Hey all, it's been a long time since I actually posted anything for THB. I was diagnosed with severe depression nine years ago, and had a relapse. Thankfully, I have a great doctor and a fantastic support system and a few friends that refuse to let me shut them out. I have rewritten this story a couple of times, but now am satisfied with it, and will be posting at least the first four chapters within a few days.

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The Heiress Black

Chapter 1

She woke up abruptly, and rolled over needlessly to check the time. The once broken analog clock, repaired during her time at Privit Drive, showed three am. Ever since she turned fifteen and subsequent core maturation, a small surge of magic would wake her, always at the Witching Hour. The limited resources from the Hogwarts library gave her no information regarding the surge, and due to interference from her so-called best friends, she had little chance to find anything in the Black Library.

Propping herself up on her pillows, she cupped her hands together, drawing on the magic. Focused on the warmth, and the feeling of safety from the magic, a small spark would grow in her hands, lighting the bed with a tarnished silver flame. This fire was unique, streaked with a beautiful amber and curls of amethyst mixed into the silver. Only a few family journals unearthed from the Black library even described the flame; the silver fire a unique gift to the line.

Watching as the fire danced in her hands, she was reminded of a quote from Nietzsche. Could this fire be the abyss he wrote about?

Releasing the flames, she laid down with the intent to sleep for a few hours before she had to play golden girl again. The train left in the morning, and despite being already packed, she knew that her "best friend" would not let her sleep passed nine.

Waiting for sleep to come to her, she reviewed her plans mentally. She was able to communicate with the Goblin Nation unhindered by Dumbledore after her family house-elves located her. With the assistance of the Nation, a plan had been made for her escape from the British Wixen World.

Less than four hours later, she jolted awake to the shrill voice of her roommate Hermione. "Rosie! Get up! Come on, you're going to miss breakfast and you haven't packed yet!"

With a soft groan, she opened the curtains and calmly replied, "It is only seven-thirty. The train does not leave until eleven. I have been packed for two days, less what I needed for today." Grabbing the set of robes remaining in her wardrobe, she walked to the attached bathroom for a shower, internally cursing the girl. "Gods I despise being called Rosie. I am so glad no one can call me that again after tonight."

Hermione, having left the dorm, most likely intending to annoy Ronald into getting up and packed. The four remaining roommates exchanged looks; Parvati quickly flicking up privacy charms in case the girl returned.

Years of living together let them pack in easy companionship, confirming plans to meet up over the summer. Grateful for her enchanted trunk, she shrunk it using a rune and pocketed it, leaving her 'golden girl' possessions out to be transported to the train. Parvati broke the casual conversation, "did you receive the final papers?"

"Like the goblins would be anything but efficient," she answered. "As of eight o'clock last night, I am officially Jade Dorea Black. I received the port key to the Milan branch, and it will activate after we reach Kings Cross," a brilliant smile lit her face. "I have the final cleansing ritual when I reach Milan, and in two days I will meet with the healer for the scar removal. Best of all, in the morning is when I might meet my father.

"Luna, Madame Sybil and Padma all confirmed the removal of the glamours is urgent, that it must happen tonight or something horrible will occur."

Faye chimed in, "plan chaos is ready. Luna and Padma will start it—no one suspects a 'Claw after all, and the Twins completed preparations at the platform. The only reason why Fred even accepted payment for the supplies was due to the size of the order. "

"George also said he has a few special things for the horse and whale prepared and will arrange delivery after your safety is verified," added Lavender in her soft voice.

Jade was teary-eyed, "Mother Hecate truly blessed me by bringing you into my life. I swear I will send word as soon as I am safe."

The four lionesses left the tower together for the last time. As they laughed and gossiped over breakfast, Jade's escape plans were kept hidden behind their mind shields. With a picnic lunch provided by the house-elves, the quartet left for the train, joining friends along the way.