Hey guys! I made another Twilight fanfic. Hope you like it! It took me FOREVER to publish this thing cause at first it wouldn't let me copy and paste, cause I was writing it on Notes.

This was the next day. Yesterday, Edward Cullen made me almost have a heart attack. We had found a lake in the forest. Not that big, but very deep. He was helping me get over my fear of riding on his back while he ran. After the ride, he set me down near the edge of the lake, and I playfully shoved him, and he "fell" into the lake. Vampires are mostly indestructible. The other day, he had told me that Vampires can hold their breath for a very long time, in fact, they barely need to breath at all. Of course he pretended he was drowning. Stupidly, I thought he was gonna die. I jumped in the freezing cold water. It was dark, so I couldn't find him. I resurfaced. As I did, I saw him surface as well. He didn't have shortness of breath. He was laughing. I wanted to strangle him. "Edward!" I had screamed at him while splashing lake water in his face.

"Bella, don't you remember what I told you about us?" He had said. I scowled at him and stormed out of the water. That was the day I had sworn never to let him trick me like that again.

I'm gonna get him back, and I'm gonna get him back good. Ideas kept popping in my head. I could tell him that I accidentally told Jess or someone about their secret. No. I finally thought of something. I dashed to the kitchen and grabbed some things like red food coloring and ketchup. Then I went up to my room and got some makeup from the bathroom. I decided to put it all on my leg. And maybe some more on my arm. But Edward would be here any minute, so had to work fast. I made it look like scratches that had been caused by some creature in the woods. Perfect. As soon as I was finished, there was a knock on the door. I knew it was Edward. I ran down the stairs, but didn't answer it. Instead, I moved some chairs around to set the scene. Then I lay in the floor. The door opened. I made the perfect groaning noise. "Edward..." I said. He ran over to me in a flash. "Bella! Bella, what happened?"

"You weren't there to save me... You said you would always be there to protect me..." I said. Personally, I thought I went a little too far, or so I thought. Oh, Bella. I'm such an idiot. I'm so sorry, I-" But the rest of his sentence was cut off, because he started "crying".

"Woah, Edward! This wasn't- I mean, I'm sorry! Please forgive me. This was only a-" But then he was laughing. Again. "Bella, you actually thought I believed you?" He chuckled.

"What?" I was still confused.

"I can smell blood from miles. This was some gross smell of ketchup, makeup, and food coloring."

"But- but you-" I stuttered. "You were sad, you were crying. You thought I was hurt-"

"Bella, I knew you were going to get me back from what I did to you yesterday."

"Dang. I really thought I had you. You know, your impossible to prank."

"I know." He said. And he kissed me on top of my head.

"Alright," I said. "Let's get this stuff off of me."

The next day

"Bye, guys!" I said to Jess, Angela, Mike and Eric after school. I walked back to my truck with Edward.

"So, are you going to head over to my place tonight?" I asked him.

"Sure." He answered. "The usual time?"

I nodded, climbing into my truck, and inserting the key.

"See you later then." He said.

I pulled into my driveway. Charlie was out fishing. As I got out of my car, Edward was there to greet me by my porch.

"Hey," I said, walking up to him.

"Hey." He answered. "So, Charlie gone?"

"Yeah, he's fishing again."

When we walked inside, Edward suddenly went still as a statue.

"Edward, what's wrong?"

"Bella, stay here."


"Just stay downstairs, and whatever you do, don't come into your room."

"Uh- okay." I was confused.

He ran upstairs. All I could hear was the opening and closing of doors. Then, after a while, I heard thumping and crashing.

"Edward?" I said, running upstairs. But then I stopped. What if he was tricking me again? But what if he wasn't. What if someone else was up there with him? I dashed up to my room and went to open my door. It was locked. "Edward?" I said. "Edward, open the door." No answer. Just more banging. "Edward!" I yelled, yanking on the door knob. I was starting to get angry. "Open my door!" Finally, it opened. But Edward wasn't the one who opened the door. A cloaked figure was standing on the other side.

"Who-" I started. But I was cut off, as Edward slammed right into the cloaked figure at lightning speed. "Bella, get out of here!" I just stood there, a little shocked. "No way!" I exclaimed. "I'm helping you!"

