realization/reveal scenario! Enjoy. :)

"Hey, Kacchan?" Midoriya asked quietly, before class started. His eyes were distant, the slightest hint of a frown on his face as he stared down at his desk. He was picking idly at a band-aid on his hand, from a cut he'd gotten during training.

"What, nerd?" Bakugou growled, throwing a glance over his shoulder in irritation, before pausing at the look on the other's face. When he continued, his tone held less irritation than before. "What the fuck is it now?"

"I just -" Midoriya began, before breaking off and starting again, frown deepening. "Have you heard from Tsubasa-kun recently?"

"That extra?" Bakugou blinked, genuinely surprised. Ordinarily, he would have told the green-haired boy to fuck off, but his expression once again held him back from his usual reaction. Casting his thoughts back as far as he could, he tried to remember when they had last spoken. "I think Bat Brain and I last spoke during our third year of middle school. He stopped hanging out with us after a while, and he was in another class so we didn't see him much. Why the hell do you want to know about that fucker?"

"No reason," Midoriya tried to deflect, but Bakugou intensified the glare he sent his way and predictably the nerd caved like a house of cards. "It's probably nothing, but… I could have sworn that I saw someone else with his Quirk recently."

"How sure are you?" Bakugou asked, his eyes narrowing as he took in the implications of that. Midoriya hesitated, before looking Bakugou in the eye.

"I studied his Quirk for years, Kacchan."

Right. Then it was probably the same. As much as he hated to admit it, if there was one thing Midoriya knew, it was Quirks. He could pick out the same Quirk after fifteen minutes. With how long Bat Brain hung around them growing up, the other teen could probably have placed it anywhere.


"The doctor?" Midoriya said hesitantly, lips thinning at the thought of him. "The one who - well, you know. Didn't he get arrested or something recently for collaborating with villains? He was Tsubasa-kun's family member, I think, so. Either willingly or unwillingly there could be a connection there."

"Fuck," Bakugou swore softly, running a hand through his hair, mind whirling. "Have you told the Caterpillar yet?"

"Not yet," Midoriya admitted, biting his lips and glancing towards the class doorway. "I was waiting until I had something more solid since I wasn't sure I should bring it up with nothing more than seeing a similar Quirk a few months ago and a weird feeling. But I haven't been able to stop thinking about it, and something just seems off, so I thought I would ask you."

Bakugou huffed, glancing to the side. He didn't want to have to deal with the other boy and his weird obsession with Quirks, but if there was really an issue, then he needed to know about it. And as the only other person the nerd was on speaking terms with who had known Bat Brain, it made sense for Bakugou to be involved.

"Fine, I'll look into it," he grumbled, turning to face the front of the class again at a flash of yellow at the door. From behind him he could hear a quiet breath being let out.

"Thanks, Kacchan," the nerd murmured softly, right as class started, preventing Bakugou from replying.

Later in the common room when he was alone, Bakugou pulled up footage from the Stain incident. He knew there was more to the whole encounter than Half-and-half, Glasses, and Deku were telling him, but he also figured out that they weren't allowed to say much. It was also the most recent incident where a Noumu was sighted, meaning that was probably when the nerd had seen the Quirk. Catching a glimpse of wings in one of the thumbnails of the videos, he clicked on it, the sound on low.

On-screen, people had emerged from an alleyway, Bakugou's three classmates and a pro that was carrying Deku. A small gathering of pros ran up to them from offscreen. There was some conversation the cameras couldn't pick up before a screech cut through the recordings.

The flying Noumu swooped into the scene and grabbed Deku. Bakugou hit the pause button and enlarged the screen, studying it closely. Large, a light tan color, and as creepy as all the other Noumus they had seen so far. But stretching out of its back was a pair of familiar-looking draconic wings, and Bakugou felt his stomach sink.

He let the rest of the clip play, and he noticed that the Noumu never tried to hurt Deku. Other clips of it clearly showed it attacking any and everyone who got too close. But in this clip, it passed up the easy targets the taller adults made. It passed up everyone who was closer to it in favor of targeting Deku. As if it knew him on some level.

Bakugou dropped his laptop and clapped a hand to his mouth, rushing out of the room. He raced into the bathroom, brushing by Deku, Asui, Kirishima, Kaminari, and Aizawa in the hall in favor of reaching the toilet in time.

He retched just as he reached the toilet, everything in his system rejecting what he now knew to be the truth. He heaved until his stomach was aching from the pressure, then rested his forehead on his arm, panting weakly into the rancid toilet bowl.

Suddenly the sounds of his classmates' worried voices filtered in, as well as the presence of his teacher hovering in the background. He ignored them all though as he lifted his eyes to the gaze he knew would be there.

"You were right," he said, voice hoarse from the abuse his throat had just undergone. Deku's eyes widened, before his expression turned grim. "It was him, you were fucking right. He knew you, and it was the same damn fucking Quirk."

"I thought so," the greenet said quietly. "I'd hoped I was wrong, but I didn't think I would be."

At the reminder, Bakugou turned his attention back to the roiling of his stomach as he closed his eyes and hovered over the toilet bowl again. Behind him, he heard the murmuring of his classmates, and any other time he would have blasted them for staring, but right now he was too focused on holding onto the rest of his dinner. A moment later, their teacher's voice cut in.

"Are either of you problem children going to tell me what's going on?" Aizawa asked, narrowed eyes glancing between the two of them. Midoriya bit his lip, glancing at Bakugou for a moment before turning his attention back to their teacher.

"I - I think we need to open an investigation for one of our old classmates, Sensei," he said quietly as Aizawa's gaze sharpened. "We… we think he might have been turned into a Noumu."