SUMMARY: Bella Swan is the owner of 'The Moon's Eclipse' bar and a Seattle beauty who intrigue's Edward Cullen, a notorious player, and Underboss of the Cullen crime family. It's a romantic, blood pumping tale as old as time. Edward just didn't expect Bella to re-write the story.

I hummed as I wiped down the bar, the girls weren't in yet but I liked to keep shit clean for when they got here. They could mix drinks like fucking pro's but cleaning was not on their list of talents. The Moon's Eclipse was my baby. I had opened it up with some of the money my dad left me in his will.

Of course my bitch of a mother blew a gasket at the fact that he didn't leave her shit. Oh well, that's what she gets for having other men's cocks down her throat every week. My father had been a good man, he was a very sought after lawyer in the heart of Seattle.

My dad knew how much I wanted to own a bar, it was my dream, but he wanted me to go to school and get a "real" job. I snorted at that. The only job I had in college was sitting on my physics professor's lap so I could get a passing grade.

I took another look around the bar, it was only three years ago that this place was an abandoned building for sale. No one else had seen its potential, but I knew it was perfect the moment I laid eyes on it. The walls once simply cracked plaster were now a comforting purple which complimented the oak wood floors and booths covered in black leather.

The tables with redwood tops shone, having been just cleaned. I didn't know what type of lights I had but the man who installed them said some shit about recessed LED. I didn't know what the fuck he was talking about but it made my bar look badass.

I heard the door open and looked up. It could only be one of the girls, everyone else knew we didn't open until eight, and James, our cook, didn't show up until a quarter past 7. Sure enough, Leah was walking towards me wearing a sweatshirt and cargo pants. She was 19 and going to the local community college online. I wouldn't have hired because of her age if I didn't feel so bad for her.

She's had a rough time. She got pregnant at 14 and her parents kicked her out, the guy wanted nothing to do with her kid. She had moved here from PA to stay with an aunt. The aunt watched her kid while she worked. If I was being honest it made me mad that she had to work her ass off just to provide for her kid. I knew she had a day job but she never really talked about it so I had let the matter drop.

"Hey, Leah, You can go and get changed into your uniform then go and put the salt and pepper shakers out on the tables Ali and Ro should be here soon," I said. "No problem boss, oh, and about tomorrow, I know Friday nights are usually full houses but Eric has this school play-" I cut her off.

"Are you crazy bitch? Don't even think about coming into work, go be with your kid, watch him make a fool of himself on stage before clapping like he's the next Leonardo DiCaprio." I laughed.

She beamed. "Thanks, Boss, your the best." She said as she hugged me and went to get changed. A few minutes later Alice and Rosalie walked in. Alice had on a red crop top and high waisted black shorts with black ankle boots. Rosalie showed up in her usual tube top and mini skirt with silver fuck me heels. I swear, this girl didn't own anything other than clothes that made her look like a hooker.

Not even our uniforms were that bad, Speaking of. Leah came out of the back holding a tray of shakers wearing hers, as I asked. It was a purple halter backless crop top with black booty shorts and black open toe pumps. It was sexy yet comfortable to work in. I should know, I had tried the outfit on myself for a full night's work when I first opened this place, I wasn't going to have my girls working in shit I found uncomfortable.

"Alice, Rosalie, get changed and help Leah by changing out the napkin holders," I said as I placed the rag back into the bucket before heading to the kitchen to dump it and rinse off the sink. James may work for me, but he was anal about his kitchen being perfectly clean and above board.

Alice and Rose nodded before heading for the changing rooms in the back. Both girls were my best friends. I had known Alice since high school. She was like the energizer bunny on crack. She had seen me on our first day freshman year and instantly latched onto my arm declaring that we would be best friends forever.

I'm not going to lie, for a solid month and a half I was convinced she was taking something. But as it turned out she naturally ran on hyperspeed. I had hired her because she could mix a damn good drink and she was hot, so she could draw in a crowd. However the last few days she had seemed really out of it, I wasn't worried. She would tell me in time.

I had met Ro in College, she was getting a degree in mechanical engineering and I was taking pre-med courses to keep my dad happy, he wanted me to become a doctor, not fucking likely. When he died I quit college to open this place, Rosalie was sexy, could mix drinks, and needed to save up cash so she could open her own garage, so I hired her.