I ran into the room of chaos. Things were flying everywhere. Not just things. The figure and Edward were running at each other at the speed of light. Almost just blurs. Then something hit me in the head. Hard. I fell down, thankfully in my bed, barely holding on to consciousness. Meanwhile, Edward noticed me on the bed. He got to me in a flash, trying to help me, but was pulled away. His opponent was relentless. It kept trying to pull him apart at his neck. I was starting to recover, slowly, frustratingly. I wanted to help. But what could I do? A loud bang interrupted my thoughts. Edward was slammed against the wall. "Stop!" I yelled. But nothing seemed to work. Fighting dizziness, I jumped off the bed. Bringing all of my courage together, I crawled right on top of the cloaked figure. Now on top of its shoulders, I was being flung around like a rag doll. "Bella, stop!" Edward yelled. Then, without warning, the person flung me off his shoulders and I slammed right into my window. It cracked. Great, I thought. I got up from the floor, tiny pieces of glass stuck to my clothes. Then Edward was hurled right at me, and crashed straight through the window, sending shards of glass everywhere. "Edward!" I screamed. As he hit the driveway, I heard a sickening crack. Hopefully it was the concrete. The figure ran over to me, but something held it back. It was yanked right to the other side of the room, hitting the wall. Behind him, was a beautifully tan, long-haired boy. He smiled at me, showing bright white teeth. "Jacob!" I exclaimed. He turned back to the figure, continuing the fight. But he too, was slammed against the wall. Of course it cracked. My room had become a cage match. What was I going to tell Charlie? Jacob then transformed into a gigantic wolf. The figure was still trying to get at me, but Jacob held him back. Not for long. It went at him, jumping on top of him, pulling at his fur. I couldn't take it anymore. I hurled myself at the figure, and it staggered out my door and into the hallway. Jacob lunged at it, causing them both to fall down the steps. They continued fighting out the front door, splintering it, and into the yard. Edward, I thought. "Edward?" I looked around the yard. He was getting up off the cracked driveway, running towards me. "Bella, are you ok?" He asked. He's asking me?

"I'm fine Edward, it's you I'm worried about."

"Its ok, I'm fine." He smiled. "I heard loud noises upstairs still."

I hesitated. "Jacob came. He-" But the rest of my sentence was cut off. The huge wolf was thrown right between us, crashing onto the porch. "Jacob!" I cried. He morphed back to normal, and lay still for a moment. Thankfully, he got up soon after. "Bella, we have to go. This person is way too strong." He said, taking my hand. "Ow!" I yelled. The figure had lunged at me, managing to hit my shoulder. "Get off me!" I yelled, trying to shake its hand off. I kicked it hard with my leg, causing it to fall back a bit. Jacob let go of me, and he and Edward ran up to him, finishing the fight. Then I heard a car engine. Charlie. Oops. "Edward, Jacob! It's Charlie! He's coming home!" They both turned to me. Which was a mistake. The person got a chance to hit them in the face again. It threw Edward off him, who hit the side of the house, then fell to the ground. Jacob kept going. That's when things fell apart. My Dad's car stopped abruptly, engine shutting off. He threw open his door. "Dad, get out of here!" I yelled at him. "What in the..." He stuttered, not comprehending it all in his mind. I ran up to him, trying not to let the cloaked person see me. "Is that Jacob Black?!" He asked, bewildered.

"Um, no! Yes- well, Dad, just listen to me. Come inside the house right now." I said, taking his hand, and practically dragging him through what was left of the door. "Bella, what happened to our door?!"

"I'll explain later! Get inside!"

"What?! No, Bella! You tell me what's going on right now!"

"If I tell you, you wouldn't believe me anyway!" The figure came racing towards me seeing I went inside.

"Bella? Who's that?" He asked me.

"Um, I don't know, but it wants me! Edward's trying to help me, and Jacob came over also trying to help me!"

"Edward Cullen? The guy you like from school?"

"Yeah, Dad!" With that, I shoved him through the door, the figure following close behind. I ran with him, all the way into the kitchen. The person wasn't following me anymore, so I guessed Jacob was still fending him off. "Bella, tell me what's going on."

