The afterlife of Elizabeth Ngo.

By: Jason Walters.

Note from the writer. Sometimes I get something I have to write after someone makes a comment or have an idea after reading someone's work online. This is one said the idea that I just had to run with. The story is based on a series of fanfics on the Battletech forums by someone named Cannonshop about a very out of this world young lady who turns the Battletech plotlines on their head. I have lost track of how many different versions of her he has written. Kowloon is the planet she comes from and builds it up from a backwater to being the biggest power of the military in the House Steiner state. She suffers from an incurable ailment. She ends up ruling the planet, hates the clans, and is very bright. But damn is she nasty to deal with though. Cannonshop, this all your fault for this story and you are going to have to come up with how to tie it into your works.

Dear God,

It's the guy downstairs Satan. I have to bone to pick with you and we have very huge issues that we need to deal with cause this is getting out of hand.

I have this damn soul that you keep dumping on me and somehow it keeps getting put back into the system. The name is Elizabeth Ngo and I have lost track of how many damn times you keep dumping her down here and just once would you have Saint Peter let her in up there for once. The first time you dumped here down here within two years she had taken over and killed my avatar. Within one year of killing me, she was kicking in the gates of heaven and took over upstairs and killed yours also. I know you were not paying attention at the time and did not notice at all. We had to redo that world for sure. Every time she shows up the same damn thing seems to happen before she comes down here. Sucking childhood gets shot by her mom, loses her dad and brothers to the clans, and only gets to live for 25 years if she is lucky. She ends up shooting a bunch of idiots, building her world up very rapidly, gets the ruling house a bit pissed off somehow. Has a huge hate Bonner with the Clans, sometimes gets this weird mega virus killing off lots of worlds. Sometimes she has kids soon, others not so soon and other times have no kids. She keeps dragging that transsexual kid into this every time and that person has to help save the world in almost every timeline that we can find.

I am tired of having to deal with her every time she dies and being the type of person she is there is nothing I can come up with that would break her at all for tormenting her. She just laughs at what every my demons come up with and then comes up with ways to improve on what they do. I have started offering her a job every time she shows up the past 3 or 4 times since then everyone has become scared of her. I have never seen the biggest and badass demon cry before when having to be called about something they did nor did not do when I put her in charge of doing audits. She scares the crap out of even me dang it.

I have been thinking of putting her into a world that is not related to when the humans call Battletech and give a nice little childhood for once or even put her into some other world where she could become a good hero even. I really do not want to make her into a world where she could be an evil bad guy. That is just too damn scary.

I have thought about a Harry Potter world…..and then thought of her with magic and dealing with magical England…she would kill them all. Tom would be just a speedbump for her though.

I thought about putting her into a Worm world and have to save it? The body count would build very quickly and the scion would not even know what hit him. She just would not stand the PRT for sure.

Dropped the magical and fantasy setting, magical raise very quickly and back into the Battletech world she would end again. Or she builds an undead army and invades other worlds.

I tried a Marvel-based hero setting, she was president within ten years and mutants and everyone got along. Or she would take over and run the underworld very quickly.

I tried a DC world at one point; it did not turn out very well. She pretty turned Superman and friends into jokes by pretty much outdoing them without powers somehow. It was not pretty in the media.

There just seems to be no way to give her any type of quiet type of childhood and life, somehow she just seems to get dragged into things that are over the top and has to save the damn world every time I try something different.

Tried a version of her as a magical girl? it did not end well for her sidekick or the people behind making her a magical girl. The same thing happened when I tried a Sailor Moon setting. Damn, that was messy.

How about we gather up the different versions and turn them loose as the adviser or hatch men to a younger version of her somewhere. I would love to see what type of mess they would make with 10 or 15 versions of her running around in the same part of the mulita verse?

If you have any ideas, feel free to get back to me cause I really want to wash my hands with dealing with her and want to you deal with her or even turn her loose with some of the other goddesses or gods up there and let them come up with something. Just expect things to get messy no matter where you put here for some reason.

The guy downstairs.