Right on time at a quarter past 7, James showed up in his usual band T-shirt and jeans. "Hey boss, you wear those pants just for me?" He asked. I snorted. "Not a snowball's chance in hell, get your ass to the kitchen, perv." I teased.

The bastard was a harmless flirt. I had learned that when I hired him, plus he was in a very committed relationship with his girlfriend of five years, Victoria. James was a rich boy gone "bad". at least that's what his parents said, the one and only time they dared enter my bar, trying to convince me not to hire him.

He didn't want to sit in an office and do work all day, he wanted to be a chef, he had just turned 22 and he was putting himself through culinary school with the money he had saved up. He worked here for the experience as well as the pay. Now we didn't serve five-star meals here, but James could make the best comfort food.

I went to the food storage to check our supply stock, James had insisted on making everything 'ready to order' I didn't think that would work at first, what with our Friday crowds and all, but James had insisted on quality over quantity, and who was I to argue? He even had one of his friends from school help out on Friday's, which reminded me. I needed to see if I could find anyone who was willing to serve tables tomorrow to cover Leah.

I looked over at the girls who were setting up the bar. "Ali, Ro, either of you knows anyone who could fill in for Leah tomorrow? I'll give them $130 for the night," I said that was a bit above Leah's daily earnings, not including tips, but since it was on such short notice I had to offer an incentive.

"My cousin Emily could use a bit of cash, she wants some spending money for her road trip up to California, so she's been trying to pick up extra shifts at the diner on Main, but they don't pay enough," Alice said as she leaned against the bar. I wrinkled my nose. The diner on Main was terrible. The owner Laurent didn't give a shit about his place and just used it as a cash grab.

"That's fine, thanks Ali, call her up and ask," I said. Alice squealed and fished her phone out of her pocket before going to the back to make the call.

Half an hour later the usual crowd started pooling in. I walked around and mingled a bit with the customers, I knew some of the regulars were sweet on me, and hey, if seeing my face got their asses to spend money here then who was I to complain?

I did a once over the bar. that's when I noticed Leah looking nervously at a table near the back. It was a table of five men, all dressed in nice suits, That's when I noticed one of them, i gulped as I raked my eyes over this fine specimen of man, he had tousled bronze hair, sea-green eyes, and a jawline that I wanted to lick.

I blinked. That wasn't the point. Something about these guys made my waitress nervous, and if they were making her uncomfortable I wouldn't hesitate to kick Adonis and his friend's finely dressed asses out of my bar. Noticing they didn't have drinks or menus yet, I walked over to Leah. "Leah, there a problem with the boys in the back booth?" I asked. She shook her head quickly. "No boss, it's just, don't you know who they are?" she asked incredulously.

I looked back over at the booth and analyzed their features, I didn't recognize any of them. I turned back to my waitress with a raised brow. "Hot businessmen?" I guessed. She looked at me like I was stupid and I gave her my 'get to the point' glare. "Don't you read the papers?" she asked. "No," I said.

"That's Edward Cullen and his friends, he owns a few legit businesses. But everyone knows he's in the mob, his father is the king of Seattle! He'd probably shoot me if I got his order wrong!" She said panicked. I rolled my eyes and took her tray from her. Retrieving a spare order pad I kept in my pocket along with a pen.

"Look, I'll serve the mob table, you handle the rest of the patrons if you're so worried," I said. She threw me a relieved smile as she hurried back to the bar to get another serving tray. I made my way over to the table. Snatching a few menus from the side of the bar on my way over.

"Evening boys, welcome to The Moon's Eclipse, I'm Bella, what can I get you to drink?" I asked, smiling as I handed them the menus. A few of the guys looked me over appreciatively, and Mr. green eyes was one of them, I knew I looked hot, even though I didn't wear one of the uniforms, I wore a Black spaghetti strap crop top with Black Jeans that hugged my ass and ankle boots to match.

Finally, Mr. Green eyes spoke up. "Yeah, I'd like a Scotch on the rocks, boys?" he asked, a big burly man with dimples smiled. "Yeah, let me get a Whiskey and the Blonde behind the bar." He said. I glared at him. "I can get you the alcohol but my bartenders arent for sale muscles." I shot back.