"Dad, I can't."

"What do you mean you can't?"

"I just can't tell you... At the moment, I guess."

"Why not?" He asked.

"Because! And what ever you do, don't you DARE go upstairs!"

"Why shouldn't I go upstairs?"

A loud bang sounded, and both the cloaked figure and Jacob came in, smashing into the table.

"Bella, what the heck?"

"Dad, I'll explain everything later! Just go and hide somewhere!"

"I'm not gonna just leave you Bells!"

I sighed. He wasn't going to let this go. The figure then lunged at me again. I ducked, and ran towards the kitchen counter, opening a drawer, and grabbing a knife. Stab! I jammed the knife straight into its upper back.

It yelped, wrenching the knife out of its back. Giving a frustrated grunt, it ran out the door, and into the woods and lightning speed.

A few moments passed.

"Bella." Charlie whispered. "What just happened."

I was silent. What could I tell him now? Jacob stood behind us, covered in bruises and some cuts, panting.

"You ok, Jake?" I asked him quietly.

"Yeah, could be better though."

"Oh no." Edward. I ran out the door, and into the now darkened yard, into the night. Jacob followed close behind me.

Then I saw him. He was getting up off the grass.

"Oh my gosh. Edward, are you ok?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," he grunted, getting up."Wait. Bella, where's your Dad?"

"He's inside."

"Does he-"

"No. But um... he's seen the entire fight." I said hesitantly.

"What?" He asked, standing up.

"BELLA! What the heck happened to your room?!" Charlie yelled from inside.

"I'm just gonna go inside and get him back to his senses."

"What will you tell him?"

"I have no idea." I said, running back inside.

I popped my head back out what was left of the door. "Might need some help convincing."

All three of us went into the house, and up the stairs.

"BELLA?! Why is your window smashed?"

"Dad! I um, well..." I looked at Edward and Jacob. "I- uh... was cooking, and I accidentally let it burn. So, um, the smoke kinda went up to my room, and it got too hot, and um, shattered... the... glass?" Jacob hit a hand to his face.

"I didn't see any smoke, Bella. And who was that idiot trying to attack you? Why was he attacking Jacob? And where was Edward the entire time? Was he hurt?"

"No sir, I'm fine." Edward spoke up.

"Then why were you lying on the lawn outside surrounded by glass? Were you thrown out the window?!"

"No, I- uh-"

"Dad," I said interrupting Edward. "I think you need to go lie down. You could've...um, hit your head on the car door." I reassured him, pulling him into a chair.

"Bells, I know what I saw."

"Well...here's the thing... I haven't been completely honest with you."

Edward stiffened.

"Um you see, the whole thing was a... prank."

Jacob and Edward exchanged confused looks.

"You see, the other day, Edward and I were pranking each other, and um, well, we decided that, while you were gone, we would pull a prank on you. The whole thing was just a ruse. The person cloaked, was just Mike. Jess and I set up all the broken stuff. Don't worry, Dad. I'll replace the window too."

"So, your telling me this entire thing was just fake? What about when you stabbed "Mike" at the end?"

"Uh, like I said. All fake." I assured him, taking Jacob and Edward with me out of my room. We sat on the couch together downstairs.

"Hopefully he believes me." I said.

Part two:

The next day I woke up extra early so Charlie was still sleeping. Quietly getting out of bed, I took a quick shower, and got dressed. I wanted to eat by myself this morning, so I could spare the awkwardness between me and dad. He could still be angry.

I had some time left before school started. More than some time, actually. I could take a walk. But not after what happened yesterday. I decided to message Edward, the only person who could possibly be awake at this time. Vampires didn't sleep.

Edward, I messaged on my phone,

But no message was needed. I heard a slight movement at my window. He was standing in the corner of my room. I sat in my chair for a moment looking at him. His beautiful face never ceased to dazzle me. I smiled, and came over to sit on his lap, wrapping my arms around him.

"You must've read my mind."

He smiled back at me.

"No. I figured you would be up this early."

"Yeah, I didn't want to have to talk with Charlie again."

"You know your going to have to talk about it after school. He's going to keep asking questions."

"I know," I said.

