Alice POV

I huffed in irritation as Jasper and I finally latched Shadows carrier shut. The little devil had surprisingly been successful in hopping around B's apartment to avoid us capturing her, and when we did grab her, she bit us! Oh, the sneaky little thing never bit too hard, no, that would leave evidence for B to find and reveal her true evil nature to her owner. But her bites certainly hurt!

I watched the carrying cadges door warily as we walked down from Bella's apartment. I sighed in relief when she didn't try to escape on the stairs, Bella would murder me if something happened to her precious demon. "There now darlin' it's smooth sailing from here," Jasper said, trying to comfort me as we loaded the carrier into the back of my Porsche.

"You say that now…" I muttered. I envied Rose, she got to run the bar tonight while Bella was on her date and I was taking care of the fluffy Satan. Rose had declined to help and was swift in volunteering for management duty. Both Emily and Victoria had been recruited for tonight with both me and B not able to make it in, they both hoped to be brought on full time, especially Emily, she was tired of the diner and its owner.

As we drove to the Vet I heard a clinking from the back. And not a moment later Satan's spawn hopped into the front seat and dove between Jaspers legs trying to hide under the seat in vain. "Shadow!" I shouted in exasperation. "I got the feisty little darlin'," He said reaching down to grab her by her rear. "NO!" I shouted. Jasper jumped slightly in shock. "What?" he asked.

"If you grab her that way she'll shit and piss on you, I don't want my car to smell like bunny piss!" I wailed. He sighed. "Well, we can't just leave her there." He said. I huffed. "I know, I prepared for this, reach into my purse and grab the little bag of grapes, that's her favorite treat and Bella only lets her have any for Vet visits once a month," I explained.

Jasper did as I said and as soon as he opened the ziplock bag mini Satan hopped onto his Lap and snatched the grape he had waiting in his palm. The rest of the ride was eerily calm. Shadow behaved and only ate two grapes, I narrowed my eyes suspiciously. She was planning something, I knew it, I felt it in my bones. Taking Shadow to the Vet was a two-person job, she would hop around, try to steal the entire bag of grapes, open windows with her paw, and throw up on the first available person because she had eaten too many grapes.

I warily parked in front of the Vet's office while Jasper Put Shadow back in her cage, I placed two more grapes in with her to be on the safe side. When she didn't kick up a fuss while we brought her in the Vet's office, I knew for certain she was biding her time for something.


Bella POV

I was going to murder Alice. I had just arrived at the upscale restaurant Bella Italia and told the Hostess I was here Under the reservation for Whitlock like Alice had told me to, and much to my shock, there sat Mr. Green eyes. I was fuming, how juvenile, to get his friend to trick me into going on a date with him. I narrowed my eyes at him as he smirked

"I hope shadow bites them" I muttered angrily, Edward, as I supposed I would have to call him for the remainder of this date, just looked at me confused, "What?" He asked. I rolled my eyes. "It's how your friend got me here, on your orders no doubt, He and Alice are taking my bunny shadow to the vet," I said angrily, I did not like to be tricked,

And much as I wished my shadow to give the two plotters Hell, I knew that other than the initial problems with getting her to the vet, nothing would happen, Shadow was an angel.

Edward smiled. "You could stop pouting, I was tricked here to you know, Jasper called in a favor and made it sound like my blind date was an ogre," he said laughingly. I huffed a laugh and rolled my eyes, guys were idiots. I would give Edward the benefit of the doubt purely because this scheme had Alice written all over it. Before I could offer some kind of ice breaker, the waitress came.

In my opinion, she looked like a slut, and that had nothing to do with the fact that she was blatantly eyeing Edward like he was a side of ribs. "What can I get you?" she asked him, in what I supposed was supposed to be a coy manner, to his credit, Edward barely glanced at her. "Bella?" he asked, the whore reluctantly turned towards me. Really, if she'd been paying attention she would have noticed he had yet to open the menu.

I barely glanced at mine and ordered the first thing that caught my eye. "Lasagna and a glass of red wine, please," I said coldly. Really, if she weren't so busy eyeing my date she would have realized she hadn't even offered us any drinks. What was this slut trying to impress Mr. Green's eyes with? Her customer service? I snorted, she probably performed lots of services, just like my good for nothing mother.

"And you, sir?" she purred, or tried to anyway, it sounded more like a backfiring engine than anything. "The same," he said shortly. He seemed to be getting irritated with the bimbo as well. I smiled as she huffed and walked away sulking. Suddenly in a much better mood, I turned to my date and smiled. "So, Edward. Since we both seem to have become victims of a heinous plot to throw us together, I propose we plot revenge on our tormentors." I said playfully.

He smiled brilliantly. "Agreed, and what do you propose we do, to get them back for this?" He asked, leaning forward slightly as if anticipating a great story, I copied his movements and lowered my voice. "Oh, nothing so easy, depending on how this date goes, Alice will either be on bathroom duty for a month or get a raise," I said.

Edward chuckled. " I threatened Jasper with dock duty." He said, clearly enjoying himself. I smiled again. "Poor Jasper, he and Alice worked so hard to get us here, and now their survival depends on whether or not you can prove to be a decent date." I teased. He looked at me in mock indignation. "Me? What about you?" he asked. "I'm amazing," I said confidently, I then arched a brow as if daring him to disagree. "I can't argue with that." He said lightly. Smart man.

I bit my lip, if I wasn't careful, I was going to end up sleeping with him, on second thought, there wasn't anything wrong with that idea. And if the way Edward's eyes darted to my lips was any indication, he wouldn't have too many objections to that plan.

Before I could say anything else the waitress came with our orders, she batted her eyelashes at Edward, I glared at her. "You know, I just have to ask, are you a model? You could totally be one." She said. I rolled my eyes. "No," Edward said shortly as he went to take a sip of his wine.

She smiled, unphased by his obvious disinterest. "Well, you sure look like one, I used to be in pageants you know, I even won a title once." she boasted. I clenched my fist. "What was the title, Miss Chlamydia?" I snapped. Edward choked a bit as he laughed. The girl flushed in humiliation. I gave her my best bitch glare. "Look here you Matel wanna be. It would be obvious to anyone with a quarter of a brain that we are on a date,

So I would really appreciate it if you would stop eye-fucking my date and just do your damn job before I use my fork to pop those balloons you call tits, you should really get your money back, by the way, I've seen carnival balloons with better shape. I can safely say we won't be needing your service anymore, go back to whatever box you crawled out of and send us a waiter who isn't practically humping customers." I hissed.

Edward blinked at me in surprise, the girl, who clearly was touched in the head, stammered and stuttered something that sounded one part apology, two parts indignation, and one part brainless bimbo. After a moment she simply hurried away under my intense glare.

I turned back to Edward with an innocent look on my face. "Some people just don't know how to give good customer service," I said simply, he snorted in amusement. "Relax, minx, I wasn't going to give her the time of day." He assured. I looked at him like he was stupid. "Of course you weren't, you value your life too much for that," I said sweetly. He laughed. "You think I'm joking," I stated. Oh if only he knew, he might be a big and bad mafia boss, but if he had paid her any mind I wouldn't have hesitated to kick his balls into his throat.

I had seen one too many men with wandering eyes. He eyed me speculatively. I simply gave him a sweet smile, one that promised pain if he had crossed me. He wisely let the matter drop as a waiter came to replace the bimbo.

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