The blonde guy next to him rolled his eyes. "I'm sorry about my friend here, he was dropped on the head as a baby. Let me get a Southern Screw and a burger with cheese, well done," he said. Though I noticed his eyes stray back towards the bar, I didn't have to look to know he was checking Alice out.

I smirked. "See dimples, your friend here is clearly eye-fucking my pixie-like friend and yet you don't see him trying to order her, do you?" I said casually as I turned towards the last two. His friends snorted when i called him dimples. "Vodka Soda." the guy said simply before turning back to his phone.

The last guy looked at me nervously. He had short hair and russet-colored skin, there was something familiar about him, yet I couldn't put my finger on it. "A Rum and Coke, along with your number beautiful," he said, giving me an easy smile. I scoffed. "Not interested, I'll be back with your order," I said.

I walked up to the bar and looked down at the paper to make sure I didn't mess up. "Hey, Ro! Scotch on the rocks, Whiskey, Southern Screw, Vodka Soda, and a Rum and Coke for the table with the suits." I said before going to poke my head in the kitchen. "James, one cheeseburger, well done to go with that order of drinks I just gave Ro, got me?" I asked.

"Loud and clear boss!" he said as he flipped a burger onto the grill. Ten minutes later I collected the order and was about to make my way back to the table when I saw Alice shooting looks at the guy who was eye-fucking her earlier. Something smelled fishy, I leaned across the bar, balancing the tray with their orders in my hand as i gestured for Alice to come here.

"Ali, I forgot, your boy told me to tell you your ass looks good in those shorts," I said with a smirk as I nodded to the blonde next to dimples, her face turned to shock. "But Jasper said he wouldn't say anything!" she gasped. I blinked before laughing. "He didn't, but you just did." I crowed. She shot me a dirty look. "Sneaky bitch." she said.

I shrugged before going back over to their table and giving them their orders. "Anything else I can get for you boys?" I asked. Green eyes smirked at me. "Your number?" I rolled my eyes. "Didn't you learn that lesson when your friend asked, Green eyes?" I said with a smirk.

They all looked shocked that I'd turn him down. "What are you Lesbian or somethin'?" he asked. I laughed. "No Mr. Green eyes, I'm as straight as a pole, but personally, even though you're sex on legs, who knows how many whore's have been on your dick. You probably have the clap or some shit.

Not interested dude." I said. I then walked away after enjoying the shocked looks on their faces that only grew the longer I kept talking. I figured I was right if they were reacting like that. Oh well, he'd get over it, I was sure he just wanted to fuck anyway.

Edward POV

I snarled as I kicked the piece of shit in the gut. He rolled and groaned as he clutched his stomach with his undamaged hand. "I'll ask you one more time Liam, who are you working for!" I demanded. The future fish food coughed and spit out some blood. "Diego, Deigo Red." he coughed. I growled. Diego was a piece of shit wannabe from bumfuck Port Angeles.

He'd been giving my family trouble ever since he showed up on our turf, thinking he could run with the big boys. The only reason we hadn't taken him out yet was because the Vulturi family had a prior claim on his head.

Apparently, the idiot thought he could fuck his way to the top through Aro's eldest, Bree, but when Deigo found out that Bree didn't want to be the boss, and was passing the role off to her brother he tossed her aside.

So the Vulturi family had a prior claim, except they did things differently than us, they liked to 'play' with their targets before they took them out. They were 'playing' with Deigo by letting him build himself up a bit. Let him think he was getting somewhere in our world, then slowly strip everything away from him before they killed him.

But now that fucker was bothering us, he had the fucking balls to send one of his crew into MY club, trying to sell their cheap-ass shit. The idiot Deigo still fucking thinks selling weed is the big league's. But that wasn't the point. The point is no one sells anything in my club.

I worked hard to keep that business legit, and no snot-nosed jail-bait fucker was going to get me hauled in for questioning because a pig caught him selling on my property. I took out my Glock and put a bullet straight through his head.

Tucking my gun back into my pants I walked over to my crew. "Get cleaners out here, now. I could use a drink, whose turn is it to pick the bar?" I asked.