I sat there, in his arms for a while.

"What will I tell him?" I asked, although I think I already knew the answer to that one.

"Just keep telling him that it was a prank over and over and maybe he'll give in."


School ended, and I dreaded the thought of going home. It was misty and cold outside as I climbed into my truck. I started up the engine. As I drove home, I couldn't stop thinking of what happened yesterday. Will Charlie still be mad at me, or will he just ask me questions? Time flew by fast. I was already home. Sometimes I wished the way from school and home took longer. I took as long as I could to get to the door. This was stupid. I was being a baby. "Come on, you can walk into your own house, Bella." I said aloud, running towards the door. Here goes nothing. I opened the door. Charlie wasn't there. Fishing again? If he was, thank goodness it would spare the awkwardness. I bet he was thinking the same thing. But I knew we both couldn't keep this up forever. We have to see each other sometime. But this was the kind of situation you couldn't just talk about to someone. I was going to have to lie a little. Or a lot. I brought my bag upstairs to my room. I didn't feel like doing homework. But maybe it would take my mind off things. I took out my note book.

"Mind if I help you?" A soft voice asked.

I turned around. Edward was standing in the dark corner of my room again.

I couldn't help but smile again.


After we finished my homework, we still had some time left before Dad got home. We both sat on my bed.

"What am going to tell him?" I asked him again.


"Really, Edward." I interrupted. "What will I tell him?"

"Bella, the most you can do is tell


"Lies, I know." I sat with him in silence for a while. I drew in a breath.

"Edward," I started. "What if-what if I just-"


"I know. I know. But Charlie's my dad, and what if he doesn't tell anyone?"

"Bella, you know we can't even risk it."

"I know that. But, I mean, he doesn't know that many people, and what if-"

"Bella, could you please stop with the 'what if's.'"

I stopped.

"I'm sorry." He said. "It's just- if any word gets out," he trailed off.

"I know. I won't tell. I promise."

He smiled at that.

The front door downstairs opened. Charlie was home.

"Wish me luck?" I asked.

He nodded.

I descended down the stairs. Charlie was sitting in the kitchen.

"Um, hey."

He didn't look up at me. Uh oh.

"Hey Bells."

"Dad I," I paused. "Want to talk with you." The words came out hesitant and slow. Gosh, I wish I wasn't so nervous.

"About?" He asked.

But I already knew he knew what I was thinking about.

"Dad, come on. Yesterday."

He stopped for a moment.

"What really happened Bella?"

My head turned to face the stairs, up to my room. I wish Edward was with me.


"Yeah, sorry. Uh, y-yesterday."

I stopped. Why did I keep stopping?

"Come on, Bella, you gotta tell me something."

"Dad, I already did."

"No, Bella. The truth."

Dang it.

"That is the truth, dad."

"So your telling me that you and Edwin were teasing each other one day and then the next day you just decide to prank me? How did pranking me get into the picture?"

"Edward, Dad, and we wanted to, because- we-"

He raised his eyebrows.

"Listen, Dad," I thought for a moment. "I just thought that you haven't had much fun in a while lately, you know, it just being you and me. No mom."

He softened up a little.

"So we decided to try and make one day for you happier, and-um, it went wrong. I didn't know it would dad, really."

I think he believed me. Hopefully.

"Bella, it's ok."


"Thanks dad." I said. I felt awkward. Though, awkward wasn't the right word. It felt more like guilt.

I went upstairs and into my room. Edward was still there, waiting patiently on my bed. My heart skipped a beat.

"How did it go?" He asked.

"Good, I guess. He believed me."

"What did you tell him?"

"I just told him the same thing. But mentioned mom."


Edward stayed with me till night. He had pulled the covers over me, keeping me warm and safe, with his arm draped over me.

"Edward," I whispered to him. "I think I hear something."

He was silent.


I noticed he wasn't in the bed with me.

He was over by the broken window.

"Bella, I think it's back." He said. "But it's waiting."

I could tell he wanted to jump out the window to finish him. Or it. But he resisted. The rest of the night he lay next to me pulling me closer.

He next day, Charlie was working on the house. My room, the front porch and door, and the table in the kitchen. Edward picked me up in his Volvo this morning for school. People at school were getting used to seeing me with Edward. There was less staring.

