I had this idea a long time ago but then I got out of fanfiction for a long time. I think I wanna try this again. Please enjoy.

"You're absolutely nuts," Cana practically screamed. She was in the living room, yelling at her mom who was standing in the kitchen. They had been at this for at least thirty minutes by now. When her mom had come home with a "big announcement" this wasn't what Cana expected. She would take anything other than this.

"Cana I think it would be good for you," her mom countered.

"If you think you can just ship me off to church camp then you're out of your mind!"

"I know about your drinking!"

That shut both of them up.

"I know about your drinking and your adult "friends" and all of your partying! You're going whether you like it or not!"

Cana rolled her eyes, furious that her mother had suddenly decided that she could just know about her alcoholism and Macao and Wakaba and all of the fun she had. She was seventeen, she needed to have fun. What was so wrong with fun?!

"You're not sending me there!"

"I've already paid for you to go and made arrangements with my friend's church. You're going to camp in Georgia and you're going in two weeks so I suggest you start packing."

Cana was at the store, buying all of the snacks she knew she would definitely need for this very stressful trip. For two weeks she would be at church camp, participating in their stupid classes and their stupid activities. She didn't want to but her mom had paid three hundred dollars for her to go, so she was obviously serious about it. Cana scoffed as she imagined herself coming home from church camp, a perfect little angel, drinking habits gone and stuck studying every Friday night. Her mom could only wish.

"Yeah right," she mumbled. Cana made a short trip through the alcohol section of the dollar store, grabbing her favorites, drinks she knew by heart. She could only pick up cheap wine and beer here so she would have to make another trip to the alcohol section of her local grocery store followed by the ABC Fine Wine and Spirits next door.

The guy at the register asked for her ID which she of course provided. The fake one of course. She only got asked for her ID about fifty percent of the time. It was hit or miss. He accepted it and she purchased her items and then hit the next few stores.

Her mom was asleep when she came home, bags full of alcohol and cheap snack food. She hurried herself to her room and hid all of her drinks in the mini fridge that she hid in her closet. She had invested in it a few years back and it was honestly the best thing she ever bought. As she noticed she was running out of room, she took the almost empty bottle of silver tequila in the back and emptied it into her flask. This created space for her new bottle of Anos Reposado Tequila. It was on sale, only eighteen bucks!

She put all of her drinks away and then flopped onto her bed to sip on her tequila and look through Instagram. She absentmindedly rubbed the engravement on her flask. A big "GC" in big fancy font. Who knew what it meant, all she knew was that she had found it in the attic and she had needed one anyway. She wasn't going to complain about a free flask. Besides, whenever anyone asked what it meant she would say something random like "Green Cases" or "Garden Chickens"; something to confuse people and make them wonder. It was like a game. When Macao and Wakaba had asked, she told them "Ginormous Cock" and the look on their faces gave her the motivation she needed to never wonder what "GC" meant ever again.

Cana saw on Instagram that one of her friends was going to the beach for her summer vacation. Another was going to the Bahamas.

"Lucky asses," she muttered. "I get forced to go to church camp in Georgia. Yay for me."

In preparation for the trip, Cana had to actually meet the people she was going with. Meaning she had to go to church. She decided to leave her flask behind on this one, switching it out for a thermos. She parked in the church parking lot at 6 o' clock on a Sunday night. They were having a youth group meeting for the trip in one of the rooms upstairs, or so her mom had said. Her mom had let the youth group leader know she was coming so her arrival wasn't unexpected. When she entered the building, she saw the stairs immediately to her right and heard voices coming from up there.

Loud voices.

"Oh great," Cana mumbled. She was expecting a lot of loud kids in glasses and bow ties screaming along to their favorite gospel song while playing Dungeons and Dragons or some weird game like that. They were nerds right?

She went up the stairs and to the room at the end of the hall where the noise was coming from. Oh boy was she wrong.

"Natsu, you can't bring your cat every time!"

"But Lucy! He's bored!"

"Stop being so good at ping pong Wendy! I'm going to kick your butt!"

"Ms. Erza, you're very frightening!"

"Juvia is rooting for you Erza!"

"Shut up, Juvia, you're so mean! Look! You hurt Wendy's feelings!"

"I'm fine Gajeel-"

"No! Your feelings are hurt!"

Cana stood in the doorway, shocked at the scene that was unfolding. They all looked like normal (dysfunctional) people. It was actually pretty freaky.

They all suddenly went silent and turned to her in shock. They had noticed her presence apparently.

"Oh hi," the red headed one said, making her way over to Cana to shake her hand. "I'm Erza, you must be Cana. I'm the youth pastor, and that is Lucy, our student leader. She's in charge when I'm not around."

The blonde busty girl waved in greeting and Cana slowly waved back.

"Then we have Natsu, Wendy, Juvia, and Gajeel."

They all waved and welcomed her and the meeting quickly went underway after that. It genuinely surprised Cana that the group wasn't comprised of a bunch of squares. Natsu and Gajeel constantly fought, Lucy kinda dressed like a hooker, Erza definitely had some sort of issues that needed to be sorted out, Juvia was kind of a creep, and Wendy was just normal. She was the youngest so she obviously wasn't weird yet.

"Okay so we'll be driving down to Georgia in two weeks, the camp is being hosted at a local university. We'll be staying in dorm rooms, girls and boys respectively, and you will not be permitted to leave the campus without me present. There is a list of rules and regulations that we will receive when we get there. Pack for two weeks, we can do laundry but I would suggest you pack as though you plan not to. We have to bring our own sheets and blankets and any other necessities like trash cans, toilet paper, toothbrushes, etc. Food is permitted but alcohol and drugs are not."


"Dress for the Georgia weather but remain modest and be on your best behavior."

This was going to be a long trip.