"Jaspers," Felix said. I nodded and turned to Jasper, waiting for his decision. He smirked then looked right at me. "I know the perfect place, boss. It's called 'The Moon's Eclipse. The drinks are better than the trash we had last week." He said. Giving Jacob a nasty look.

Jake threw his hands in the air. "Look, I said I was sorry! How was I supposed to know you guys preferred the fancy shit?" He exclaimed. I rolled my eyes. "Jake, Emmett will drink almost anything as long as it's alcoholic, and even he didn't want to finish his beer.

That should tell you how shitty that bar was. It's also why I banned you from choosing bar's for the next two months, your taste buds are broken meathead." I said as we all went to our cars. Jasper and I were riding together, and Felix always bummed a ride off of Emmett.

Jacob was the only one of my inner crew members who always rode alone. He had been with us for almost two years. He earned his place within the inner crew when he got wind of someone trying to steal our shipment.

There wasn't time to get us so he snatched three of the lower crew members and went to the docks, none of us had been there but we saw what happened on surveillance. There was a shoot out and the would-be thieves ran off.

As we got into the car I wondered why Jasper seemed so eager to go to this particular bar. Then I remembered him telling me two weeks ago that the girl he had been seeing worked in a bar. I rolled my eyes, sneaky fucker just wanted to watch his girl walk around in a hot outfit all night.

I didn't really mind, Jasper and Emmett were like brothers to me, their fathers had worked with my father. They were second-generation inner circle members, I've known them all my life, I also trusted them with mine.

I wasn't proud of it, but they've both taken bullets for me before, and Emmett almost went to jail for me. He would've if that witness didn't have that… unfortunate accident in an elevator. I smirked, Felix always had been good with electronics. He and Jasper were our tech experts,

They could always be counted on whenever we needed information. Before I knew it we were pulling up outside the bar. As usual, Jasper and Em entered before me, with Felix and Jacob coming up behind me. I smirked appreciatively at the well-done neon sign in the entrance to the bar that read 'The Moon's Eclipse' in cursive letters.

As soon as we walked in we took a table near the back and waited, I spotted a woman who I assumed was the waitress, she was wearing a purple top and black bottoms just like the bartenders. Though as soon as she spotted us she froze and clutched her tray to her chest like a lifeline.

I rolled my eyes, great, it could be a while before we got service from the scaredy-cat. Though I couldn't blame her, she obviously knew who we were. I was considering just sending one of the boys to the bartenders with our orders, but then I saw a woman walking towards her. My eyes popped as I raked my eyes over the lovely brunette.

She had dark brown hair, ivory skin, a confident stride, and from what I could see, an amazing ass and rack. Immediately I knew she had to be mine. There was no way I was going to pass up on a girl as fine as that. I watched her out of the corner of my eye as I saw her talking to the waitress for a moment before she took the tray from the obviously relieved girl and pulled out an order pad.

I felt my eyebrows raise, perhaps she was a manager. I suppressed a smirk as she walked up to us, grabbing a few menus on the way. She stopped in front of our table and smiled,

"Evening boys, what can I get you to drink?" she asked, smiling as she handed us the menus. A few of my guys looked her over appreciatively, including me, but I mentally growled, she was mine. Felix immediately noticed my expression and looked away from my girl. Wise choice.

Jacob apparently didn't get the memo. I turned towards my girl and gave her my order. "Yeah, I'd like a Scotch on the rocks, boys?" I asked. Emmett smiled. "Yeah, let me get a Whiskey and the Blonde behind the bar." He said.

I glared at him, noticing that my baby girl was doing the same. I didn't want her to think we were all crass. "I can get you the alcohol but my bartenders arent for sale muscles." she shot back. I mentally smirked, my baby girl was a little spitfire.

Jasper rolled his eyes. "I'm sorry about my friend here, he was dropped on the head as a baby. Let me get a Southern Screw and a burger with cheese, well done," he said. I noticed his eyes stray back towards the bar, I didn't have to look to know he was staring at the pixie behind the bar, he had been doing that since we showed up, I assumed she was the girl he's been all hush, hush about.