All three of my first classes went through surprisingly fast. At lunch, I sat with Edward.

"So," I said. "Have you told your family about what happened?"

"No, not yet. I don't want to worry them."

I nodded.

The next three classes went as smoothly as my first three.

When school ended, Edward drove me back home.

"Will you stay tonight?" I asked him when we were home.

"Yeah." He said.

I leaned over and kissed him, then unbuckled my seatbelt. As I got to the front door, which was now fixed, I looked back at him one more time and waved. As I got in, I could here Charlie in the kitchen assembling a whole new table. Jacob and that cloaked figure must have really splintered it to pieces. I ran upstairs to do homework. I didn't have as much as yesterday, and it was easier.

That night, Edward didn't leave the window. Was it still there? Or was he just waiting there in case it was? I lay in my bed in absolute silence. I almost forgot Edward was there. As I was watching him, he suddenly tensed.

"Bella, get into the bathroom." He said quietly.

I didn't want to, but I obeyed. Inside the bathroom, it was still silent. No noise in my bedroom, either. The very air in the bathroom seemed tense. I realized I was holding my breath. I let it go in a sigh. What was happening in there? Then I heard a thud. And snarling. And a couple of bangs here and there. The figure was back. I couldn't take it anymore. I ran out of the bathroom and into my room again. It was again, chaos. I could tell by how they fought, Edward would not be able to take on his opponent on his own. The figure was just as strong as Edward and Jacob put together. I grabbed my phone quickly, and ran out of the room again. But unfortunately, slammed right into Charlie. "Bella, tell me what is going on, and I want the truth this time. You sound like a rhino, up here. Who is with you?"

"Dad, not right now, I gotta call-"

"Call who, Bella? Your room sounds like a stampede, the least you should call is 911! I'm going in your room right now, and you better come up with some good explanations." With that, he reached for the door. Immediately, I took hold of his arm and yanked him back. "Bella Marie, you are not going to stop me this time! I'm going to do whatever it takes to know what's going on!"

"Well your going to have to not know!" I snapped.

"Bella, I want to help you! Just tell me what's going on!"

"I don't want your help!" I yelled at him. Even though I was stressed, I didn't mean it to come out that harsh. I grabbed him by his jacket, and dragged him down the stairs. I immediately called Jacob.

"Sup, Bella." I heard on the other line when he picked up.

"Jake, I need you to come over right now."

"Why, Bella, what's going on?"

I was getting tiered of that question.

"Just get over here now!" I yelled into the phone.

I ran back upstairs. All I could hear was Edward's screaming and snarling.

I threw open my door. I could barely recognize my own room, let alone see it in all the blurs of running and attacking. I could tell Edward was getting tiered. He'd never fought a battle this long. "Hurry up, Jacob. Hurry up." I kept thinking. The figure kept trying to rip Edward apart. Then it grabbed him by the waist, trying to break his ribs. I could tell it wasn't going to well. But as I watched, I saw the figure's hands. Slender, like a woman's. It was a girl. She had a hard time trying to break his bones. That spared enough time for me to run into my room, grab my lamp, and bash it straight into the figure's head. It stalled her for a minute, but only a minute. Unfortunately, in that small amount of time I heard cracks. Loud, horrifying cracks. Edward fell to my bedroom floor. All I could do was stare. Tears came to my eyes. Tears filled with sadness, but mostly full of pure anger. Stepping over the broken lamp, I turned the cloaked woman and slammed my fist as hard as I could into her face. My entire hand exploded with pain, shooting up my arm, and into my shoulder. But I thought passed pain. The woman staggered back, surprisingly, shocked at how much strength I had. Two strong hands yanked me backward, and I fell to my floor next to Edward. Standing in front of me was Jacob Black. "Took you long enough!" I yelled at him.

"I had to sort out your dad!"

Then he morphed into an enormous wolf, snapping his teeth at her. Then she jumped up, and kicked him hard, on his leg. Then, for good measure, hit his part of his shoulder, nearly missing his neck. He whimpered and fell on his side. Now it was just me and her. Painfully, I got up. With my free arm, I grabbed my phone and ran out of my room. I went into the bathroom and locked it. But it wouldn't hold for long.

I called Alice.

"ALICE!" I yelled.

"Bella, I'm on my way now, I saw you!"

"Oh, thank goodness! Hurry! Please!"

Now all I could do was wait. The bathroom door crashed open, sending splinters flying in all directions. The woman walked toward me.

"Time to end Bella Swan and the rest of the Cullen family." She said. Then her hand came up high, showing long sharp claws. I didn't notice those before. The pain started when she brought them down and sliced open my entire calf. Blood went everywhere. My vision went spotted, and blurry. The woman was just a shape now. Then I saw a shadow behind her. Or was it shadows? All I remember seeing last was her head being ripped off making a sound like pottery. But I could still here voices.

"Bella? Bella, can you here me?"


"Jasper, no!"

"Emmet, get Jasper out of here! And call Carlisle! And make sure you get Edward out too."

I heard snarling.


Then my vision went white. I felt no pain anymore. I felt like I was reliving last year. Was I dead this time? I was so confused. If I was dead, being dead is better than being alive right now. But where was Edward? Was he dead too? No, vampires are immortal. And I didn't remember seeing any fire. My entire body was numb. Was I a spirit now? Then I heard a voice. His voice. Edward's voice. He was calling my name. I wanted to respond. But I couldn't open my mouth.

"Bella." It sounded like he was whispering.

"Bella." It was louder this time.

"Edward, is she awake?" That was Alice.

Then I saw shapes again. And bright light. It was morning.

"Carlisle." Edward called.

"Bella, are you ok?" Carlisle asked me.

As my eyes adjusted, I saw Carlisle, Edward, Alice, and Emmet. Then I heard Esme.

"She's awake!" She said. She appeared in my eye vision as well. I was picking up more and more details. I was resting on a table, in their living room, next to the piano. I was also aware of the thick casts around my arm and leg. I blinked a couple times.

I tried to sit up, but my arm prevented me. "Where's Edward?" I asked.

"He's right here, Bella." Esme said.

Edward took my hand. I almost instantly felt better. "And Jake?"

"He's at home."

I nodded. At least I knew he was okay too.

"But-Edward. You got hurt. Are you ok?"

"Yeah Bella. My bones heal quicker. I might have a couple still broken, but it's not bad. I have bandages and everything. I'll be fine, don't worry."

"So what happened yesterday?"

Alice spoke. I guess Edward didn't remember much either.

"Well, I had a vision of you. At home, you were attacked. So I came straight there with Jasper and Emmet. Carlisle and Esme came afterwards. We got rid of that newborn. Apparently it was a follower of Victoria. Her powers had better strength. It took all three of us to kill her. We weren't sure if you would make it, Bella."

"And what happened after?" I asked her.

"Carlisle and Esme came and got Edward. Emmet, Jasper and I took you home, and we called Billy to come and get Jacob."

"Is he okay?"

"I think so."

She and Jasper left the room, and I caught Alice saying, "It's ok, Jasper, you did good. It's ok..."

I lay on the table, with Edward standing over me.

"Can you stay?" I asked him.


The next day I could stand up again. With crutches, unfortunately. Edward drove me back home. He stopped the car at my front door. That's when I finally remembered.

"Edward, Charlie!"

I quickly unbuckled, grabbed my crutches, and opened my door.

Edward was on my side of the car already, and picked me up and ran me to the door at lighting speed.

"I was fine on my own, you know." I said. He shrugged.

The door was unlocked. As we went into my house, we could hear muffled screaming in the kitchen. Charlie was tied up in a chair, with a cloth over his mouth. Edward helped me untie him. Immediately, got up. I also took of the cloth and instantly regretted it.

"Bella Marie, if you kids don't tell me what the heck went on last night, I'm driving is somewhere else far away, and we'll never come back to Forks ever again! Explanations, now!"


"What happened to you, Bella? What were you two doing upstairs? Why did Jacob tie me up? What was he doing up there? Why did Edward's family come over? And how the heck were they running so fast? Bella, they carried you and Edward downstairs unconscious! Then Billy came over and brought Jacob down too! What did you guys do? Try to kill each other? I heard screaming, thudding, crashing! I mean, what the he-"

"DAD!" I yelled at him. "Stop!"