My baby girl smirked. "See dimples, your friend here is eye-fucking my pixie-like friend and yet you don't see him trying to order her, do you?" she said casually as she turned towards the last two. We all snorted when my baby girl called him dimples, he was never living that shit down now. "Vodka Soda," Felix said simply, before turning back to his phone.

Jake suddenly paled slightly as he looked at my girl nervously. "A Rum and Coke, along with your number beautiful," he said, giving my girl an easy smile. I snarled at him in my head, looks like I needed to have a chat with Jacob about hitting on what was mine. I smirked when she scoffed at him. "Not interested, I'll be back with your order," she said before walking towards the bartenders.

I looked at Jake. "Back off fucker! she's mine!" I hissed menacingly. Jake's eyes widened and he gulped. "S-sorry boss. didn't know. I'll keep away." He swore. I gave him a curt nod, "See that you do." I said Emmett turned to Jasper. "Wanna make a bet?" He asked. Jasper raised an eyebrow and I rolled my eyes, those two knuckleheads were always betting something. "I bet you $100 that boss can't get the brunette's number," Emmett said. I scoffed.

"You don't actually think she'd turn boss down do you?" Jasper asked incredulously, I smirked. It was true, women never turned me down. Emmett shrugged, "Stranger things have happened." He said. I rolled my eyes, Emmett always bet the stupidest odds, Jasper shrugged. "You're on," he said, just as my brown-eyed beauty made her way back to our table

She set down our orders before looking up. "Anything else I can get for you boys?" She asked. I smirked at her flirtatiously. "Your number?" I asked. She rolled her eyes. "Didn't you learn that lesson when your friend asked green eyes?" she said with a smirk.

I felt my mouth drop open in shock, though I quickly closed it, the last thing I needed was a ribbing about getting shot down for the first time ever. I didn't need to look to know the boys were shocked as well. I only snapped out of my shock when I noticed Jasper slipping Emmett a hundred dollar bill.

"What are you Lesbian or somethin'?" I asked. she laughed. "No Mr. Green eyes, I'm as straight as a pole, but personally, even though you're sex on legs, who knows how many whore's have been on your dick. You probably have the clap or some shit. Not interested dude." she said before walking away.

Ok, so maybe my girl was a hard nut to crack, that didn't matter, hmm maybe I could scare the owner of this place into giving me a bit of information on her. I smirked, knowing that's exactly what I would do.

After we finished our drinks I asked- ok I ordered the guys to go home. They didn't argue and left quietly, it didn't matter anyway, my guards Demetri and Alec were around here somewhere. They were always guarding me whenever I left the house. My Beauty had gone off somewhere, so much to my disappointment, I was served by the skittish waitress, I simply repeated my order and left it at that.

A few hours later I was on my third drink, I knew most people would probably be feeling a buzz right now, but I knew how to hold my liquor. I looked around and noticed that the bar was emptying more, an hour ago people had begun to slowly trickle out.

I Smiled as I drained what was left of my drink and sauntered over to the bar top where Bella was wiping down the wooden surface. I smiled at her and leaned against the bar top. "Hello beautiful, you wouldn't mind getting the owner for me, would you? I'd like to have a word with him." I said. the others paid me no mind, except the waitress, Leah, she kept looking back and forth from me to her tip in awe.

I mentally rolled my eyes, it was only a $300 tip, and that was only because I felt kinda bad for scaring her earlier this evening.

My Bella cocked a questioning eyebrow at me and braced her hands on the bar as she leaned forward ever so slightly. "Why? Are you gonna complain about my customer service to them?" She asked, clearly amused. Though I didn't understand why.

I smirked as I realized this would be the perfect time to get her back for shooting me down earlier. "Maybe," I said confidently. She beamed at me as if she had won the damned lottery, which only managed to confuse me further, though I didn't let it show. "Sure, let me go get her for you." She said, and then. Without missing a fucking beat, she slowly spun in a circle and held out her hand. "Hi! I'm Bella, the owner, I hear you might want to complain about one of my employee's.

I was shocked, motherfuck- my thoughts were cut off as a roar of laughter erupted from the end of the bar, I snapped my head in that direction only to be met with the sight of what I assumed to be Bella's entire staff clutching their sides as they laughed at me.

Irritated beyond words I simply narrowed my eyes at the still grinning minx and walked out.

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