"No, Bella. You can't tell me what to do this time! I want answers and I want them now!"

I was silent. And so was Edward. Should tell Charlie the truth? I looked at Edward, hoping that he would have any ideas. He just stood there, with his face still.

"Edward," I said to him.

He didn't move.

"Edward. Should I-"

"Yes." He said.

"What?" He said yes?

"I said yes." He turned and looked at me.

"Good then." Said Charlie. "Bella, go ahead and tell me."

"Uh- I-"

"Come on, Bells." He pressed.

"Dad... I haven't been honest with you since last year."


"Before you say anything, I want to tell you the truth."

We stood in silence for a moment.

"Edward is...well, he and his family...are vampires."

He burst out laughing. "Wow. Wow! That is the most ridiculous excuse you've come up with yet!"

I stood there, shocked.

"A vampire, really! Your serious?" He laughed again. Then he finally stopped.

"Okay, you've had your fun. Tell me the truth now, Bells."

"Dad, that is the truth! All through school last year, I noticed something weird about him more and more every day, until I finally figured him out, and he told me who he was! And, you remember when I got hurt? That was an attack from another vampire named James! We were all playing baseball that one day, like I said, and he came over with his other two newborns, and we had to leave! We were going back to Phoenix, and he followed us there! That's why I left, dad. When we got the the hotel, he called me. He told me over the phone that he had mom at my old ballet studio, so I went by myself to see him, and she wasn't there. It was his plan to get me killed! And he threw me across the room, I hit my head, then he broke my leg! The rest of the Cullens were there trying to help, but had to resist sucking my blood. I got bit by James, and Edward had to suck the venom out of me."

Charlie was silent, Edward was silent.

"Wow." Charlie finally said. "Uh, wow."

"Do you believe me now?" I asked him.

"Yeah, kinda."

"Kinda, Dad?" What more did he want to know? Oh right. Proof Edward's a vampire. I looked at my boyfriend. He looked back at me and nodded. We walked outside and into the woods.

There was little patches of morning sunlight creeping through the thick trees. Edward looked at Charlie, before zooming through the forest in a blur. He was slower than usual, but that was just because of yesterday. The look on Charlie's face almost made me laugh. Edward came back.

"Wow, um... that was...cool." Charlie said.

"There's more." I said.

We walked toward a patch of sunlight. Edward walked into it. It still dazzled me the way he sparkled.

"You sparkle?" Charlie asked.

I rolled my eyes.

Edward walked back to us.

"Two more things." I said.

Edward walked up to a huge boulder and picked up the whole thing.

Charlie was shocked once more.

Then Edward walked up to Charlie.

"Think of something, sir."

"Uuuuh...ok, I've got it."

I watched.

"Ice cream? Really?"

"You can read minds?"

He nodded.

"And dad, one other thing." I said. "Look at his eyes."

He looked.

"Woah, golden?"

"They can change too." I said. "Somedays black, some gold, and when you first become a vampire, red."


"And Dad, there's one other thing you should know."




"He's a werewolf."

"Oh cool. You know, he and I are going to have serious talk about last night."

Edward parked up at Jake's house.

"You two go in. I'll stay in the car."

Charlie and I got out.

"What's up with him?" He asked.

"Treaty thing."

"Ah." He pretended to be interested. He had no idea what the word Treaty meant in the Vampire and Werewolf world.

We knocked on the door.

Billie answered it.

"Hey, Chief Swan, glad to see you again." He said. "Hey, Bella." He didn't look at me.

"Can we see Jacob please?" I asked him.

"Sure." He said.

Jacob came to the door. He was limping.

"Hey, Jake." I said.

"Hey, Bella, what's up?"

"Um, Jake, we uh, told Dad everything."

"Everything as in... everything everything?"

"Yup. Step outside."

He did so.

"Chief Swan, you might want to step back. I warning you, your about to be amazed."

"Jake, I already told him who you are."

"Oh." He said. "Well, way to take the fun out of it."

Then he took off his shirt and shoes.

His entire body expanded, growing fur as it went. He grew large paws, and razor sharp teeth. Charlie's eyes widened.

"Let me guess, cool?" I asked him.

"Yeah." He said.

"You can pet him if you want." I said.

Jake threw me a teasing glare.

Charlie went up to him, and patted his head.

I saw Edward stifle a laugh in the car.

Jake transformed back.

"Wait, aren't werewolf's supposed to only transform at full moons?" Charlie asked.

Jake laughed.

"Nope! Not us!"

We drove back to the Cullen's house with Charlie. I figured he'd better know about the rest of them too.

"Woah, you guys live here?" Charlie asked.

"Yeah." Edward answered.

Inside, Charlie looked almost exactly like I had when I visited for the first time. Fascinated. We walked up the stairs to where everyone else was.

"This is Alice's room, that's Edward's, and all down the rest of the hall is Carlisle's, Esme's, Jasper's, Emmet's and Rosalie's." I explained.

"Hey, Bella!" Alice stood behind us, making me jump.

"Oh, hey." I said.

"Bella, you know your supposed to using your crutches, right?"

"Don't worry, Alice. I used them all the way here." I said. "I can still stand, you know."

"And Edward-" Alice began, but Edward cut her off.

"Alice. I'm fine. Stop worrying."

"Okay, okay." She said. "So what's up, Chief Swan?"

"Um, Alice." I said. "I told Dad everything."

"Oh, Bella, your so funn- wait. Everything? Really?"

"Yes..." I said slowly.

"Edward? You let her?"

"Yes, I did." He said.

"Edward, Carlisle is gonna be furious! And don't even get me started on Rosalie!"

Uh oh. I had forgotten about Rosalie. She's gonna hate me for the rest of my life. She's already had theories of me since the beginning.

Carlisle came in.

"What's going on?"

"Bella told her Dad everything. And Edward allowed it." Alice said.

"Edward, wha-"

"It's not all Edward's fault." I spoke up.

"I made him."

"You...made him allow you to tell your dad?" Carlisle asked.

"Yes." I said hesitantly. Stupid. I thought.

"Hey, guys. I promise I won't tell." Charlie said.

"You sure?" Alice asked him.

"Yeah, I promise. I don't even know that many people."

"Okay, just don't tell Rosalie yet." Alice said to Edward and Carlisle. "Try to ease her into it if you can."

"Tell me what?"

It was Rosalie.

"Uh..." Alice started. "Edward, Carlisle, could you come with me?" She grabbed hold of both Edward and Carlisle's shirts, and pulled them away with her to the far end of the hallway.

I could catch a little of what they were saying as I watched.

"Rosalie, don't be mad, but Bella told her dad about us." Alice said to her. Rosalie let out a snarl.

"I knew that human would tell somebody! I knew we couldn't trust her!"

"Rosalie, calm down," Edward said. "It's just her dad."

"I don't care if it was her dad!"

"Rosalie-" Carlisle said, but was interrupted.

"Carlisle, he could tell anyone! If he does, that person would tell another, then in just a few days everyone will know about us! I mean, Edward did you even try to talk her out of it?"

"We were in a bad situation!" He yelled at her.

"I don't care what situation it was. Let the newborn kill her!"

Edward and Alice were silent.

"Rosalie, that was uncalled for." Carlisle said to her.

"Ugh!" She threw her arms up in the air, and stormed off into her room, slamming and locking her door behind her. Carlisle, Alice and Edward came back to us.

"She'll come around." Carlisle said.

I heard Edward mumble a 'yeah right' to himself.

"I'm sorry about all of this, we should go." I said, grabbing Charlie.

"Bella, it's fine." Alice said. "As long as Chief Swan doesn't tell, which I don't think he will, we'll be fine."

"Thanks, Alice." I said. And Charlie, Edward and I walked down the stairs and out the door. We drove home in silence. When we got home, I remembered Jacob. What is Billie gonna do when he finds out? Hopefully tomorrow Jake still has his head attached to his body. I laughed a little at the thought. At least Billie won't be as bad as Rosalie. I wondered what tomorrow was going to bring on us.

The end! Did you like it? I thought some parts just sounded plain or choppy, but other than that I think I did pretty well. ;)